Baby Jogger City Tour LUX – Light & Compact Everyday Stroller

If you’re looking for a compact, lightweight newborn stroller packed with functionality and streaked with style, it’s your lucky day – it’s the day 1you discovered the Baby Jogger City Tour LUX.

The City Tour was already a pretty cool stroller, but now Baby Jogger has listened to requests from parents and upgraded it with some great new versatile features.

Whereas the original City Tour was great for city use, and a compact wonder on plane trips, it could only carry one child, and they had to be able to sit up unassisted. That meant it was good to go from about six months, but had no car seat compatibility, and so was useless for newborns. 

The Baby Jogger City Tour LUX changes all that. 

Modern design, minimalism, heaps of functionality, plus almost everything you loved about the original – right here, no waiting.

Key Features: 

  • Still crucially lightweight at just 20 pounds, meaning it’s easy to carry Ready for this?
  • Now it’s compatible with infant car seats and your newborn carrycot – the City Tour just became a 3-in-1 infant transportation system
  • The seat is luxuriously padded and gives deep recline for comfort and easy napping
  • Upgrade function – add a board so an older sibling can ride-along
  • The same compact fold you know and love that makes it easy to store, transport and use on public transportation and planes Price range: $$$

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX Review

This is not just a tinkering round the edges of a previous favorite. This is a re-think, re-tool, re-imagination deal. It still has many of the best elements of the old City Tour, but it’s powered up to a whole different animal.

Seating options

Let’s take a seat. The old City Tour came with just the one seat – a toddler seat, great from around the 6 month stage. There was no newborn option, no car seat or carrycot compatibility. Boom – that changed. That changed a lot.

Regular seat

The usual toddler seat is well padded, and reclines to a near-flat position. It doesn’t go completely flat, but it’s certainly close enough to persuade your little darling there are dreams worth having right now. That recline function works with just the one hand – because honestly, who as a parent ever has more than one hand free at any given moment? In case your baby’s growing longer in the leg, the leg rest is also adjustable. Also with one hand. Baby Jogger really gets the whole one-hand thing.

In a stroke of what is probably psychological genius, the seat can go in either direction, so if your baby’s still deeply comforted by the parent-shaped blur of your face, you can turn them to face you while you stroll through the world and chill them right the heck out. If they’re ready to be interested in all that complicated sensory input from the rest of the universe, you can turn them forward and let them goggle at the vastness of things.

As is increasingly standard, the stroller comes with a 5-point padded restraint, combining enough ‘Hold on there, Skippy’ with a gentleness that says everything’s OK. The regular toddler seat has had its passenger limits expanded, so now it can be used by babies from just 3 months up to a respectable 45 pounds. The toddler seat in the LUX has had a business class upgrade – more space, more padding, more depth, compared to the seat in the original City Tour.


This is where it starts to get really exciting. The new LUX model allows you to add a carrycot to the frame. That’s where your fully-flat position comes in, rather than an extreme recline. And that means suddenly, your old City Tour is now, in its new upgraded version – newborn-appropriate!

No more sitting around changing diapers, counting the days till they hit 6 months and you can City Tour them into excitement and exhaustion. Now, with the carrycot, the City Tour LUX becomes one of the smallest, lightest, most travel-friendly strollers you can use from birth.  

You want to know the best bit? You do, don’t you? The bassinet that gives you the from-birth freedom? It folds with the stroller. No tedious unhooking, unclipping or disconnecting. No sudden need for a third and fourth hand. Remove baby, fold, job done, next adventure, please!

Apart from the ease of using this fold-up bassinet while out and about, the fact of it simply folding up with the rest of the stroller makes it so much easier to store than most stroller/bassinet combinations. It’s like a special extra gift from the folding fairy.

Yes, the bassinet is sold separately, but it’s worth getting for the convenience alone. Check it out here. Oh and yes, it too comes in the four color variants so you can match it to your choice of stroller. Style – you’re probably born with it, but seeing it all around you from an early age probably can’t hurt either.

Infant car seat

If the carrycot was a reason to celebrate, the fact that the LUX is compatible with infant car seats is a reason to sing all the lullabies you know.

The incompatibility of the original model with infant car seats was a major source of parental frustration, and undoubtedly led some parents to choose other models.

Now, the LUX brings common sense and joy back to parents everywhere. You can simply remove the regular seat, attach the infant car seat, and you’re strolling. If you drive for errands, or use your car for longer trips and want to take Junior with you – now you can.

These significant upgrades to the seating options on the LUX mean you can now use the Baby Jogger from birth, in a whole range of ways you couldn’t before, which make your strolling life easier and more enjoyable. And the company’s not done yet.

Older sibling options

Where were all these options when you had your first kid, right?

Well, assuming you still have that kid, and that they’re not in Harvard yet, the LUX gives you the option to include them in the fun with a new glider board. You know you want to let them get their Roman chariot racer on. Check out the board here.

These upgraded options turn the LUX into a stroller for all seasons – and more importantly for all ages of kid.


If you’re going to upgrade a stroller, you might as well upgrade as much of it as possible, and in the case of the City Tour, that includes the canopy. The canopy on the LUX is huge – three full panels with a sun visor that flips out to give your baby protection from both the wind and the UV rays that can give them sunburn. You don’t want a newborn with sunburn – it’s like an early introduction to the unfairness of the universe, and that’s not a thing your baby deserves yet. Go the extra mile. Get the stroller with the big canopy.

The canopy has been increased in size between models, and the LUX provides a peek-a-boo window so not only can you see what your child is up to while you stroll, you can also be sure they get some great airflow to keep them cool. Oh, and the window? Magnets, for quiet open and close so you don’t disturb their sleep with the unholy skin-tearing nightmare noise of opening Velcro. Yass!


The handlebar on the City Tour LUX takes its design cues from the bar on the City Select LUX handlebar – the grip now has rubber rings to not only make it more comfortable but also easier to operate than the standard foam padding version.

That said, and while Baby Jogger is clearly in a listening mood, it’s true to say that if there were going to be a City Tour LUX+, making the handlebar adjustable so it’s comfortable for all parents of varying heights would be a big plus point that might sell the tweaked model.

Wheels And Suspension

Four individual wheels keep the stroller firmly planted and polyurethane tires make for a lightweight, durable, springy feel. The tires don’t inflate, so you’ve got no worries about punctures, pumping or the like. The front wheels pivot for easy maneuvering, but can also be locked for extra stability when you’re strolling over more harsh terrain, like cobbles or grass.

The wheels roll smoothly and the stroller has all-wheel suspension to help absorb the shock of travel so it’s not transmitted to your baby. The wheels are quite small though, which means while the stroller will stand up to gravel or cobblestone, you’ll get some vibration when you stroll over those surfaces. This is a stroller most at home in smooth city and mall terrain. The clue is in the name of the City Tour LUX, really.


We love a good handbrake. We’re parents, of course we do – anything that gives us control over the destiny of our baby? Heck yeah. Here, the handbrake is easy to use, with a toggle on the right of the handlebar, for ultimate flip flop friendliness. This is a different handbrake to the bicycle-style brakes you get on jogging strollers, which might initially throw some parents more used to that style. Again, this is much more of an urban kitty than a wildcat. Stoll happy round your urban or suburban environment, and everything’s cool.

Storage basket

There’s an under-the-seat storage bin on the LUX. It’s not huge, but then, neither is the stroller itself. It will however take all your daily necessaries, up to 15.4 pounds. You also get a rear zippered pocket for additional items that you want close to hand – wipes, tissues etc – and one final storage pocket at the back of the seat for parental essentials, like your phone and keys. As we say, as storage solutions go, it’s not huge, but it is well thought-out to focus on the things you need to store.


You don’t often upgrade a stroller. adding options that include things like housings for carrycots and expect them to get lighter in the process. That’s just as well here – the upgrades increase the weight, but then if it didn’t, you’d worry about the flimsiness when it came to supporting the carrycot or the infant car seat, wouldn’t you? The weight increase still only takes it to around 19.4 pounds, which still makes it highly competitive in its class of strollers, and makes it super easy to carry around.


The City Tour had an awesome single-handed fold that took a handful of heartbeats.

The City Tour LUX does too. Patented folding mechanisms for the win!

Once folded, the LUX makes very little of itself in storage – 24 x 21 x 11 inches. It’s the hobbit of folded strollers, for all its huge range of seating options and life enhancers when it’s about its business.

That said, the stored dimensions are still bigger than they were in the original version – check your airline’s carry-on dimensions before setting blithely out for the airport.

When folded, the City Tour LUX stands on its own, and has an auto-lock function, which makes it enormously straightforward for storing or transport – no worries about whether it’s going to suddenly unfold on you like a cloth and metal octopus. It’s a well-behaved hobbit in all circumstances.

If you’re carrying your LUX round the city empty, you’ll be grateful for the shoulder strap and handle that come with it and which make the whole thing practically effortless.

For longer-term carriage, it also comes with a travel bag with backpack straps, which if anything makes it easier still.


Type of stroller


Weight of stroller

19.4 pounds

Upper weight limit

45 pounds

Folded dimensions

24" x 21" x 11"


  • The LUX can be your only stroller from birth to toddlerhood (attachments permitting), giving you no fewer than five seating options
  • Bigger canopy, with peek-a-boo windows and magnetic closures

  • Reasonable amount of storage space for a compact stroller

  • Very lightweight and highly portable stroller

  • Foldable bassinet – perfect for easy, compact fold and storage in small spaces and vehicles

  • Great for parents who make lots of car journeys

  • Padding is very soft, and the stroller comes in several color options


  • Increased dimensions mean it may not fit in overhead lockers – check with your airline before you travel
  • Small wheels make it a no-go off-road and on trails

  • Strangely lacking a footrest

  • Parent-friendly accessories (cup holder, belly bar) sold separately, adding to the cost

Baby Jogger City Tour LUX Price

The Baby Jogger City Tour LUX was released in 2018, complete with its carry bag and range of add-on accessories. It’s available now. 

Ask The Parents

Parents have been keen to give their views of the Baby Jogger City Tour LUX since its launch. 69% of the reviews on Amazon give it either 4 or 5 stars.

The reversible seat is a huge winner for parents building bonds of trust with their babies, and the near-flat recline lets a lot of babies sleep while their parents stroll on.

The quality of the fabric used in this upgrade has gathered praise from parents too – delivering a feeling of more luxury and comfort for the passenger is always going to please parents.

It would be a strange universe in which the infant car seat, bassinet and glider board options didn’t make parents cock-a-hoop, as those options are among the most major elements of the redesign. Certainly it’s true that we live in a strange universe – but not one quite that strange. Parents love these options, citing them as turning the original City Tour into a whole different prospect as a baby transportation system.

Who knew the storage basket would be a big thing? But yes, parents are appreciative of the thought-out storage solutions on board the City Tour LUX too.

The expanded canopy was a more predictable winner. More shade, more UV protection, where’s the bad? As it turns out, there is some – some parents feel that when the seat is reclined, the canopy’s a little too short to completely cover their baby. So, mostly positive feedback on the bigger canopy, but still things to tweak in any further upgraded version.

The stroller’s action on city sidewalks and in malls is smooth as you like. Short grass? Yes, at a determined push. Bumpy terrain? Best avoided. Go around if you can. The small wheels on this stroller mean it’s not your friend in the rough.

The one-handed fold drew fans on Amazon. The unfold is a little more complicated, but parents reported that with a little practice they could get it down.

Actual issues parents reported included the handbrake being difficult to use – which came as something of a surprise - and, which was less of a shock, the fact that the accessories, even including the belly bar, had to be purchased separately.

Accessories After The Fact

The City Tour LUX is a pretty great stroller in itself, but it comes relatively light on accessories – the only thing to come with the stroller itself is the carry bag. Beyond that, you’re on your own. Let us help you pimp your LUX!

This game-changing accessory lets you use the City Tour LUX from the day of your baby’s birth. Long-distance strolls while you gaze adoringly at your newborn? No problem any more. The best bit is that it folds in half, either separately or while attached to the stroller. Available in all four colors to match the stroller’s décor.

Take a break. Get a belly bar. Take a better break. Get a belly bar with a cup holder. You’re a parent, darn it, you deserve a cup holder. You deserve all the cup holders you want.

The City Tour LUX lets you add a glider board so your older kid can ride along like a charioteer. Wagons roll on any mall trip with the whole family in tow!

City Tour LUX vs City Tour

Potayto? Potahto? While the City Tour Lux has been upgraded, expanded and improved on most levels since the days of the original City Tour, there’s a case to be made either way on which you should choose. Bottom line, the answer depends on your particular needs.  

If your child is at least 6 months old and you’re planning to travel with them – especially on planes – there’s every chance the original City Tour gives you everything you need. You’re past the carrycot stage, and the original City Tour’s dimensions make it a cinch for overhead locker carrying.

Of course, you’ll already also be beyond the considerations of seating options that make the new City Tour LUX a must-have for anyone with a new baby.

If you have a brand new – or even an imminent – baby, get the City Tour LUX all day, every day – it can save you money in the long run by being the only stroller you need from birth to toddlerhood.

It’ll still be great for travel, though you’ll have to check your particular airline’s overhead locker capacity, because there’s been a bit of a bulk up since the original City Tour launched.

If you’re living in a confined space and/or have a small car, the LUX can bring you additional dividends – it stores small, and is easy to transport, while giving you all those new advantages as a birth-to-toddler urban stroller.

So the answer to the question of which version of the stroller you should get depends on who you are and what your situation is.

Older child? Original recipe’s just fine, but you’re free to take advantage of the bigger, better canopy in the LUX if you want.

New baby? LUX for you, all day and all night.

Remember This

Airplanes are strict, but not consistent. Where most airplanes will let you stow the original City Tour as overhead luggage, the increase in size in the LUX might see you fall foul of some airlines’ restrictions. Check before you fly with the LUX.

Reasons To Love The Baby Jogger City Tour LUX

  • Say hello to the only stroller you’ll need until you have a toddler. Its updated seating options for newborns mean you can save money and use this stroller from birth into toddlerhood.
  • The regular seat in this stroller is compact and lightweight, yet it feels well-cushioned and luxurious for your baby.
  • It stores like a hobbit, folded small and self-supporting, meaning it adds value to its purchase by storing and transporting exceptionally well, even in smaller apartments and cars.

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