Baby Carriers for Newborn Babies

If you’re a parent just looking to get started with babywearing, it can feel overwhelming to venture into the world of baby carriers. There is so much out there, and how are you supposed to know what can be used from birth? We’ve decided to save you busy moms and dads some time and have written this guide about the safest baby carriers for newborns, all prioritizing your baby’s comfort and safety.

It’s very convenient to have a wrap or classic buckle carrier for babywearing, and it helps to free up your hands. It’s even more helpful if you have multiple children. It’s also handy for when you’re doing housework or you’re going somewhere where it’s inconvenient to take a stroller with you. A lot of parents prefer to use a baby carrier over a stroller.

We know how hard it is to choose the right things for our babies, and there’s a lot of choice out there. There’s a lot of options to choose from and so if you’re having a hard time making a decision then it’s an easy answer: It depends on what’s going to be the most comfortable. You need to make sure that the carrier you choose is safe for a newborn. We’ve listed here some of the best and safest baby carriers to begin your babywearing adventure with, whether you’re expecting or have a newborn. 

There are two things to keep in mind when looking for a safe carrier for your newborn. You can opt for a classic soft structured carrier (buckle carrier) that doesn’t need an insert or a wrap carrier. Why choose these, and what models are the best? Read on to find out more!

Regardless of what you choose you need to remember that the carrier should allow your baby to rest naturally in the frog position, their hips and knees bent, thighs supported, their knees higher than their bum and their spine naturally curved.

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Boba Baby Wrap Carrier - Original Child and Newborn Sling (Grey)

Best Wrap for Newborn Baby

LÍLLÉbaby Complete All Seasons All-Positions Baby Carrier, Charcoal/Silver

Best Soft Structured Carrier for Newborn Baby

Best Wrap for Newborn Baby

Wraps are ideal for newborn babies, as they fully support your baby in the most natural position for them, also called the spread squat position or frog position. This is if the tying is done correctly. It takes some getting used to, and it does take time to be able to learn how to make a tie that’s secure.

Your baby will feel secure as you wear them in the wrap, as they can feel their mother or father close to them and hear the beat of their heart. It’s a fantastic way to bond with your baby.

A lot of parents may be reluctant to use a wrap when first starting out with babywearing as it can take time to learn how to tie it. They are worth considering as they come with lots of advantages. They’re comfortable and secure for your newborn baby. It’s also an affordable option as wraps tend to be cheaper than soft structured carriers.

The boba Baby Wrap Carrier can be used by babies from birth up until 35lbs, so it’s ideal for your newborn. It does have a high weight limit but it’s best suited for babies up to around 20 to 25 lbs. Thankfully this baby wrap can last up to 1 - 1.5 years too.

Though the wrap is only available in one size, it’s 5.5 yards long and can be adjusted easily. This means that both small and big parents can tie it properly to wear comfortably. A lot of plus size mothers say that this wrap is incredibly comfortable. Even if you're small you can adjust it in accordance with your height. It’s also possible to tie it with a bow on the side so that the ends are shorter. 

You should also have no problem being able to adjust it as your baby gets bigger either. 

The classic version of the wrap is made of 95% cotton knit and 5% spandex, so this helps to ensure that it keeps its shape. It’s easy to toss it into your washing machine and re-adjust it as many times as necessary, even as it’s passed around other caregivers. It also doesn’t sag or loosen! 

Simultaneously, the fabric is also very flexible and stretches a lot, so it can be adjusted to your body type and it won’t cause any pressure on the back, shoulders or waist. With this wrap, you don’t need to guess how much space you need to leave as the fabric will adjust to your body and keep your baby snuggled up. 

The wrap’s fabric is very breathable too, but it needs to be wrapped around the body a number of times, so it can get hotter in the summer for certain parents. Other parents recommend that the wearer and the baby dress lightly in the summer. Others suggest only using the Classic Boba Wrap during only the fall or winter months, or in milder climates. You should also consider the bamboo version. This is made of 66.5% bamboo, 28.5% cotton and 5% spandex. This is lighter and more breathable, and it will wick away any moisture build up so it’s suited to hotter weather. 

We have good reason to believe that this is one of the best baby carriers for newborns, and also one of the safest too. To begin with, the wrap will allow you to carry your baby in their natural position, the frog position, and it’s been approved by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute, confirmed as healthy for your newborn’s developing hips!

A lot of parents use the wrap in order to go out and about with their little one, such as to the grocery store, the shopping mall or baseball games. It’s ideal for when you’re trying to move around the house and you need to do household chores such as preparing dinner.

It’s also possible to use the carrier for breastfeeding, and it provides plenty of privacy and sheltering for your baby. It’s also comfortable for your baby. If your baby is fussy and colic then this wrap will be a huge asset to you. It gives your baby the perfect place to be able to nap too.  

Much like with other wraps, getting this wrap to fit you properly is going to require practice with tying. Eventually after doing it a couple of times it is easy and quick to do. The Boba Wrap provides you with clear instructions and photos for how to tie it, and there are a lot of videos online explaining how you can create a secure tie.

As a result of proper tying your baby will be able to rest securely, with their weight being properly distributed across your body for an easy baby wearing experience. 

You should remember that the Boba Wrap can only be worn on your front, however. You will need your baby’s legs to be in an M like position where they’re bent in the hips and knees, and the knees also need to be higher up than the bottom. This is also known as the frog position and is the healthiest and most natural position for infant hips.

The wrap also allows the baby’s spine to be positioned in a curved, natural shape. It provides enough support for your baby’s back, neck and head. 

What do other parents think about the Boba Wrap?

The Boba Wraps are one of the most popular wraps currently on the market, and it’s got thousands of reviews on Amazon. This is followed by a couple hundred reviews on Boba’s own website.  In fact, a lot of parents that have used this wrap love it. You can read the overall rating and the reviews right on the Amazon website. 

Parents who already own the Boba Wrap say that it’s not all that complicated to learn how to tie the wrap and after a little bit of practice it’s quite simple to do. Parents also like the stretchy and soft fabric that envelopes the baby. It provides a cosy and warm place that will snuggle your baby in. It sort of replicates the feeling the baby has in the womb. It’s also very easy to clean in the washing machine.

The wrap can also be adjusted easily, and it’s able to fit both plus size and petite parents. Shorter parents have said that it’s too long but it’s possible to tie a bow on one end so that you can make it shorter. For hot weather and hot climates, parents recommend the bamboo version as it doesn’t get warm as much as the cotton version. 

This carrier is ideal for you if you’re a parent who:

  • Wants something that’s snuggly, cozy and properly supports your newborn baby
  • Doesn’t mind spending time practicing how to tie it when you start out 
  • Wants something that can be used not only by you but also by other caregivers
  • Wants something that’s light and can be stored easily in a diaper bag

The baby carrier may not be a good choice if you’re a parents who:

  • Would rather get something that doesn’t need tying
  • Wants something that can last a longer amount of time, such as up to 3 years as a soft structured carrier would

The Baby K’tan Wrap Carrier can be used for babies from birth right up to 35 lbs, though most parents say that it works best up to the first year.

Much like with the Boba Wrap, this wrap comes in two different fabric variations. The Baby K’tan Original is made with 100% natural cotton knit. The Baby K’tan Breeze is made with breathable mesh on the one side and cotton on the other. 

You can decide based on the weather if you want to put the mesh in the front or on the back. The Baby K’tan Breeze also allows the air to circulate better in the carrier, so it doesn’t get hot and it reduces moisture. The carrier is a good choice for parents who are giving birth during the summer, or for parents that live in warmer climates.

Aside from the breathability this Breeze version offers, it’s pretty much the same as the Original model and will provide exactly the same amount of stability, though some parents think it’s a little less stretchy.

Many parents are happy as the Baby K’tan wraps give optimum comfort. They are made with stretchy and soft material so there’s no need to be concerned about pinch points. 

Some parents have said that the wrap does stretch out a little bit as you use it, but it will go back to its original shape when it’s washed. This is pretty handy as it can help to remind you to regularly wash it.

These are only the things that are similar between the Boba Wrap and the Baby K’tan Wrap. So what’s different about the Baby K’tan carrier?

The Baby K’tan Wrap comes in a total of 6 different sizes so you are almost guaranteed to find something that will fit your height, size and body type snugly. On the brand’s website, you can also see tips on how to choose the right size and a handy sizing calculator. There are a lot of positive reviews on Amazon actually talking about how good the Baby K’tan customer service is.

Something cool about this wrap is that you can wear it straight out of the box. While it is a wrap it also doesn’t require a lot of complicated tying or wrapping around the body.

It’s very simple to use. All you need to do is put both of the loops over your head as you would with a necklace, and then put the connector loop behind your neck. After that, place each arm through one of the loops. When you put the baby inside the wrap and the fabric is stretched on the body, then you can add the sash. Then just tie the sash onto your back and you’re done.

The Baby K’tan wrap will allow the baby to be able to stay in a natural position for their body with their knees up higher than their bottom and a naturally curved back. The layers of elastic fabric will also keep your baby’s back properly supported and will snuggle him into you.

It’s also possible to spread the fabric over your baby’s ear, though no further, so you can provide soft head and neck support. Just fold the fabric onto the opposite shoulder so you can keep it off your baby’s face. 

The Baby’s K’tan Wrap is also certified as a hip healthy product. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute says that if you wear the wrap properly then your child can rest in an ergonomic position that will be healthy for their hips. 

The wrap is very easy to use, easy to wear and it’s also quite lightweight. It will go over the two shoulders so your baby’s weight is properly distributed across your body. The strain of the neck and shoulders is reduced this way. Most parents that have used the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier have said that the wrap will properly support your baby’s weight and your arms and back don’t hurt when you’re carrying your baby.

Another great feature of this wrap is that your baby is properly secured by the 3 layers of fabric, and yet you won’t sweat a lot with it on and it doesn’t make you overly hot! According to parents it’s also quite easy to properly position your baby in the wrap and it feels safe.

Parents also like that it’s so functional, and very easy to put on. Parents use it constantly for babywearing so it’s very usable. A lot of mothers also use it for breastfeeding because it’s very cosy. If you do feel more insecure about nursing your little one in public then the wrap will be very helpful to you.

The wrap is simple to put on, with no hassle involved. If you’re fond of babywearing but you’re worried about tying a wrap because it seems too confusing, then the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is the perfect solution.

What do other parents say about the Baby K’tan Wrap?

The Baby K’tan Breeze and the Original are popular baby wraps and this is shown by the hundreds of positive reviews that the products have.

There are many advantages, parents say it’s a hassle free solution to babywearing. It can be used straight away once you get it. The Original version is very stretchy and soft, and your baby will be safe inside of it. Lots of users have also complimented this wrap on helping babies with reflux. It’s also ideal for public breastfeeding as it helps you to keep your privacy and feed your baby. You can wear the wrap as a scarf when it’s not being used.

However, parents have said that it’s an issue that it’s not adjustable. It can’t be shared with other caregivers, the sizing can be difficult to nail down. Parents have said that if you’re between two different sizes then you should get the size down. 

The carrier is perfect for parents who:

  • Want something that’s very easy to put on that doesn’t require you to study how to tie it
  • Are going to be the only ones wearing it
  • Want something that will give you more privacy while breastfeeding
  • Want a baby carrier that will be easy on the shoulders and back

The carrier is not suitable for parents who:

  • Would rather something that can be adjusted that can be shared with other caregivers
  • Want a carrier that can be used for longer than 12-18 months.

Something to remember:

While the Breeze is more breathable for the hot weather and summer months, it’s also less stretchy. Some parents have also said that it can feel scratchy against the skin. 

The KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier will give your little one the perfect safe space to relax and sleep that almost replicates the womb. The wrap is a very stylish option but it’s still incredibly functional. It’s soft, versatile and very easy to use, and it’s very breathable so it even works well for warmer climates. 

The carrier has been made to be very stretchy while still providing a lot of security for your baby. It can be worn safely and securely for long periods of time without it putting any extra strain on your back and shoulders. As it has a lot of elasticity, you can ensure that your baby remains cozy and snug without you needing to rewrap it all the time.

This wrap will be a great fit for any parent as it’s ergonomic, and it can fit both petite and plus size parents just fine. If you're larger, then you can tie the wrap around the back. For petite parents , you can easily loop the ends in the front and then back around the back if you need to. 

The wrap can be used from birth as long as your baby weighs at least 7 pounds right up until they weigh 35 pounds. It will allow you to calm and soothe your baby easily, holding them close to you without causing any problems for your back, shoulders and arms. 

For the mothers out there, you will definitely love this carrier as it will allow you to conveniently breastfeed your baby while they’re in the wrap, or it can be used as a cover if you’re self conscious. It is also suitable to be used as a postpartum belly belt! 

It comes in three different colors: light grey, dark grey, and black. It can also be washed in a washing machine and dried easily in a tumble dryer. 

What do other parents say?

The KeaBabies wrap has hundreds of great reviews on Amazon, and parents really like how versatile it is. Mothers enjoy that it really takes their postpartum bodies into consideration, and that it can be used by multiple wearers as it’s so adjustable. It’s also very affordable. It’s ideal for colicky babies and ones that are more fussy, and it allows you to bond with your little one by keeping them close to you.

This wrap is ideal for parents who:

  • Want an affordable carrier
  • Want a carrier that won’t put extra strain on their bodies, and will help with postpartum
  • Want a wrap that can be worn by multiple different caregivers

This wrap may not be the best fit for parents who:

  • Want a more colorful wrap
  • Need a carrier that offers more seating positions

Best Soft Structured Carrier for Newborn Baby

When parents think about buying baby carriers for their newborns, they usually think about soft structured carriers (also known as buckle carriers). This type of carrier is popular these days. This isn’t much of a surprise when you consider how simple and quick they are to use, and how comfortable they are for parents even after long periods of time babywearing. 

A lot of parents that are new to babywearing prefer soft structured carriers instead of wraps because they tend to be easier to adjust and wear. Also, you don’t need to practice tying them or using them as you would with a wrap. Babywearing is a lot easier to master with a soft structured carrier. 

The majority of buckle carriers are made for infants that are able to sit without assistance or who can hold their head up. There are a couple of models that can be used straight from birth. Some of them will need an infant insert to be used by newborns, while others are already newborn ready without requiring an extra insert.

As a pro tip, you should avoid any buckle carriers that have narrow panels that don’t support your baby’s legs from knee to knee. In these carriers your baby’s legs and spine aren’t properly straightened and it’s artificial, which may cause negative impacts on your child’s hips in the long run.

Also, if you’re wearing a front facing carrier then your baby should face you. If the baby carrier is on the back then the child should also face your back.

As we’re only looking at the safest and best carriers for newborns here, we will be suggesting 3 options that don’t need an infant insert. Mainly because the carriers are designed for newborn babies and they’ll be able to grow with the baby.

Conversely, carriers that need an insert are made for older infants, and the only way that they can be suitable straight from birth is if you add in an insert. While this does work, we’re talking about the best and safest ways to carry babies here. Also, some parents say that the inserts can get bulky, get hot very quickly and they can make it hard to properly position the baby.

This is a best seller as far as baby carriers are concerned and it’s not hard to see why. This is a versatile, all in one baby carrier that gives you all the features you need in order to make the babywearing experience safe and comfortable. 

The carrier can be used by babies from 7 to 45 pounds. As a result, it can be used from birth as long as the newborn’s weight is bigger than the lower limit. It’s fantastic that parents are able to use this carrier straight from birth without requiring an infant insert.

The carrier is able to hold a really high maximum capacity, and it’s impressive that you can even use the carrier for up to 3-4 years due to the many adjustments it offers.

Many parents who have reviewed this carrier on the Lillebaby Website have used this straight from birth all the way up to 1-2 years of age.

The carrier also allows you to utilise ‘360 degree carrying,’ offering 6 different positions in total. You’re able to carry the baby on the front (in an infant, fetal or toddler position), hip or back. You can also use the outwards facing option for carrying the baby.

The Lillebaby Complete All Seasons really does grow with the baby and will provide a number of different positions for a range of different ages and development stages. 

This is one of the safest baby carriers for newborns, mainly because it provides a healthy position for your baby’s hips, and this is the case for whatever position you choose to use. 

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has also said that this carrier is a ‘hip healthy’ product. It doesn’t get in the way of your baby’s natural hip development. 

The carrier comes with a bucket seat that has adjustable side panels, so you can widen or narrow the sitting area in accordance with your baby’s size. As a result, your newborn baby is able to keep their natural frog position. The position is very important when your baby is in their first couple of months as it helps to prevent hip dysplasia. 

Your child’s legs will always be supported with the Lillebaby Complete All Seasons whether they are a newborn baby, infant or a toddler. The baby carrier also gives your child the proper back support and doesn’t make them unnaturally straighten their legs or spine. 

The Lillebaby Complete All Seasons baby carrier also has an extendable back panel. It can be extended or folded down depending on the size of your baby and the amount of control they have over their neck. It also gives your baby extra support for their head and back and it will stop your infant’s head from hanging out of the carrier. 

It’s also possible to adjust the width of the head panel. This is important during the first couple of months when the baby doesn’t have neck control. It’s also helpful to keep your taller baby nice and secure in the carrier. It’s a long term investment for your growing baby.

Another thing that makes this carrier is good and one of the best baby carriers out there for newborns is the adjustable hood that it has. It can be used to give your baby extra support for their head while they sleep, to protect them from the sun and wind, or it can be used to give your baby and you some privacy when nursing. When it’s not being used you can also store it away or detach it.

Another important reason that this carrier is on the list is because of another safety feature it offers. When your baby is a newborn, the baby’s body doesn’t regulate its temperature, so it’s a huge asset to have a carrier that will stop your baby from sweating all while keeping them warm and cosy.

It also has a central panel that you can adjust allowing you to zip it down to reveal breathable mesh which is ideal for hot weather and for newborns that are born during the summer months. You can also zip it up to keep your baby warm when it’s colder. It’s very handy that this baby carrier is so versatile and can be used all through the year.

If you’re a mother using the carrier with your newborn baby, then it means you will be using it just after giving birth. Your back and pelvic area have already gone through tremendous pain during birth, so you don’t want a carrier that’s going to cause you any extra pain or pressure on your shoulders and neck. Thankfully this baby carrier provides fantastic comfort and safety for moms too, and does it well.

The carrier has an adjustable wide belt that has a lot of deep padding and provides support for the lower back. You can also adjust the shoulder straps and they’re padded. It’s possible to wear the carrier crossed or you can wear it like a backpack. This makes sure that the baby’s weight is evenly distributed across the mother’s body without putting any extra strain on the back, shoulders and neck.

You can easily adjust all of the straps and the carrier offers a lot of adjustment settings, so you can also share the carrier among different caregivers. Customer reviews also say it works well for petite moms around 5ft tall and for plus size moms and tall dads (over 6ft tall).

The carrier also has a useful zippered pocket positioned on the panel, so the wearer can put things like IDs or teethers into it.

The carrier is made of 100% cotton and it can be flung into a washing machine if your baby spills over it.

The carrier comes in a variety of different colors and styles. Some of them are very vibrant with colorful pictures and patterns in the center. 

What do other parents think of the Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Carrier?

It’s pretty awesome just how popular this carrier is! It’s got a couple hundred positive reviews on Amazon, and the same for the Lillebaby Website.

Parents like the amount of breathability it offers and the zippered mesh panel. There’s a lot of versatility with all the positions you can use, and the adjustable sitting area will always provide plenty of safety and comfort for your baby. Another great thing about this carrier is the lumbar pad it comes with, and this makes it ideal for any parents who suffer with pain in the lower back. A lot of first time parents praise how user friendly it is and how you can use it without any hot and bulky inserts. 

This carrier is perfect for parents who:

  • Are beginners to babywearing and need a carrier that’s easy to adjust and put on
  • Need a carrier that can fit a variety of different body types
  • Need a model that will be able to provide a range of different carrying positions to suit your baby as they grow
  • Want a carrier that can be used all through the year
  • Have problems in the back and want a carrier that won’t put any extra strain on the back and shoulders

The carrier isn’t a good choice for parents who:

  • Are on a tight budget
  • Have a small upper body (the straps can seem too wide)

Let’s cover the all in one carrier that’s made by Ergobaby. The carrier can actually be used from birth as long as your baby weighs at least 7 pounds.

What’s even better about this carrier is its longevity - you can use it for even up to 4 years! You heard that right, 4 years! It’s able to hold children weighing up to 45 lbs in total, and you could get away with only using this carrier for your child’s babyhood. 

It’s awesome how much this all in carrier is able to grow with your child as they get older and how it can adjust to your child’s size.

The carrier is very multi functional, offering a number of positions for your toddler. This is ideal considering toddlers have different needs to newborns. 

With the Ergobaby Omni 360, it’s possible to carry the baby on the hip, back and the front. You can easily carry them on the front, tummy to tummy, without requiring an insert for your newborn. Then, as they get bigger and are able to sit without assistance and they have better control of their neck at around 6 months old, it’s simple to change to a hip position, or if you want to you can wear them on your back.

The carrier also offers another position where you can wear the baby on your front and facing outwards. 

Another thing we think is great about this carrier is that the sitting area is adjustable. It’s easy to simply adjust the panel width and it will always make sure that your baby’s legs are supported from knee to knee in every position that you put them in.

In addition, the carrier will support your baby’s natural frog position where their knees are bent higher than their bum. This will allow them to rest in the position that’s most ergonomic for them. This is another reason we chose to include this as one of the safest baby carriers for newborns. In addition, it’s also approved as ‘hip healthy’ by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute, so it will allow their little hips to naturally develop. 

The carrier also comes with a neck pillow that you can flip in and out in order to provide your baby with more support before they gain control of their head and neck. It comes with a tuck away hood too that will protect them from the harmful rays of the sun (UPF 50+).

So of course this buckle carrier adjusts for the safety and comfort of the baby, but we haven’t mentioned the parent’s comfort yet.

One of the things you’ll love about this carrier is that it’s able to adjust to the body of the wearer too. It’s suitable both for petite and larger parents as a result of the adjustable waist belt (it can go from 26” to 52”) and it also has adjustable shoulder straps (28 ¾” - 48 ¾”).

The waist belt also has a padded support pillow that’s quite large which is designed to reduce the pressure you get on the lumbar spine when you’re babywearing. This does a lot to help decrease strain in the lower back. The shoulder straps also have a generous amount of padding and it’s possible to wear them 2 ways - either like a backpack or crossed. This is a handy feature that allows you to be able to evenly distribute the weight of your baby across your body and it will help to reduce shoulder and back pain.

Another thing that moms will love is that it’s possible to wear the waist belt higher or lower based on what will be the most comfortable for you. This is especially helpful during postpartum, and even more so if you had a C section. 

You can get the carrier in two different versions: Premium Cotton and Cool Air Mesh. The Cool Air Mesh Version has breathable mesh padding so it’s the ideal carrier to use during the summer and hot weather. Both of the versions can also be tossed in a washing machine so you don’t need to worry about any baby spilling.

The carrier also comes with a detachable storage pocket, so you can easily store things like soothers.

What do other parents think about the Ergobaby Omni 360?

The Ergobaby Omni is one of the most popular buckle carriers among parents. Parents love that it’s suitable for use by newborns without needing to add an additional insert. It’s also highly adjustable and can simply be modified to fit both petite and plus sized parents. It’s very comfortable for the person wearing it. 

The baby carrier is best for parents who:

  • Want a carrier that will grow alongside their baby
  • Need a carrier that won’t put any extra strain on your back and will give good weight distribution across the body (especially for mothers who have had a C section
  • Want to be able to share the baby carrier with other caregivers
  • Want a carrier that can adjust both to petite and plus size bodies

The baby carrier may not be the best choice for parents who:

  • Live in hot climates or tend to sweat often
  • Only have a small budget

One of our last options on the list is the ergonomic Baby Tula Free to Grow Baby Carrier.

This is a soft structured carrier that can be used straight from the first day as long as your baby weighs at least 7 pounds. You don’t even need an infant insert either, all you need to do is properly adjust the body panel. A lot of parents love this feature and say it’s easily the best part of the carrier, especially when it’s warm outside as your baby can get hot very quickly.

Much like the name suggests, the carrier will also grow with the baby and it can hold children weighing up to 45 pounds. Because of this, you can use it from babyhood right up into early toddlerhood. 

The baby carrier design is very simple and quick to use, as it’s very user friendly and everything can be adjusted easily.

Unlike the other two buckle carriers we’ve mentioned in this ranking, the Baby Tula Free-to-Grow only offers 2 positions: front facing (tummy to tummy) and carrying on back. It doesn’t come with the option for your baby to face outwards which may not be too much of an issue for most parents. These two positions should be sufficient for most parents, especially those that don’t know all about babywearing. The most important part is that both of the positions are comfortable and safe for your baby.

Another thing you’ll adore about this carrier is that the body panel adjusts in width and height in order to fit your baby at whatever developmental stage they’re at. The sitting area can widen from 5 to 15 inches and it can lengthen from 11 to 17 inches.

The carrier will give your baby a healthy position for their hips and spine, as it will replicate the baby’s shape and size. It allows them to relax in their natural frog position with knees higher and a rounded spine, with their knees higher than their bottom. 

Your baby’s legs also won’t dangle and their spine isn’t artificially straightened, providing a lot of support for your baby’s thighs. 

It’s also been considered hip healthy by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute. 

As your baby gets bigger it’s possible to modify the body panel so your baby’s bottom, legs and back are supported well.

It also has padded edges in the leg area so it doesn’t cause any rubbing. It comes with a detachable mesh hood to support your sleeping baby from any sunrays and wind.

It comes in two different versions, one called the Coast Mesh which has a breathable mesh panel. This is ideal if your baby will be born in the summer or if you live in a hot climate. The original cotton version will be just fine if your climate is mild.

The carrier feels sturdy and soft all at once so you don’t need to worry about your baby falling out. 

With that being said, you also want to know about the comfort of the wearer. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that’s been considered. The carrier has wide padded shoulder straps that are very easy to adjust while your body goes through the changes after birth and pregnancy, and it can be shared among wearers. 

The waist belt is also tall and has a lot of rich padding - it can even be adjusted from 27 up to 57 inches. Because of this, parents of all different sizes can find a way to make this carrier fit comfortably. 

The carrier allows you to properly distribute your baby’s weight for if you’re carrying the baby for longer periods, and there’s also a storage pocket in the front of the waistband.

What do other parents think?

There are a bunch of great reviews for this baby carrier! Parents enjoy how versatile it is for a newborn baby without needing an insert, and it’s easy to put on and adjust it. It’s also easy to use for bigger babies.

Parents like all the adjustment options and that it’s lightweight and compact. Many parents are happy with the carrier and say it’s super comfy for their babies, they even fall asleep in it!

The baby carrier is ideal for parents who:

  • Need a lightweight and compact carrier
  • Want a carrier that will properly distribute your baby’s weight
  • Want a carrier that can be used for a few years
  • Want something comfortable for large and petite parents

It’s not suitable for parents who

  • Would rather a carrier that provides more carrying options
  • Don’t want to spend a lot of money

The ergobaby embrace is ideal for parents who find tying wraps too confusing and think buckle carriers feel too hot and bulky.

It’s very comfortable for a newborn, and it’s comfortable and light for the parent to wear. It’s also affordable!

The carrier can be used from birth (7 pounds) and needs a minimum height of 20 inches. It can hold up to 25 lbs of weight so it works for babies from 12-18 months.

The carrier will let your baby keep their natural frog position, and fabric will help to support their spine, providing adequate neck and head support. It’s also hip healthy, according to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute! 

It doesn’t make your baby unnaturally straighten their legs, and it keeps them comfortable in the M position.

The carrier allows you to be able to carry the baby on the front, and it’s ideal for your baby’s digestion because your body movements will massage their belly. This helps with reflux and colic.

It also has an outwards facing option for shorter periods, if your baby is higher than 26” and has good neck and head control.

Parents also like that it’s easy to use and it’s lightweight. You don’t need to tie it or learn how to use it, so it’s convenient for beginners. 

It only takes a few seconds to put it on and fasten it, and all you need to do is practice adjusting the tightness and positioning. It’s easy to get used to.

Because it has adjustable fastening it’s possible to share it among different people, and will also fit plus size parents. 

It’s not as bulky and thick on the buckles like a lot of other baby carriers, and the x crossed shoulder straps look like wrap fabric. 

As it only has one layer of fabric, it won’t get as hot as quickly as cotton wraps do. It also feels a lot lighter than buckle carriers.

It’s very strong despite the thinner and lighter fabric. It has wide x crossed shoulder straps and a padded waist strap that will help keep your baby’s weight evenly distributed across your body so there’s no strain on the lower back or shoulders. 

The fabric is very soft and delicate for your baby’s skin and it’s comfortable to wear. It comes in a bunch of great colors, and it can be put in a washing machine for easy cleaning.  

What do other parents say?

Most parents say that it’s easy to put on much like a structured carrier, but it’s very soft like a wrap so it doesn’t irritate the baby’s skin.

It’s also light and not as bulky as other carriers so it’s possible to wear it for longer. It feels safe and secure both for mother and baby.

Some buyers do say it’s harder to reach the buckles and it has a low weight limit. 

This carrier is suitable for parents who:

  • Want a carrier that’s user friendly for beginners
  • Want something that isn’t bulky
  • Want to use the carrier for longer
  • Only want the carrier for a newborn
  • Have a smaller budget

The carrier isn’t suitable for parents who:

  • Want the carrier to last longer than the first year

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