Best Baby Prams

Smaller babies need bigger strolls. This is the primary reason why most baby prams are designed with bassinets, and these are an ideal solution for even the tiniest of newborns and infants. This is especially true if you’re a mom or dad who loved going for a stroll. 

A bassinet will provide your baby with a flat position which is perfect for supporting their little back, and will help to position them properly as they have no neck control. 

Most prams made these days are a whole world away from what was for sale back 20 or 30 years ago. There is a wide range of choice out there. You can either get a modern pram that has an old look and feel, and will come only with a carrycot.

Alternatively, there are a lot of strollers that have a bassinet that can be changed into a toddler seat as your little one gets bigger. There are also strollers that have 2 in 1 convertible seats. They have a normal toddler seat and this can go flat to turn into a bassinet. 

All you want is the safest and most comfortable stroller for your little one - we get it, we’re parents too! That’s why we’ve made this list of some of the BEST prams for 2020. Don’t just take our word for it though. These aren’t just our favorites, these have been highly regarded by thousands of other parents too. If you need a stroller that comes with a bassinet for your little one then these are some of the best options out there right now.

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Best Baby Prams - Comparison Table

Best Baby Prams - Reviews

If you’ve got not one, but two little ones at the same age, particularly twins, the Bugaboo Donkey2 may well be the best option on the market right now for you to invest in. This is a convertible pram that can easily expand to provide a bunch of seating options.

First off, the bassinet features. You can either have the bassinet facing the parents or the world around your baby. For most parents the parent-facing option is more preferable as the bassinets are made to suit newborts, and there aren’t any windows on the canopies for you to see through so there’s no way to actually see your bundles of joy.

Though there aren’t any windows to peek into, the canopies are pretty cool. They come with three different extendable panels. One of these will open with a zipper.  Because the canopy can be completely extended this will completely cover your baby. If it’s raining, or if you live in a really hot area, or even if you just like a day trip and a summer stroll then these canopies are a game changer. 

Every one of these bassinets also has an apron that you can remove. These are ideal for the days that are a little more chilly as they’ll keep your baby comfortable and warm. This particular from Bugaboo, the Bugaboo Donkey2 is the newest model in the range and it’s got an upgraded apron, so it will fit the bassinet more tightly. 

The bassinets also come with a carry handle that’s really helpful for transporting the baby in the bassinet from the stroller and then to home. The bassinets are really what make this pram one of the best ones for 2020, not just for twins but for newborns in general. 

One of the best parts of this pram is that Bugaboo offers an alternative canopy that comes with mesh windows. These can be extended to completely cover the seat or bassinet. 

There are a bunch of other cool features about the Bugaboo Donkey2 as well that are hugely beneficial. You can use the stroller with either one or two bassinets, and it also can be used with infant car seats or toddler seats. It’s even possible to mix and match the seats. It also comes with foam filled tires, and these imitate air-filled ones. This provides a very smooth ride and what’s even better is that you don’t need to be worried about puncturing or inflating the tyres. The pram also comes with suspension which will help to cushion the ride and it makes the pram adaptable to most terrains, even if it’s rough. With that being said, it can’t be used for jogging. 

The standard seat also reclines and this also has a rather large canopy that can recline. The basket under the seat is rather spacious, and if you buy the mono version of the pram then it’s possible to also add extra side luggage baskets to it. 

You can buy this pram in a range of different colors, and it’s even possible to completely customize the whole stroller, making it exactly how you would like it to be.

What do other parents think about it? 

This stroller doesn’t have a massive amount of reviews on Amazon. It’s fairly expensive so that may be part of the reason why.

With that being said most parents have said that this stroller is perfect for parents who have multiple young children or for those who intend to have more children. It’s easy to use and easy to fit through doorways, and you can turn the handles without much hassle at all. You can also fold the stroller quite smoothly. It’s also a very sturdy feeling stroller, and because of the suspension and the large wheels you won’t feel a huge amount of bumps when you’re moving over any uneven terrain. The biggest pitfall with the stroller though is how heavy it is - it feels very heavy when you carry it up and down the stairs a lot. 

If you want to check up on any newer reviews, you can easily access this on Amazon using this link.

Bear in Mind

You should be mindful of the fact that Bugaboo provides an awful lot of customization for these strollers, and it’s possible to buy just the stroller or the additional items that you can have with it. For instance parts of the bassinet are also available in parts, such as the fabric, the mattress, the apron and the canopy. You should always ensure that before you buy a Bugaboo that you’re buying absolutely everything you could possibly need with it. And you should also keep in mind that this could cost a lot of money. 

3 Different reasons why you will absolutely adore the Bugaboo Donkey2

  1. The Bugaboo Donkey2 is hands down one of the best prams on the market for twins and multiple children. It will allow you to attach two separate bassinets and oversized canopies together for an easy riding experience. 
  2. The stroller has a very fashionable and sleek look that you can be confident will gather a lot of attention from onlookers
  3. It’s possible to expand the stroller from a single to a double stroller, and likewise from a pram to a toddler stroller. It’s ideal as it grows with both the child and the family. 

The Roan Rocco Classic Pram stroller is again one of the best strollers on the market for use with a bassinet, and it’s at a fairly decent medium price range. The stroller is a 2 in 1 option that comes both with a bassinet and a separate seat unit that has a maximum capacity of 40 lbs. 

The stroller is suitable for use from birth to 3 years. It’s possible to attach both a bassinet or a regular child seat to it for children who are able to sit without any parental assistance. Here are a few of the great features of this bassinet. 

The stroller is actually rather spacious, measuring 31.5 inches long and 14.7 inches wide. It’s a very comfortable stroller that’s suitable for your little one to sleep in if they’re a newborn. The bassinet has a flat surface so it’s very safe and it’s more than suitable for your baby to use for the first couple of months of life and it works well for their spine development. 

The stroller comes with a very large canopy and an apron that you can remove, and these help to protect your baby from any wind or sun. The stroller also has fantastic ventilation as a result of a mesh part that can be uncovered during the warmer summer months and these will prevent your baby from overheating and sweating, consequently becoming uncomfortable. 

The Roan Rocco with the bassinet is singlehandedly one of the best prams for newborns on the market as of 2020. It can also be used straight from birth and can be used for your baby for up to 6-8 months old. It also has a weight capacity of 19.8 lbs. 

As far as the pram part is concerned, the Roan Rocco has a lovely modern look too it and it has a range of different functions.

The pram comes with 12.5 inch wheels and the tyres are air pumped. These tyres don’t have a swivel function and they also don’t have a swivel option, which is something to consider when buying. The pram comes with a suspension that adds a lot of cushioning to the ride. Also keep in mind that this stroller is not suitable for all terrains. It is primarily designed for use on pavements, sidewalks and gravel paths. It shouldn’t really be used on wooded trails or sandy beaches. If you want to use the pram in the snow this is thankfully also an option, so the pram can be used all year around, whatever the season. 

The pram also comes with an adjustable rotating handle bar. It can move from about 27.5 inches up to 43 inches. Regardless of your height, whether you’re short or tall, you can push this stroller without much issue at all.

Underneath the pram is a metal basket, it’s positioned underneath the bassinet or seat unit. It’s not particularly deep so you can’t store small items but it’s possible to keep a sizable diaper bag or a few shopping bags in there for convenience. 

Of course, as this is about prams we won’t mention too much about the regular seat that comes with this stroller, however there are a few things worth noting. You can adjust the backrest on the stroller to a total of 3 different positions. It comes with an incredibly deep recline too so it’s possible for your baby to have a nice and cozy nap as you stroll. It’s not just important for newborns and infants to be able to nap on the go, it’s also super important for your toddler too! 

You can also adjust the footrest as your baby gets bigger. The pram comes with a 5-point harness. It’s also possible to change the seat positioning so it can either face the parent or it can face ahead. This way, your baby can look either at the person they love the most in the world as you walk, or they can take in their surroundings. It’s ideal for keeping an eye on especially young babies. 

It’s also possible to fold the stroller with both the regular seat attached or you can fold the main body of the pram by itself.

The stroller is also incredibly well armed too for an option of this price. The pram comes with a chassis, a bassinet with a mattress inside, an apron and also an all weather cover, a regular seat unit with footmuffs and a diaper bag. All of this for an extremely affordable price! 

The main issue about this pram though is that it weighs 33 lbs in total. It’s a rather heavy option so it can be a struggle to carry. 

The pram comes in a range of different colors, all of which are priced differently depending on the option you choose. The colors are very bright and vibrant, and they really catch the eye. You can take a look at all the different colors and prices on Amazon. 

What do other parents think? 

We like to check on any reviews that already exist before buying baby products, and we checked up on the Roan Rocco Classic Pram first too. The pram has a whole range of wonderful ratings of Amazon, and the vast majority were also positive too! It’s pretty incredible.

It’s not just popular but it also has high ratings and has a lot of recommendations from parents. These are some things that parents say the most.

Bear in Mind

The stroller is fairly versatile when it comes to the kind of terrain it can handle, and a lot of parents like to take it with them to placed like the beach. With that being said you should still try to keep in mind that the wheels do need to be cleaned properly whenever they get dirty from things like sand and salt. If you’ve used the stroller when it’s rainy you should also make sure that you’ve properly dried out the wheels. Wheel damage can cause the wheels to start squeaking.

Some things we love about this stroller

  1. The stroller comes with a whole range of accessories like an insect cover, a footmuff, a rain shield and a diaper bag, just to name a few. You also don’t need to pay any extra for these items either which can save a bunch of money. 
  2. The stroller comes with a bassinet that you can use for the first couple of months, and then you can convert it into a toddler seat for your growing baby that can now sit without assistance. In theory you only really need to use this one stroller.
  3. The stroller is very well constructed and designed. It’s made of really high quality materials so you don’t need to worry about it falling apart not long after buying it.



  • Ships very quickly and the customer service is impeccable and responsive
  • Easy to put together 

  • Construction is sturdy

  • Stylish look and feel

  • You can snap both the bassinet and the regular seat easily in and out of the frame

  • It’s possible to reverse the seat depending on your child’s age and the mood they’re in, allowing them to see both the parents and the world around them

  • Bassinet is very comfortable for your newborn to nap and it also comes with a rocking option that can help get your baby to sleep while you stroll

  • Smooth ride and it operates quite well in rougher terrain

  • The regular seat has a bit of a recline which is quite useful for any babies that will nap when you’re out walking and on the go

  • The pram comes with a range of accessories like an insect cover, rain shield and a diaper bag

  • The pram is durable and well-made


  • The pram is rather large and heavy than a lot of more modern strollers on the market
  • The stroller takes up a lot of space in the trunk of your car even when it’s folded

  • It comes with 4 wheels that are fixed in place and this can make it difficult to turn on sharper corners. This mainly comes down to practice though

This stroller was made for your newborn from the get go! It’s incredibly stylish and modern, and it can be used straight from birth. The bassinet is sold separately, or you can also buy a separate cocoon that can be attached to the seat while it’s totally reclined. Whatever works better for you!

The pram comes with so many different features that we’re pretty confident that you’re going to love it! It comes with 3 different recline positions, and the lowest position is totally flat so it can be used for your newborn. There is also an adjustable footrest too that can be adapted as your baby grows into a toddler and gets taller. You can also recline the backrest completely down and flip the footrest up to make it completely ready for your infant.

It’s ultra comfortable for your newborn for the first 6 precious months of their life as Joolz has created a little newborn cocoon that has a footmuff built in, and this can be attached fairly easily to the flat seat. This is a much cheaper option for your baby during the first few months of your baby’s life than the bassinet.

You don’t even need to use the bassinet for it to be suitable from birth because of the cocoon - it’s totally like a pram! It also comes with a breathable mattress for the cocoon and mesh windows that are integrated into the design that are made to help keep your baby from sweating and overheating inside of it. This will give your baby a safe and comfortable place to sleep and it also protects them from any wind.

On the subject of weather, have we mentioned the canopy? No? Well, it’s pretty awesome!

The canopy is really massive and even comes with an additional mesh panel that you can open up and shut with a zipper. When you completely extend the hood you can shelter the baby from top to bottom, no matter what reclining position they’re in. If your baby is opposed to having any sun in their eyes then this canopy is a god send. 

If you do prefer to use a bassinet or you prefer a more long distance walk, then it’s definitely worth adding the bassinet to your Joolz Hub. 

This bassinet will give the most comfortable position for your newborn. It comes with a large canopy that’s ventilated and an apron, so your baby will be safe from any weather and they can drift off, safe and sound. 

It’s also super easy to change from the different seating options that the stroller provides. You can remove the seat fairly simply and all you need to do is attach the seat to the place where you just removed the seat from, all with just a little click. 

If you’re not sure whether you should use the stroller with the cocoon or bassinet there are a few different things to keep in mind.

Firstly, how much will you use either option during the first 6 months?

Will it be used for longer strolls or for running errands very quickly?

Do you have a bigger or smaller budget?

If you do intend to go on longer strolls then you should probably invest in the bassinet as this provides your baby with a lot more comfort for longer durations of time.

Naturally it is more expensive to buy the bassinet. Going on Amazon, you can compare the prices of both the bassinet and the cocoon. If you do happen to have a slightly higher budget, then it’s worth the money to go with the bassinet. 

If your budget is a little tighter or you don’t plan on using the stroller all that much in the first couple of months then you’ll probably be better off getting the cocoon. 

So, the other features of the Joolz hub!

You can reverse the main seat of this stroller. This is pretty cool, as your toddler would likely rather see the big wide world than to look at their mom and dad. 

It’s also really easy to push the stroller and it has effortless steering, even just using one hand. The stroller is also only 20 inches wide so you don’t need to panic before pushing it through a doorway, and it can turn tight corners with ease. 

The stroller is mainly designed to be used in the cities, but thankfully it works quite efficiently on other terrains like grass, uneven surfaces and gravel too. It also doesn’t keep getting stuck on pavement tracks or on any tree roots and sticks when you’re walking through a park. You should probably lock the front wheels if you’re planning on walking on surfaces like these though!

The pram can wiggle a little bit on the slightly bigger bumps but for the most part it’s cushioned well and provides a very smooth ride for your little one. 

The pram also has a very spacious storage basket and it’s very easy to access, as is customary with Joolz products. There are also hooks on the handle bar where you can put a diaper bag. Does Joolz know what a parent wants and needs for their strolls with their baby? You betcha! 

You should be mindful of the fact that it does require a few steps to fold the stroller down and it does require two people to help pull the triggers on either side of the handle bar, but for the most part it’s fairly easy to get used to and you’ll get the hang of it in no time. 

Another major upside of the product is that it comes with a carry strap. The whol stroller weighs roughly 25 lbs so it’s not all that difficult to lift it up and put it away or put it in the trunk of your car. When folded, the dimensions are 26” x 21” x 13”. It shouldn’t have much problem fitting into the majority of medium sized trunks. 

What do other parents think? 

We scoured the internet to have a look for what other parents think of this impeccable stroller. It’s not much of a surprise that parents adore this stroller and the bassinet accessory that you can buy separately. We’ve done a quick summary below of some of the most popular opinions, but to see more just pop on over to Amazon using this link here.

Bear in Mind

As we’ve mentioned before, the bassinet and the newborn cocoon are both separately sold accessories. If you intend to use the stroller straight from birth and you want your stroller to look like a pram then you will have to spend the extra cash. It’s easily one of the most expensive prams on the market. 

3 Reasons that We Adore the Joolz Hub

  1. The Joolz Hub is very user friendly, and it’s simple to use. Making the switch between bassinet and toddler seat, and even reversing the seat and folding it has never been easier.
  2. The bassinet is completely optional, and the stroller is already ready for a newborn because the seat completely reclines flat and you can use a cocoon (which costs a lot less than a bassinet)
  3. The pram is a luxury option and has a stylish and elegant design.


  • Attractive design
  • You can lie the main seat completely flat for a newborn so you can add the bassinet if you want to 

  • It’s fairly compact in comparison to most other full sized strollers on the market, but with that being said it’s not super lightweight or small like umbrella strollers. It is more comfortable though!

  • The wheels are capable of withstanding more rough terrain

  • You can extend the handle bar

  • The canopy is massive and it will completely cover your baby

  • The canopy has mesh ventilation, as does the cocoon

  • Simple to fold down

  • The design is durable and made with high quality materials

  • Eco-friendly


  • The accessories for this stroller are all sold separately so if you want to use it for your newborn you’ll need to spend some extra money on the cocoon and bassinet

The UPPAbaby Vista is one of the best options on the market for strollers with a bassinet. It’s kind of pricey, but we can attest to the fact that it’s worth it! 

Thankfully the bassinet actually comes with the stroller in the price, and it also comes along with a rain and bug shield that you can use with it. You can even use it for overnight sleep because of the great depth and ventilation, especially if you use the stand with it. 

Here are the main things to know about this stroller and some things that make it an incredible option for you and your baby. 

Inside the bassinet there is a perforated mattress and a vented base that you can remove. They’ve got a lot of breathability and are very comfortable for your baby while they’re sleeping. In addition, there is a water repellant inner liner that will help to keep the sleeping surface totally dry so your baby will stay comfortable. Both the canopy cover and the liner can zip out so you can clean the bassinet very easily. 

Speaking of the canopy, this is arguably the best part of the whole stroller. The canopy actually has a sun visor that you can extend that has UPF 50+, which will completely shade your baby from the harmful rays of the sun. Your baby won’t get disturbed and they also won’t overheat, especially with the mesh part included in the canopy that can be unzipped to give a lot more air flow. For newborns this pram is especially fantastic. 

The pram also comes with a regular seat which you can use for infants from 3 months old. The recline is one-hand deep and it’s fantastic for when your little one needs a nap while you’re out and about. The canopy will also give good coverage from the sun too. It also comes with a peek-a-boo window that closes magnetically. 

The telescoping handlebar is ideal for any parents regardless of height too, so even if you’re very tall or very short you can still push this with little problem. The pram is also ideal for use in the city because of the wheels and suspension, and can primarily be used on gravel, pavement, grass and indoor surfaces. The basket is also huge too, and it can hold up to 30 lbs of anything else you need to carry in it. 

You can also use it as a travel system in conjunction with a MESA infant car seat without requiring any adapters, and you can also use it with other car seat brands with the use of adapters. 

This is also one of the best convertible strollers and travel systems out there too.

What do other parents think?

Naturally, as any good consumer would, we checked this baby out on Amazon to see what other parents think. It’s a great asset to parents and children alike, at least in our opinion, but don’t just take our words for it.

The stroller primarily only has positive reviews from other parents and has tremendously high ratings. But what do parents like and dislike about it?

Something to consider

If you need to use it for sleeping overnight, you will need to have the stand with it and this can also cost more money.

The color variations all have their own prices, so some colors will save you more money than others. 

Reasons you will love this stroller: 

  1. The stroller gives your baby a safe and comfortable position and will provide adequate support for their spine, head and neck. It’s ideal for parents that enjoy long strolls.
  2. It provides a lot of versatility, and it has a lot of seating options for a few kids.
  3. Many parents say the stroller has great quality and is designed to last a long time. 


  • There are a range of seating options and each clicks into the frame with ease and it’s very secure
  • The bassinet is very comfortable and usable, and can even be slept in overnight

  • Extendable canopy that will provide full coverage over the bassinet from the sun, so it protects your baby

  • The stroller is very easy to move around and it’s easy to handle, even on more rough terrain

  • The basket can hold anything you may possibly need while out travelling
  • Can be easily expanded into a double stroller
  • Designed well and it’s made out of high quality, durable materials


  • The stroller isn’t that lightweight, though it can be lifted into a car trunk without much hassle
  • When it’s folded it can still take up a decent amount of space in the trunk

  • A lot of parents would rather that the MESA infant car seat came along with it

If you’re looking for a fairly cost effective option that comes with a bassinet option, then the Evenflo Pivot Modular may be a good choice for you. The stroller is in every sense of the word a 3 in 1, coming with an infant car seat and a regular seat, but it can also be converted straight into a pram.

You can use this pram for birth up until your baby hits 50 lbs in weight. It also has a number of recline positions, including a completely flat position. It’s possible to not just recline the backrest down but to also completely put down the seat unit flat to make a bassinet.

One other cool feature about this stroller is that the seat is completely convertible. It offers two different seating options, and so it can be used from when your baby is a newborn up until when they grow up and become a toddler. First you can use it with a bassinet for your baby, and later on it can be converted into a normal toddler seat. Thankfully though, because of this versatility you’ll only have one stroller to store, so it’s a real space saver especially if you’re limited on space or live in a small apartment. 

Depending on what your baby’s mood is, you can also reverse the direction that the seat and the bassinet face. That way, your little one can either look at you or take in the world around it. This can also be modified to fit both your baby’s mood and their age. 

The stroller comes with a 3 or 5 point harness. It also has a 3 panel canopy which will protect your baby from that sun. It also has a little window you can peep into so when your baby faces the front you can still check up on them. The window is also made of mesh and it’s silent, providing some extra ventilation for those hot summer days. There’s also some really cosy seat padding and the bumper bar can also be removed. 

The basket under the seat can easily fit a large diaper bag in it for convenience, and it’s easy to access which is definitely helpful for any parents.

The handlebar on the stroller isn’t adjustable and it’s positioned 40 inches off the ground. The stroller has relatively small wheels and Cruiser Tires. Ideally the stroller should be used on more flat terrain such as sidewalks, pavements, asphalt and gravel and indoor surfaces, such as at the mall. It can’t be used on all terrain but it is ideal if you’re a city dweller. 

You can also use another of the seating options from birth. The stroller is designed to be a travel system, and it comes with a Safemax Infant Car Seat. This is very safe to use and a number of extensive tests have been conducted on it to ensure that your baby is nice and snug. 

What do other parents think? 

This stroller has an abundance of parents reviews on Amazon, and it’s getting more and more popular as time goes on. Below you can see the main pros and cons most parents have said about this product. Alternatively, you can check them out yourself on Amazon!

Bear in Mind

It’s only possible to use the bassinet option when you attach it to the stroller frame. It will collapse when you detach it.

3 Reasons that You’re Going to Love This Stroller

  1. It’s got a 2 in 1 convertible seat which saves you a lot of space, ideal for parents who really want a pram but their apartment or car is quite small.
  2. Whilst it is one of the cheapest options as far as strollers with a bassinet go, it’s a very high quality and it’s easy to mistake this product for one of it’s more high end competitors.
  3. The stroller comes with a brilliant infant car sea, a car seat base, a cup holder and a child tray, saving you money as you don’t need to spend any extra on these features.


  • Easy to put together
  • The car seat and the seat are simple to attached with just a click onto the stroller frame

  • Spacious basket that’s ideal for days out and trips to the mall

  • Looks attractive

  • The regular toddler seat and bassinet snap in and out of the frame easily

  • Soft and comfortable material

  • Lightweight but still very durable

  • Fantastic quality with a great price


  • It’s got a wide footprint as a result of the back wheels
  • Parents have said that the front wheels need to be greased a lot to avoid them getting stuck

This luxury stroller is incredibly high quality and it has a bunch of fantastic features along with it. Its frame is made of aluminum alloy, and it also has an adjustable handle, a weather shield, a padded comfortable bassinet, a suspension system, swiveling front wheels that have suspension springs and a completely adjustable 5 point harness. And that, dear readers, is not all!

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of this great baby stroller, shall we? 

You can reverse the seat of the stroller so your baby can either face you or he can face the world. It’s got a number of reclining options too, allowing your older child to sit upright or it can be set around the middle if your baby wants to relax more. It can be reclined quite deep for the youngest babies.

The stroller can be used for babies from 0 to 3 years old with a maximum capacity of 50 lbs. It’s not too difficult to put your baby in there either as it has a high view, and if you're taller this is particularly useful for you. The bassinet and the seat of the stroller are also padded too to make it ultra comfortable for your babe, and it comes with a five point harness for safety. This can be adjusted to your child’s needs.

You can also easily detach the bassinet, and it has a bumper bar that you can remove for ease of use. 

The stroller also comes with a fully adjustable canopy that will protect your baby from the sun, and it has quite large tyres that can be used for all terrain. These are very durable too and can be moved around easily.

Why will I love it?

This stroller is incredibly versatile for all kinds of parents and will provide a lot of safety and comfort for your baby. It also comes with a bunch of accessories included with the price too so you don’t need to worry about spending too much on extra accessories.

What do other parents say?

This is a very popular choice among parents, and the good reviews seem to almost multiply every time we look! Here are some things parents are saying.

3 Things you Will Love

  1. t’s very easy to move around and push with minimal effort.
  2. As it’s durable and can be used for up to 3 years of age, it’s quite long lasting.
  3. There are a load of accessories included with the price so you don’t need to spend any extra on buying more accessories.


  • Smooth rolling when you push it
  • Lots of room in the storage basket

  • Simple to put together

  • Full canopy

  • Durable


  • It can be quite heavy
  • It can be quite wide so it can be a struggle to get through some doors

Best Baby Prams - Buyers Guide

When you’re a parent-to-be, you probably imagine going for your morning walk with your little one through your local area, or a city or park with a stroller that has a bassinet. Most new parents will only even look for a bassinet like this! 

When your baby is a newborn and still in their first couple of months, an alternative to a bassinet is using a car seat frame for your infant. It may seem like a little bit of a weird method to some parents but for others it’s a very convenient alternative to a bassinet. Most parents, of course, would still rather stick to a pram.

A lot of parents will choose to use the infant car seat frame mainly because it’s simple to move from the car to the house, and you also won’t need to wake up your baby from their slumber to put them in the bassinet and take them out of the car seat.

It’s possible to take a walk with your baby when they’re sleeping in the infant car seat, and this can be very easy. This is even more so the case if you’re driving somewhere before going for a walk. It’s also pretty handy if you’re running errands. 

You should keep in mind that you shouldn’t be using infant car seats for long rides as they don’t give a proper position for sleeping the newborn, so because of that they may not be ideal for long walks. A lot of safety standards also don’t advise keeping the infant in the car seat for more than 1 hour. 

Both a stroller and an infant car seat have their own disadvantages and advantages, and all can be used in different applications. Of course, for a longer walk a pram would be better. Bassinets will help your baby to develop proper posture and lie flat and comfortably. If you’re not going on a very long walk then an infant car seat frame may be a better option for you, especially if you’re running errands and driving a car with baby along for the ride. 

What You Need to Consider when Buying a Baby Pram

If you want to buy a pram for your baby, ideally you need a bassinet that’s large and has plenty of room, whilst also being very comfortable for your baby to relax and sleep in. How your baby feels in the bassinet and making sure they’re comfortable should be one of the top priorities. 

You should also consider your baby’s safety, and this is extremely important as you’ll already know. You should always ensure that your stroller is stable, can be moved easily and that it is durable.


The vast majority of prams for babies don’t tend to have big wheels and often don’t cater to people like runners or joggers, but suspension on your pram should be the best you can possibly get and your wheels should be large enough so you don’t give your baby a bumpy ride. 


Your pram should come with a sunshade that’s large enough to protect your baby from any wind or sun, and it should give good coverage for protection. Ideally, you should try to get a canopy that is extendable and one where you have the ability to flip out the sun visor so you can get good airflow. It’s also helpful if you can get a stroller that has a mesh part and a cover, as this is ideal for walking in the summer because it will give you extra ventilation for your little one to stay safe even when it’s hot.

Bassinet and Mattress

Of course, when you’re buying a stroller it’s not just the logistics that are important. You should also make sure you choose the right bassinet too. Ideally you need a roomy bassinet that gives a lot of stability and space. The mattress should also be comfortable for your baby. The mattress also needs to be quite thick too so it can give your baby ample support for their delicate back and head, and it needs to absorb shock so that any bumps don’t disturb them. 

You also need to ensure that the padding on the mattress is breathable so that your baby doesn’t sweat and overheat. This can make it very uncomfortable for your baby so a breathable mattress will protect your baby in those hotter days. 

Old Strollers Vs Modern

A few moons ago, when there was less selection for baby strollers, parents would usually buy prams as a buggy first and then a smaller lightweight stroller then as a second stroller for their little one.

These days, there aren’t many classic prams on the market. The more modern prams may look more classic but they have a more modern functionality. They’re usually just made to look like older prams and they do look rather fancy but for the most part they come with a hefty price tag. 

Alternatively, there’s a lot of choice when it comes to convertible strollers. These tend to be a lot more practical and they’re a big hit among most parents. They usually come with an option of setting up a bassinet, car seat or a toddler seat, or they tend to just have one seat unit and this will then have the option to modify it to become a bassinet or a regular seat. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Best Baby Prams

Much like any type of stroller, prams also have a bunch of advantages, but with advantages also come some features that parents aren’t so fond of. Here are a few pros and cons to baby prams.


  • A bassinet will give your baby the ability to lie flat inside of it which will help your baby’s back
  • There are a great deal of models that can be converted and this provides a lot of flexibility in how you use the pram. You could use these sorts of strollers in conjunction with a bassinet, or an infant car seat, or you can even use a regular toddler seat. These can all be switched out depending on your current needs and situation. 
  • It’s quite stylish to stroll with a pram for a lot of parents!
  • Prams can be used for babies from birth to 6-9 months. As babies grow so fast you should really take some time to cherish this short amount of time!
  • Lots of different models with good suspension and versatility


  • Certain models can be rather large, wide and heavy
  • It can be difficult to transport and store them as they usually take up a lot more space in the car and at home
  • It can only be used for the first couple of months
  • We hope that we’ve provided you with some good insight with our list of some of the best newborn prams and the buying guide! 

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