What Is The Best Stroller For Growing Family?

When you're shopping for your first stroller, it makes total sense that you are going to be thinking about your first baby, not necessarily your second or third. Before you know it, though, baby number two is on the way, but your first baby still needs the stroller, too. Now what are you supposed to do?

Luckily, there’s plenty of strollers that can accommodate this issue (without breaking the bank, either!)  Many families purchase a double stroller with side-by-side seats, which works well for a period of time. However, when the older child becomes too big for stroller travel, you’re either back to where you started with the single stroller, or you’re pushing a double stroller with only one child in it (resulting in unnecessary bulkiness, uneven weight distribution—and a couple of weird looks, too).

So, what’s the solution? A convertible stroller and one that can be both a single and a double. If you’re wondering, a convertible stroller allows you to attach a second stroller seat, infant car seat  (and in some cases a bassinet) in order to transform a single stroller into a ride for two. 

When your older child wants to walk instead of being pushed in a stroller, you can detach the second seat to convert it back to a single stroller. And when it turns out that she’s not quite grown-up enough for long walks, after all, you can add a glider board so she can ride along. 

Most convertible strollers offer multiple seat configurations so that your kids can face you, face the world or face each other, helping you attempt to keep two kids happy at the same time. Given their size and complexity, convertible strollers can be both heavy and expensive. But because it endures for years as your family expands, a high-quality convertible stroller can be a wise investment for new parents.

The 7 Best Strollers That Will Grow With Your Family

Like we touched upon above, convertible strollers are a long-term investment worth every cent. 

Why? Well, for your first child, you can use the single seat option and then as your family grows, you will be able to simply switch it out for the double seat adjustment when the next baby arrives - it’s as simple and as easy as that. 

You’ll also find that it’s a lot cheaper to buy a second seat than a second stroller. Not only that, an adjustable stroller will also take up a lot less space than if you were to purchase an additional stroller, as well as making day trips and everyday activities (like grocery shopping) a whole lot easier. 

So, without further ado, prepare to meet the push chair that’s going to make raising your growing family a stroll in the park!

For this reason, we’ve spent some time comparing and contrasting all the different types of strollers out there on the market today and have come back with these top 7 suitable for your growing family. To make the shopping process a little bit easier, we’ve added unbiased pros and cons for each stroller (which you’ll find at the bottom of each review), as well as creating a handy buyer’s guide section at the bottom to help you know which criteria to keep an eye out for, too. 

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Top 7 Baby Stroller for Growing Families - Comparison Table

Top 7 Baby Stroller for Growing Families - Reviews

The perfect solution for growing families, the first single to double stroller (or convertible stroller) we’re going to be talking about is the UPPAbaby Vista Stroller. A favorite of family bloggers and moms alike, this stroller is not only excellent value for money, it also comes complete with a host of exciting features specifically created with bigger families in mind. 

For starters, it has a really timeless design that is both elegant and stylish, while its top quality, durable structure will mean you’ll be able to enjoy this stroller for many years and babies to come. Though it’s not cheap, you can be confident that you’re getting a quality piece of gear - with the Vista Stroller, you’re truly getting what you pay for, the quality is just unmatched.

Its versatile design allows for multiple configurations that will transport up to three little ones, all the while strolling just like a single stroller. The included Bassinet is a perfect lay flat solution from birth, while the MESA Infant Car Seat delivers a Performance Travel System to easily go from car to stroller, making travelling a breeze.

It is suitable to be used from three months and has a weight limit of 50lbs.

What are the seating options on the VISTA Stroller?

With three options, transporting your little ones couldn’t be easier! If you have one child at the moment, the VISTA can be quite easily used as a single stroller. All you need to do is simply set the seating option to one infant car seat/bassinet or with the standard toddler sea depending on your child’s age.

On the other hand, if you happen to have twins, the UPPAbaby VISTA is able to attach two MESA Infant Car Seats, two bassinets and two toddler seats. However, If you would like to use the VISTA as a stroller for a baby and your older child (toddler age), you have two seating combinations to choose from. These are:  MESA and Rumble Seat or bassinet and regular toddler seat. How’s that for versatility? 

As for the toddler seat, it can be used from 3 months all the way up to 50 lbs, while its  large canopy with sun visor can be used during the summer months and sunny days in order to keep your little one safely protected from both UVA and UVB rays.

As well as the canopy, the toddler seat is also reversible and consists of a one-hand deep recline. It’s worth noting that the VISTA consists of a bucket-style seat which means the whole seat goes down. However, as it’s not a fully flat recline, it is only suitable to be used from 3 months onward.

There’s plenty of other features that come with this stroller that we’re sure you’ll absolutely love. It has super comfy padding in the seats that will ensure your little ones stay as comfortable as possible, as well as an adjustable, user-friendly harness that will keep your children safe and secure without irritating them. There is also a bumper bar and an adjustable calf rest that will grow with your kids! 

Alongside these great features, the Rumble Seat (otherewise known as the sibling seat) is very similar to the standard seat on this stroller, the only difference being that it’s a little smaller. It can be used from 3 months upwards (its weight limit is 35lbs as opposed to the standard seat which is 50lbs) and is ideal for seating a toddler around 2 years old.

If you have a third, the VISTA stroller also ensures that three will never be a crowd thanks to the PiggyBack Board that’s ideal for an older child. In general, a standing board is a perfect solution for a preschooler who is able to walk but would still sometimes like to take a break and be pushed.

What terrain can the Vista Stroller be used on?

The fantastic thing about this stroller is how versatile it is! If you choose this stroller, you’ll have the option to use it on all types of terrains and all types of places including bumpy gravel paths (think of the kind that you find in parks or playgrounds), across short grass for those summer picnics, not to mention being able to handle uneven sidewalks, cracks and even the beach. 

Wondering what makes this Vista Stroller so durable? It’s all down to the non-inflatable, solid wheels! They can take on uneven terrains with ease and will ensure a super smooth ride for your children thanks to their superior suspension system.


  • Standing board option for a third child
  • It’s easy to switch between different seating options

  • Durable and sturdy design that will last a long time

  • An included canopy that will provide protection from the elements (mainly the sun and rain) as well as a silent peek-a-boo window for you to keep an eye on them

  • The canopy can be adjusted to make room for another child

  • A storage shelf that can hold up to 30lbs of essentials and valuables. You canl easily fit diaper bags, snacks and extra clothes for all of your children, it can even be used in double mode without taking up room

  • The superior suspension means that your children will enjoy a smooth ride across the bumpiest of terrains

  • Adjustable handlebar to accommodate both short and tall parents

  • Easy to push and transport

  • One-hand folding to free up your other hand

  • A parking break that is flip flop friendly (perfect for beach days)

  • A breathable bassinet and toddler seat included alongside the basic seat


  • The sibling seat is slightly on the small side and can only hold 35 lbs 

Another great choice for your growing family is the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller. As this has been specifically created with urban families looking to expan in mind, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are plenty of features that this model offers that are suited to accommodating more than one child thanks to multipleseating configurations, an excellent suspension, easy to use brake and even a folding mechanism.

Due to these features, Baby Jogger City Select is one of the leading convertible strollers on the market today.

What are the seating options on Baby Jogger City Select?

For starters, the City Select Jogger offers over 16 seating configurations (yes, you read that correctly). Providing plenty of options, you have the ability to use it with one or two infant car seats, toddler seats or even bassinets. Like many other strollers for growing families, you can also add a glider board or bench seat for older children that are able to stand up, making it an ideal choice for any family that plans on growing. The City Select can also be used from birth if you add a bassinet or infant car seat.

Catering from birth, you can attach any kind of the seat in lower or upper position, with the upper position being very convenient especially for using wiith a newborn baby. Other seating configurations include two infant car seats, two bassinets and two toddler seats at the same time. We love the double oddler seat feature because it means that the toddlers can sit facing each other, which we think is a really nice touch that other types of strollers do not offer. 

Alongside this, if you have an older child that is around preschooler age, you also have the option to quite easily replace one of the upper seats with a bench or board. These are super popular choices for kids that want to be able to walk for themselves while also being able to go ahead and jump onto the stroller if they find themselves getting tired or wanting to take a break. 

Another feature that stands out to us is the way that the City Select allows you to attach a bassinet on top and a toddler seat at the bottom which is great because this seating structure in turn allows you to keep an eye on your newborn baby while still ensuring that your toddler is safe, secure and easily able to look around.

As well as this, you have 4 seat configuration options when it comes to attaching infant car seats and toddler seats. To start, the roddler seat is able to be installed either front or rear facing and on the top or bottom (depending on preference and family size) while the car seat can also be attached in a lower and upper position, making it particularly ideal for families with a toddler and newborn.

Unlike the UppaVista we discussed above, the sibling seat is exactly the same as the regular toddler seat included in the basic set. Both seats have capacity of 45 lbs and expandable headspace (you can adjust the canopy as the baby grows). Each toddler seat also features a multi-position recline and adjustable calf rest. Just like on VISTA, here the seats are bucket-style so the lowest recline position is not fully flat. I would recommend using the regular and sibling seat from 3-6 months.

The included canopy is large enough to be able to cover a baby or small child thanks to its having three panels, however if you toddler is tall you may find their legs and arms becoming exposed due to this canopy lacking an additional sun visor, which is something worth considering before purchasing.

The Baby Jogger City Select also features a spacious under-seat storage basket with flexible mesh sides that can hold up to 15 pounds of stuff (that’s a lot of diapers, toys and snacks). Lots of parents find this storage basket to be easily accessible and able to hold all they needed for a day’s outing. 

All in all, if you’re on the lookout for one of the best strollers for baby and toddler, the City Select truly won’t disappoint you. There are so many options! In both modes: infant car seat + toddler seat and bassinet + toddler seat you have the ability to put the toddler seat at the bottom and keep your newborn closer to you, not to mention its sleek, stylish design and more affordable price.

What terrain is City Select suitable for?

Similar to the VISTA Stroller above, this versatile stroller is also designed for city parents (it’s not called the City Select for nothing!) who also plan on venturing onto uneven terrains.  It can handle gravel (just be mindful not to expose it to loose gravel), short grass, hard-packed paths, uneven sidewalks and of course, sand!

It has large wheels with a pretty decent suspension. In contrast to VISTA’s all-wheel suspension, here we have only front-wheel suspension. It cushions the ride, but we wouldn’t recommend taking this expandable stroller on a very bumpy trail, especially if you have a newborn.


  • 16 seating configurations for optimum versatility
  • Regular and sibling seats both have the same high weight limit

  • Non-inflatable wheels are good for slightly uneven terrain

  • Simple and quick folding

  • Flat fold that will make storage and transportation easier (it is more compact than VISTA)

    Additional features including a reversible seat with multi-position recline, adjustable calf rest and an adjustable canopy

  • Extendable handlebar to accommodate both short and tall parents

  • A storage basket to carry different essentials and a diaper bag

  • Easy to use handbrake


  • The canopy isn’t as big as others
  • Storage bin can be a pain to access

  • May be too heavy for some

The Evenflo Pivot Xpand is a full-size stroller with a small size price suitable for families on a budget or those looking to grow.

The Xpand has much to love with reversible and versatile seating that can accommodate up to 3 riders with accessory purchases. We like the large canopy on the toddler seat, the easy to access storage bin and the adjustable-height handlebar. However, for the price, it offers a lot of features and functionality that we think parents will love. 

For starters, this stroller has a frame unlock feature on both sides of the frame before you can fold it making it a two-handed fold. It has an auto-lock when folded and it self-stands, but it doesn't have a carry handle making it somewhat awkward to lift or carry. 

The Evenflo storage bin has good access from all sides, especially the back. it is large and has an adequate max weight limit of 10lbs. This limit is the average for the group and while it can't compete with some of the competition it is on par with the rest of the group. This stroller also has a cup holder on the side of the frame which is becoming rare.

The Pivot has a medium-sized canopy that would be better with a zip-out expansion for more coverage. The canopy looks really stylish and has a covered peek-a-boo window with additional ventilation. It is best for overhead coverage 

Evenflo Pivot Xpand also comes with a toddler seat, SafeMax Infant Car Seat, built-in upper and lower adapters and one cup holder (which is pretty unusual to find in a stroller these days - believe it or not!).

What are the seating options on Evenflo Pivot Xpand?

One thing about the Enveflo Pivot Xpand? It offers a lot of seating configuration options. For starters, this single-to-double stroller will allow you to attach one or two infant car seats or toddler seats onto the frame (in either rear and front facing position).

You can use Evenflo Xpand as a stroller for baby and toddler by simply placing the SafeMax Infant Car Seat (positioning it on top) with the one toddler seat being placed underneath. To accommodate a growing family, this toddler seat can also be quite easily converted into infant mode. Although, it is worth noting that it cannot recline into a flat out position, but it is suitable for 3 months onwards.

We love this feature because it means that your newborn baby will be closer to you, while your older child can ride facing front and easily view their surroundings or face towards you if they want to rest. Believe it or not, the infant seating option is not always placed the highest (some are lower down) so we think that the Evenflo is ideal for parents with a baby because you will be able to easily see them. 

However, If you’d like to use it for newborn twins, all you need to do is purchase the additional SafeMax car seat (it is available on Amazon).  In addition, this single to double stroller’s sibline seat  is exactly the same as the regular toddler seat that comes with the stroller set. Each seat has the capacity of 55 lbs and easily attaches in upper, middle or lower position - it all depends on your needs, preferences and family size.

There is 3-position recline, easy to do with one hand. The lowest position is pretty deep and you can additionally adjust the calf rest to make it an even more comfortable place for nap. But keep in mind that even the infant mode is not suitable for newborn babies, since it’s not completely flat. The seat is reversible, comes with a bumper bar and generous padding.

Another feature we’re sure you’ll love is that thel adapters are included and built-in! You don’t have to remember about attaching or detaching adapters or worry about losing them. It’s so convenient! Whenever you need to put the seat in upper position you just slide the adapters up. And when you need to attach the seat in lower position you just have to flip the adapters out of the storage basket.

The included canopy is pretty large, with 3 panels that are large enough to cover your baby’s face. However, as your child grows, you will likely find their torso, arms and legs becoming exposed to the sun. However, a plus side is that it includes a peek-a-boo window to easily view them.

What terrain is Evenflo Pivot Xpand suitable for?

It’s important to be aware that this is a budget option family stroller, so the quality of the tyres are slightly lower than some of the other strollers we have already discussed in this review. Nevertheless,  the wheels, which are made of rubberized plastic, are pretty good for taking on flat surfaces like the sidewalk or hard gravel in park thanks to its rear suspension.

Although the wheels have better traction than the wheels on single Evenflo Pivot Modular stroller, they are still not suitable for bumpy terrain or off-road because the stroller would bounce too much and in turn, bounce your little ones around! 

If you decide to go for this stroller, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s primarily only made for city use.


  • Suitable to be used for newborns as well as including everything needed to carry a baby and seat a toddler (thanks to included infant car seat and toddler seat)
  • The adapters for both lower and upper attachment are included and built-in

  • Toddler seat and sibling seat are the same (each can hold up to 55 lbs!)

  • Reversible seat with one-hand recline, converts to infant mode and includes bumper bar

  • Ultra-light infant car seat with awesome safety features

  • Adjustable handlebar to make pushing and maneuvering easy (and to accommodate to different heights)

  • Cup holder integrated into the design

  • A really large and spacious storage shelf

  • Easy and quick folding

  • A great budget option


  • The wheels are not as sturdy and durable than other models we have reviewed
  • The canopy might not be able to sufficiently protect bigger children from UVA and UVB rays
  • No bassinet option (not sold separately, either)

Next up us the stylish Joovy Qool Stroller! Innovative and versatile, this stroller features a reversible & deep recline seat, huge canopy, strong wheels, large basket, compact fold & many more features to discuss. It can accommodate a baby from 3 months up to 55 lbs (toddlers), to make it best for infants you can use a car seat adapter & make it useful for traveling also.

The Joovy Qool has a ton of optional accessories and add-ons you can purchase to make your stroller exactly what you need it to be! This is really what sets this stroller apart! With over 50 different configurations, it’s easy to find the right configuration for your family.

There is also a really handy organizer which you can add to the stroller. By adding the parent organizer to the Joovy Qool gives you two cup holders for mom and dad (cup holders are becoming less and less common - so this is a hug plus), as well as space to store the extra things you want easily accessible, like car keys, wallet, cell phone and other valuables you want to keep close at hand. It’s also machine washable which is a huge plus!

Not only that, if your little one likes to keep their drink with them at all times, the child’s tray is a must! There’s a place to keep a sippy cup, plus extra room for toys and/or snacks. 

What are the seating options on the Joovy Stroller?

The bench seat allows you to add a 2nd or 3rd child onto this stroller. This seat can only be used on the back of the stroller and does not have all of the features that a full seat would have, however, it’s definitely useful, especially for older kids. It’s super easy to attach/detach this seat. It also has a lap buckle to keep your child securely fastened in his or her seat while still being comfortable and allowing them to look around and safely move their arms and legs.

There is also a bassinet which is the perfect accessory to use during a baby's first few months!  It will allow your baby to lie completely flat, meaning you can use this from birth on. The Joovy bassinet is also super soft and plush, so you can guarantee that your baby is going to love it. It is also lined with super soft fabric, with the ‘mattress’ padding offering an additional layer of comfort for your litte one. 

As well as this, if you have twins or are expecting them, the Joovy stroller will also accommodate their needs. With the addition of the Qool Front Adapters, you can put two bassinet seats on this stroller.

What terrain can the joovy stroller be used on?

The Joovy stroller has super big, sturdy wheels that can quite easily handle grass, gravel or bumpy sidewalks with no problems at all. Though it is not made for jogging or overly rough terrains, it can certainly hold its own when occasionally used on harsher terrains thanks to four-wheel suspension that will make the ride as smooth as possible for your little ones. 

Generally speaking, the Joovy Stroller will perform best in a city terrain and is the perfect size for taking shopping, navigating streets and maneouvering through busy areas thanks to its easy to use handle.


  • Stylish design
  • Car seat adapters

  • Great storage options

  • The parent organizer will be really helpful for storing valuables


  • The stroller weighs just under 50 lbs alone, so some parents may find it to be too heavy or cumbersome
  • When a bench is being used for an older child, some parents find that they frequently hit their foot on it which could be frustrating

Are you looking for an all-terrain stroller that can easily convert from a single to a double, is compact, easy to maneuver and simple to fold even in double mode? If so, you’re in luck! The Britax B-Ready convertible stroller offers all this, as well as coming complete with some fantastic features at a very reasonable price point that isn’t going to break the bank.

For starters, it’s worth noting that the Britax B-Ready G3 is not your typical, everyday lightweight stroller. At 30 lbs in singles mode and 34.9 in doubles, this stroller is heavy, but this is often the case with convertible strollers. The primary stroller seat can hold up to 55 lbs, while the second seat (which is sold separately) can accommodate tots up to 35 lbs, which works out to being the weight of an average three year old toddler. 

Additionally, if you have a newborn you’re intending to put in the “second seat” position, you can attach your infant car seat or a Britax B-Ready Bassinet to achieve this position.  Alongside this, the B-Ready G3 is approximately 24” wide – the same width as a single – so it will fit well through standard doorways and shopping aisles.

Another feature that we love is that the B-Ready G3 also utilizes a super clever Click & Go System that allows for a quick connection with any Britax infant car seat (such as B-Safe 35, Endeavours and B-Safe Ultra, for example) or even a bassinet without the use of extra adapters. It’s super simple to use,  the car seat just clicks right into the stroller’s frame and then you’re good to go - it’s completely fuss-free and will save you a lot of time! Britax has really taken into consideration your needs just as much as your childrens. 

If you don’t own a Britax brand car seat, the B-Ready G3 is also compatible with some other major infant car seat brands (mainly brands such as Maxi-Cosi, Nuna and Cybex) when used with the Britax infant car seat adapter. However, if you own a Graco, Evenflo  or Chicco seat though, these are not compatible with this Britax stroller.

Additionally, since its two seats are different sizes, we don’t think the Britax B-Ready G3 is necessarily the best stroller choice for families that have or are expecting twins. It is possible to use this stroller for twins, but there are some better options that we have included in this review. Rather, we think that this stroller is more ideal for accommodating children of different ages (such as a toddler and a newborn, for example).

Though it may not be the most versatile convertible stroller we cover today, the Britax B-Ready G3 has 12 different positions (which is pretty impressive), as well as the ability to take two infant seats at the same time. The primary seat (top seat) can face forward or backward, so your child can look at you or the world. It also has a 4-position recline, though it doesn’t lay completely flat; therefore, babies under 6 months need to ride in a car seat or bassinet.  

As well as this, the G3’s comfort grip handlebar is height adjustable, so pushing it is easy and comfortable for parents of all heights. Bonus: many users have said in their reviews that it’s also very easy to maneuver with just one hand — even with two seats attached. Impressive or what?

The weight is positioned at the back of this stroller. The benefit of having the weight added to the back of this stroller (when the second seat is attached) is that it makes for excellent maneuverability and easy turning. This is especially helpful if you live in a more hilly terrain, this is because it can be tricky to steer a front-heavy stroller up and down an uneven terrain. 

Also, it is worth being aware that the G3 pops onto curbs particularly well (a lot more easily than others in its class). This makes the G3 a good pick for those who don’t have very good handicap ramps, or who struggle to pop their stroller up onto a sidewalk.

This stroller features a simple, one step fold, and the best part is that it folds with both stroller seats attached. We love this feature because it really helps to make the process of getting your children safely into the car much easier (and a lot less stressful, too!) Let’s face it, getting two kids and a stroller into the car is hard enough without having to take stuff apart.

What terrain can the B-ready Stroller be used on?

The G3 features “forever air” foam-filled rubber tires (8” in the front and 11” in the rear) with all-wheel suspension. The all-wheel suspension makes for an incredibly smooth ride over all kinds of terrain, from gravel, to mulch, to hills, as previously mentioned. Plus, since they’re foam-filled, the tires will never go flat. It’s safe to say that you can use this stroller just about anywhere and it will be just fine, while also ensuring a smooth ride for your children (they’re not going to be bumped around).


  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Very large canopy that can protect tall toddlers

  • Adjustable handlebar to suit all different heights

  • Adjustable headrest of the foldable bassinet (included in the basic set)

  • A spacious and easy to reach storage bin

  • Smooth ride thanks to its good suspension

  • Easy one hand fold


  • Unfolding is hard and requires both hands

The next stroller we’re going to be covering is this superb stroller from Thule. Among the list of the best single-to-double strollers for 2020, this stroller has certainly made its mark despite being a newbie. So, considering that its main purpose is to cater to growing families, the first thing we’re sure that has come to your mind are the seating options. Keep reading to learn more about them:

If you are buying one stroller for both your children, then seating arrangement should be your top priority because you obviously want both your kids to enjoy a comfortable ride!  It can be quite challenging and difficult, not only for a child, but also for the parent, if the entire stroller ride is just uncomfortable and not able to properly carry more than one child comfortably. The Thule Urban Glide provides an array of options for parents with regards to seating configurations for more than one child.

Moreover, the best part is that with the additional standing board, the stroller can even accommodate an older third child! How fantastic would it be if you could use just one stroller for not even two, but three kids! Just imagine how much money you could save which can be used up for other needs of the children. This is most definitely a parent’s dream come true!

If you are planning on using it as a single stroller, then you must keep in mind to use it with an infant car seat. At the beginning, you would be needing adapters with the car seats. Most parents use the infant car seats adapters which are actually made for the Maxi-Cosi or the Chicco car seats. On the other hand, it can also be used with a bassinet or a reversible toddler seat. How convenient is that! Even as a single stroller, parents have so many options to choose from.

For instance, the Thule Urban Glide 2 has a nicely padded seat with a weight capacity of 75 lbs (this is particularly high). However, some parents do find that it’s a bit too narrow for 3-year-old kid (it’s 13.5″ wide), however the backrest and leg rest is enough even for a 4-year-old child. The canopy gives a lot of room to grow as well and is able to cover and protect a toddler with room to spare. 

As well as this, the seat features infinite recline which means you can lock the backrest at any angle. Keep in mind that the seat doesn’t recline fully flat so it’s not suitable for newborns.

What terrain is Thule Urban Glide suitable for?

The Thule Urban Glide can handle quite a lot! be used if you want to visit the grocery store or the mall for a shopping trip. The suspension system is truly impressive and can most definitely handle a bumpy or uneven terrain, including a cracked sidewalk, hard gravel and even the beach! The stroller takes it all in its stride.

The tires are nflatable so you’ll need to remember to pump them up every one in a while. However, this doesn’t compromise on the quality of these wheels in any way: they’re  12″ front wheel and 16″ rear wheels and you have the option to use the swivel front wheel for a flat terrain for agility and added smoothness. On top of this, if you’re on a rough, uneven terrain, this stroller provides the option to lock the front wheel to add stability.

Due to this, it can be used on multiple terrains like gravel pathways, uneven pavements, grass and even cobblestone. 


  • Very smooth ride thanks to its superior suspension that will absorb bumps and other forms of impact
  • It maneuvers easily on flat and rugged terrain 

  • Easy to operate even in tight or crowded places thanks to its swivel wheel

  • Adjustable handlebar to cater to different heights

  • Plenty of storage space

  • Canopy provides a good amount of shade

  • Solid construction, durable materials


  • The footbrake is not flip-flop friendly
  • There isn’t an overly huge height setting on the handlebar

  • Higher price point

Last up is the Graco Stroller. to offer families a convertible stroller at a reasonable price — and the really nice thing with this stroller is that you don’t have to buy a ton of separate add-on parts to make it into a double! It already comes with everything you need to safely carry more than one child.

As a single, you can use this stroller with its standard stroller seat, a car seat, or in bassinet mode ( yes, the seat converts to a bassinet - no need to purchase a seperate one) so it’s nice that you can use it with a newborn without necessarily needing a car seat. It’s also handy because you won’t have to spend money on an extra piece of gear. However, if you do want to use a car seat, the Graco Uno2Duo is compatible with all Graco seats which you’ll have to purchase separately if you do not already have one of your own.

To go from uno to duo (get it?), all you have to do is pull the back of the stroller out to extend the base, and from there, you can use the double as either a “standing stroller” which is fun for older children or for use as a tandem double. You simply fasten the second seat at the bottom. The handlebars also extend to grow with the stroller. Graco has thought of everything!

Without purchasing a second stroller seat, your older child can stand in the back . If you do purchase a second seat, you get four more riding options. Note that none of these allow for the holy grail of riding positions: double rear-facing (as seen in the City Select or UPPAbaby VISTA that we have included in this review). But still, not too shabby at all, especially for the price.

In single mode, the Uno2Duo has tons of super-accessible storage space at the base of the stroller so you can easily fit all of your essentials inside it, as well as snacks and a diaper bag. Alongside this, it also comes with a parent cup holder and a separate phone holder which is super convenient, as well as a removable tray with cup holders for the primary child’s seat.

To make your life as easy as possible, the Uno2Duo folds up quickly and easily with one hand, making packing up and popping it into a car as streamlined as possible, especially when your primary focus is going to be on getting your children safely fastened into their seats!

What terrain can the Greco Stroller be used on?

Though the Greco Stroller, may struggle across bumpy, harsh terrains (we’re talking hard gravel, cracked sidewalks and outdoor nature trails) it can certainly hold its own when being pushed across a city-type terrain, as well as being able to handle soft grass and soft gravel if you happened to take your children to the park one day, for example.

In support of this, the suspension isn’t as powerful as some ofthe others we have talked about today, which is worth considering before making a purchase because if you did happen to take this on a bumpy terrain, you may find that the ride is not overly smooth or pleasant for your little ones.


  • Classic design
  • Comfrotable, padded seats that your kids will adore

  • Extendable handle to make pushing easier and to be suitable for tall and short parents

  • Added cup holder

  • A phone holder

  • The seats are super easy to remove and adjust

  • It extends in one easy step to allow two children to ride

  • 11 different ways to ride


  • The size is bulky which some parents may not like
  • Doesn’t handle bumps that well

  • Difficult to take up and down a flight of stairs

  • Poor suspension

Top 7 Baby Stroller for Growing Families - Buyers Guide

Now that we’ve come to the end of our roundup, we’re hoping that you’ve discovered the perfect new stroller for your growing family! Hopefully, you can see why these types of strollers are so ideal for bigger families because, let’s face it, the last thing you want is to pay for a new stroller for each child!  If you’re still planning on comparing and contrasting some options of your own (or you simply want to become an expert on convertible strollers) keep reading to learn more about the different types of criteria you should always consider:


The main reason to consider the dimensions is because you want to make sure that you’re going to be able to push it around with ease. For instance, just Imagine purchasing an overly large, bulky stroller with the intention of using it for everyday errands (like grocery shopping) and then struggling to fit it down the aisles. With this in mind, we recommend checking the dimensions of the stroller you’re considering and deciding if it’s going to be suitable for your lifestyle and the main purposes it is going to serve. 

As well as this, you should also check to see if your child/children will be able to fit comfortably within the seats.

The weight

The weight capacity of a stroller is also another important factor considrer, as this will ultimately dictate how long you will be able to use the stroller. 

In general,  many convertible strollers can be used from birth (or from around 3 months - make sure to always check), all the way up until a child hits the weight capacity. So, if you have a stroller with 30 lb capacity it will see a lot less use than one that can hold kids until they weigh up to 50 lb. 

This also ties into considering whether to turn a stroller into a double or triple stroller. If your little one is larger than the average toddler, then we recommend taking a look at some of the best strollers for big kids that will provide the best level of comfort for your child for as long as possible.

Stroller weight 

The weight of the stroller is also really important for obvious reasons. Pushing around a heavy stroller alone is going to be tiring after time, not to mention with a child in it. You’ll also find that transporting it will be tough if it is heavy, especially when it comes to lifting it into your car or public transport. 

On the other hand, a lightweight stroller may not be quite as sturdy or as durable as you would like it to be. It’s worth bearing in mind that these types of strollers do tend to lean on the heavier side, although you can find some relatively lightweight models out there.

Level of Convertibility

Some strollers are more convertible than others (you can usually tell right off the bat which are going to offer more convertibility depending on the price tag!).

 Some will simply be able to convert from facing backwards to forwards, whereas others will have the capacity to add extra seats, or even have 360-degree facing capabilities. Newer models tend to be adding new and exciting features to try and stand out from the competition, and this has definitely given more choice in the market and means you can find any kind of stroller to suit your needs. 

Convertible functions should be considered not just in terms of how many different features you need and how flexible your stroller can be. You must also consider how simple it is to make these conversions. It needs to be simple and straightforward, it shouldn’t feel like rocket science to be able to move from one mode to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size and quality of wheels should my stroller have? 

Larger, more hard-wearing wheels are better for uneven and muddy terrains. Many of the products offer proper air-filled tyres rather than flimsy, all-rubber products which don’t provide anywhere near as much stability on these sorts of surfaces.

How long will it take to set up my convertible stroller?

Just like any stroller, convertible strollers are made with busy parents in mind! For this reason,  normally designed to be easy to modify and switch positions, so this is usually reflected in the initial construction. If you have any DIY knowledge or are even moderately handy, this should be a breeze.

How much should I spend on a convertible stroller?

Regardless of how big or small your budget, there’s so many options on the market today that accommodate all price points. You should be aware that these types of strollers do tend to be a little more expensive than a regular stroller, however, we think that it’s an investment worth making as this type of stroller will not only fit up to three children but also last for years, making them excellent value for money.

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