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Babies adore being able to be cuddled in their parents’ arms. Any parent will know however that it’s not possible to do this all day! Holding your baby all day hurts your arms and it will be near impossible to get any of your daily tasks done. Thankfully, there's a practical solution - an ergonomic and safe baby carrier. 

There are hundreds of different baby carriers on the market, similarly to most other baby gear but not all of them should be recommended. It can be tricky and a little confusing to choose a baby carrier that’s going to give you what you need and is going to be safe and comfortable for both you and your baby. 

Read on to find out our list that will provide you with some of the best baby carriers on the market to date. This not only includes the ones that are high quality and versatile, but it also includes ones that are recommended by hundreds of other parents so you know they’re to be trusted.

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Best Baby Carriers - Comparison Table

Best Baby Carriers - Reviews

The Baby Tula Explore baby carrier is one of the newest baby carriers in the Baby Tula collection and we can already see that it’s going to be a popular choice this year, for good reason.

This baby carrier differs a little in design than the Baby Tula Free-To-Grow which has garnered quite the positive reputation. The carrier is slightly more akin to ergonomic models.

The carrier comes in two different versions. One of these versions is made of 100% cotton, and the other one, called coast, has a mesh vent in the back panel which is designed to optimize on circulation. With that being said the Coast version is a slightly better option for hot climates as it provides more breathability.

The original carrier comes in a range of different colors, such as Forever, Everblue, Bloom, Mint Chip, Sleepy Dust and a whole lot more. 

The Coast collection has a range of different fashion choices, and a lot of them are adorable, such as the Rainbow Stars pattern edition! 

Why is this the best baby carrier for you?

This is the most versatile carrier by Baby Tula. It can be used from 7 pounds upwards and you don’t need an infant insert. You can hold a baby with a weight up to 45 lbs in the carrier, but it can serve parents for around 2 to 3 years in the majority of cases. 

The carrier also has more carrying positions than a lot of other Baby Tula carriers. The Explore will allow you to carry your baby on the back and on the front, including forward and inward facing.

The front carrying position is also perfect for the newborn if you use the inward facing option, and it can be used for infants and toddlers. You can also adjust the width of the body panel as your baby gets bigger so the thighs of your baby will be constantly supported from knee to knee.

Additionally, the baby carrier doesn’t force your infant to straighten up their spine artificially and it stops your baby’s legs from dangling. It gives adequate support for your baby’s natural position, the frog position. 

The Baby Tula Explore has also been added onto the list of ‘Hip Healthy Products’ that’s been made by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. 

The baby carrier can be used for carrying the baby facing out and it also provides a lot of support for your baby’s growing legs, and ensures that the legs aren’t dangling.

This position should only be used by babies that have neck control and can hold their head up. For babies from 13 to 22 lbs the facing out position is suitable but only for a short period of time, in accordance with the guidelines set out by Baby Tula. 

You can use the back carrying position for any children that are able to sit without assistance, usually those between 6 to 9 months of age. The position is ideal for your toddler that wants to take in the world around them.

Another great feature about this baby carrier is that you can adjust the neck support. It’s possible to change the pillow position to ensure that your baby has the correct amount of support for their neck and head in accordance with their age.

This carrier is also a good example of a great baby carrier for you as the carrier is not just comfortable for babies but also for the parents too. 

The carrier can be adjusted easily with adjustable shoulder straps and waistband, and these have a variety of different settings that can fit both smaller and larger parents. The shoulder pads also have a lot of padding that can be used to reduce the amount of strain on the shoulders and neck.

Another thing we love about this baby carrier is that there is a fully padded, wide waistband. While most carriers do have padding on the front part of the waist and the lumbar area, many lack the proper padding on the sides and it can become uncomfortable to wear as the straps will dig in after longer periods of use. With this carrier you don’t need to worry about this because all of the waist belt is properly padded.

The cosy padding and all of the adjustment capabilities help to ensure that your baby’s weight is properly distributed and as a result you don’t need to worry about getting any back pain, even after a long period of walking with your little one attached to you. 

Other Features We’re Sure You’ll Love

  • The carrier comes with a hood that will make sure that your baby isn’t exposed to any harmful sun rays and the wind. It’s possible to use the same hood when you’re breastfeeding so that you and your little one have more privacy. 

  • The carrier comes with a pocket on the waistband that’s particularly helpful. You can store a number of items here, such as keys, tissues or a teether. 

  • The fabric on the baby carrier is incredibly soft and made to be very breathable. It’s very easy to get rid of any stains from milk too as the carrier is machine washable. 

What do other parents think about this baby carrier? 

You should be mindful that as this carrier is still relatively new on the market it doesn’t have as many reviews as maybe some others on the market, but we’re sure it’s going to become incredibly popular as time goes on much like with other Baby Tula gear.

These are the things that most reviews mention.

The carrier is comfortable for the wearer, and it’s easy to take off and put on due to the design of the buckles and the straps. Thankfully nothing digs into the skin either, nor does the carrier end up hurting your underarms and breasts. It can also be shared between different parents, and it’s possible to adjust it for people of all sizes. 

An additional advantage of the carrier is that it’s one that will be useful even as your baby grows and it gives a lot of different positions which parents are a big fan of. 

A lot of parents also say that the fabric is a fantastic quality. Most parents say that the fabric is also softer than the fabric on the Free to Grow carrier. Parents love that the carrier is so comfortable for their baby. Oh, and did we mention the adorable patterns? Other parents are bound to be envious and pick up one of their own once they see your gorgeous Explore carrier! 

A lot of buyers have said that the Coast version also helps to keep both mother and baby cool. The vast majority of parents overall think that the Baby Tula Explore is a great investment for their babies. 

One thing to keep in mind is that some parents have noted that not all newborns are able to fit in the carrier. On occasion you do need to wait a couple of weeks while your baby grows before you can begin to use it. If you have any doubts, check with your pediatrician to see whether it’s now suitable for your baby to use the carrier.

If you want to see some of the reviews yourself, check them out on Amazon!

The baby carrier is a fantastic choice for parents who: 

  • Want to have a carrier that’s very soft and comfortable for their baby

  • Want to have a carrier that will give a variety of carrying positions

  • Need to have a carrier that can be used from birth without needing an insert, and a carrier that can be used for up to 3 years

  • Want a carrier that’s soft structured, is very comfortable to wear and easy to take off and put on

  • Want a carrier that has a unique, beautiful design

The carrier may not be a good fit for you if you:

  • Would rather a cheaper option

  • Prefer the hip carrying position, as this carrier does not offer this.

This baby carrier is designed to be used from birth, being able to hold from 7 to 45 lbs of weight. You can easily use it straight from birth as long as your little one weighs more than 7 lbs, and it even works up to the ages of 2-3 years. 

It comes in two different versions. The first is a premium cotton version while the other one has breathable mesh padding (the Ergobaby Adapt Cool Air Mesh version). The latter provides a lot of air circulation and it helps to stop your baby from sweating.

The Cool Air Mesh edition is also ideal for when your baby is due in the hot summer months or if the climate you live in is naturally quite hot.

What makes Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier one of the best baby carriers?

There are a myriad of cool features that comes with this baby carrier that we know you will adore.

To begin with, the carrier has 3 different carrying positions. Your baby can be strapped to your front which is perfect straight from birth. When your baby begins to get more control of their neck and head then you’re able to use the hip carrying position. Finally then when your baby is able to sit upright without requiring any assistance from an adult then the Ergobaby Adapt can be used as a backpack carrier that can be worn on your back.

It’s also worth noting that the Ergobaby Adapt has been commended as being a ‘hip healthy product’ by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute, so all of the carrying options are completely ergonomic and your baby can relax in a natural position that has M shaped Legs.

This is especially important in the first 6 months or so of your baby’s life when they’re still developing their hips and they’re at the greatest risk of dysplasia.  The baby carrier is designed to give the infant plenty of support in the frog position and this is great for promoting proper hip and spine development, preventing dysplasia.

In this carrier your baby can keep their knees completely bent and higher up than the bum, and the spine is properly rounded. It also doesn’t end up forcing your baby to straighten out their legs and back too early on. Alternatively it gives enough support for the baby’s thighs, bottom and back, and they’ll keep nice and snug.

It’s also possible to adjust the bucket seat while your baby grows so the seat will always give your little one’s thighs just enough support from knee to knee. The back panel is also extendable so you can adjust it to be able to provide adequate support for the neck and back in accordance to your baby’s size. 

As it is one of the best baby carriers right now, this baby carrier is incredibly comfortable for both the wearer and the baby. It’s easy enough for parents to adjust all of the straps so they can find the perfect fit for their body size. 

The carrier also comes with padded straps that can either be worn straight as you would wear a backpack, or they can be X crossed which is ideal for the smaller moms out there. There is also an adjustable waist belt that has a very wide lumbar cushion.

Because of all of these features, the Ergobaby Adapt makes sure that the weight is distributed properly and that it doesn’t put any excess strain on the hips of the parents, or on the shoulders or pelvic area. A lot of parents also say that the weight is very evenly distributed so they can hardly even feel the weight of their toddler.

As all of the straps have a variety of settings they will be a good fit for both larger parents and those with a petite frame, and anywhere in between. 

What’s more, the buckles are also incredibly easy to reach and the whole device is very user friendly and so easy to use. After a couple of uses you should be able to put the carrier on and take it off in mere seconds.

An additional thing that makes the Ergobaby Adapt one of the best baby carriers on the market right now is that it’s possible to wear the waist belt higher or lower so that you don’t have any pressure on the pelvic area or on the hips. If you’ve had a C-Section recently you will adore this feature. 

Other Features for Convenience 

The fabric is machine washable for both versions of the product. They’re very easy to dry and clean and you don’t need to be worried about any stains once your baby spills something.

Hood - the Ergobaby Adapt comes along with a hood that will protect your baby from any sun or wind on the head. When you’re not using it it’s easy enough to tuck away and fold.

Range of colors - the Ergobaby Adapt has a huge variety of colors, more than a dozen even! As you’ll be wearing it you should probably try and pick out a color that you like. If the climate you live in is quite warm it’s worth getting a lighter color. You can see most of the color options directly from Amazon. 

What do other parents think about the Ergobaby Adapt?

The Adapt is one of the newest models in the Ergobaby carrier line, but despite the recent emergence onto the market the baby carrier is quite highly rated among parents.

According to some of the hundreds of parents, the Ergobaby Adapt is rather easy to use and can be adjusted with little problem. As you don’t need an infant insert it’s also easy to put it on and position the baby, quickly and effortlessly. It’s ideal for people who are new to using baby carriers in addition to any parents that are on the go a lot and need a baby carrier that they can quickly slip on and use without any hassle.

Because you can cross the shoulder straps your baby’s weight is distributed evenly along the shoulders of the wearer and the back. The majority of people who use the carrier also say that even when the carrier is worn for a number of hours it still doesn’t put any additional strain on the back and it also doesn’t cause you to have any pain in the hips. Parents are also fond of the quality of the material and its quality. 

One complaint some parents have about this baby carrier is that it doesn’t have any storage pockets. This is a feature missing from the Ergobaby Original carrier. Some parents also mention that the waist belt isn’t appropriately padded on the sides so it may end up rubbing against the skin a little bit. Alternatively, it does have fantastic padding on the lumbar area. 

A lot of parents also recommend buying the Air Cool Mesh edition if you live in a hot climate or if it’s summer, as the cotton version is a lot quicker to heat up. 

There are a bunch of great reviews on Amazon for the Ergobaby Adapt that we recommend checking out.

The baby carrier is ideal for parents that:

  • Want a carrier that is going to grow with the baby and one that can be used from birth all the way up to 2-3 years.

  • Want a carrier that will give the baby lots of support in natural, frog position and one that will help to encourage the proper development of the hips

  • Love to have lots of colors to choose from

  • Need a carrier that will work well in warmer weather 

  • Need a carrier that is very simple and quick to put on and one that doesn’t need an infant insert

The carrier may not be so good for you if you:

  • Are on a slightly tighter budget

  • Want more carrying positions

The Boba 4G Carrier has been out in the world for a long time at this stage, and as of fairly recently the Boba brand has updated to the Boba 4GS. The question you may be asking is why is it on our ranking of some of the best baby carriers for this year? Simply put, the design is fairly simplistic, can be used for up to 4 years and it doesn’t cost nearly as much as some of the other premium high quality buckle baby carriers. 

The carrier can be used for babies from 7 to 45 pounds. It’s possible to use it straight from birth as long as your little one is at least 7 lbs, but you’ll need the insert that comes with the carrier. You also don’t need to get any extra equipment either and all you require is what comes with the carrier. 

What makes this one of the best baby carriers for this year?

The baby carrier is one that should last you a long time, and the vast majority of parents actually use it straight from birth. Some even carry their 4 year olds in it! 

The carrier is very useful for newborns, and it even comes with an infant insert included. As long as your baby is around 7 to 10 pounds in weight, all you need to do is snap the ends of the insert together so you can make a ball shape. You can leave the insert open if the baby is 10 to 15 pounds. 

Because of the integrated pillow, infants are able to sit higher up in the carrier and they can appropriately position their legs in an M shape. 

For the most part we, alongside many other parents, would prefer not to have any inserts for newborn ready carriers, but the Boba 4GS carrier is pretty awesome and we’ll make an exception on this occasion. 

This carrier has also been recognised as a ‘Hip Healthy Product’ by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Thankfully, the carrier doesn’t cause any problems with the development of your baby’s hips, and it will also let your baby rest in a position that’s more ergonomic, i.e the frog position, known also as the spread-squat position. 

The carrier will ensure that your baby can maintain a spine that’s naturally rounded, bent hips and knees that are higher than your baby’s bottom. This is the most natural position for babies in their first 6 months of life. The baby usually gains control of their head and neck during this time and they can usually sit without any assistance. 

The carrier is also quite comfortable for infants and toddlers to use. The insert can be easily removed and there’s a lot of room even if your baby is slightly larger. A lot of customer reviews for the Boba 4GS Carrier have said that it can be used far into the toddler years. 

One thing that’s important to note with the transition from the Boba 4G to the Boba 4GS Carrier is that the brand ended up getting rid of the foot straps. We’re not entirely sure why as this feature is pretty handy for larger babies, but it’s still one of the best baby carriers this year despite this. 

The buckle carrier features a fairly simplistic design and it comes with 3 carrying position options. These include the newborn position, front carrying inward facing and the back carrying option, for those older children that are able to sit up straight. These are all useful positions that are quite popular and are more than sufficient for what you’ll need it for. 

The carrier also comes with a hood that can be removed that will stop your baby from getting harmed by the sun rays or protect them from any wind. It’s also good if you want to breastfeed out in public as the hood will give you a little more privacy. 

So what other features does this incredible baby carrier come with that will make things so much more convenient for parents?

The carrier comes with wide, padded shoulder straps. These can be adjusted for a range of different body types, so the baby’s weight can be easily distributed across the wearer’s shoulders and back.

One thing this is missing is the waist strap isn’t padded on the back where the buckle is positioned. After a while it can dig into the skin a little. Though as we previously mentioned, the carrier is a lot cheaper than a few of the other models we’ve mentioned here so you shouldn’t expect it to have absolutely everything.

Additional Useful Features

  • Storage pocket - the Boba 4GS comes with a handy little storage pocket positioned on the waist belt, so you can carry any essentials you need inside of it.

  • The fabric is machine washable and a lot of parents have commended the fact that it’s easy to clean

  • The carrier is breastfeeding friendly, with buckles on either side that can be easily loosened when you need to feed your baby. 

One of the things we love about this carrier is that it’s made of a very breathable material and it also comes in a bunch of fun colors, so you’re pretty much certain to find something that will fit your personal preferences. The 4GS model has a bunch of extra fashion choices that weren’t available for the 4G too. Of course, you should remember that the availability will change and that new colors and patterns are likely to be added as time goes on.

What do other parents think about this baby carrier? 

This carrier, similar to its predecessor, is very popular among parents. It has dozens of great reviews on both Amazon and the Boba official website..

Many parents are actually fond of the included insert, as it’s only a pillow for the bottom so the baby doesn’t get overly hot and sweaty. As it’s included with the carrier parents also don’t need to buy one separately so it saves a little bit of money too.

Another useful thing about this carrier is that it can fit small 5ft tall mothers, and also plus size parents that wear a size 28. It’s also quite comfortable to wear and doesn’t put any extra strain on your shoulders. The shoulder strap is also easy to pull and it can be made tight enough so that you know it’s secure. A lot of parents are also fond of the soft fabric that isn’t bulky. 

Some parents have also mentioned that they’ve used this carrier with their 4 year olds too! It’s pretty awesome that you can use this for both tiny babies and also for bigger, taller babies that can’t use most other buckle carriers because they’re too big.

The main thing that parents complain about with this carrier is that the fabric can get a bit hot in the summer months. There’s also no padding in the lumbar spine area, and there’s also no outward facing position. Nevertheless, many parents still agree that the carrier is very soft and really good value for money - well worth the investment.

Hundreds of customers have said that this baby carrier is incredibly durable, strong, user friendly and comfortable, and by far one of the best baby carriers this year. 

The carrier is a good fit for parents who:

  • Need a carrier that’s soft structured and won’t break the bank

  • Only want one carrier that can be used straight from birth up until the toddler years

  • Want a carrier that will provide lots of comfort for older and larger children from 3-4 years old

  • Need a carrier that’s easy to use and can be adjusted easily to suit a lot of different body sizes and types 

This carrier may not be as good of a fit for parents that:

  • Would rather a carrier that doesn’t need to have an infant insert for newborns

  • Want a carrier that gives a few more carrying positions

  • Need a carrier that will provide a lumbar support pillow

If you have a smaller baby or a newborn, you are going to love this baby carrier. This is a very unique baby carrier that doesn’t need a lot of complicated tying so it’s ideal for people who are new to babywearing. 

The baby carrier has a double loop design and you can even use it straight out of the box. It’s easy to put it on with very minimal hassle involved.

What makes this one of the best baby carriers for this year? 

One of the main things to love about this baby wrap is the fact you don’t need to learn overly complicated tying methods. It’s super easy to adjust. The carrier simply has a little loop positioned on the back that can be pulled down when you need to raise the baby onto your chest. This helps to make sure the baby’s weight is distributed evenly across the wearer’s body. 

The patented double loop design is also ideal as it doesn’t end up putting excessive strain on your shoulders and back if you’re carrying your baby for a longer amount of time.

The carrier also comes with an additional sash that can be tied around you and your baby which is really simple to use, and this helps to give even more support for your baby’s body. It can also convert into a carrier bag which can be used for storing the wrap. It doesn’t take up a lot of space in a purse or a diaper bag either. 

For those parents who are just starting out with babywearing, you need not hesitate with using this wrap. While some baby wraps can be a little bit confusing and difficult to operate, the Baby K’Tan Wrap takes all the guesswork out of babywearing and is very simple to use. 

The wrap is very uniquely designed and it’s also quite user friendly. It’s easy to put on, and some customers have even said that positioning the baby is easier in this wrap than it is in a buckle carrier. 

It’s quite a decent choice for a first baby carrier actually, and it also costs a lot less than a lot of high quality carriers that are soft structured. 

An additional cool feature with the Baby K’Tan Wrap is it can be used from birth and it will keep your baby’s posture supported in the natural frog position, with the C shaped spine and M shaped legs. It gives full support to their little growing bodies and it doesn’t put any extra pressure on their spines and hips. It’s meant to replicate the feeling of being in the womb! 

The Baby K’Tan Wrap is also approved as a hip healthy product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It may even help to prevent hip dysplasia.

While you may think that you can only use this carrier for the first few months, you needn’t worry about that! It’s possible to use this carrier for 12-18 months and it has a weight capacity of 35 pounds.

It’s also a very versatile baby carrier, providing a lot of different positions. It can be worn on the front facing either outward or inward, or it can be worn on your hip so you can cater it to your preferences and also your baby’s development stage and age. 

The wrap also comes in a range of sizes and though it can be difficult to get the sizing right, it’s very comfortable to wear once you do get it right. It’s got very stretchy fabric that will form around your baby’s body and it’s easy to put on and adjust.

It can be a bit difficult to share this with other caregivers due to the sizing. 

The carrier comes in 5 different versions in total, all differing as far as fabric is concerned, and they’re all machine washable. 

What do other parents think about this carrier?

The carrier has many reviews online and this is a testament to its popularity. Parents are mostly pleased with the wrap, and it gives your baby a lot of security. It’s ideal for soothing and putting your baby to sleep, and it’s ideal for parents that have had a C section as there’s no pressure on the wound. 

It can be used from up to 18 months old, and parents like that it’s easy to use with a little bit of practice. 

Parents aren’t so keen on the fact that the amount of layers can make it hot after some time in a warmer climate. 

The carrier is ideal for parents who:

  • Require a carrier that will provide lots of positions and can be used straight from birth

  • Need a user friendly carrier

  • Would like a wrap but don’t like the complexity

  • Want a carrier that will snuggle the baby 

  • Want a carrier that isn’t expensive

It may not be a good choice for parents who:

  • Needa  carrier that can be easily adjusted to multiple wearers

  • Would rather a soft structured carrier

  • Need a carrier to last longer than 18 months

This is an incredibly versatile baby carrier, and is probably the most multi functional carrier of the ones we’re covering on this list, especially when you consider the sheer amount of carrying positions available.

Much like the Baby Tula Explore and the Ergobaby Adapt, you can use this carry with children from 7 to 45 lbs, so if your newborn’s weight is higher than the lowest limit then it’s possible to use this carrier. You also don’t need an infant insert to use it. 

The carrier is soft structured and it’s possible to use it straight from birth and far into the toddler years.

What makes this one of the best baby carriers for this year?

A hundred times over, we have to stress the sheer amount of carrying positions available. It comes with 6 different options in total. It can be worn on the front with an infant, newborn or toddler. It can also be worn on the hip and the back, and you can even carry your baby on the front with them facing outwards so they can see the world! 

Another really great feature with this baby carrier is that it has a cupped seat that’s very easy to adjust in accordance to your baby’s size and age. As a result your baby can be peaceful and rest in a natural position for their development stage. 

With this carrier, you can easily carry your baby on your front, and they can be positioned in a natural frog position where their knees are bent higher than the bottom and the legs are positioned in an M shape. The carrier will provide plenty of support for your little one’s legs.

While in this position your baby will maintain the proper posture, with a rounded back, and the carrier will completely support their hips, thighs and spine. To begin with during the first 3 months or so the baby’s arms are positioned inside of the carrier, and you can put the legs both outside and inside the carry, though this depends on how the seat width is adjusted.

The outwards facing position can only be used for babies that are able to hold their heads upright, and you shouldn’t really be using this position for long periods of time. 

Furthermore you can only use the back and hip carrying positions if your baby has good control of their head and neck, and they can sit without needing any assistance from an adult. 

When your baby gets bigger it’s possible to change the width of the seat, and you can also change the neck and head support with the extendable back panel. The hood is also foldable and you can use this to protect your baby’s head from the sun and any wind or it can be used when your baby and you need privacy such as when you’re breastfeeding or napping. It also gives additional head support. You should check your baby’s airways more often when you’re using the hood or the extended back panel, though. 

The carrier is also incredibly comfortable for your little one, provides the proper support for your baby, and it can grow with them with lots of different adjustment options so it’s definitely a long term investment. What we have yet to cover though is the comfort of the parents. Is this carrier comfortable for the person wearing it? 

The carrier comes with a very sturdy waist belt that is quite wide and has a generous amount of padding. It also comes with a pillow for the lumbar spine area so it’s fantastic for any parents that struggle more with pain in the back. Good back support is a pretty common feature in the majority of Lillebaby carriers in general.

It also provides a lot of support for the lower back, it doesn’t add any strain to the hips and it helps to make sure the weight is easily distributed across the wearer’s upper body. A lot of parents think that this carrier is very easy on the back and some have even said that it helps to remove pressure off the lower back. 

The shoulder straps with this carrier are also very comfortable and are padded and they have dual adjustment buckles that are handy for helping to make breastfeeding easier. 

Some customers have stated that it can take a while to get used to using the adjustment options, but once you’ve got the hang of it after a few tries it’ll be easy enough to be able to adjust the carrier in accordance with your body type so you have the right fit. 

Additional features we’re sure you’ll love:

  • The carrier comes with a crossable shoulder strap, so it can be worn in the style of a backpack or you can criss cross them. The crossed version is ideal for parents that are slightly smaller, and they help to ensure that weight is properly distributed. 

  • The carrier is made with 3D mesh fabric that provides a good airflow and wicks away any moisture, so it’s very breathable. As a result you and your baby can stay cool for much longer, and the carrier is even machine washable. 

  • The carrier comes with a zippered pocket where you can store the detachable hood. You can also put extra items in there such as your keys or a teether for your baby. 

What do other parents think of this carrier?

As you may have already deduced, this carrier is a best seller as far as high quality and ergonomic baby carriers go. It’s got dozens of positive reviews on Amazon and the Lillebaby Official Website. It’s pretty impressive! 

Many parents really enjoy the versatility that this carrier provides with a range of different positions. Customers tend to agree that the carrier doesn’t end up hurting their back even when the carrier is worn for long periods of time. It’s also a lot more breathable than a lot of other carriers that are made out of cotton.

Parents also commend the carrier for being incredibly comfortable for babies, from newborns to toddlers. It’s definitely a long lasting product that can last for up to 2-3 years, even if your toddler is a little bit chubby. 

On the other hand, some parents do say that the fabric can be a little rough and it may cause a little irritation to your baby’s skin, however the fabric feels a lot softer once it’s been used a few times.

Another issue with the carrier is that it’s not quite as comfortable for small parents, and some say that it doesn’t adjust well to their smaller size and can feel a little bit bulky. 

Alternatively other parents say that it fits them just fine even if they’re smaller, so it does come down to your body type too. It’s ideal for plus size and average parents. 

The carrier is a fantastic choice for parents who:

  • Want a carrier that will give a lot of different positions, with a front, hip and back setting. 

  • Want a carrier that doesn’t need to be used with an infant insert for newborns and one that’s also able to fit larger toddlers

  • Struggle with pain in the back and need a carrier that alleviates some pressure off the back

  • Want a soft structured carrier with lots of breathability

  • Are plus sized or average in size

It may not be as much of a good choice for parents who:

  • Are very small, i.e. less than 5 feet tall and you have a smaller upper body

  • Need to find a more affordable carrier

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