Baby Jogger City Mini GT vs City Mini GT2

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is a top-rated and well known single stroller that’s been on the market for a few years now. It’s no surprise it's a bestseller, with many fantastic features such as an oversized canopy, an adjustable handlebar, quick fold, infant car seat compatibility, wheels that are going to work on pretty much every type of terrain. 

In addition to that, you’ve won the affordability lottery with this stroller! 

In the last few years the stroller was remade and upgraded to the City Mini GT2. Here, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about these two models: The Baby Jogger City Mini GT and Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 2019. Without further ado, let’s see which one is the better option.

These convertible strollers are a lifesaver not only for urban parents that are constantly on the move with a baby in tow, but it also has a bunch of features that make it ideal for parents who are active, and for those who like to stroll on more challenging surfaces. The City Mini GT from Baby Jogger allows parents to have the flexibility to be able to go with their children wherever they choose to.  

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 2019 vs City Mini GT 2018 vs City Mini GT 2016

There are some minor differences between the 2016 and 2018 models. The 2018 City Mini GT was designed to be a special anniversary Edition and it changes a couple of aesthetic details. The latest model, the City Mini GT2 2019 differs quite a great deal from the 2016 and 2018 editions. This is not just from an aesthetic standpoint, but also in terms of functionality.


City Mini GT2 2019 - Some of the features have been upgraded, such as the viewing windows on the canopy with a magnetic closure. It has an all-wheel suspension, an adjustable calf rest, adapters for City Go and Graco infant car seats included, but you need to buy other adapters separately.

City Mini GT 2018 - There are no functional changes from the 2016 model.

City Mini GT 2016 - This model has a 3-wheel design with non-inflatable tires designed for pretty much any kind of terrain. It has a front-wheel suspension, a 3-panel canopy with 2 viewing windows with velcro closure, and non-adjustable calf rest. It also has a rotating handlebar, a hand brake, a quick one-hand fold, small basket under the seat. All adapters for infant car seats are sold separately.


City Mini GT2 2019 - The frame has been redesigned. There is also a redesigned canopy and it weighs one pound less than the original model (21.4 lbs)

City Mini GT 2018 - Aside from the normal colors, this version also has an Anniversary Edition that has athleisure fabric as opposed to Nylon. It also has leather details on the footrest and harness, a bumper bar and a little more padding on the seat.

City Mini GT 2016 - The design isn’t quite as fashionable. The seat is also padded with Nylon fabric, and it’s not super bulky but it’s hardly lightweight (22.5 lbs) 

Colors (availability varies)

City Mini GT2 2019 - Has 6 new colors that look entirely different from the older generation

City Mini GT 2018 - Anniversary edition color and other colors from the 2016 collection

City Mini GT2016 - Comes with 10 different color versions. 

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 2019 vs City Mini GT 2016 - Comparison Table

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Review - Features (2016 - 2019)

We are only going to be discussing the models that have been released between 2016 and 2019, and they are somewhat similar. It should be stated that a number of very important updates and improvements have been made over those few years, and this can impact your decision of which model of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT you should opt for. 


Whatever model of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT you choose to go with, you are going to get a stroller that has a normal seat that can be used for any infants that are already able to sit up straight and have head and neck control, which tends to happen at around 6 months old. It has a weight capacity of 65 lbs and the maximum head height is 26 inches. This means it’s suitable for big kids or tall toddlers. 

There is a pretty noticeable difference between the Baby Jogger City Mini GT and the City Mini GT2 2019 as far as seat fabric is concerned. The older model is well padded with nylon fabric, whereas the newer model has much smoother and softer fabric. 

It appears to be easier to clean the nylon fabric, but the soft jersey style fabric feels much nicer for your baby’s skin.

The 5-point harness straps have also been padded too in order to give the baby a comfy and safe ride. With the older version, some parents have complained that the harness can open too easily and some crafty 4 and 5-year-olds are able to detach it. Otherwise, there aren’t any complaints about these particular issues on the newest version.

The backrest is designed so that it is able to deep recline so your child is able to nap comfortably during your walk. However you should keep in mind that the lowest position is not completely flat so it may not be the best choice for newborns.

You are able to lower the seat using one hand, but in order to raise it, it will require the use of both hands. Every version of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT since the 2016 version all have this same reclining mechanism. 

On all of the models you will find a vented top of the seat which is especially helpful on warm days because it gives more ventilation. On slightly more chilly days you can close it easily with a retractable cover. 

There is also a leg rest and a footrest that can be used for an older or taller kid. The newest model also comes with an adjustable calf rest which is certainly an improvement. With this, your child is able to prop their feet up when they are taking a nap. 

Infant Car Seat Compatibility - the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Travel System

This stroller is able to convert into a travel system within seconds. You can use it with a number of different infant car seats from a number of brands so long as you include the right adapter. 

Here are some of the infant car seats that are compatible with the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 2019, in addition to the Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2016 and 2018.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 2019 is compatible with:

  • Baby Jogger: City Go, City Go2

  • Britax: B-Safe, B-Safe 35, B-Safe 35 Elite

  • Chicco: KeyFit, KeyFit2, KeyFit 30, KeyFit Zip

  • Cybex: Aton, Aton 2, Aton Q, Cloud Q

  • Graco: Snugride Snuglock 35 Elite, Snugride 35 Platinum, Snugride Click Connect 35 LX

  • Maxi Cosi: Mico AP, Mico Max 30, Mico NXT, Mico 30

  • Peg Perego: Primo Viaggio 4-35

  • Nuna: Pipa

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2016 and 2018 is compatible with: 

  • Baby Jogger: City Go

  • Britax: B-Safe, B-Safe 35, B-Safe 35 Elite

  • Chicco: KeyFit 30

  • Cybex: Aton, Aton Q

  • Graco: SnugRide Click Connect 30, 35, 35 LX

  • Maxi Cosi: Mico AP, Mico Max 30

  • Peg Perefo: Primo Viaggio 4-35, SIP

It’s simple to attach the adapters, just attach them onto the frame, then click in the car seat and off you go! Because it is compatible with infant car seats, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT (2016 - 2019) models can be used from birth. It’s also an option for parents that tend to drive with their baby and they need a stroller that will allow you to make quick transitions from the car to the stroller. It is worth mentioning that some car seats can be quite big and as a result you will need to remove the stroller canopy in order to get it to fit in.

The 2019 model comes with adapters for the Baby Jogger and Graco car seats included. With the others the adapters are sold separately. You should make sure that you keep in mind that the adapters for City Mini GT before 2019 and City Mini GT2 2019 are both different and are not interchangeable. 

You should remember that each brand is going to require a different kind of adapter so you need to make sure that you choose the right one for your specific car seat. 

It is also possible to buy the old Baby Jogger City Mini GT Travel System 2016 along with the Baby Jogger City GO Infant Car Seat, or you are able to buy the car seat on its own. 

Bassinet Configuration

One other seating configuration can also be used with this car seat - it is possible to attach a bassinet to the frame. This is the ideal choice if you intend to use this stroller for a newborn baby because the bassinet is going to provide the ideal flat position and the best possible support for your little one’s spine and head. 

An infant car seat is ideal for when you are just doing a quick errand or going on a short walk, but if you intend to walk long distances with your newborn then a bassinet is essential. 

With the City Mini 2016 - 2018 there are two different models of bassinet, and these differ both in looks and price. These are the Compact Pram and Deluxe Pram. 

At the moment, Baby Jogger doesn’t give any extra information about the bassinet for the City Mini GT2 2019 in the US. 


One of the things we love about the City Mini GT and GT2 strollers is that they have a massive Large 3 panel canopy. There are, however, some differences between the canopy on the City Mini GT 2016-2018 and the City Mini GT2 2019. The latest model has a hood that has been redesigned with a new shape and new features. 

Every model of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT and GT2 has two peek a boo windows on the canopy! Because of this, you are always able to check on your baby, regardless of if you are using a completely open canopy or just a 1 panel.

As we have already said, this canopy has been upgraded and the 2019 version has windows with a silent magnetic closure. The previous editions have a velcro closure on the window which is a little bit loud. The fact that Baby Jogger has improved on this feature is a massive selling point in its favor. 

Regardless, it is a little bit disappointing that the peek a boo windows are not made out of mesh, and are instead made out of plastic as this could provide some extra airflow. 

No matter what model you choose, you can be certain that your baby is going to be safe from the weather. When the canopy is completely extended out it will give a lot of shade for your baby, even for the knees! With the large hood you will be able to enjoy a stroll in the summer without any extra concerns about your baby getting sunburn. 

Suspension and Wheels

Now let’s cover the main feature that makes these strollers different from your average everyday model.

The strollers have a 3 wheel design with 8.5 inch all-terrain tires that don’t go flat. Because of these wheels, parents can stroll on whatever terrain they like. The City Mini GT 2016 - 2018 also has front-wheel suspension that is going to soak the bumps and cushion the ride. 

The suspension has also been improved upon in the newest model. The City Mini GT2 2019 has an all-wheel suspension, making for an even smoother ride.

As a result, with the Baby Jogger City Mini GT and the GT2 you are able to not only stroll around the city and run errands, but you are also able to go over cracked sidewalks, cobbled streets, gravel, grass and even dirt roads.

Your baby is going to have a comfortable and relaxing ride, and will also be completely protected from shocks.

With that being said, we don’t recommend taking this stroller out for long strolls off-road and you most certainly can’t use it to run with your baby. 


The Baby Jogger City Mini GT and City Mini GT2 both have a hand-operated brake, which is where it differs from the normal City Mini stroller that has a foot-operated parking brake.

The brake is not positioned on the handlebar as you may expect - it is positioned beneath the handlebar and to the right of the canopy. This makes it not only easy to use, but it is also ideal for parents that like to wear flip flops or sandals a lot. 


The handlebar hasn’t been altered and this is the same for the City Mini GT 2016-2019 and City Mini GT2 2019. The handlebar features a grip of rubberized rings that ensure that it is not only durable but it is also very easy to hold. 

One thing that is different from the original City Mini stroller is that the Baby Jogger Mini GT and the GT2 both have adjustable pivoting handlebars. It has an impressive range of height settings too, from 30” to 43.5” from the ground. Both short and tall parents will be able to push this stroller without issue, and without the worry of back pain or wrist fatigue. 

It may have been better for the models to have had a telescoping handlebar as this would provide yet more room behind the stroller for parents with particularly long legs. Those parents may sometimes kick the rear axle with their feet as they walk. 

Storage Space

One of the main downsides of the City Mini GT is that it doesn’t have a very spacious storage basket under the seat. It is by no means a redundant storage basket, but if you put a medium-sized diaper bag in there you aren’t going to have room to put anything like your groceries or a handbag. It also isn’t very easy to access the basket to begin with.

Unfortunately this hasn’t really been improved upon in the City Mini GT2 model, and there’s even a bar behind the basket in the newer model. The bar just makes it that much harder to access it.

One of the good things about the Baby Jogger City Mini GT and the GT2, however, is that they have an extra mesh storage pocket that’s positioned on the back of the seat. Here, parents are able to hold any essentials such as a phone, a wallet or a bottle of water. It’s a pretty handy thing to have so that you are able to keep your valuable items close by.

Weight and Fold

So, how do the City mini GT and City Mini GT2 look when it comes to weight and size? 

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT weighs only 22.5 lbs, and this is a fairly standard weight for a convertible stroller. There shouldn’t be any problems with trying to lift it into the trunk or your car, but it may be more difficult to carry it up and down the stairs a lot. 

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 has been redesigned and has a bunch of upgraded features so you would expect it to weigh more. Thankfully this is not the case, and it weighs even less than its predecessor - 21.4 lbs. 

One huge advantage with this stroller is that it has a quick one-hand fold. This comes down to the patented technology, which allows you to be able to fold the City Mini GT and GT2 in mere seconds all while you hold your baby in your other arm. Both of the models fold down in the same way. 

All you need to do is pull a handle, and this is hidden in the middle of the seat, and then the stroller can lock automatically and fold itself. 

When the strollers are folded down, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT and the City Mini GT2 don’t take up a lot of room so they are simple to store, even if you live in a small apartment. 

The latest model folds down slightly bigger but it is still going to be alright to fit in most car trunks. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2016 - 2018 has folded dimensions of: 29.53” x 24.21” x 10.24”. When folded, the dimensions of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 2019 are: 32.5” x 25.7” x 13”.

One minor downside that we need to mention is that the stroller doesn’t fold inwards. This means that the fabric is a little more likely to get damaged or dirty. Always make sure that you transport and store the stroller carefully.

Either way, the folded size of all the models is pretty awesome as far as everyday convertible strollers go, and this is pretty vital, especially for parents that don’t have a lot of car trunk space or space at home. 

Maneuverability and Ease of Use

All versions of this stroller are very easy to use and you can turn them with just one hand. It moves very easily and it will roll smoothly on a range of terrains, from sidewalks, to grass, gravel in parks, to cobblestone and cracked pavements. It may not be the best choice for a sandy beach but it should still handle a hard packed sandy road without issue.

The newest model is even easier to maneuver and especially sturdy, and your baby also isn’t going to feel so many bumps due to the improved suspension. If you do intend to use the stroller on more uneven surfaces, then you should opt for the new City Mini GT2 instead of the City Mini GT.

As it has a handbrake, parents are going to have complete control over this stroller within reach. It even has an adjustable handlebar that makes it extra helpful for parents at a range of different heights.

Because the stroller is quick and easy to fold, it’s ideal for when you need to go out and do some errands. You can even open it with barely any effort.

Pros and Cons

So now we’ve gone over the main features of all of these strollers, here are the key advantages and disadvantages of City Mini GT 2016-2018 and City Mini GT2 2019.


  • Two peek a boo windows
  • A deep recline for comfortable naps

  • Large canopy provides lots of shade

  • A vented seat top for more air circulation on warmer days

  • Can be used for taller and older children, even 4 and 5-year-olds

  • Has an adjustable handlebar for parents of different heights

  • Wheels roll very smoothly on different types of terrain

  • Easy to steer and push using just one hand, agile

  • Good shock absorption on gravel and grass

  • Forever air tires

  • Can be folded with one hand in seconds

  • Easy to store and transport even in smaller car trunks due to the flat and compact fold

  • Fabrics are easy to clean


  • Storage basket is somewhat small
  • Attachments and accessories, such as the bassinet or car seat adapters, need to be purchased separately
  • It does not stand on its own when it’s folded down

What are other parents' opinions on the Baby Jogger City Mini GT and GT2?

We had a look at both of the models of the stroller on Amazon to see what the general opinion is among parents. The strollers are actually very highly rated by parents! Both of them have lots of great customer reviews and parents are pleased with the high performance and quality they get with their purchase. 

A lot of customers enjoy the wheels that work well on gravel, sidewalks, dirt paths in parks, and grass, and they even absorb shock to give the baby a comfortable ride. In addition, the stroller is easy to maneuver and it’s nimble so it can be used for indoor use and running errands. Parents also love the one-hand steering and smooth ride. 

Another thing that parents love is the adjustable handlebar - both short and tall users have reported that it’s comfortable to push. Parents are also happy with how easy it is to fold the stroller down and put it into smaller car trunks. The canopy also goes down very far and ensures the baby is well shaded when they are napping.

The stroller works well with an infant car seat too as you simply have to click it onto the frame. Parents also love that it can be used by older kids and tall toddlers. 

Some parents have said that the seat is placed a bit higher than it is in some other strollers, but this is a good thing because you don’t need to bend to get the baby out of it. It’s pretty perfect for parents with back problems.

There are also a few drawbacks that parents mention, however. The basket is rather small and hard to access. 


Stroller Type

Convertible, All-Terrain

Stroller Weight

2016/2018 model: 22.5lbs

2019 model: 21.4 lbs

Weight Limit

65 lbs

Fold dimensions

2016/2018 model: 29.5”x24.2”x10.2”

2019 model: 32.5”x25.7”x13”

Handlebar height

30” - 43.5”

Wheel Size


Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 & GT - Colors

The 2019 Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 comes with 6 different color versions, and each one of these looks much more fashionable than the old model. The main colors are Jet, Carbon, Windsor, Slate, Mystic and Ember.

There will also be a new color in 2020 for the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 called Barre. This looks a little grey and has leather details on the harness pads and canopy. 

For the 2016 City Mini GT, there are a few color variations that should fit most any parent, but not all of them are still available. 

You should remember that the price and availability for every color is likely to vary, and this is especially true since the newer model is now available.

Accessories for Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2016 - 2018

Neither of these models comes with accessories, but there are a lot of handy items that are sold separately. Here are just a few: 

This provides a closed pouch that parents can put their valuables in, along with 2 beverage holders that can also be used as storage pockets. This is a very useful accessory that can let parents keep their vital items within reach all the time.​

If you enjoy going for long-distance walks and you want to have constant access to your water then this is vital. It’s certainly not as convenient to bend down and get it from the storage pocket on the back of the seat!

Because of this accessory you’ll be able to keep a sippy cup constantly on hand for your little one!

This is designed to keep your child safe. It also gives your baby an easy place to hold on to when they are strolling and it stops them from sliding down or falling out of the seat. 

Using this bassinet you can make the City Mini GT into a pram. If you have a newborn this is certainly the best choice, especially if you are fond of long walks. It will give the best support for your baby’s spine, neck and head and will provide a completely flat position.

It comes with a large canopy and a pop-out sun visor and an apron, so your baby will be cozy and sheltered. You can get it in a couple of colors. You can also get a cheaper version, called the compact pram.

The cover is made to block out any rain and wind in order to keep your baby warm and dry, and it also gives good air circulation.

You are able to attach the glider board to the rear axle of your City Mini GT in order to give some room for your older child. It’s ideal for a child that is able to walk but they sometimes need a little break. They can just stand on the board when they wish and when you aren’t using it you can detach or fold it.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 vs Baby Jogger City Mini 2 - A Comparison

Both of the strollers have been updated for 2019 but there are still a couple of differences between the two. The City Mini 2 is a more lightweight option made mainly for use in the city and for walks around the neighborhood, whereas the City Mini GT2 is a good choice for those who like to walk off-road on occasion.

City Mini GT2 2019

City Mini 2 2019

Slightly bigger fold: 32.5” x 25.7” x 13”

Smaller Fold: 30.5” x 25.7 x 11.25

Weighs 21.4 lbs

Weighs 18.8 lbs

Can hold up to 65 lbs

Can hold up to 50 lbs

8.5” wheels

8” wheels

Single front wheel

Dual front wheels

Foam filled, forever air wheels

EVA wheels

All terrain wheels and all wheel suspension

Wheels can be used on even terrain

Hand operated brake

Foot operated brake

Peek a boo windows on canopy, magnetic closure

Peek a boo windows on the canopy, velcro closure

Adjustable handlebar

Handlebar cannot be adjusted

Can be used by taller child

Smaller weight limit and smaller seat

Check the Current Price on Amazon

Check the Current Price on Amazon

Baby Jogger City Mini GT vs Baby Jogger City Mini - Compared

These strollers have a lot of similarities, but there are also some differences between them both. The City Mini GT is a little heavier and the handlebar is adjustable, and it has a single front wheel design. It can be used for a range of terrain types due to the larger tires.

Here are the main differences between the Baby Jogger City Mini GT and City Mini.

City MiniGT 2016

City Mini 2016

Smaller fold: 29.53”x24.21”x10.24”

Larger fold: 33.46”x24.21”x12.80”

22.5 lbs

18.4 lbs

Capacity of 65 lbs

Capacity of 50 lbs

8.5” wheels

8” wheels

Single front wheel

Dual front wheel

Foam filled, forever air wheels

Eva wheels

All terrain wheels

Wheels okay for even terrain

Hand operated brake

Foot operated brake

Adjustable handlebar

Unadjustable handlebar

Fits taller child (26”)

Max head height 23”

Check the latest price on amazon

Check the latest price on amazon 

Bear in Mind

While the City Mini GT and City Mini GT2 both have great wheels that can work on rough terrain, they cannot be used on sandy beaches or on bumpy wooden trails.

In addition, you cannot use the stroller for running, despite what the brand name suggests. 

3 Reasons You Are Going To Love The Stroller

  1. It is able to handle a range of terrain types which is a huge advantage on other standard strollers. It is smooth rolling and can be steered with one hand.

  2. Lots of protection for the baby due to oversized canopy

  3. It can be used for older children - even up to 5 years old! 

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