Baby Jogger City Select LUX Review

Strollers can be expensive investments, and as families grow it’s important to think about how your chosen stroller can continue to serve you for years to come. So, if you’re looking for a model that won’t only provide you with outstanding performance but will last a lifetime, and could even be handed down to your own kids when they begin to start their own families, then the Baby Jogger City Select LUX could be the perfect choice for you. 

Featuring over 20 different seating options, it’s incredibly versatile and will give your child a comfortable place to rest from a young baby, all the way through to when they begin to feel comfortable walking further distances.  

The Baby Jogger City Select LUX is potentially the best stroller available for families with multiple children as, not only is it super versatile, but it can be easily converted into a double stroller. And, with a Glider Board, you’ll also be given a third place for a child to stand on! 

The multiple seating options and ability to comfortably transport more than one child is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amazing features this stroller includes. Below, we’ve broken the Baby Jogger City Select LUX down, feature by feature, to show you just how fantastic it is and why it’s the best choice for your family, regardless of size.


Let’s begin with the seating modes themselves. As we’ve already pointed out, there are over twenty different positions, and the idea of the wide selection of choices is to give your child the best place to sit in accordance with their age. 

From a newborn baby all the way to toddler age, there is a seating position that is best suited to help keep your child secure and comfortable, as well as ensure that they are seated with the best posture possible. 

Snapping a car seat or bassinet directly into the frame gives you the opportunity to stroll with a newborn of very young baby, and the ability to add more than bassinet means that if you have twins you’ll be able to give them each an individual place without having to resort to a cumbersome double stroller. 

Then, once your child is able to sit up by themselves, you can switch the car seat or bassinet for a toddler seat, which you’ll be able to place either facing forward or backwards depending on your preference. 

The ability to do this also means that you’ll be able to provide a comfortable seat for your older child, and still add a bassinet for a baby all on the same stroller. This allows you to keep both children in the same place, and means you won’t have to go marsupial with one whilst you push the other.

And, if you’re onto kid number three and need a place for the oldest one to stand, you can add a Glider Board to the stroller whilst still having a toddler seat and bassinet installed, giving you the opportunity to keep everybody in the same place and stroll safely with them. 

You can even add two toddler seats at the same time, again making it perfect for a parent with twins, or switch one of the seats to a bench seat and add a Glider Board. The mix and match possibilities of this stroller are beyond impressive, and it really is an amazing choice for anybody with multiple children, whether they are ranging in ages or all around the same age.

Switching between the seating options is also really easy and it only takes a few seconds to switch things up and find the perfect combination for your family. This ease of use is extremely important, and only adds to the impressiveness of this stroller.

It’s also compatible with a huge range of car seats, bassinets and toddler seats, such as Chicco and Briax for example, so you won’t need to worry too much about making sure your existing seats fit the stroller.

The included toddler seat also features multi-position reclining, which you can adjust by simply pulling a lever located on the back of the seat. This allows you to find the most comfortable position for your child, and allows you to cater for their mood whilst you’re out and about, laying it flat for when they are asleep and allowing them a better view when they want to be a little more inquisitive of their surroundings.

For extra safety, the toddler seat also features a five point harness with two shoulder straps which click directly into the buckle, and can be fully adjusted to give the most comfortable fit possible. To add to the comfort level, the straps are also padded, so there isn’t any chance of them chafing as they’re worn. 

The seat itself also features padding, which ensures that your child is as comfortable as possible as you stroll as well, and it is upholstered in premium fabric. The fabric is also super easy to clean, which we’re sure you’ll agree is an absolute must-have when it comes to strolling with children of any age, and it can be easily removed and placed in the washing machine.


A canopy is also included to help keep your child out of direct sunlight and provides the cooling shade needed for young, delicate skin. The canopy is also constructed using a UV 50+ protective fabric, so you can stroll confidently in the summer without having to worry about any UV rays getting through it. 

The canopy has also been designed to provide additional space as your child grows, and can be easily raised to allow for the different reclining positions and to give more height as your child begins to learn to sit up independently.

The entire canopy is also fully removable, and can be easily detached and reattached to and from the frame using the Velcro fastenings. The Velcro also helps to ensure that the canopy is held securely in place whilst it’s attached to the stroller’s frame, and won’t slip or slide down regardless of what terrain you’re strolling on.

There is also a really cute peekaboo window located on top of the canopy, which doesn’t only give you a clear view of your child as you take them on your journey, but also allows air to circulate around them as you stroll.

This is perfect for ensuring they don’t become overheated when you’re out in hot weather, and the magnetic closure ensures the window is kept securely closed when it’s not open, so there’s no chance of any rain getting in if the weather suddenly turns bad.

If you’re purchasing the Baby Jogger City Select LUX as a single stroller, then you will receive one toddler and seat and one canopy. However, you can also purchase it as a double stroller, in which case you will receive two toddler seats and two canopies, along with the attachments needed for securing the additional seat. 

Wheels & Suspension

Next, we’re going to look at the wheels and the suspension of the Baby Jogger City Select LUX, which have been designed to provide smooth maneuverability and to keep your little passenger as safe and comfortable as possible whilst you’re on the move.

The front wheels swivel to allow you to easily and smoothly change direction, and also feature a swivel-lock, which can be used to increase the stroller’s stability and give an improved amount of control over rougher surface textures, such as stony ground or uneven grass.

The larger wheels at the back help to add extra stability to the stroller, and allow you to easily mount curbs, stairways and other obstacles that are notoriously difficult to maneuver a stroller around. 

Air-filled pneumatic tires help to add cushioning to the wheels, and ensure the ride is smooth and comfortable, and the rubber treads make short work of crossing rougher terrain, and also provide amazing grip on slippery surfaces.

Customers that previously purchased the Baby Jogger City Select LUX noted that these tires, mixed with the suspension, made the stroller feel as though it was almost gliding across flat surfaces and, that although there was a little bit of bumpy feeling on rougher surfaces, it didn’t feel nearly as out of control as models they’d had before.

One important thing to know about the Baby Jogger City Select LUX, however, is that although it is more than capable of taking on a variety of terrains, the suspension will not give you smooth results if you use it for running. ‘Jogger’ is just part of the name of the brand, not what the stroller should be used for. 


This stroller also features a hand brake, which is located in the handlebar. The location of this brake gives you the opportunity to stop suddenly when you need to with ease, and also means that you don’t have to use a lot of force in order to do so, as all the braking power can be activated simply by squeezing your hands. 

The hand brake is a decelerating and parking brake all in one, which can be used to slow down the stroller if you’re going downhill, as well as lock the wheels in place when you come to a resting place to prevent it from accidentally wheeling away.

Locating the brake right by your hands also means that a child’s inquisitive fingers won’t be able to reach it from their seated position, and also removes the awkwardness of trying to click a brake in place with your feet too. 

The handlebar itself is fully adjustable and has been ergonomically designed. This means that it can easily be switched between heights and, as such, allows a comfortable and natural arm position that allows for differing heights between parents. 

Unlike some other strollers, the handlebar of the Baby Jogger City Select LUX doesn’t have any padding built into it. At first, this might lead you to believe that it’s going to be uncomfortable to push over prolonged periods of time, however it actually means that there isn’t any chance of the fabric that usually contains this padding splitting and leaking out.

Instead, the handlebar has been designed with a soft-feel texture that is much more hardwearing than the traditional, padded counterpart, and features rubberized rings that provide a secure and comfortable grip. 


There is also a storage bag located underneath the seat, which has loads of room for storing your diaper bag as well as any shopping you might pick up whilst you’re out and about. It also means that you don’t have to hang your bag on the handlebars, and therefore removes the risk of the stroller getting weighed down or, even worse, getting tipped over. 

If you opt for the double stroller, you can also fold the additional seat in half and it will easily store in the bag, giving you a place to keep it safely when one of your children graduates to a more upright positioned seat. 

The seats also have additional storage located on the back (which is obviously going to give you twice as much if you go for the double stroller) in the form of one meshed pocket and one zippered pocket. These are ideal for keeping items you use more regularly close to hand, so you won’t have to worry about rummaging through the underneath basket or diving into the depths of your diaper bag for your cell phone or keys.

Size & Weight

We’ll make no secret of the fact that the Baby Jogger City Select LUX is pretty big and is quite heavy, however this only adds to it’s durability and high-quality construction. This shouldn’t put you off though, as it’s also been designed to be as flexible as possible, making your life much easier in the long run.

The fact that this stroller can hold up to three kids means that it’s understandably bigger than it’s average counterparts, but the size and weight of it makes it the safest option for carrying multiple children all at once without it breaking or tipping over under the weight. 

One thing to bear in mind when you’re looking at it’s size as well, is that it doesn’t become any wider when it is used as a double stroller. Instead, it’s clever stacking-like design allows it to remain as streamlined as a single stroller, making it one of the most compact double-strollers available. This innovative design also means that you won’t notice the extra weight when it’s used as a double stroller, and makes it far less cumbersome or difficult to manoeuvre. 


Folding the Baby Jogger City Select LUX down into a compact size for travelling or storage couldn’t be easier thanks to the two pull handles located on either side of the stroller. The handles can, however, only be activated by standing in front of the stroller, as you will need to pull both the handles up at the same time, but this isn’t really a problem. 

An integrated automatic lock ensues that the stroller is also secured in place once it has been folded down, meaning that it won’t gradually start to unfold itself or suddenly spring open whilst it’s in transport, which could lead to damage.

The lock also makes it much easier to load in and out of the trunk of your car without it opening on you, and means you’ll be able to lift it in using just one hand without it unfolding. 

Another ingenious design feature that comes into play when you’re folding the stroller is that it folds inwards. This means that the chair doesn’t become dirty during transportation or storage, so you can unfold it and place your child straight into the stroller without needing to give it a brush down or check for debris beforehand.

The wheels can also be removed, making it easy to store or transport in smaller vehicles, as well as making it much easier to check-in to the hold of an airplane, reducing the weight all-the-while!


You’re a busy parent, so the last thing you need is to be spending hours on end trying to assemble a stroller, resulting in frustration and wishing you’d never purchased it in the first place. 

Well, the Baby Jogger City Select LUX has got you totally covered, and has taken all the hard work out of getting your stroller up and running as every single piece of this fantastic stroller simply clicks into place.

It also arrives at your doorstep already partially assembled, the only things you need to worry about assembling is the canopy, seat and wheels. This means that your stroller will be ready to hit the road in around only 10 minutes!


If you’d like a stroller that can help you inject a bit of personality into your daily childcare routine, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the Baby Jogger City Select LUX comes in six different colors as below:

  • Ash

  • Slate

  • Taupe

  • Indigo

  • Granite

  • Port

Each of these colors is muted and natural, and are designed to give that classic look without being too loud or brash. Bear in mind, however, that the price of the stroller may vary depending on what color you decided to choose.


As with anything you buy, it’s always worth checking out what sort of warranty you’ll be getting for your money. 

The Baby Jogger City Select LUX comes with a lifetime warranty that covers the frame, meaning that you can confidently use it for years to come and can even pass it on through the generations of your family as your children begin to have their own kids.

It also includes a 1 year warranty on the fabric and small parts, so you can rest assured that you’ll also be covered in the unlikely event that anything were to go wrong with those. 

These generous warranties don’t only offer you peace of mind when purchasing, but are also a testament to the quality of the materials and the sturdy construction of this stroller.


As the Baby Jogger City Select LUX is such a versatile stroller, it only makes sense that there would also be a variety of accessories available to purchase alongside the main stroller itself. 

Below, we’ve listed each available stroller accessory with a description of what it’s best used for.

As you might have guessed, the second seat kit enables you to convert the stroller into a double stroller, and comes with all of the attachments and fixings you need in order to do this. Remember, however, that the second seat kit is already included if you choose to purchase the Baby Jogger City Select LUX as a double stroller. Also, the price of the second seat kit may vary depending on the color you choose. 

Perfect for newborn and young babies, the pram kit easily clips into place where the toddler seat is normally located, and it’s bassinet design provides a safe and comfortable place for your little passenger to rest as you stroll. As with the second seat kit, the price of the pram kit may vary depending on color.

The addition of a bench seat makes the stroller suitable for older kids to ride, and has an attached harness for extra safety. It can also hold a maximum weight of 65lbs, and has a super useful footrest that makes it easy for your child to hop on and off the seat without needing to be picked up. 

Another fantastic accessory for an older child, the glider board simply clicks into place on the buggy and provides a stable platform for a toddler or preschooler to stand on whilst you’re strolling. It’s also a great addition to the stroller for families with multiple children, allowing you to place younger kids in the stroller and still providing a place for tired little legs to rest when needed. 

The Baby Jogger City Select LUX comes with a lot of storage as standard, but adding a shopping tote will help to extend your stroller’s storage space even further. It’s also a great accessory if you’d like a close-to-hand bag for your essentials, and can hold up to 10lbs of weight.

A very useful accessory during the summer months when flying insects are most prevalent, the bug canopy has been designed to close completely around the front and sides of the stroller and prevents any bugs from getting to your child. It’s also constructed using UPF 35+ ventilated mesh, which helps to protect from any sun rays, and it’s translucency means that your child will still be able to see out of it.

The cup holder accessory can be easily attached to either side of the Baby Jogger City Select LUX, and provides you with a safe space to store your beverage whilst you’re out and about. It’s expandable design means that it can hold a variety of differently sized cups, and it’s strong enough to hold up to 2lbs of liquid weight. It’s also constructed using a leatherette fabric, making it extremely easy to clean in the case of any accidental spills or drips.

Essentially this is a fanny pack for your stroller which attaches to the handlebars and offers a decent amount of storage for anything you’d like to keep closer to hand, such as baby wipes. It also features an insulated cup holder, a covered storage pouch and an additional open pouch, which can be used as a second cup holder for placing your baby’s bottle or sippy cup.

This is another accessory that is useful for older children, and provides them with a sturdy place for keeping toys or snacks. It also features a cup holder, so they can access their drink whenever they want. Unlike most conventional child trays, this one has been designed to rotate frontwards when opening, rather than needing to be lifted over the child’s head, or remaining in place whilst you struggle to lift your child out of the chair. It can also be left in place if you’re folding the stroller up, removing the need for any disassembly before storing or transporting. 

As you can see, the Baby Jogger City Select LUX is an extremely versatile stroller that can be used in a variety of ways, and gives you the opportunity to add extra accessories that will make life easier for both you and your children when you’re out and about. 

However, any review wouldn’t be complete without a comprehensive breakdown of all the pros and cons. Take a look below. 


  • Super versatile. Works with a variety of bassinets, car seats and toddler seats and gives you the opportunity to switch up and evolve it as your family grows.
  • Ideal for parents that plan on having more than one child as it can be used as a single, double or even triple stroller, working for children of the same age or in varying ages.

  • The addition of a glider board or bench seat, which can be purchased as additional accessories, provides a place for older toddlers to ride and rest when they become tired of walking.

  • Premium quality wheels and tires, mixed with four-wheel suspension, make strolling on city streets completely smooth, and are even able to comfortably tackle rougher terrain without resulting in a bumpy ride.

  • The soft-feel, rubberized-ring handlebar makes it comfortable to push on a variety of surface textures and also makes it easy to turn without needing to use any extra force.

  • It’s premium fabric is super easy to clean, which is essential for anybody dealing with children, and can also be removed and placed in the washing machine if you’re taking on a particularly heavy mess.

  • The brake is located in the handlebar, which makes it much easier to operate than the traditional foot-based brake you’d find in other strollers. It’s placement also means it’s out of the reach of inquisitive little fingers

  • The brake is also a combination of a decelerator brake and a parking brake in one, giving you even more ease of use.

  • It’s super easy to assemble, and arrives at your door already partially built. The only things you need to worry about putting in place are the wheels, canopy and seat, all of which simply click into place. All in all, it takes less than 10 minutes to set the stroller up.

  • Switching between each of the 20 different seating variations only takes a few seconds, so there’s no fussing or frustration

  • You’re provided with loads of storage space thanks to the under-seat basket and additional pockets located on the back of each seat. You can also extend the stroller’s storage space by purchasing an additional shopping tote bag from the accessory range.

  • The telescopic handlebar is fully height adjustable, meaning that it can be switched between parents to provide the most comfortable arm-resting place for varying heights.

  • It’s really easy to fold, and automatically locks in place once folded so it doesn’t accidentally unfold itself during transport


  • Although really easy to fold, it doesn’t stand upright on it’s own once it has been folded. However, it can still be placed on it’s side or laid down and won’t unfold itself.
  • Aside from the canopy and seats (two of each if you decide to purchase the double stroller), all other accessories are only available as extra purchases. They are, however, all very reasonably priced and will last a really long time.

  • The wheels are capable of taking on a variety of terrains, however they absolutely do not work at all on sandy beaches

  • Despite it’s name, the Baby Jogger City Select LUX is not suitable for running with


It’s also worth noting the differences between the Baby Jogger City Select LUX and it’s predecessor - The City Select. Below, we’ve made a simple comparison between each of them to help you see exactly what these differences are.

City Select LUX vs City Select

City Select LUX

City Select

Seating Modes

20, plus more with Glider Board and other accessories



Premium soft fabric

Standard fabric 


Decelerating & parking brake all in one. Conveniently located at the handlebar. 

Hand operated parking brake only


Four-wheel suspension

Front wheel suspension only


Automatic lock

Manual lock


30% more compact. Also folds with seat attached

Bigger Fold


More expensive

More affordable


The Baby Jogger City Select LUX is perhaps one of the most innovative strollers available today, and it’s versatility makes it not only a fantastic choice for anybody just starting out with building their family, but will also help make life a lot easier for parents with multiple children. 

It’s twenty different seating options provide you with a range of ways to keep your children safe and comfortable whilst you're strolling, and also allow you to switch things up and adapt the stroller as your children grow. And, with the addition of a Glider Board or Bench Seat, the seating variations grow even further!

It’s quality construction and materials will last you an incredibly long time, and the lifetime warranty that covers the frame of the stroller means that you can even pass it down through the generations of your family as your own children begin to embark on their own journey into parenthood. 

The four-wheeled suspension that is matched with the high quality tires ensures that you get a smooth feel on multiple surface textures, and it can even handle rougher terrain without bumping around too much or creating an uncomfortable experience for you child. 

Super-simple foldability makes taking this stroller on longer journeys, or even on vacation, an absolute breeze, and it is also able to fold up to 30% smaller than most other strollers which adds to it’s easy storage and transportation properties.

Also, if you’re a family with multiple children or a parent expecting twins, the Baby Jogger City Select LUX has been cleverly designed to allow you to stroll with both babies without taking up as much sidewalk space, and isn’t nearly as cumbersome as a traditional double stroller.

The range of available accessories that you can purchase separately are also totally worth the money, and will help to make life so much easier for you, and a lot more comfortable for your children, whilst you’re out and about. From cup holders to child trays, they are all very reasonably priced, and will last a really long time.

We would highly recommend the Baby Jogger City Select LUX to any parent, regardless of the size of their family, who is looking for a stroller that is easy to handle, provides a smooth ride, can be folded down with ease and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. 

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