Best Baby Carrier for Hiking

Who said your little one can’t go on adventures with you? No one. However, even though hiking and welcoming a baby into the world are some of the most rewarding experiences out there, it can seem virtually impossible to bring the both of them together.

Fortunately for you, there’s a quick and simple solution - baby carriers! If you plan on taking on the great outdoors with your mini-me, it only makes sense that you should have a baby carrier to make your trip that much easier and enjoyable. 

However, with an array of different options on the market, we know how tricky it can be to narrow your choice down to just one. That’s why we’ve been busy scouring the internet for the best in show and have narrowed our two top picks down to the Luvdbaby Premium Backpack and the Deuter Kid Comfort carrier.

We know a thing or two about what sets a great baby carrier apart from the rest, which is why we have taken into consideration an array of different features including its design, harnessing, its level of padding, suspension system, how heavy it is and, of course, the price.

With a little help from us, you’ll see that even though you might be a parent, you don’t have to give up hiking! Instead, you can continue doing what you love while making each hiking moment special as you'll be able to share the trip with your family. Here’s all you need to know about the top 2 carriers for hiking with a toddler, as well as some tips and advice along the way, including a helpful F.A.Q area.

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Best Baby Carrier for Hiking - Comparison Table

Best Baby Carrier for Hiking - Reviews

The creme de la creme of baby carriers, the Deuter Kid Comfort 1 is one of the best baby carriers out there! If you do a little research, you’ll discover that there are a couple different variants of this model, however we think that the light model is the best choice and offers the very best value for money.

It features a frame that has been made of spring steel (a type of material that is both flexible and durable - so it’s not going to break if it gets pushed and pulled around), while its mesh material is super secure and sturdy, so you know you are getting quality for the price.

Perfect for all types of weather including the warmer months, this baby carrier has also been designed to keep a space between the wearer's back and the rest of the carrier (creating a pretty darn good ventilation system). Clever, right? One thing’s for sure, you’ll stay as cool as possible with this baby carrier.

This air ventilation system, called Aircomfort Sensic Vario, works consistently and efficiently to allow the air to pass through the mesh back and keep you cool.

Not only that, on both sides of the back  you will find a thick yet soft padding to ensure ultimate comfort - a feature that we think is really important, especially  if you are going to be carrying around your child!

Its thick shoulder straps are completely adjustable and feature an ergonomic shape in order to help relieve any neck strain especially when you’re hiking on the uneven or steep terrain. Plus, its padding won’t dig into your skin and, thanks to the design and shape of the frame, your baby’s weight will be evenly dispersed across your shoulders, back and hips to help reduce the chances of any strain - a factor that not all baby carrier manufacturers take into consideration.

Here’s some additional features that make this baby carrier so awesome:

  • A sturdy and high-performing sunroof: This is a really handy and useful addition! In the past, only the most expensive carriers had an included sunroof. However, now this standard model features it, too which means one thing: your precious little one’s skin will be given a level of protection against UVA/UVB rays… make sure you pop an SPF on them, though!

  • A super soft chin pad: If you find your baby falling asleep along the way, that’s ok.  This carrier features a chin pad that will give your baby all the support they need during the hiking experience. The soft pad shape gives your toddler comfort when they need it most and it’s even removable, so you can easily wash it after every adventure. .

  • A comfortable fit for your little one: Deuter has really thought of everything. In this baby carrier its seat is height and weight adjustable, so your child will always be safe and secure in a healthy posture position, with their hips given a good level of support. There’s even height-adjustable foot rests to stop any excitable legs from kicking around!  

Want a little more convincing? Some other standout features are:

  • Hydration System Compatible – Deuter Kid Comfort allows you to bring a hydration system with you to help you stay hydrated while you’re out hiking.

  • Foldable kickstand –  We appreciate convenience and we know that you do too! This baby carrier features a really innovative ‘foldable kickstand’ design which essentially means that the baby carrier is able to remain upright on its own, which we’re sure you’ll find useful if you need to place it on the floor or even while transporting. Not only that, this clever feature will also make putting the baby in and out of the hiking carrier a lot easier as you can use both hands.

  • Multiple storage compartments – If you’re going on a hiking trip, chances are you’re going to be taking essentials with you (like snacks!). The great thing about this carrier is that it won’t only carry your child, it will also carry anything that you bring along with you!  There are 3 zippered pockets and 3 additional pouches.

Wondering how much it weighs? The Deuter Kid Comfort weighs in at just 5lb 7oz. It’s really light and considering all its features (including the amount of storage and ergonomic design, it’s certainly worth your consideration.


  • Lightweight design
  • Kickstand for stability

  • Adjustable


  • Detachable sunroof can bend due to the way it must be stored

The Differences Between the Variants Of the Deuter Kid Comfort Carrier 

Like we mentioned earlier in the article the Deuter Kid Comfort Carrier doesn’t come in just one edition! Here is what the collection includes:

  • Deuter Kid Comfort 1

  • Deuter Kid Comfort Pro

  • Deuter Kid Comfort Active

  • Deuter Kid Comfort Active (Women’s Fit)

Wondering what sets all of these apart? Well, the PRO backpack is  the only version that comes with an additional little backpack that allows for even more storage space and an even higher backrest for your toddler for ultimate comfort. If that wasn’t enough, it comes complete with an integrated sun protection roof which differs from the standard Deuter Kid Comfort which only has a detachable sunroof option. Impressive, right?

Next up is the Active carrier! We like this particular style as it features mesh sides of the child cockpit and more mesh on the back for the wearer to help keep you and your baby nice and cool.  

 It is also a lot lightweight option than the other models in this collection. Designed specifically to suit a woman’s body, the Active Standard Deuter has thinner shoulder straps and reimagined hip braces to cater to the female body. 

When it comes to the best overall, the standard Deuter Kid Comfort model takes the cake! Why? It will give you and your toddler a really enjoyable hiking experience while also ensuring that you aren’t breaking the bank. It has just enough features to make it premium without being too flashy, overpriced or heavy. 

Why Is Deuter Kid Comfort 1 One Of The Best Baby Carriers For Hiking?

There are so many reasons we’ve dedicated a whole section to going through them all! For starters, it will be very comfortable for both you and your baby, and it is also made of sturdy durable material so you’re getting great value for money. Not only that, it has a lot of space to keep all of your belongings nice and safe.

Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy ultimate stability and support thanks to its sturdy frame, while  its adjustability features to accommodate both parent and child means that your hiking experience will be super comfortable and enjoyable (no back strain here!) and your little one will also be sat in an upright and ergonomic position.

A feature that you’ll appreciate and your baby will love is the super soft chin pad that will let your baby nap peacefully while out on your adventures. The best part is that Deuter has made this chin pad to be removable, meaning that you’ll be able to wash it of any dirt or mess after each hike (drool, we’re talking to you) so it will also be clean and ready to go for your next trip. 

If that wasn’t impressive enough, there is even an added sunroof (a feature that was highly requested by parents when Deuter released an older model) which will provide much needed protection and relief to your little one. 

Our verdict? In our expert opinión, we think that this is an excellent selection for parents who are searching for a quality baby carrier that isn’t too expensive and will be able to withstand a little wear and tear.

Still not sure if this carrier is for you? That’s ok! Check the criteria below to see if you’re a match:

  • You find yourself embarking on light to moderate hiking trips 

  • You need a carrier that isn’t going to weigh you down on long distance walks

  • You want a carrier that is not going to be too bulky when exploring a vast woodland area or other nature trail

However, the Deuter Kid Comfort Carrier may not be for you if:

  • You are a female and want a carrier tailored more to your body. If so, the Deuter Kid Active SL is your best bet.

  • You are on the hunt for a carrier that will accommodate for weekend or overnight trips and you need a carrier that is going to offer sufficient storage. Sound like you? The Deuter Kid Comfort PRO is best suited to your needs. 

Safety Advice to consider:

Now that you have learned all about the Deuter Kid Comfort Carrier and what it can offer, here are some safety precautions that we recommend taking into consideration in order to have not only the best hiking experience, but the safest one, too:

The first safety point that we would like to bring your attention to is the wide kickstand feature within the design of this carrier that will help to stabilise the carrier while it’s on the ground, left unattended or you are putting your baby in or taking them out. 

The child seat is equipped with a redesigned, improved 5-point safety harness which you can adjust to fit the size and height of your child - so you can put your confidence in this carrier!

Wondering how much weight it can carry? This carrier can hold a baby up to 40 lbs ( which equates to 18 kg), and even an additional 8.8 lbs (4 kg) if you needed to take extras. As for how long it will last, many parents have enjoyed this carrier for up to 3-4 years!

Our Top Tip: 

Remember, you can only start to use a baby carrier for hiking when your little one has enough head and neck control to be able to sit upright unassisted, without any help from you. If your little one still lacks sufficient neck control, is unable to sit by themselves or is still in a frog position, it’s likely that you will need to wait until your baby is ready. As always, it is important to consult this with your doctor when seeking out any kind of medical advice. 

Customer Reviews to Check Out:

After taking a peek at the customer review area on amazon, it’s pretty safe to say that this hiking baby carrier comes highly recommended by moms and dads just like you. 

For starters, many have said that it is highly adjustable, (so you’ll get a comfortable and tailored fit for both you and baby) while its ability to evenly distribute weight means that you will suffer minimal back pain.  When you put it on, reviews state that it doesn’t feel heavy or like it is weighing you down, even with a taller toddler in it. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that reviews praise how ideal it is for longer hikes.

Customers have also stated that they love the design of this particular carrier, both for its aesthetics and its practicality. One review we found talked about how useful the different storage compartments were for storing all types of hiking necessities including  toys, personal items, and baby essentials like food and diapers.

Feeling sleepy?  Moms and dads state that the soft and foamy chin pad is really useful for letting their little ones take a nap while out hiking as it allows them to continue the trip without having to stop or take a break..

Being completely honest, there were not many complaints. However, some reviews did state that they did not like that the sun roof is detachable as it takes up time and has to be removed and kept in a separate pocket which some stated has caused it to bend.

Want to read some more reviews? Just head over to the Deuter Kid Comfort review page.

Our overall verdict: If you are on the hunt for a baby carrier that comes complete with really useful features, will not weigh you down and will also not break the bank, the Deuter Kid Comfort is the perfect choice!

Next up is the equally as impressive Luvdbaby Premium, which surprise surprise: comes up really closely next to the Deuter carrier in terms of quality, comfort, and usability. With a little assistance from this baby carrier, you will be able to transport your toddler from place to place comfortably, safely and without being weighed down!  Keep reading to learn about what makes this carrier so special!

The backpack is padded throughout, includes safety straps and stirrups, tons of storage space and a ton of other awesome features. Plus, this particular carrier has been designed to offer the most comfortability when embarking on long distance hikes, which is why the carrier is adjustable to your height, contains comfy padded straps and a wide waist belt that will help to spread weight evenly across your body to allow the strain to be alleviated from your hips.

Not only that, the Luvdbaby Premium comes with a vast variety of pockets and compartments that will ensure you can bring along everything that you need. There’s even an insulated pocket for a baby bottle to ensure that your little one can enjoy their milk warm, anytime anywhere.

It also features pockets on the waist belt which will easily store items you might find yourself commonly reaching for like your phone, keys or any other items that you want easy access to.

There is also a large pocket on the back of this carrier which many parents use to store towels, snacks and even toys!

If that hasn’t impressed you, the cherry on top is that this baby backpack has been built to last you for up to several years, making it a great investment piece. It has been made with premium materials, (one of those being waterproof) which are really strong, durable and look aesthetically pleasing. 

Convenient for Moms and Dads:

Made in order to make your hiking experience that much easier, this carrier has been carefully designed to feature adjustable shoulder straps and even adjustable an adjustable torso which will all work to equally and evenly spread the weight of your mini-me. The result? A lower chance of any back pain developing.

Not only that, another feature that we know you will love is that there is a mesh padding on the back. This will essentially allow for a constant stream of air-flow between the carrier and you which will mean that you will stay comfortable and cool, even on those hot summer days. 

There are also some other features that have been added for your convenience:

  • Loads of storage space – with so many pockets and compartments, you’re truly spoiled for choice when it comes to space! You’ll have enough room to fit all of your necessities and have space for extras, including toys!

  • An insulated pocket – This thermal pocket is a really impressive feature that will keep a bottle or food warm for your little one. 

  • A foldable changing pad – This is our favorite feature! The Luvdbaby carrier boasts a diaper changing foldout pad so that, no matter your adventure takes you, you will always have a convenient surface to clean up your baby.  After using it, all you have to do is fold it back up into the design of the carrier. Neat, right? 

Your Baby will Love it, too! Here’s why:

Made with your baby in mind, this carrier will allow your child to comfortably and easily sit up high and view their surroundings without causing them to strain their neck or move into an uncomfortable position. There is even a chin pad that will let your baby take a nap, too.

Not only that, this carrier also comes with its very own mesh hood and rain cover so you don’t have to splash out more money in order to keep your baby protected. It’s got our seal of approval!


  • Multiple compartments
  • Insulated baby bottle holder

  • Easy to adjust

  • Affordable


  • The kickstand cannot be folded when you are wearing it

What Makes This Model The Very Best Carrier For Hiking?

This model is widely considered as the best hiking carrier for a toddler because it equips parents with everything they need for hiking while also offering excellent value for money.

There’s just so many great features that stand out to us! 

For starters, it has been generously fitted with foamy padding so that toddlers can sleep comfortably (parents can’t, unfortunately). There is also a mesh sun hood that will protect your baby from UVA/UVB rays from the sun, as well as a rain cover to keep your child protected from any showers.

As for you? Prepare to experience hiking without fear of back strain! Another reason as to why this carrier is considered the best of the best for hiking is because it has great suspension and distributes weight evenly across your back, while the mesh back will allow constant ventilation and for air to circulate between the carrier and your back to stay as cool and comfortable as you possibly can. To top it off, it is super lightweight and won’t weigh you down.

The price is also really affordable so it will accommodate all types of budgets. A cheaper option without compromising on premium quality, no wonder this hiking baby carrier gets the seal of approval of so many!

Customer Reviews

So, we did a little digging and  checked out some reviews over on amazon to make sure that you are given ultimate transparency before making a purchase. 

After reading many reviews, we discovered that many buyers love all of the additional features that they did not expect this carrier to offer. Offering everything they could need and more, lots of parents praise the amount of storage pockets which lets them bring just about anything they could ever need along with them, how easy this carrier is to adjust to both the height of their baby and themselves and the included sun and rain protection. 

Another factor that many parents have praised this carrier for is how padded it is which makes it really comfortable and enjoyable for their baby. You’ll find this super soft padding around the shoulder and neck area, as well as around the structure of the harness.

Want to check out some other reviews? Click here to read some other Amazon customer reviews.

There is little criticism that we can see, however one feature that some have raised an issue about is that the hip strap is a little tricky to adjust,

Our Overall Verdict: If you have smaller budget and need a comfortable baby carrier for hiking with all accessories included, this model will do the job and then some!

What are the main differences between a Luvdbaby Backpack Baby Carrier and a Deuter Kid Comfort Carrier?

Though the two offer many similar benefits, the Luvdbaby carrier differs to the Deuter Kid Comfort Carrier as it features a rain cover to keep your baby shielded and even a foldable changing pad to keep your baby fresh on the go.

On a budget? The Luvdbaby Premium is a more affordable option than the Deuter that will not compromise on quality, especially as it comes with two additional accessories that the Deuter does not.

On the other hand, the Deuter Kid Comfort offers its own individual benefits, too. The Deuter features stirrups designed to help stop your baby from standing up in the carrier (and to stop their legs from thrashing around), as well as an additional kickstand that can be folded in and out when you have the backpack on for added stability on the ground.

In our opinion, we think that you may find the Deuter more convenient to use thanks to the kickstand as it means you can leave it unattended and it will remain upright, something that will certainly come in handy when you are popping your baby in and out of it. Additionally,  the Deuter carrier is also compatible with any hydration system up to 3 litres, further setting itself apart from the Luvdbaby carrier.

Being given the opportunity to take your baby on a hike is the perfect way to make amazing memories that will last forever and, as they have been specifically designed with hiking moms and dads in mind, you’ll find the help of a carrier so much more useful than what a stroller could offer. 

All in all, both the Deuter and Luvdbaby Premium are exceptional choices when looking for the best baby carrier for hiking, and we’re sure that you’ll be really pleased with either option!

Baby Carrier for Hiking - Frequently Asked Questions

Your toddler’s safety is of the utmost importance, so we’re sure you have plenty of questions that you want answered before making a purchase, right? For this reason, we have prepared a helpful F.A.Q section answering a range of different questions that many moms and dads have asked before you, so we’re confident that after reading, you’ll feel knowledgeable on which carrier is best for you:

Deuter Kid Comfort Hiking Carrier F.A.Q

Is there a minimum age for Deuter carriers?

The brand doesn’t actually give any age recommendations, but the child should be able to sit upright without assistance and have sufficient neck control. In order to best answer this question, we recommend consulting your doctor.

Will a 3 year old child fit in the Deuter Kid Comfort carrier?

Yes, as long as your child weighs under 40 lbs. Usually 3 and 4 year old kids fit in it comfortably. However, if your little one is tall for their age, you may find that the harness and the feet rest are just too small for them.

Will the Deuter Kid Comfort carrier fit a plus size parent?

Absolutely! All you have to do is adjust the carrier to suit you. Side note: the Deuter line has been made to accommodate those who are over 6ft tall and weigh 200+ lbs.

Can my child fall asleep in a Deuter hiking carrier?

Yes, absolutely. Like we mentioned above,  it features a very comfortable and padded are where your child can rest their head while sleeping.

Can you use Deuter for daily errands, like shopping?

Though it is marketed for hiking or walking, there’s no one stopping you! If you’d like to take your carrier out shopping then go for it! However, you might find it to be a little bulky if the store is busy or you find yourself walking down a narrow aisle.

I’m tall, can I adjust the Deuter Carrier to me?

Of course you can. All you have to do is extend the torso and you will be good to go! 

What is the difference between Deuter Kid Comfort Deuter Kid Comfort Pro? 

The Pro carrier features a built-in hood that will protect your little one from the harmful rays of the sun which in turn makes this design a little heavier and bigger. 

Will the sun protector get in my way when it’s detached?

Not at all! All you need to do is pop it into its designated storage area.

Does Deuter Kid Comfort Pro fit someone who is shorter in size?

After doing some research, we discovered that Deuter has designed this with most comfortable for average and large person – above 5’5″. Parents who are below 5’5″ also wear it (even those who are 5’1″), but the weight distribution may be worse and it may feel a bit awkward to wear, although it doesn’t feel super heavy.

In Deuter carriers,  Is the fabric removable from the frame and machine-washable?

No it’s not, so we recommend the good old fashioned way: hand washing!

What sets the Deuter Kid Comfort Carrier apart from the rest?

There are lots of cool features that helps this carrier stand out from the rest. It has more mesh fabric than other types of carriers available on the market which will provide better ventilation for both you and your child.

This mesh design will be able to prevent your back from sweating and transferring the heat to the child. However, there’s no place for a hydration bladder, only pockets where you can put bottles. The biggest advantage of this model that sets it apart from the rest is how light it is (it only weighs 5 lbs 10 oz!)

Luvdbaby Carrier F.A.Q

Is there a weight limit for the Luvdbaby carrier?

Yes! The weight limit is stated as being 40 lbs.

What is the minimum age you can use a carrier?

No minimum age limit is specified, however like we mentioned above, it important to ensure that your baby has good neck and head control. As always, seek out any medical advice from your doctor to make sure that you make the best decision. 

Is the kick stand foldable?

It is, yes - so you’ll have no problems transporting it!

Will my three year old fit in Luvdbaby Premium Carrier?

This has more so to do with weight rather than age. If your child is under 40 lbs then it will easily accommodate to your child, especially as many parents use it for their 3 year old children. There is no height limit specified by Luvd and the canopy is retractable which will let the carrier grow with your little one.

 How do I adjust the straps on my Luvd baby carrier?

We recommend following the instructions that it comes with. However, if you are in doubt you can always reach out to the manufacturer.

 Does Luvdbaby carrier come with a sun and rain cover?

Yes, it does! This clever carrier comes complete with a built-in hood to protect your child from harmful rays and also a plastic rain shield.

What is the smallest size that the Luvdbaby carrier offers?

The smallest size that the Luvdbaby carrier offers is a waist size 31-32.

Can the Luvdbaby fit someone that is taller than average?

Absolutely. The Luvdbaby carrier can accommodate those who are taller (even taller than 6ft) thanks to its adjustable straps.

Does the Luvdbaby carrier have foot straps in the design?

It does, yes! Luvdbaby has thought of everything.

Can I put my child in the Luvdbaby carrier without any help from someone else? 

Yes, you can! All you need to do is put the carrier on the ground and then carefully pop the kick stand out to stabilise it. However, you might find it easier to get some help folding the kick stand back down. We know you’ll be a pro in no time at all! 

How much does Luvdbaby carrier weigh?

It weighs in at 6.4 lbs which we class as a moderately weighted carrier.

If I am pregnant, can I wear the Luvdbaby carrier?

This is something you need to talk about with your doctor, due to the fact that the carrier will weigh you down. 

Can my Luvdbaby carrier double as a chair for a child when set on the floor?

Yes you can, as long as the kick stand feature is out. Of course, make sure to never leave your little one to their own devices in case they fall to the side or fall forward.

Does the Luvdbaby carrier have a padded front part so my child can rest their head if they fall asleep?

Yes, it does! Even if your baby happens to doze off, you can have confidence that your child’s neck will be supported so you can get busy continuing on your adventure!

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