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Parenting is a busy job, one that for many doesn’t stop after 5pm. Sometimes though, we just need a little bit of TLC for mom and dad. We totally understand needing a little bit of time to yourself away from baby, and maybe taking a little bit of time to get some housework done. We’ve got a potential solution for you - what about a baby swing? 

We’ve taken a little time out of our day of infant giggles and diaper changes to compile a couple of our favorite baby swings for you to use in 2020, to give you a little extra momma or daddy time. 

Of course, you don’t want to buy just anything for your little bundle of joy. You want a comfy, cosy swing that will give your baby lots of enjoyment right? There would be nothing worse than your precious baby falling out of the swing, or getting caught off guard and upset because the swing makes scary noises.

You also want a baby swing that will support your baby’s posture and keep them safe so you can avoid any future health problems or spine deformities from incorrect positioning.

It can take a lot of time to choose the right baby swing and one that will be best for your little tyke. We’re guessing the whole reason you’re here though is to find out! With there being so many baby swings on the market with so many features it can be hard to narrow down. Ultimately you need to do what’s best for you.

Best Baby Swing - Comparison Table



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4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing, Bluetooth Baby Rocker with 5 Unique Motions, Smooth, Nylon Fabric, Grey Classic

Best Baby Swing for Infants

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug 'n Secure Swing Blue, 16.30 L x 16.00 W x 17.00 H Inches

Best Baby Swing For Toddlers

BabyBjörn Bouncer Balance Soft, Cotton, Black/Dark Gray (005022US)

Best Baby Bouncer

Best Baby Swing for Infants

4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing, Bluetooth Baby Rocker with 5 Unique Motions, Smooth, Nylon Fabric, Grey Classic

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This swing from 4moms is incredibly innovative and a modern alternative to manually rocking your baby. The swing is a one of a kind, and provides a massive amount of features you may not see in other baby swings.

The swing will mimic any movements a parent may make when they comfort and soothe their baby. It has two movements, with the ability to move from side to side and up and down. It also has five different motions, which are car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, wave and rock a bye. It has 5 different speed options too that you can easily adjust to suit your baby’s particular mood. 

The seat is able to recline to prove the optimum amount of comfort for your baby, and it can be easily changed from an upright position to a recline. This way, it can be adapted not only to the mood your baby is in but also to their age. 

In total it plays 4 different sounds to soothe your baby. If you want any more you can also connect it to an MP3 player. So if your child has a favourite song that isn’t on the device, simply connect it up and play it for your little one. The swing even has built in Bluetooth functionality! It’s easy enough with this to change any music and motions directly from your smart device! It’s a real game changer for moms and dads everywhere. 

For some parents it may be a little too excessive, but it’s got the same movements as the parent when they’re rocking the baby - what’s not to love? 

The swing also comes with a bar that’s placed above the baby’s head that has little reversible balls attached to it. Each does different things - one rattles, one has little crinkles and the final one has a mirror. The balls have very colorful fabrics that will catch your baby’s eye and stimulate their senses, mainly vision and hearing. This will also help to encourage your baby’s motor development as it helps them to learn to grasp and reach for objects to keep them entertained. 

It also comes with a removable seat pad that can be washed in a machine, and it’s possible to buy a newborn insert so you can provide your tiny baby with extra support as they relax in the swing.

Why would I love this swing?

When your baby is teething or struggling with colic, sometimes they can only be soothed by rocking. This is when the mamaRoo4 will be a godsend for you. It can be hard to carry your baby in your arms for long periods of time, so this swing will help give you a little extra support. 

It replicates the parents natural movements, and gives a lot of entertainment and relaxation to your baby. You are bound to be impressed, especially with its game changing features like built in MP3 and Bluetooth. 

What Other Parents Say

Whilst this is one of the most expensive baby swings out there, it’s also got a bunch of highly positive reviews that demonstrate why it’s so popular. Here are a few things that parents love, and some that they don’t love about this baby swing. 

Age Recommendation and Capacity

This baby swing can be used for babies from birth up to weighing 25 lbs. Alternatively it can be used until the baby is able to sit up on their own, whichever of these comes first.

Whilst this is one of the most expensive options, it is quite different from more traditional models and this is what makes it stand out. Before making a decision it’s worth checking some other recommendations by other buyers on Amazon.


  • Game changing features, including being able to control it from the phone
  • Keeps babies entertained for a long time and helps to get them to sleep effortlessly

  • Lots of movement choice, speed choices and sounds

  • Seat can be adjusted to your baby’s needs

  • Fabric can be removed and is easy to wash

  • Slightly noisy motor can provide the baby with some white noise

  • Very good to use with colicky and fussy babies


  • The speakers and sound quality
  • Curved seat won’t be comfortable for every baby

  • Expensive

This baby swing will provide you with the best of so many other baby swings. It’s got a massive amount of handy features that will ensure that your baby is kept comfortable and safe. Furthermore, it’s foldable and compact so it can be easily transported, and it also has the option of plug-in. It offers all of this for a very budget-friendly price - here’s some more info.

The swing comes with one motion which is back and forth, It also give 5 total speed options, and these can be adjusted to suit the mood of your little one. It comes with a seat that’s padded, and head support can also be taken away if your baby is especially tiny. The swing comes with a 5-point harness, providing a lot of safety and security, but it’s also incredibly comfortable for your baby. It’s also really easy to clean because of the removable padding. As we all know, easy to clean is perfect when you’ve got a baby! 

There are also two little plush animal toys positioned above your baby’s head in this swing. These will help to stimulate your little one’s vision, and help to stretch out their arms. They’re also very entertaining for your baby. The swing is able to play up to 8 different soothing melodies, and 3 nature sounds to keep your baby calm and relaxed. Furthermore, there’s a volume control option so you can choose how loud you want the melody to be for your baby. 

The swing is also quite quiet as well in how it operates. You don’t need to worry about any loud creaking noises with this baby swing. Your baby can relax and nap in peace.

The swing comes with a shut-off function and timer too, so it will turn off by itself after a certain amount of time, which you can set to either 30, 45, or 60 minutes. The swing also comes with Hyberdrive Technology which will help you to conserve the product’s battery life and you can also connect it to an AC adapter when you need to. 

You can also fold it down very easily and you can even carry it with only one hand. It’s easy to store due to its compact construction, so if you have a very small house or apartment you’ll find somewhere to make it fit. Furthermore, it’s portable. If you’re going to visit family or take a trip somewhere, then this is very handy. It’s one of the best swings out there for if you have a smaller space, there’s no two ways about it.

What will make you LOVE this baby swing?

This baby swing is a fabulous option for any parents that don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a baby swing, and for those who need to conserve a little space. It’s easy to fold up and can be easily put into the smallest of spaces for simple storage. 

It’s very lightweight, adding to its portability, and it can be carried around the house so your baby will always be nearby, no matter where you are. 

It’s also very comfortable and provides a lot of safety for your baby, and comes with a range of entertainment options such as a bunch of melodies and little plush animals. You’ll finally have a bit of time to yourself with this baby swing! 

What Other Buyers Say

The swing is a very cheap option as far as Ingenuity is concerned, and it’s easy to travel with due to its portable nature. It doesn’t have a massive range of features, but it is made of a very high quality and it’s well loved by a lot of parents. It’s quite difficult to find any other baby swing of this quality that comes with an AC adapter at this price. 

Age Recommendation and Capacity

The swing is suitable to children from birth to 9 months old, or when the child is able to crawl out of it. It can hold a baby ranging from 5 to 20 lbs.


  • Quick and easy assembly of only 15 to 30 minutes
  • Silent operation (some parents even say it’s the quietest baby swing to exist)

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to move around due to weight and size

  • Folds down flat for compact storage, travelling and transport

  • Soothing music

  • Comfortable fabrics

  • Sturdy and well constructed

  • Speed and volume control

  • Automatically shuts off after a while

  • Can be plugged in with an AC adapter


  • Doesn’t offer any side-by-side movement, it only goes back to forth which isn’t suited to all children
  • Low to the ground so requires a lot of bending from the parent to put the baby in and take them out of the swing

  • No reclining feature on the seat

  • The seat isn’t very deep

The Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing is a classic baby swing that has a big range of different functions. It’s a very well-rounded baby swing that has a number of movements, positions, speeds, songs and sounds. It also has an insanely cute design. What more could you need in a baby swing for your precious angel? 

It moves in two directions primarily. This will allow you to constantly keep an eye on your baby. It suits your baby’s preference too, as some will prefer swaying side to side while others will rather go back and forth while they’re rocked. It’s easy enough to change between the two different moves. If your baby changes their mood fairly quickly this is especially useful. 

It’s also very quiet when it moves too according to customer reviews and our own testing! It’s very easy for your little one to relax without any disturbance, and this is especially vital when your baby is teething, or colicky or just being fussy. The smallest disturbance can wake babies, so this is ideal for sending them off to sleep with little effort. 

The seat is able to move into two different positions for reclining. It’s also very soft and comfortable for your baby, and it’s padded too for cradling the baby. The two different reclined positions are ideal for babies of different ages. The reclined position is often best for young babies while the more upright position is better for infants that are slightly older. You can change the swing up in whatever way you need to to optimise it for your baby’s comfort, and it also comes with a 5-point harness for additional safety.

The swing also comes with a body insert that looks like a puppy, and a head support. It’s too cute to even bear with the adorable puppy! These additions also help to give that little bit of extra support for your tiny baby. It’s possible to remove these additions too for when your child gets a little older. 

Furthermore, the seat pad can also be removed and put into a washing machine for easy cleaning. You will need to clean the frame and toy bar using a wet cloth and wipes. 

The swing also comes with a mobile that will hang above it, and the mobile has 3 different plush animal toys and a mirror. These provide a little extra assistance for your baby to learn motor skills as it helps them to grasp and reach. They also do a good job at sharpening your baby’s vision and it keeps them entertained.

The swing comes with a choice of 16 different soothing melodies and nature sounds and an easy volume control switch which will help you to change and adapt the sounds to your baby’s needs. 

You can choose from 6 different speeds with the swing. Naturally, a lot of parents have their own opinions about these different speeds. Some argue that  there are only tiny differences between the settings, whereas other parents declare that the speed is totally okay. Some think that the lowest speed is a little too fast, while others think it’s too slow. It all comes down to preferences really, but it’s something you ought to know before buying.

What will make you love this baby swing?

This is an incredibly versatile baby swing, featuring a bunch of different moves, speed, sounds and songs, and it is very comfortable for your baby. It provides a lot of support and coziness for your baby. Thankfully it’s also very quiet so you don’t need to worry about your baby getting disturbed by noise. It’s ideal if your baby is fussy as it provides just enough comfort, and it’s great for play. 

With so many functions, you can rely on this baby swing to keep your baby busy while you go about any duties you need to complete - it’s especially useful for those babies that are easily bored. 

Age Recommendation 

This swing is ideal for children from newborn to up to 25lbs. It can only be used up until the child can crawl out of it.

What do other parents say?

There are a few common advantages and disadvantages of this baby swing that keep coming up, as you may expect. Here are a few:


  • Quite quiet operating that doesn’t disturb baby
  • 2 movements available to use - easy to see the baby and possible to adapt the moves to the preferences of your baby

  • Soothing and pleasant music

  • Can be kept clean easily and it’s machine washable

  • Supportive body and head for your baby

  • Looks very cute

  • Affordable especially for what it offers (around mid-price for a baby swing)


  • Speed settings aren’t suited to all parents
  • It is a little heavy

The Graco brand is a popular one among parents and they provide very affordable products with a lot of features that are perfect for your baby. The Graco Duet Glide Gliding Swing with Portable Rocker is also another high quality product from Graco that heralds all the things the brand stands for.

This swing comes in a very interesting and one-of-a-kind design in that it’s both a rocker and a baby swing. By detaching the swing from the base you can make it a rocker, and it can be easily modified to fit both yours and the baby’s needs at that moment.

The swing has a whole bunch of functions. You can either swing the seat back to forth or from side to side. You can also choose from two different motions. It can either swing or glide. There are also 3 different reclining positions and vibrations. You can modify the speed to what you and your baby needs at the time.

If you choose to put your baby to sleep or to just calm them, or entertain them when it’s time to play, the swing is perfect for all occasions.  The swing comes with a total of 15 songs and sounds, and it also has a mobile too that can be placed above the baby’s head to keep them entertained and encourage motor skills development. It’s also helpful for stimulating your little one’s eyesight.

It’s also possible to remove this toy bar so when it’s nap time you can take it off so there’s no distractions for your baby. 

It’s also incredibly easy to clean, as it has infant inserts that can be removed and washed in a machine. It’s also got additional safety with a 5-point harness.

Why will you love it?

This baby swing is ultra modern and ideal for those parents who just need five minutes to themselves, or need just a little bit of extra help in taking care of a particularly fussy baby. It’s both a rocker and a swing too, so if you’re low on storage space you don’t need to worry about buying the two separately. 

So far, this baby swing is one of the best for 2020 to date and it’s ideal for any parent that’s fond of jack of all trades products that provides a range of features. 

Age Recommendation

This swing is best suited to infants from 5.5 pounds. You can use the swing for babies that are up to a maximum of 25 pounds and 30 inches. The rocker mode will only allow for a maximum of 18 pounds and 27 inches.

What do other parents say?

This swing has it’s pros and cons, as does any product. It’s definitely one of the more expensive baby swings out there but it does give good value for money, and it’s incredibly popular. Here are a couple of things parents have said are both good and bad about this product.


  • It has 3 different reclining positions. These work well for a range of different activities
  • It vibrates

  • The movements are gentle and soothing for your baby

  • Ideal for those with limited space as it combines a rocker and a swing all in one

  • Ideal for newborns and little infants

  • Easy to move around and carry as it’s so lightweight


  • Doesn’t have the best quality of sound
  • Weak front to back motion according to some parents

Now for something a little bit different! In theory, the Tiny Love Luxe 3-in-1 Rocker Napper is a little more like a rocker than a baby swing, but we’ve kept it in due to its slightly varied features from your standard baby swing. This may be a bit of a better fit for some parents. 

This rocker and napper provides 3 different positions for reclining. This means it’s also very easy to convert from a napper to a rocker, and vice versa. For the sitting position, your baby can play or you can feed your baby in this position. If your baby wants a nap, then the entirely flat position is ideal for this. It’s almost like a portable bassinet, and it’s super compact too. 

It’s very easy to change the position using a one-hand reclining mechanism. This is incredibly easy to use and you won’t disturb your baby using it either. If your baby falls asleep after they’ve spent some time playing then you can simply recline the seat and you don’t even need to worry about waking up your sleeping baby. 

It’s also fairly easy to be able to list the side walls too. This can give your little one a much needed safe area so they can nap peacefully and sheltered. It almost looks like a bassinet when the sides are raised too. In addition, the rocking movement is very soothing for any colicky or fussy babies, so you can easily send your baby to sleep using this rocker. 

Why do we love this, and why will you?

If you have limited space, you needn’t worry with this rocker. It doesn’t take up a massive amount of space and it’s also quite lightweight to carry. It’s incredibly easy to transport around too as it’s portable. You can put it wherever you need it in the house without too much heavy lifting. 

It’s also fairly easy to adjust the arm with the toys. It’s possible to move it closer to your baby or further away. This is helpful as you can adjust it to the length of your baby’s arms, allowing them to be able to grasp the toys easier. This gives a huge boost on your little one’s motor skills. 

It’s possible to also remove the toy arm entirely, which can help with lulling your baby off to sleep. It comes with 9 tunes in total to entertain and soothe your baby. 

If you’re concerned about cleaning, you don’t need to be with this rocker. The padded mat in the rocker is easy to remove and can be washed in a washing machine with no extra trouble to you whatsoever. 

Age Recommendation

You can use the Tiny Love Luxe 3-in-1 Rocker Napper from birth up to 40lbs. Usually babies will outgrow it much before they get to 40lbs.

What other parents think

This rocker is incredibly versatile. It’s no wonder that it’s so popular among parents, and it has a bunch of useful features. With that being said it isn’t perfect, and there are some things worth being mindful of about it.


  • Engaging mobile helps with baby’s cognitive and motor development
  • Soothing rocking motion for the baby (not a strong movement though)

  • Can be used all around the house, even in a small house or apartment

  • It’s easy to change between positions

  • The rocker serves as both a sleeping place and a rocker, so for one item you have a lot of functionality. This means you have less to store and will spend less money

  • Ideal for parents that work from home, or for keeping your baby close by when you’re conducting household duties

  • The middle position which is a little bit reclined works well for babies that struggle with acid reflux


  • Not that many songs for some parents
  • Isn’t able to collapse for storage or easy transport

  • Hard bottom

  • Can be tricky to put together

If you need a very portable baby swing if you’re always on the go, then the Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing is another good option for you. This little item will save you a lot of space, as it can fold flat and can be easily transported and stored. If you’ve got an apartment that’s fairly small or if you travel a lot, then this is a good choice for you.

As we mentioned, it’s fairly small so even when you’re using it, it doesn’t take up an awful lot of space. It can be folded away in mere seconds when it’s not being used. It’s very compact when you fold it down so it shouldn’t be too difficult to store away. 

It’s also one of the lightest baby swings on the market for this year, and so it can be easily moved from room to room with ease. It can be used whenever and wherever you need it. This little device will help you to be able to keep your baby close by at all times, even when you’re working or doing housework. 

It also has a bunch of other fantastic features. Primarily, it’s brilliant for comfort and safety. It has 2 different reclining positions that can be used in conjunction with your baby’s mood and preferences, and also their size. It comes with a massive 6 different speeds, and they are very consistent no matter how big your little one grows. This is because the swing has weight adapting technology. 

It moves only back and forth, but it is quiet and won’t provide any disturbance for your sleeping or playing baby.

It comes with a 5 point harness to ensure your baby stays safe and snug, and it also has a pillow that can be removed. This is designed to support the head of the smallest babies. It also has non-slip feet on the frame too so you don’t need to worry about the device slipping. 

The swing is almost like a hammock, especially as far as the seat is concerned. The seat is also made to be very soft for your baby’s comfort, and it can be put straight into the washing machine as the padding is removable. 

The swing also plays a few different melodies designed to calm and entertain your baby, and these can be adjusted with the volume control option.

It’s possible to also remove the overhead bar which comes with two plush toys for your baby.

Thankfully there’s also a timer built into the swing which will make it turn off after a while, usually after 30, 45, or 60 minutes of swinging. This is a huge asset to parents and it’s also very convenient. 

Why will you love this baby swing?

You’ll get plenty of you time with this baby swing as the baby swing will give you a lot of help. It’s very safe and comfortable for your baby, whether it be for resting or playing. It’s also possible to use it where and when you want as a result of it being so easy to fold away and carry around.

As far as smaller spaces are concerned, this baby swing is a fantastic choice as it can be easily stored away as it’s compact. It also takes up relatively little space on the floor too. It can be moved around very easily, keeping your little one near at all times even when they’re not in your arms. 

It’s perfect for those babies who are often visiting other family members or for people that are constantly on the move and need a little extra help. 

Age Recommendation and Capacity

The swing can be used for any newborns to the age of 9 months old, or alternatively when your baby can crawl out of it, depending which comes first. It can seat babies from 6 to 20 pounds.

What do other parents say?

This swing has provoked a lot of mixed opinions, though for the most part they’re positive. It’s fairly inexpensive and has a bunch of great handy features for parents, but it’s still worth knowing the full picture before buying.


  • It’s easy to put together and doesn’t require too much work
  • Can be used to easily put your baby to sleep

  • Soft, comfortable fabric with a bright design

  • Easy to carry due to its lightweight design

  • Can fold up easily and it’s very compact, ideal for parents that move around a lot and for those with limited space

  • Affordable - ideal for parents with a smaller budget


  • No plug-in option
  • Loud music with no volume control

  • The toy bar can fall off fairly easily

  • Not the sturdiest option

Baby Swings for Toddlers

You may not know this, but baby swings aren’t only for helping to relax newborns! They also work well for older babies for playtime. We’ve listed here a couple of the best outdoor and indoor baby swings on the market for older children and toddlers.

The Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Swing is a fan favorite among parents for outdoor baby swings. It’s rather simplistic in its design but it has a whole bunch of features that are really enjoyable for your baby and most importantly, are safe to use. 

To begin with, you’ll be pleased to know that you can use this swing both for the indoors and outdoors, so you don’t need to worry about buying the two separately. It’s stress free as far as the setup is concerned and it’s also quite easy to move, weighing only 3 lbs total. If you need to move it from a doorway for example to your garden, you don’t need to worry about it being too heavy to move regularly. If you want to take your baby from the indoors to outdoors so they can experience some fresh air, no problem - the same can be said for moving it inside. 

As we mentioned, you can hang this swing on a door frame, or it can also be added to a swing set. It’s an easy way to get your baby to be more active whilst also helping develop their cognition and motor skills. 

The swing is also great because it can grow alongside your baby. It can be used for any child up to 50 lbs, and you can adjust the ropes to suit your baby as they grow. 

The seat also comes with two shoulder straps attached so you can feel happy in the knowledge that your baby is safe and secure. If your baby is younger there is also a t bar to stop them falling out. 

This bar also rotates so it’s simple to get your baby in and out of the swing. You can even remove the T-bar and shoulder straps if your baby is getting too big for them. 

What will make you love this baby swing?

Thankfully you can easily use this swing both outdoors and indoors, all depending on what your baby prefers and the weather. It can be moved quickly as it’s lightweight and it’s effortless to get set up. 

Your baby will be safe and secure all while they’re having a good time, and keeping active. It will give your baby a chance to improve their essential skills for development.

Age Recommendations

The swing is suited to children who are able to sit up straight and can control their head. Its maximum capacity is 50 lbs.

What do other parents say?

This swing is not a bestseller for no reason - thousands of parents love this swing and that is confirmed by the sheer amount of 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon. 

Here are a few things parents have had to say about the pros and cons of this baby swing.


  • Good durability
  • Stable

  • Quite affordable

  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather

  • Ropes can be adjusted easily

  • Good longevity and can be used for a number of years as your baby grows


  • The plastic clips to secure the harness can be a little difficult to navigate
  • Requires some practice to put your baby in and out of the swing

The swing provides oodles of fun for your toddler and preschooler and makes a wonderful gift too - oh, and did we mention it’s cheap?

If you have a toddler that could swing the whole day away, then the HABA Aircraft Swing could well be a good pick for your little one. Let your toddler indulge in fantasies of being a pilot in the sky with this cute, vibrant looking airplane swing. 

There’s a blue propeller even positioned on the front, and this spins as if it was a real airplane. Accompanied with some well timed rattle sounds, your child is sure to feel like they’re piloting a real plane, giving unforgettable memories for your little one. 

The swing is ultra comfortable, made with plush, soft fabric. This way your baby can be comfortable and have a bunch of fun at the same time! It’s fairly simple to clean as you can just stick it in the washing machine.  It can also be used for toddlers from 10 months old to 66 pounds. 

The swing is also adjustable on the straps, so you can alter the size for your baby as they grow up and get bigger. It also comes with straps that are comfortable but also keep your baby safe. Whether your baby is 10 months old or 3 years old, they’ll be comfortable and secure in this toddler swing. 

It’s also possible to adjust the height of the swing from the ground as your baby gets bigger, and the expanders on the bottom and side can be appropriately adjusted.

As far as where to put the swing, it’s possible to hang it from a doorway or ceiling. If you also use a swing set with it you can also turn it into an outdoor swing but it’s not totally weather resistant so we don’t recommend keeping it outdoors too long, especially in rainy weather. 

It’s also fairly easy to detach the swing and it can be stored inside when you aren’t using it. It weighs quite little at only 1 pounds, and it isn’t difficult to carry or lift. 

Thankfully, it’s also easy to hang. All you need to do is is attach d-rings or bolt lag screws to the rope and then you can attach the swing to the pull up bar which is portable, and can be easily moved to any doorway you choose. 

What will make you love this?

The swing provides a whole lot of fun for your toddler, but it’s also perfect for helping with their physical development and their spatial and perceptual skills. It’s also ideal for helping your baby to heighten their imagination!

It’s also incredibly long lasting owing to the ability to adjust the swing as your baby gets older and bigger. Even those just starting preschool can use it if they want! The swing prioritises safety while still providing a lot of entertainment. 

Age Recommendation

The swing can be used for children from 10 months upwards. It can’t hold any more weight than 66 lbs.

What do other parents say?

The swing has had glowing reviews from a lot of parents. What did they have to say?


  • Safety a priority, good back support and safety features
  • Built well

  • Can be modified to fit your child as they grow

  • Lots of fun for children and an asset in helping them develop

  • Comfortable and very soft

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. When used outdoors it will need to be taken inside if it’s raining as it’s not waterproof


  • It can be difficult to take a fidgeting baby out of it. This does get easier after a while though
  • A lot of parents are disappointed by the lack of a propeller sound

If you’re thinking of buying this baby swing, check out other Amazon reviews first.

Does your little one really want to get behind the wheel, but they’re too little to do so? As toddlers can’t drive cars, the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe First Swing may be the next best thing. Your child will love swinging in this vibrant car, and pretending they’re in Formula 1.

This car is great for helping to improve your toddler’s imagination and it does a good job in helping to develop their motor skills and spatial awareness. Your baby is sure to love spending time in their first little car.

The swing can be used indoors and outdoors, and can be attached to most swing sets. The rope is even weather resistant to it’s ideal for use in a garden or backyard. If you want to you can keep it outside permanently too. 

The swing isn’t very difficult to maintain and can be cleaned easily by simply wiping it with a sponge or wet cloth. It’s not too difficult to install either, you simply need to hang it from a doorway, ceiling or pull-up bar.

Ideally your toddlers should be able to sit up in order to use this swing, and you need to have neck and head control. It’s also not too difficult to put your baby in it or take them out, as a result of a wide seat and wide leg openings. 

The seat is also deep and is designed with a steering wheel in front so your tot can hold onto it for safety as well as fun. You can also adjust the seat belt. 

Adding to the feeling of driving a real car, the steering wheel also has a horn that your baby can press to keep them amused. 

What will make you love it?

As far as outdoor swings go, this is definitely a solid option. It will help to make your baby use their imagination while also keeping them active. It’s also very safe and comfortable, perfect for playing. It’s a good choice for helping to increase your child’s motor skills and cognitive abilities.

The swing is also weather resistant so it’s perfect for use outside in a garden, or you can also use it indoors. It’s not difficult to hang and it’s lightweight, and it provides a lot of flexibility. Ah, and it’s also entertaining!

Capacity and Age Recommendations

The swing can be used by babies from 9 months to 3 years, with a weight limit of 50 lbs

What do other parents say?

This is a very popular baby swing on Amazon and it’s got a lot of good ratings. Here are a few of the things that parents have pointed out.


  • Simple set up
  • Soft ropes that aren’t scratchy

  • Sturdy

  • Seat belt for kids that fidget more

  • Adorable design

  • Can last a long time

  • Enjoyable for the children

  • Provides a lot of occupation for your baby due to the steering wheel and ability to honk the horn


  • Some parents aren’t fond of the durability of the wheels and plastic steering wheel
  • Headrest has no padding

Baby Bouncers

As  little added extra, we’ve also recommended a couple of baby bouncers for you if you don’t want a baby swing. They offer a couple of different features that may be more suited to you and will provide you with a safe comfortable space for your baby without using a baby swing if you don’t like them. 

A baby bouncer will keep your baby amused when you need to do any housework, and will provide your little one comfort to help them fall asleep.   

Here are a few that we love!

The BABYBJORN Bouncer is a favorite among parents and has been for a while now. It has a very attractive looking bouncer, and it has a simple function and design to ensure your babies will stay comfortable in this for up to 2 years. 

The bouncer is very comfortable with padded fabric that will complement your baby’s sensitive skin, whilst it also gives just enough support for your baby’s head and back. 

You can adjust the height to three different positions. It’s adjustable when your baby is resting, playing or napping. If you set it to the upright positions these are well suited for babies that struggle with acid reflux. When you move the baby the bouncer will also rock gently to soothe and entertain them. It also helps with your baby’s balance. 

This baby bouncer will enable you to do household chores while your baby is entertained and comfortable. It comes with a 3 point harness too to keep your baby secure and in position. 

You can also add a toy bar to the bouncer in order to add some extra entertainment for your baby. This is sold separately, but it’s also quite helpful when you’re trying to feed your baby.

Reasons You Will Love It

The bouncer doesn’t require any batteries or an adapter in order to operate. It operates with fairly little noise and buzzing. There’s also a very natural feel to the bouncing and rocking movements as it will follow how the baby moves. It’s also entertaining for your baby and it helps them to develop motor skills.

Thankfully you can also remove the seat fabric to wash it in a washing machine, so it’s fairly simple to keep clean even if your baby spills up.

There are a few different options as far as the fabric is concerned. You can choose from cotton, cotton + jersey, or mesh. Mesh is ideal for summer weather or if it’s particularly hot as the material is breathable and will stop the baby from sweating too much.

The fabric is also fitted so your baby has just the right amount of support and an even weight distribution. This will help to ensure that there’s no excess pressure on certain parts of your baby’s body. 

It’s also very well rounded and it can be converted. You can easily turn it into a toddler seat and it can also be used by children up to the age of 3 years.

You can also fold the bouncer down. It’s very comfortable and it’s also easy to store away and take with you if you travel a lot. 

The bouncer is incredibly lightweight only weighing roughly 4.6 lbs and it can be moved around easier.

Age Recommendation and Capacity

This bouncer can be used for children right from birth for a minimum weight of 7.8 lbs going up to 29 lbs. It can be used as a bouncer up until the baby weighs 20 lbs or when they can sit without assistance with the harness. If you turn the fabric around, it can be changed into a chair for heavier and older children, weighing up to 29 lbs.

What do other parents say?

This is an extremely popular bouncer and for good reason. It’s not the cheapest option out there, but it is well loved. Here are a few things that parents love and don’t love about this bouncer.


  • The bouncer will allow parents to be able to do household duties all while the baby can stay safe and comfortable, which is especially useful if it’s only you at home
  • Calms and soothes the baby, aiding in getting a good sleep

  • Comfortable for napping in the day

  • Can be easily moved around as it’s portable and lightweight

  • Simple cleaning

  • Can fold down so it’s much easier to store and transport to different places, ideal for visiting the grandparents!

  • Simple design

  • Easy to put together

  • Attractive look for whatever room you put it in


  • It’s quite simplistic but it’s got a hefty price tag when you consider this fact
  • May bore some children as the bouncing movements aren’t particularly strong, and children will also need the toy bar to keep them occupied. This is also an extra cost 

  • Fabric is fairly thin

The Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer offers a couple extra functions than the others on this list, and it’s also quite budget friendly. The bouncer, as the name suggests, bounces. It also follows the movements of your baby or the movements from the parents pushing on it. It has a springy seat frame that makes this happen. 

It also plays music too, coming with 8 different songs and nature sounds. These are very soothing and can help to relax your baby, and all in all they provide 20 minutes of music in continuous succession. 

The bouncer also has a slight reclining position that is perfect for playing with your little one or giving them a feed when they start eating solid food. They can also easily nap in it during the day time. 

What will you love about this bouncer?

This bouncer will help your baby refine their hearing with all the melodies that it comes with. It really grabs your baby’s attention and helps to keep them amused for long periods of time. It’s also ideal for any babies that end up getting easily bored and need constant stimulation, even when they are lying down. 

The bouncer also has a vibration mode too, and this can help certain babies to become calm. With that being said, this function does require batteries, as does the music feature. The bouncing is powered completely by the movements of either the parents or the baby. 

It also comes along with a mobile that you can place overhead, and this comes with cute little toys that will help to heighten your little one’s sense and helps them to enhance their motor skills. Your baby will have great fun trying to grasp and reach for the little toys that it comes with, and it will keep them amused for hours. The toys will also help with your baby’s hand-eye coordination. It can be removed fairly easily too so accessing your baby is incredibly easy and stress free. 

The baby swing also comes with an insert that is very comfortable for your baby, and a head pillow for extra support. The seat is made completely of fabric and you can also remove the insert so you can put it in the washing machine for easy cleaning. 

The bouncer is incredibly lightweight and it’s easy to move from different rooms without too much hassle. 

To put the icing on the cake, the bouncer is also incredibly cost efficient. If you’re on a bit more of a budget, this won’t break the bank and it will provide fantastic value for money too. There are some fantastic prices on Amazon. It also comes with a bunch of different color options with all sorts of different toys and seat inserts, so the price can vary in that regard.

Age Recommendation and Capacity

The bouncer can be used straight from birth and has a capacity of 25 lbs. If your child can sit without assistance you should stop using it.

What do other parents say?

There are a lot of reviews for this bouncer and for the most part they’re positive. It’s also a very affordable option in comparison to a lot more of the high end bouncers so if you don’t have a large budget then this is perfect.


  • Good quality and price
  • A lot of different functions, from bouncing to vibrations, to music to toys

  • You can remove the mobile which also comes with two toys

  • Insert for infants that’s included with the price will comfort tiny babies in the bouncer

  • Sturdy feel and decent size

  • Fabric on the seat can be cleaned easily in case your baby has any accidents or spills


  • Gentle bouncing, if your baby doesn’t move much then you will have to bounce it yourself
  • Can only be used for infants around 4-6 months before it become ineffective, so the usability is very short

For a brand that advertises themselves as ‘the cheerleaders of fun,’ you can feel confident in knowing that your little one is going to be very entertained for a long time with the Bright Stars Playful Pinwheels Bouncer. This bouncer is a complete bestseller, especially on Amazon, and it’s not difficult to see why.

This bouncer is extremely colorful and stimulating for the eyes. It also comes with a bunch of toys that are attached to a toy bar. These do a great job of keeping your baby stimulated, and help with your baby’s motor development as they grasp and reach for the adorable toys. Furthermore, if you have things to get done around the house then you can, as your baby will stay entertained for a long time. The toys are also spinnable too, providing extra fun. If you want your baby to fall asleep, you can remove the toy bar to get them to have a nap. 

The bouncer is powered by battery, and it has a fairly decent battery life of 20 hours total. What does the battery power? Well, vibrations! These vibrations are very relaxing and soothing for your baby and are super fun for them. Adding to the excitement is the toys we mentioned above. 

The bouncer has a cushioned seat that is incredibly comfortable for your baby, and it’s also very secure. You don’t need to worry about safety with this as you can rest assured that your baby will be snug and safe in this bouncer. 

The bouncer is also very lightweight too, and can be put together fairly easily. It can also be removed without much trouble and you can wipe it clean when you need to, especially if your baby makes a mess. You can also remove the toy frame as we’ve mentioned before. The seat fabric is also removable for easy cleaning. Furthermore, it’s sturdy.

On the subject of cleaning, the fabric used to make this bouncer is very breathable and can be washed fairly easily in the washing machine. It’s also an ideal choice for the summer as you don’t need to worry about your baby getting uncomfortable and sweating in the heat as a result of the fabric. It’s also gender neutral, so you could use it for a boy or a girl. 

Why would you want to buy this bouncer?

This bouncer is totally adorable, just to start with! It’s also very lightweight, weighing as little as 5 lbs. It’s easy to clean and you’ll have no problem setting it up or putting it away. 

Furthermore, it’s a huge asset in helping with your child’s development because of the toys. It’s very safe because of the three-point harness. It can be used by babies from newborn to 6 months too, so it can be used for a decent amount of time. 

Oh, and did we mention that it’s also affordable? Yep! This is a real money saver and for what it offers it’s a brilliant choice for any parent wanting to spend a couple less bucks but for those who also want the best for their little one. 

Age Recommendations and Capacity

This bouncer is ideal for babies from birth to 12 months. It has a weight capacity of 20 lbs.

What do other parents say? 

This is a very popular choice for baby bouncers on Amazon. A lot of parents are very impressed with what this bouncer has to offer, and the majority have been happy with the affordability. 

We’ve compiled just some of the main advantages and disadvantages of the Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer.


  • Toy frame is removable
  • Ideal for smaller spaces

  • Fabric is breathable and can be used in the summer

  • Machine washable 

  • Vibrations are battery powered

  • Lots of support and comfort for your baby

  • Good value for money 


  • Doesn’t recline
  • Babies outgrow it quickly, weight limit is only 20 lbs

Best Baby Swings - Buyers Guide

How We Ranked The Best Baby Swings

Bouncing and rocking is a soothing pastime for your baby that provides a lot of enjoyment. In fact, neurologists have suggested that gentle rocking can stimulate the vestibular system in your little one’s brain, and this might even have a good effect on the baby’s growth and development. 

It’s also quite peaceful and feels good for parents. The only problem is that children can easily adapt to rocking and it can hurt your arms to rock after a couple of minutes. This is one of the biggest benefits of a baby swing, as they can really help for you to rock your baby without the strain on your arms. Your baby can stay peaceful for much longer this way! 

With that being said you shouldn’t constantly keep the baby tucked into their baby swing, but it can still be a useful asset for any parent and baby. It’s especially handy when the baby is being especially colic or fussy. It’s ideal if the parent wants to do a bit of housework, as the swing keeps the baby nice and secure as they lie down while the parents go about their day. 

It can be hard for a parent to fully provide for their baby when they don’t have some time to look after themselves. The health of mom and dad is just as important as the health of the baby. You deserve that time to yourself, and the baby deserves products that will help them to properly develop and be healthy and happy. That’s the whole reason why we chose to show you some of the products we’ve listed above to help you to choose the best possible option for your child. The right baby swing can be a huge asset both for babies and parents alike. 

On this list, we’ve only mentioned swings that are super reliable as far as putting babies to sleep and soothing them is concerned, and ones that can provide good opportunities for play. We’ve also looked at how easy they are to use, and what kinds of features they have to make life a lot easier. Some of the things we’ve used to determine what baby swings are good choices are as follows:

  • Does the swing have compact folds?
  • Is the swing portable?
  • Does the swing take up lots of space?
  • Is the swing affordable?
  • Is the swing durable and is it made of high quality fabrics and materials?
  • Is it comfortable? 
  • Is the swing long lasting?

Above all else, we also prioritised safety features when making our ranking. The safety of your baby is paramount and a badly constructed baby swing can cause your child all sorts of damage.

  • Does the swing include a harness?
  • Is it reclining?
  • Does it have a stable base that doesn’t wobble?
  • What age is recommended to use the swing and how heavy can the child using it be?
  • Can the swing be used for sleeping?
  • Can the swing grow along with the baby and does it have the ability to sense the baby’s weight?

There are a number of reasons that a parent may choose to buy a baby swing for their child. They’re very helpful products and can be even more beneficial to those who have never been parents before. Alternatively though, there are a lot of thoughts on baby swings and a lot of discussions to consider. Some think that a baby swing is only suitable for parents that are lazy. Alternatively, it can be a massive asset to some parents. 

So with that being said, what are some pros and cons of baby swings? 


  • Parents are able to do things like housework and don’t need to worry about the safety of their baby. It provides a secure place for the infants and newborns to relax and have fun, and they can be placed in any room in your house. If you’re cooking or cleaning in the kitchen, you can put the swing there so you can keep watch on your baby. It’s the ideal solution for a busy momma that needs to be able to do housework while they’re also trying to look after their child. 
  • The swings usually have a whole host of safety features like a harness, which will help to keep the baby safe and in the right place so they won’t fall out of the swing.
  • It’s a fun and relaxing thing for your baby to do. It helps to calm them and can occasionally aid in putting the baby to sleep. 
  • Swings can be a suitable place to feed your baby.
  • Swings tend to be portable so you can usually take them with you even if you’re travelling. They’re generally easy to fold down so you can put them even in the smallest of cars.


  • The baby can’t move a lot when they’re lying in the swing. This means they can’t crawl or sit up.
  • You shouldn’t keep the baby in the swing for too long as it can cause problems in the future for the baby’s hips and spine.
  • For this reason you shouldn’t put the baby in the rocker for too long. It’s ideal for things like housework or rocking the baby to sleep, but again the child shouldn’t be sleeping in it for very long. Once your baby drifts off to sleep you should then try to move him or her into the bed or crib.

What features should you be looking out for in the baby swing?

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re on the hunt for a baby swing:


The baby swing should be quite versatile, useful and have multiple functions. Things like the ability to adjust the sea is quite helpful, as is the ability to remove the padding on the seat so it can be washed. 

The swing should also be able to offer a couple of different modes, such as swinging back and forth or from side to side, and it should also provide you with the option to choose a suitable speed to keep your baby comfortable. The swing should also be portable and easy to fold down. It shouldn’t take up very much space once you’ve folded it so you can transport it in a car of any size. 


Safety first has never been as important as it is with your baby’s safety. The swing should come with a harness that will stop your baby from falling out or sliding down the seat. It should also be made from high quality materials that are a good fit for the delicate skin of your newborn, and they should have proper attests. 

Other Features

Some swings on the market also offer additional features. With some, there’s the ability to play music or vibrate. This should be scare-free with no loud noises that will alarm your baby, but they should have quite soothing sounds that are both subtle and pleasing to your baby’s ears.

Some products are all in one too, so they give a range of features of swings, rockers and bouncers. 

Not all parents are fond of baby swings, but for some they can be a complete game changer for your child’s development and for your own wellbeing too. This is especially true of first time parents or for parents who look after a bunch of children spanning various ranges.

Our little ones love to bounce, rock and swing. For some babies, it can be the only way to get them a peaceful night sleep or to comfort them when they’re teething or colic. 

The issue is that your arms can start to really hurt after holding your baby for so long, and having a little bit of help can be very beneficial. That’s where your baby swing comes in to lend a helping hand. 

Not all baby swings were made the same. Some will provide the ability to rock your baby from side to side, others may allow you to cradle the baby from head to toe. Some will actually mimic the moves of the parents when they are rocking the baby. They’re very comfortable and safe places for your babies to nap and play in. 

Above all, they help give parents a well earned break and allow you some time for relaxation or doing some work around your home, or to do stuff for your career. They’re incredibly helpful when you’re raising an infant or newborn. 

You should bear in mind though that if your baby is able to crawl out of the swing or when they can sit without assistance, the swing will no longer be suitable for the baby. Thankfully, you can change to a toddler swing seat instead that will be more suitable for your growing toddler. 

We hope this review has been helpful in letting you choose the best possible baby swing for your little one! 

Please note that before you buy or use a baby swing, bouncer or rocker you should always check with your pediatrician or health provider first.

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