Best Stroller For Snow – TOP 3 All Terrain Strollers For Winter

A bit of snow come winter time doesn’t mean that you have to stop going outdoors with your little one - you just need a food winter stroller that can handle a bit of snow and slush.

TOP 3 All Terrain Strollers For Winter

You may well be wondering how to select a high quality stroller that you can use on snowy ground.  Well you don’t need to worry about that, we’ll go through it all for you in this article.

Some of you might be looking for a stroller that can get through snow drifts, while others of you may just need a stroller for snowy sidewalks.  And additionally different readers are likely to have different budgets set aside for this particular piece of baby gear.

With these things in mind, I’ve shortlisted 3 strollers across a wide price range, and suited for different levels of snow.  Specifically, these are the BOB Revolution FLEX, the Bumbleride Speed and the Baby Jogger City Mini GT.

Before I go into specifics on those, I’d like to tell you about what makes for a good stroller for winter and snow.  This can help you decide which stroller is the right one for you.

Best Stroller For Winter And Snow – Features

As promised, here’s a quick rundown of the features that make a stroller easier to push through snow.

1. Three-wheel construction with lockable front wheel

In general, strollers that run on three wheels rather than four are easier to push on rougher terrain such as snow.  That is two wheels at the back and one central one at the front.

It makes the stroller more agile and therefore easier to maneuver and operate.

There’s a really handy front wheel function too - a swivel and lockable front wheel is ideal.

When the front wheel is locked, the wheelbase becomes longer and sturdier.  This makes it much easier to go over snowy ground and prevents you from getting stuck.

As a general rule, all jogging strollers that feature a lockable front wheel can handle themselves just fine on snow.  However I can strongly recommend two such models in particular that have received huge amounts of praise for their remarkable performance on snowy and slushy roads and sidewalks.  These are the Bumbleride Speed and the BOB Revolution FLEX.

I have another article on this website where I rank several different jogging strollers for you.  And any one of those that feature a swivel and lockable front wheel will work very well in snowy conditions.

However not every parent has the budget for a jogger and some parents just don’t want a big heavy stroller.  But not to worry - there’s a solution!

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is also a standard 3-wheel stroller that can handle winter weather.

Four wheel strollers can sometimes do the trick in areas where winters aren’t as cold and you're mostly dealing with slush rather than snow, however this is only so long as they feature big foam tires.  For example, many parents are quite happy with how the Baby Jogger City Select, the UPPAbaby VISTA and the Bugaboo Fox for their performance on snowy sidewalks.

However, if you’re searching for a stroller that can handle loads of snow, icy paths and slush then the models I introduce you to next meet the necessary requirements and are hands down the best ones for the job.

2. Big wheels with air-filled tires

When it comes to wheels, it's a case of the bigger, the better.  My recommendation is that you go for a stroller that has wheels of at least 8 inches diameter.

And since most lightweight strollers and 5 inch wheels, you can deduce that these will be no good against snow.

Instead you need to choose an “all-terrain” stroller or jogging stroller to handle winter weather conditions.

Tires are super important too.  Air filled ones roll more smoothly, which makes them the best type to use.  It means that not only is the stroller easier to push, but also that the ride is more comfortable for the baby.

Both the BOB Revolution FLEX and the Bumbleride Speed feature large air filled tires.  Specifically they each have 16″ rear wheels and 12″ front wheels.  To keep the tires in good shape you should pump extra air into them every so often.

Strollers that feature big rubber tires filled with foam can also perform well, depending on the amount of snow - the Baby Jogger City Mini GT with it’s 8.5″ wheels for example roll really well on snow.

However in neighborhoods with a lot of snow, you really need to go for air-pumped tires.

I strongly recommend that you avoid strollers where tires are almost flat, or have hard plastic wheels.  Strollers with dual front wheels are also a bad choice, for example the Britax B-Agile or the Baby Trend EZ Ride  – you will end up getting stuck in snow for sure.

3. Suspension

Snowy terrain is rough terrain.  To avoid your baby bouncing and shaking too much in the stroller, you need to choose one with a good suspension system.

Many of the strollers out on the market today feature a good suspension system.  This applies not only to joggers, but also to standard strollers as well.

Out of the strollers I recommend here, all 3 of them have a great shock absorbing suspension system, so with any of these, you baby can enjoy a nice smooth ride.

4. Large canopy

If it starts snowing during your stroll or run, you’re going to want a large canopy to keep the cold snow off and keep your little one as warm and dry as possible.

An oversized canopy can do just that, and it also offers protection from wind and can prevent them from catching a cold.

The BOB Revolution has a huge extendable double panel canopy which not only covers the baby's face, but also covers their torso too.

The Bumbleride Speed also has double panel shade to protect from snow and rain, but also features a cute pop-out visor.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT meanwhile features a long 3-panel canopy which can cover the baby down as far as the waist.

5. Roomy seat / Option of adding footmuff

In choosing your stroller you need to consider more than just maneuverability.

It’s also important that your stroller is nice and wide and roomy and that you are able to attach a footmuff for that extra bit of warmth.

In winter time your little one will be wearing lots of layers of thick warm clothes and a big jacket or coat, and the seat will have to accommodate that, especially if you want to add a blanket as well.  You want the baby to be cosy but not squeezed or squashed.

Being able to add a footmuff is super handy.  Both the Baby Jogger and the Bumbleride can provide footmuffs designed specially for their strollers.  And you can add an universal footmuff for the BOB jogging stroller.

Hey, did you know the other little handy accessory perfect for winter strolls?  The hand muff.  Many babies don’t like their mummy wearing gloves or holding mummy’s cold hands.  The hand muff is the perfect solution.

Hand muffs are designed to consider mummy’s comfort too.  They attach to the handlebar to keep your hands warm whatever the weather.  This means you don’t get dry chapped hands during your winter stroll!

Here are some links to the Baby Jogger hand muff: link, and here’s a link to a universal hand muff that will fit the large majority of strollers.

I hope you feel like you’re now a lot more fully informed about what sort of stroller you should get for use in the snow.  Happy strolling!

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