What Is The Best Stroller For Big Kid?

Here’s our list of the best and most reliable strollers for big kids on the market, tested and rated by real parents.

Do you have a kid who outgrows both their peers and their strollers?

Or maybe your child is of walking age, but still likes to chill and take a ride in a stroller? Maybe school’s some way from home and your kid can’t go the whole way on foot, so you still need a stroller from time to time?

Maybe your kid has a medical condition and still needs their stroller, despite being older. Maybe they’re recovering from a procedure or a surgery.

Whatever the reason, it’s all valid. Life is what it is – big and complex and tough. Whatever the reason, we’re here to support you in your choices. How do you find the right stroller for a bigger child? Well, right here, we review 15 strollers and a couple of wagons with higher weight limits which would be of use to you and your child. Somewhere here, we believe, is the stroller you need.

What Are The Best Strollers For Big Kids?

Most modern strollers have higher weight limits than they used to, so now it’s common to find strollers with weight tolerances up to 50 or 75 pounds, with longer seats for older children.

We prepared a ready reckoner of weight limits for big kid strollers:

Best Strollers For Big Kids - Comparison Table

Umbrella Strollers

The use of umbrella strollers is growing because they’re lightweight, easy to fold and easy to carry, but can be suitable not just for little kids but for big ones too – including all the stuff you need for full day trips or longer travel. They fit into airplanes as simple carry-on luggage and fold compact for car travel too, while delivering comfort and safety, even for bigger kids.

Check out our favorite big kid strollers, starting with some umbrella strollers.

Delta Clutch is a sturdy but lightweight stroller with a big seat which makes it great for older kids, as even when they’re taller, they can feel comfortable.

It works well as a toddler stroller, but the light weight and easy compact fold make it great for day trips or longer holidays too. Weighing just 11.7 pounds empty, it’s easy to carry when not deployed as a stroller, and from age 6 months, it’s a great option for your child.

Again, the lightweight construction and relatively fuss-free fold make it ideal for older kids who are ok walking for a while, but then get tired and possibly cranky – say on a day at the zoo or a museum or a theme park. When not in use, it’s easily folded and carried, but when little legs get tired and little faces screw up with that look of ‘How…much lonnnnnnnger?’ you can break out the stroller in seconds and they can either chill in comfort or nap while you go look at the lizards…

It’s so viable because the fold size is fantastic. It’s a real game-changer if you’re travelling on public transport or plane with any regularity, because many strollers fold like a tank by comparison. With the Clutch Stroller, boom – you’re in Transformers territory, you can store it under a table in a restaurant, behind the seat of a small car, even under a train seat (and you know how impossible that is with some of the bigger strollers), and you’re good to go.

So it’s a revolution in weight and fold. How comfortable is little Johnny going to be in it for any length of time?

It’s important to understand that the seat is very different to what you’ll find on standard strollers. There’s no rigid frame, which gives the seat padding a hammock feel. Added to which, the backrest has no recline. Together, these facts explain why the Delta Clutch is no good for newborns up to 6 months, but also why it works better for older and bigger kids.

The seatback is longer than you’d need for a newborn too, which makes it a great choice for toddlers and preschoolers. Add to that the 50 pound weight limit, and the Delta Clutch steers its way towards serving that toddler/preschooler market very well.

That said, it’s a little odd that the canopy’s such a let-down. It’s more or less just a flat hood, which, while it’s long enough to protect a kid from overhead rays, doesn’t give the more comprehensive sunshade of some other strollers.

The Delta Clutch is definitely a stroller happier on smoother, flatter surfaces – small wheels are not your friend in rugged terrain. In those flat environments though – malls, museums, zoos, parks etc – you can push this beauty with one hand, and because it’s slim, it’ll fit through doors and down narrow aisles in any store or attraction venue you like.

Ask The Parents

For all these reasons, the Delta Clutch become hugely popular with parents. Don’t believe us? Check out the Amazon reviews.

Here’s a breakdown of what parents like and dislike about the Delta Clutch.


  • Pushes with one hand
  • Easy to carry and lightweight
  • Easy to open and close
  • Folds small and comes with a travel bag
  • Slim size means it navigates shops and venues easily
  • Stable even when used by a larger child
  • Idea for larger or older kids


  • Size of the basket is less than ideal
  • No recline feature
  • The hood is inadequate in low sun

Be Aware

Remember, this is a stroller that likes flat surfaces. Take it into bumpy terrain and it gets grumpy in a hurry.

Reasons To Love The Delta Clutch

  1. It’s a stroller for older or taller kids, with a roomy seat and a high weight limit.
  2. It folds tiny, meaning it fits in an airplane overhead bin or under tables in restaurants and coffee shops. A travel bag comes included.
  3. It’s the perfect ride for theme parks or venues with older kids who mostly walk but need occasional rest. Easy to carry the stroller when it’s not in use.

This stroller weighs just 9.5 pounds, and features the smallest fold-size currently in the stroller world. Instant must-have, right? How about if we tell you it can accommodate kids all the way up to 55 pounds? Doesn’t seem physically possible, but it works. 55 poundsworth of passenger in a stroller that folds into a hand luggage compartment and is carried in a bag.

GB Pockit is designed to help out urban parents on the go. It’s where small and lightweight meet study and durable and good things happen as a result. Parents who’ve reviewed the Pockit even claim they’ve used it with kids up to 4 and 5 years old.

The Pockit comes with a basket under the seat, which holds up to 11 pounds of ride-along must-haves. It’s not huge, but then can we draw your attention back to the fact the whole stroller only weighs 9.5 pounds. Technically, if you wanted to, you could carry something heavier than the stroller itself in the stroller’s basket! The Pockit also has pivoting and lockable front wheels, which give you options on smooth and uneven terrain.

Like the Delta Cluth, the GB Pockit is easy to push and slim enough to navigate more urban challenges like malls, restaurants and crowded sidewalks.

Ask The Parents

Rule 1 before you buy a stroller – check out the reviews from other parents. Here’s what parents love and dislike about the GB Pockit on Amazon.


  • Parent-friendly stroller
  • Smallest fold on the market
  • Saves space during storage and transport
  • Comfortably fits a 5-year-old
  • Ideal for airplanes
  • Durable materials, sturdy construction


  • No recline function
  • Canopy is too small
  • Small storage capacity

Be Aware

An issue with these ultra-lightweight strollers is they mostly have small wheels. Small wheels are fine on flat surfaces. Harder or rougher terrain – not your friends. What’s more, the GB Pockit doesn’t have a seat recline function. BUT that function does come on the new updated version, the GB Pockit+ - which also offers infant car seat compatibility. Check it out here.

Reasons To Love The GB Pockit

  1. It’s a compact-folding space saver. Put it in your bag or the bottom of a shopping cart – it’s your portable strolling friend.
  2. It’s the ideal lightweight stroller if you have a 5-year-old, fitting older children with ease.
  3. If you’re travelling with an older or heavier child, this stroller delivers both lightness and a compact fold, both of which are crucial.

Although it’s a pricier lightweight stroller, the UPPAbaby G-Luxe makes it onto our list because of the high-quality materials in its build, and because it holds a 3 or 4-year-old easily.

It has a deep seat, with a 20 inch backrest and a width of 13 inches. But one of the things that makes it ideal for bigger kids is that it adds an extra 7 inches to the top of its canopy, giving the older or taller child much more headroom.

Head room is one thing though, and head support another. This stroller gives no head support to any child over 20”, which is something worth considering if you have a bigger kid.

The previous version of the UPPAbaby G-luxe was popular with parents of kids older than age 2, and the roomy seat helped support kids up to age 4. But the new G-Luxe has a few upgraded features on top of the strengths of its previous version, which is what makes us recommend it.

One of the new additions that help us recommend it is the single front wheel design. That makes this an easy stroller to push, even on slightly uneven terrain. Slightly’s an important word in that assessment though – it’s still by no means a stroller for rough terrain. But at least on flat ground, the G-Luxe will give you smooth pushing.

The G-Luxe has had its canopy material upgraded too, with three extendable panels and a pop-out sun visor to improve passenger protection.

The G-Luxe also has a host of other useful features – all-wheel suspension gives more stability, and a one-hand recline means an easy shift from sitting up to lying back. Folding the G-Luxe takes some practice, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be fine. takes little practice, but it’s something you’ll get used to. And while at 16.3 pounds it’s by no means a super-lightweight stroller, it’s still more than light enough to carry on your shoulder with the strap that comes included.

Ask The Parents

The UPPAbaby G-Luxe has only grown more popular since its launch. Check out the reviews on Amazon here.  Here are some of the elements that parents praise and complain about.


  • Deep recline function, operated single-handed
  • Seat spacious enough for big kids
  • Canopy has lots of head room
  • Seat fabrics are easy to remove and clean in washing machine
  • Canopy material upgraded, giving good sun protection
  • Smooth ride with single-handed steering
  • Quiet roller when indoors
  • Durable build and fabrics
  • Easily access to the basket from behind


  • No peek-a-boo window in the canopy
  • No closure on the rear storage pocket
  • Some parents find folding and tricky and stiff

For reviews of the previous version of the UPPAbaby G-Luxe, click here.

Be Aware

Of all the lightweight strollers in this list, the L-Luxe is the most expensive.

Reasons To Love The UPPAbaby G-Luxe

  1. While not folding into a small box or bag, it comes with self-stand to reduce storage space in small apartments.
  2. The seat is deep, wide and long, and has a high weight limit, meaning it works for both bigger and taller kids.
  3. UPPAbaby is a brand with a strong reputation of using high quality materials and fabrics.

The Traveler is one of the least expensive strollers in our list.

It opens seamlessly and folds up, so wherever you are, the stroller won’t give you any issues with storage or closure. It folds flat and takes up little space for storage and transport. At just 11 pounds, it’s an ultra-lightweight stroller, and like our list-leaders it will fit in overhead lockers, which makes sense of its name – you can travel easily with the Traveler.

The padded seat on this stroller has a recline that goes back to 150 degrees – not so much reclines as practically horizontal, and the canopy is huge. No really, it’s like a Pontiac. No rogue sunbeams of ill intent or skin-blistering will get through it, past it or around it to hit your child unless you particularly want them to have a sunny afternoon.

While we’re on the seat, it’s roomy enough for chunkier butts and gives even tong tall Sallys some head space – which is why some parents use it for kids up to 3 or 4 years old.

Yes, we’re still in small-wheel territory – that comes as part of the package of lightweight strollers, so don’t expect to go off-roading with the Traveller, because that’s not what it’s made for. But sidewalks and smoother surfaces are where it lives, and where it gets its chance to sing.

The Traveler only has a parent cup holder – a downgrade from its previous incarnation, which also had a cup holder for Junior, along with a snack cup and a belly bar. In this version, such niceties have been sacrificed to the lightweight nature of the stroller.

Ask The Parents

As ever with strollers, it pays to check the reviews of other parents on Amazon before you click the ‘buy’ button. Here are the edited highlights though.


  • 150 degree recline among the deeper reclines on the market, allowing for naps
  • Huge canopy completely covers the baby
  • Ultra-lightweight stroller option
  • Easy-open, easy-fold
  • Folds flat and compact, meaning it’s ideal for parents using public transportation


  • The wheels are small
  • Naturally then, maneuvering is not the easiest thing in the world

Be Aware

The backrest on the Traveler is16.5″, which is not the tallest – but remember there are 26” from the bottom of the seat to the top of the canopy, which gives lots of headroom to taller kids. Yes, if you have a taller child, their heads will probably be above the headrest, which means less support than usual. But that said, this is a great lightweight stroller for bigger kids, especially designed for use when travelling, but also suitable for general flat-surface use.

Reasons To Love The ZOE Traveler 

  1. Price – it’s a great ultra-lightweight stroller for parents on a budget.
  2. It brings some cool unique features to the lightweight party, like the 150-degree recline and huge canopy. It’s invested lots of thought in allowing your child plenty of comfort while you stroll.
  3. This is a good fit for kids up to 3 and 4 years old, even on travel and day trips to events or venues.

Full-Sized Big Kid Strollers

Umbrella and lightweight strollers are easy to lift and carry, but sometimes you need the feature-richness of a full-sized strollers. There are some fantastic examples on the market for older children, that use longer seats and come with higher weight limits.

Check out our top 3 strollers in this category.

This 65 pound capacity stroller is great for city use, even for heavier children. Its longer seat back means it also brings the comfort for taller kids. Kids over 40” high can fit in this stroller comfortably, and the seat is padded with plush, to increase the comfort factor.

There are some handy bells and whistles to add to the comfort factor too – adjustable seatbelt height, seat recline, canopy adjustment and a helpful foot rest all turn this into a more useful stroller that keeps your kid chilled out.

The canopy extends, and brings UV 50+ protection to the napping party, so strolling on sunny days is much less of a drama. Plus a peek-a-boo window means you can check in on Junior as you stroll.

The City Mini GT also has an adjustable handlebar, meaning the height difference between parents doesn’t matter – the stroller adjust to best fit the height of whoever’s pushing it today. A hand-operated brake puts control of the stroller’s speed and progress…well, exactly where you’d expect, but also where you need it – right in your hand.

Folding the City Mini GT is easy, because it has a patented folding mechanism – lift one strap and boom – the stroller folds up by itself. It also locks automatically, for hassle-free storage or transportation. While it weighs in at 22. 5 pounds, so standard, rather than super-light, it’s easy to carry by the strap in the middle of the seat. And once it’s folded itself, it actually takes less space than some of the lightweight strollers you can buy.

This is a stroller with the strength and versatility to deal with your every day, from general errands to city shopping, to the rigors of the subway system. But it also comes prepared for some off-road strolling, with all-terrain wheels – dirt, grass, no problem. It’s mostly this versatility, this ready-for-anything approach to stroller-building that makes it our top full-sized stroller for bigger kids.

Ask The Parents

The City Mini GT has lots of reviews on Amazon – check them out here for the full picture. Here are the main points though.


  • Quality construction
  • Solid without heaviness
  • Price is reasonable for this amount of stroller
  • Works on trails as well as flat surfaces
  • Absorbs shock in various circumstances
  • Pushes smoothly
  • Steers and turns easily inside buildings (malls, etc)
  • Folds easily and quickly
  • Feels like a safe stroller to hold your child


  • Storage bin is on the small side
  • No at-hand storage for essentials

Be Aware

Even at its most upright, the seat in this stroller still reclines. Also, this stroller comes extremely accessory-lite, so you’ll have to buy all the add-ons you want.

Reasons To  Love The Baby Jogger City Mini GT

  1. It’s a big stroller, with a tall canopy and roomy seat, meaning it’s a perfect ride for taller or older kids – or even for kids with medical conditions.
  2. The slim design, the compact fold and the all-terrain wheels make this a great stroller for getting from A-B, even over some challenging terrain.
  3. It’s easy for parents of all heights to push this stroller.

The Britax B-Lively is a multi-use stroller for bigger toddlers. It’s not too big, not too heavy, and it won’t break the bank. Weighing in at 20 pounds and folding up single-handed, the B-Lively is a viable day-to-day stroller. Convenient to carry when not being used, and easy to get in and out of the trunk of most cars, even while carrying a baby in the other hand, it recommends itself for busy urban parents with places to be.

It has a recommended weight limit of 55 pounds, and can happily take children up to a length of 44 inches, making it ideally suited for bigger toddlers. Some parents routinely use it with 3-or-4 year olds.

Its 3-wheel configuration makers it perfect for city life, and with its dual and swivel front wheel, it tackles sidewalks and gravel paths with ease.

It’s a highly maneuverable stroller with a really tight turning circle, which also helps you navigate the urban jungle quickly and precisely. Remember though that while its all-wheel suspension delivers a smooth ride in the city, it’s by no means suitable for off-roading or all-terrain strolling.

Canopywise, the B-Lively has recently been redesigned so it now provides better sun protection on all sides, while still using a peek-a-boo window for ventilation.

The seat comes with a recline with several positions, so once you find the magic position for them, any bigger toddler should be able to nap while you stroll.

The stroller comes with a sub-seat storage basket, which though not enormous should at least store the essentials for a full day’s outing.

Ask The Parents

Britax B-Lively users on Amazon are mostly positive in their reviews, a fact which has made the B-Lively one of America’s bestselling strollers. Let’s take a look at what they say.


  • Easy to use, with a tight turning circle

  • Expansive canopy with a peek-a-book window
  • A lightweight, easy-to-use stroller

  • Smooth action over flat terrain
  • Solid, reliable construction
  • Folds and stores easily, and is convenient to transport
  • Several recline positions encourage napping
  • Great day-to-day stroller for local use, mall trips or attractions
  • Useful even for transporting 5-year-olds


  • Uneven terrain is not your friend with this stroller
  • Could be improved with a larger storage basket
  • Comes without a cup holder as standard

Be Aware

Some parents say that even the most upright of positions in this stroller aren’t completely upright.

Reasons To Love The Britax B-Lively

  1. This is a nifty stroller with an easy turn – important when your kid is bigger or heavier.
  2. If you need the best stroller on the market for a 3-year-old, this comfortably accommodates kids up to 44″.
  3. Ker-ching! This is one of the cheaper big kid strollers, and regularly features impressive discounts. Keep an eye on the listings for this model to get the best deals.

Double Strollers For Big Kids

Travelling with more than one big kid at a time? No problem – we’ve got a bunch of double strollers that can meet your needs and make your life easier. This list even includes a stroller that can hold up to 100 pounds or more. You’ve got two big kids – let us do the heavy lifting.

If you’re looking for a stroller to meet your heavyweight needs, check out the Baby Jogger – it has a weight limit of 50 pounds per seat, and is an easy multi-tasking machine with all-terrain options. It’s by no means slimline, weighing in at 32.6 pounds, but for a double pushchair with a high load tolerance, that’s not by any means as bad as it sounds.

It has a seat height of 21” and some users say they even fit their 4-or-5-year olds into this stroller. Make no mistake – the Baby Jogger can absolutely handle the demands of a couple of bigger kids.

Importantly to some parents, the Baby Jogger has all-terrain rubber wheels, which give you great traction in flat urban environments, but also give you reasonable cushioning on dirt roads too.

In terms of bells and whistles, the Baby Jogger comes pretty well equipped – it has an adjustable handlebar to match the height of whoever’s doing the strolling, is compatible with infant car seats so there’s your travel system in a nutshell, the seats recline individually, because no two toddlers are necessarily the same at any given moment, and there’s a hand-operated brake for extra control. Two large, independently adjustable canopies, each with peek-a-boo windows, also means the passengers can catch some gentle rays or chill in the shade as is their individual wont.

Oh, did we mention this stroller folds itself?

Mm-hmm. Patented folding technology in this model means it gets its Transformer on and you aren’t left fighting with it just to get it folded, which when you’re a parent with two bigger toddlers already is just a gift from the stroller-gods.

Ask The Parents

The Baby Jogger has hundreds of positive reviews from parents on Amazon. Here’s how their comments break down.


  • Well balanced stroller, meaning it can be used for toddlers of different weights

  • Strong, durable construction

  • Fits through most doorways without any drama
  • The canopies are large and extend pretty far

  • Comfortable to push, delivering a smooth ride

  • Adjustable handlebar for various height parents

  • Works on various terrain-types with no-flat tires


  • The basket is small and oddly divided by a bar. Meaning it only fits a small diaper bag

  • The closures on the peek-a-boo windows is made of noisy Velcro

Be Aware

We know what the name says, but this isn’t actually a jogging stroller. It’ll give you good off-road strolling, but not jogging – for that you need a stroller with more shock absorption.

Reasons To Love The Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double

  1. This is a good stroller for twins or toddlers of different ages. The weight distribution and balance means the passengers won’t pull the stroller to one side – or worse, tip it over.
  2. This stroller makes pushing and navigation easy, to the point where you won’t feel the bind of pushing two larger toddlers.
  3. It has a hundred-pound weight capacity and high seat backs, meaning it’s safe for very tall or very heavy 3-year-olds, and can even accommodate an average 5-year-old.

You thought 100 pounds was impressive, didn’t you?

The Maclarent Twin Triumph can accommodate two toddlers, each up to 55 pounds. It’s hard to find strollers with such a high weight limit, so this becomes instantly worth considering. What’s at least as impressive is that the stroller itself weighs just 21.2 pounds – which is on the lower end of the spectrum for a double stroller.

Without overhyping it, it might be fair to say that the Maclaren Twin Triumph is the only stroller you will ever need, because you can use it with a carry cot from birth all the way through until your child goes to school. 40-inch 4-year-olds are no problem for this stroller, resting their feet on the footrest without feeling overly cramped. All of this means if you have a tall kid, you can’t afford to not take a look at the Maclaren option.

The Maclaren Twin Triumph has two adjustable canopies, each with a peek-a-boo window and sun protection up to UPF 50+. Its seats have a four-position recline and an extendable leg rest, making it the toddler version of a La-Z-Boy. Six dual wheels means you have good grip and security on flat terrain. The sub-seat mesh basket is usefully large compared to some other twin strollers, allowing you to carry your bag, all your children’s gear and a few shopping bags too.

All in all, the Maclaren Twin Triumph is a great choice for everyday city strolling, errand running and shopping with your kids.

Ask The Parents

The Maclaren doesn’t have an enormous number of Amazon reviews, but those it has give you a good range of views from parents who’ve used it. The highs and lows break down like this.


  • First-rate quality stroller

  • The four-position recline, and especially the deep recline

  • Impressively large, sun and weather-resistant canopies

  • The canopies go all the way down

  • The stroller is lightweight, but feels robust

  • Smooth, quietly running on flat surfaces

  • Normal doorways accommodate the stroller


  • Storage basket is still somewhat small for the needs of two children and a parent

  • The harness is clunky and awkward

Be Aware

This is a great stroller on smooth terrain, but you’ll get less certain results from it over rougher ground.

Reasons To Love The Maclaren Twin Triumph

  1. You love big seats, especially if you have big kids. The Maclaren seats are big enough for 4-year-olds, and with an impressive weight limit per passenger, it will also comfortably seat heavier kids. 
  2. It’s a lightweight double stroller, and it maneuvers easily – always useful when you’re already dealing with two children.
  3. You can use it in a number of ways – as a travel stroller for bigger kids, or as an everyday stroller for smaller siblings.

ZOE The Twin+ (previously known as the ZOE XL2) is a double stroller for big kids, which works well when running errands or travelling day to day.

The new version weighs a lightweight 19 pounds, which for a double stroller is almost unheard-of – some single strollers weigh more than that. While not in the same league as some of our other double strollers for passenger weight, the ZOE still allows for passengers up to 45 pounds each, so it’s no slouch when it comes to transporting taller or heavier kids. And clearly, it’s made with taller and bigger kids in mind, as the seat measures 23 inches from the bottom to the canopy. You’re looking at a double stroller that can comfortably accommodate kids up to 3-4 years of age.

The ZOE Twin has an aluminum frame, which not only explains its light weight, but also ensures its durability. It folds quickly and with ease, and doesn’t skimp on those elements that can make the difference to your day – including two kid cup holders, one snack cup (feel free to let them fight it out for themselves), one cup holder for the parent, on the assumption that more than one espresso at a time is probably unwise, and a double padded belly bar fitted as standard.

When it comes to sun protection, the ZOE has large sunshades which extend when necessary, and which feature storage pockets at the back of the seats for all the essentials of modern strolling, like your phone, keys, wallet or purse. The canopies come with peek-a-boo windows with magnetic closures, rather than child-waking Velcro, so your little darlings can nap on uninterrupted.

ZOE The Twin+ pushes easily, with a nice smooth roll to its wheels on flat ground. Again, don’t run away with the idea that this your off-road friend. For real off-road strolling or jogging, you’re going to be looking at a whole other class of vehicle altogether, with significantly better suspension and shock absorption. But as an urban stroller, the ZOE The Twin+ is a convenient, lightweight, easy-fold, sturdy stroller that can give you years of service for more than one child.

Ask The Parents

Generally, parents love ZOE strollers on Amazon – 80% of the reviews for The Twin+ are five-star. See how their comments break down here.


  • Ultra lightweight stroller

  • Easy maneuvering even when full, and easy push

  • Impressive amount of storage

  • Well balanced so works well with children of different ages

  • Navigates tight spaces without drama

  • Great in city environments and for travel use

  • Great for sidewalks and gravel paths


  • When cupholder is fitted, stroller doesn’t fit through doors
  • Needs dismantling in those circumstances

Be Aware

There are two versions of this stroller – the Infant and the Classic. The Infant version comes with the short backrest (about 15″) for smaller kids, while the Classic has the 18″ backrest, which gives you 23″ from the seat-bottom to the canopy-top, meaning plenty of head room for bigger kids. What that means is that bigger kids will fit comfortably, but won’t be able to use the headrest. Be sure to choose the right version for the kids you have.

Reasons To Love ZOE The Twin+

  1. The lighter weight of this double stroller makes it attractive and easier to use than many – it’s lighter to lift and easy to push, which is always useful when you’re transporting two bigger or heavier kids.
  2. It doesn’t skimp on accessories – cup holders, child trays etc all come as standard, so you’re not paying extra to make it a workable day-to-day stroller.
  3. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose stroller that’s especially your friend on public transport (again, lightweight and easy to maneuver), the ZOE The Twin+ could be your first choice.

The Britax B-Lively Double is a mid-price double stroller with a maximum capacity of 50 pounds per seat. That has to be worth investigating. What’s almost as much is that you can safely use it with passengers up to 5-years-old, because of roomy seats, lots of headroom and a big footrest, to stop even bigger kids from slipping out of it.

It’s also multi-functional, working with both big kids and babies when you use it with one infant car seat and one toddler seat.

Add a couple of big shady canopies, each with a ventilation panel to keep your kids cool, and the B-Lively Double really starts to make its case for a place in your household.

The seats in the B-Lively Double, as in the single option, have a serious, multi-level recline. The lowest of those levels lets your kids lie back and get a proper nap while you stroll. There’s a reasonable storage basket underneath the seats where you should be able to fit most of what you need for a day’s strolling, and at the rear, there are four pouches that can be used as cup holders – drinks for everyone! In addition to which, there are two zippered pockets for parents to keep their essentials to hand.

The Britax double stroller pushes well and maneuvers easily, though you might want to practice taking tight turns before you go very far out in the wild with it.

One of the big selling points for the B-Lively Double though is how easy it is to fold and unfold – always a bonus when you’re already dealing with two bigger kids – and it folds to fit in most modern car trunks. The stroller weighs in at around 29 pounds, which is by no means lightweight, but also is less chunky than many other two-seaters on the market.

That said, it does stand 31.5” wide, so narrow doorways and tight allweyways areyou’re your friend if you’re pushing the Britax.

Ask The Parents

With almost 300 Amazon reviews at the time of writing, 79% of those who took the trouble to write gave the Britax B-Lively Double a 5-star rating. I checked this stroller on Amazon to find out whether parents think it’s worth the money. For the headlines of what they thought about it, check out the table.


  • A well-built stroller, giving confidence of its longevity

  • Comfortable feel for larger and older kids

  • Good sun protection from big canopies

  • Ventilation panels keep kids cool

  • Storage basket big enough for a day’s strolling

  • Lightweight to push despite chunky width

  • Easy to fold and open

  • Goes in and out of trunks easily


  • Sometimes the width was a problem with narrower doorways and grocery aisles

  • The harness straps are tricky to adjust

  • Not a good stroller for bumpy roads

Be Aware

As with many on our list, this is very much a city kitty – don’t take it off-road or you and your kids will have a wobbly, bumpy, and probably tear-stained experience.

Reasons To Love The Britax B-Lively Double

  1. Long seats and a high weight limit mean it’s built to accommodate older, taller and bigger kids.
  2. The limo factor – whether you have large twins or siblings of different ages, they can travel comfortably together in the B-Lively Double.
  3. The big canopies on the Britax will give your children lots of shade when they need it.

Jogging Strollers For Big Kids

Jogging with your toddler can be tricky when they grow at a faster rate than their peers, but don’t panic – we’ve compiled a list of jogging strollers for bigger kids, to help you make the right choices, both for you and your kid.

The latest version of the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight is a great jogging stroller for older kids, weighing in at just 25.7. This single-seater jogger has a maximum capacity of 75 lbs and a seat long enough to comfortably accommodate a 44-inches tall child.

Even when full to its maximum load, the Joovy Zoom maintains its sturdiness, and is easy to turn.

With chunky wheels - 16″ in the back and 12″ in the front, all with air-pumped tires, the Joovy Zoom does what most jogging strollers does – it provides extra shock absorption so that you can jog on or off-road without disturbing your child. The front wheel locks straight for extra stability over bumpy or uneven terrain, and unlocks to swivel for maneuverability in more even environments.

The stroller includes mesh pockets inside the seat, so your toddler can keep their strolling essentials right with them on the journey, and a large canopy to keep them cool while you stroll or jog. Naturally, as with other kinds of stroller, a peek-a-boo window lets you keep an eye on your passenger as you move. In the Joovy Zoom, the canopy structure and the fabrics chosen for the stroller help to provide air flow and ventilation to your kid while you get your miles in.

It also comes with a parent organizer, so you can keep all the essentials for strolling and jogging – including up to two bottles of water or hydrating drinks in its beverage holders.

And last but not least, the Joovy Zoom is among the least expensive jogging strollers available, so if you have a big kid and a small budget, the Joovy Zoom Ultralight 360 might well be the machine for you.

Ask The Parents

Over 73% of over 600 Amazon reviews at the time of writing are 5-star, which tells you something about the reaction of parents to this jogging stroller. Here are the high and low points of what they say.


  • Easy stroller to push, even when loaded

  • Good shock absorption qualities

  • Delivers a smooth ride, even on uneven ground

  • Stroller is lightweight, which adds to usefulness

  • Significant amount of on board storage space

  • Cup holders are included

  • Full coverage of sun shade, giving protection

  • Useful for larger kids, or those with medical conditions


  • No adjustable handlebar

  • Even when folded, this is a big stroller

Be Aware

Most jogging strollers are on the bulky side, and the Joovy Zoom is no exception. For all it’s a lightweight option, the physical size of the stroller is something to keep in mind in terms of storage and transport. To help parents in both these circumstances though, the wheels are removable.

Reasons To Love The Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight

  1. This is one of the cheapest jogging strollers on the market, but it’s also surprisingly stacked with equipment and robust.
  2. The capacity of this stroller is enormous – it can accommodate a 7-year-old if need be. 
  3. It’s ultralightweight, and yet sturdy – a great combination when you’re running or strolling with a bigger kid.

Plenty of users call the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 one of the best single jogging strollers you can get for bigger kids. With a maximum capacity of a hefty 75 pounds, it’s a solidly built stroller that itself weight 28.5 pounds.

As with most jogging strollers, the Flex 3.0 has big wheels - 16″ in the back, 12.5 up front. Also ticking the same check-box as most jogging strollers, the front wheel can be locked for stability in rough terrain and unlocked to swivel in more urban environments. Where BOB scores over some other strollers though is in its suspension system, which absorbs most if not all of the bumps, shocks and jolts you can find while out on a jog.

The BOB Revolution Flex also brings some thought to the variety of parent height out there, with an adjustable handlebar so you can be comfortable jogging with this stroller however tall or short you may be.

It also scores highly for storage, with a large cargo basket and no fewer than six pockets for your essentials. Moreover, this stroller is equipped with large cargo basket and 6 pockets for your valuables.

The new model has had a redesign to the seat, so your kid can get some air-con while you jog, a particular boon in hotter areas.

The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 was never going to be the most petite stroller on the runway – jogging strollers rarely if ever are. But for older children, it’s practically perfect, combining passenger comfort with parental convenience. 

The folding size of the BOB is similar to that of other joggers, and as with some others, you can remove the wheels for transport and storage.

Ask The Parents

This model of the BOB Revolution Flex only has around 300 Amazon reviews at the time of writing, but of those, a full 90% are 5-star – we did say lots of parents regarded it as among the best jogging strollers they’ve ever used. Let’s take a quick look at the positives and negatives those parents identified.


  • Big canopy gives full sun protection

  • No-rethread harness makes security easy

  • A solid deep recline and a good upright position

  • A sturdy construction with high-quality materials

  • Works well on uneven terrain like woodland trails or sand

  • Parents of all sizes can push this stroller, thanks to its adjustable handlebar


  • You have to buy accessories separately to get the most from this stroller, and some of them are expensive

  • The origami of folding this stroller takes practice to get perfect

  • As a heavier stroller, you’re going to need some core strength to lift this in and out of the car

Be Aware

The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 is not really a stroller for the budget-conscious – the basic model is on the pricy side, and it comes with virtually no accessories, which you need if you’re going to get the most out of it as a jogging stroller. So be prepared for a little sticker shock in the ‘accessories sold separately’ area. 

Reasons To Love The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0

  1. Among single jogging strollers, the BOB has the largest capacity, so however big or heavy for their age your kid might be, chances are the BOB can comfortably accommodate them.
  2. The combination of large wheels and a fantastic suspension system, the BOB will give your kid a great smooth ride, no matter where you jog with them.
  3. If you need a hardcore jogging stroller for bigger kids – this is probably the model best suited to your needs.

If you’re conscious of your jogging stroller budget, the Baby Trend Expedition may well be of interest to you.

It has a capacity of 50 pounds, and a seat that’s 42” high, meaning although the backrest might not be among the tallest, there is a lot of headroom, which allows for longevity as your baby grows into a toddler.

You can use this stroller safely for kids up to 4-years-old, and some even use it with kids older than that.

Two 16” wheels at the back and a 12” in front give the stroller steadiness for jogging and the usual swivel-or-lock arrangement on the front wheel gives the necessary robustness for jogging and the maneuverability for urban use. In particular the Baby Trend has a smooth roll, and pushes with very little effort, to the extent that many parents say they don’t feel like they’re pushing a heavy toddler when they use it.

The Baby Trend Expedition is a jogging stroller best suited to day-to-day strolling and occasional jogging, because its slim deign (it’s just 22” wide) and relatively lightweight construction at 26 pounds, allows it to get through narrow doors and shopping aisles with less hassle than most of the harder, chunkier jogging strollers on the market. As such, it’s a great jogging stroller for transitioning from a lifestyle of early parenthood to a more self-controlled, health-conscious lifestyle, where jogging is re-introduced to your schedule gradually.

What’s more, it’s packed with the kind of features parents want – including a large under-seat storage basket and a parent console (complete with two cup holders and a compartment for your necessaries and valuables).

The seat, like some of the non-joggers, has an impressive multi-position recline and a vented top, meaning your 4-year-old can be reclined to napping position, without overheating while they sleep. Sadly, given that, the canopy is on the small side – just two panels and a mesh sun visor. On the other hand, the sunshade comes forward to shield your kid from both low sun and sharp wind.

When all is said and done, the biggest issue with the Expedition is that it’s…well…big. Even folded, it’s still a definite presence, so storing it and transporting it become a definite part of the experience of owning and using it.

Ask The Parents

The Baby Trend Expedition is enormously popular on Amazon. Of over 3,700 reviews on Amazon, 89% are 4 or 5-star ratings. This is some of what the users said.


  • The stroller is fast to assemble

  • An easy stroller to push

  • Gives a smooth ride

  • The storage capacity can take both parent and child bags

  • Parent and child trays come as standard

  • Rotating canopy protects against the sun

  • All-terrain jogging and strolling

  • Some parents keep using it for their 4-year-olds and older children

  • Budget-friendly price


  • Doesn’t fold one-handed, and the trigger mechanism can be tricky

  • Size does matter, and this takes up a lot of space, even when folded

  • Two pedals needed to lock the stroller

  • Footrest feels small

  • Some complain about the quality of the wheels and the need for frequent re-inflation of tires

Be Aware

This is a ‘getting back into jogging’ stroller, rather than a ‘hard miles to run’ stroller, because it comes without any special suspension system. That measn a bumpy ride for your passengers if you go over particularly uneven terrain, or if you go over much uneven terrain at all at any significant speed. It does also work well as a 2-in-1 stroller: regular urban strolling and slight, slower jogging. The backrest is on the hard side, so it’s best used for shorter walks.

Reasons To Love The Baby Trend Expedition

  1. This is a stroller which helps you get back into the jogging mindset, before you start going for longer-distance runs. It will keep your kid comfortable while you get back up to speed.
  2. It’s also one of the cheapest jogging strollers available that accommodates heavier, taller or older children.
  3. If you’re looking for an everyday stroller with occasional forays into harsher territory with your bigger child, the Baby Trend Expedition could be the way to go.

Double Jogging Strollers For Big Kids

Let’s complete the round-up by checking out some of the best double-joggers on the market that accommodate larger kids.

Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller, Black/Silver Frame, Double

Our Top Pick

Our rating

The Urban Glide 2 has a weight capacity of 100 pounds – 50 pounds per seat maximum – which allows bigger or heavier kids to ride along while you jog.

It features all the standard elements of jogging strollers – the back wheels are 16”, the front one 12” for extra stability off-road or on uneven terrain, and the swivelling front wheel, which is ideal for urban strolling, can be locked for extra off-road robustness too.

The Urban Glide 2 includes an integrated twist brake for extra speed control – especially important in a jogging stroller when loaded with heavier kids.

The seats have a useful recline, with ventilation and a 5-point harness, encouraging both sleep and safety for your kids while you jog. The stroller comes with peek-a-boo window with magnetic closures, rather than Velcro so you won’t disturb your children mid-nap, with all the grouchy consequences.

The sub-seat storage basket is large too, allowing you to take everything both they and you will need on a jogging session.

All in all, the Thule Urban Glide 2 delivers all the necessary features of a jogging stroller for two kids, while giving you the peace of mind of a higher weight tolerance than usual, meaning your taller or bigger kids can travel in comfort and safety.

Ask The Parents

The Thule Urban Glide 2 gets some solidly respectable parent-love from reviewers on Amazon. Of almost 300 reviews, 88% put it in the 4 or 5-star category.  Here’s a breakdown of what they say.


  • Superior materials and design

  • Great handling and turning

  • Excellent for woodland running

  • Adjustable handlebar

  • Suspension system means kids fall asleep even on rough terrain

  • One-handed fold


  • Seat could be taller, especially for bigger kids

  • Recline may be too much for some children

  • Accessories need to be purchased separately, like cup holders and trays

Be Aware

Some parents find that while this is a great jogging stroller, its width and length make them nervous when using it in tight urban areas.

Reasons To Love The Thule Urban Glide X2

  1. Maximum carry weight of 100 pounds means it works for heavier kids.
  2. Great control with the easy-twist hand brake means it’s not going anywhere unless you want it to.
  3. The suspension system here means kids can still get a nap while you’re jogging through uneven terrain.

The Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger is particularly suited to parents with either toddling twins or two bigger children around the same age. Each of its seats can comfortably hold a child of up to 50 pounds and 42”. Some parents use it to jog with kids up to age 5 or 6.

Where most jogging strollers favor a three-wheeled model, the Navigator goes one better with four wheels. Both the front wheels can be locked for sturdiness over rough terrain or unlocked to swivel for greater maneuverability in urban environments, and like many other jogging strollers, the wheels come with pneumatic tires, for extra shock absorption.

Apart from the fourth wheel though, the Navigator gains points from the extras it includes as standard, including a parent tray which comes with a couple of cup holders, essential item storage and MP3 speakers – the first and only jogging stroller on our list to come with the gift of music.

Behind the seats, there are a couple of mesh windows, giving your passengers extra air-flow to keep them cool while you jog. The seats themselves add a multi-option recline to the party, meaning additional comfort and the occasional en route nap for your kids. The canopies are controlled individually and can be set in different directions to give maximum protection from the sun, wherever it is relative to your jog.

If you’re looking for a downside to the Navigator, is weighs in at a troublesome 43 pounds. That’s not inconsiderable when you’re hauling it in and out of car trunks or up and down stairs, especially when also dealing with two bigger kids. With weight in this case comes size – once the Navigator’s in your trunk, you’re not likely to have much room for anything else, so you really have to consider the advantages you get from this four-wheel hefty double jogger compared to other strollers on the market.

Ask The Parents

While its heaviness and size may weigh against it, the Navigator has many genuine fans. Of over 660 reviews, 82% are 4 and 5-star ratings. Here’s a breakdown of what real-world users say about the Navigator.


  • A sturdy stroller that pushes with one hand

  • A convenient jogger when loaded with two heavy toddlers

  • Despite its size, it fits through normal doorways

  • The seats are comfortable, promoting passenger contentment

  • Lots of storage space

  • It fits in most major car trunks

  • A lot of thoughtful stroller for a reasonable price


  • Very heavy compared to some other jogging strollers

  • Even at maximum upright, the seat is still slightly reclined

Be Aware

Most double jogging strollers are big and heavy. This is big and heavy with extra weight on top. That said, lifting it in and out of trunks is doable – the extra weight is more of a factor when comparing to other strollers you probably don’t own than it is when you just own the Navigator.

Reasons To Love The Baby Trend Navigator Double

  1. It has a chorus of fans, and lots of high-rated reviews on Amazon.
  2. It can hold 50 pounds in each seat, which equates to a couple of 5-year-olds.
  3. It might be heavy in weight, but it’s light on price. This double jogger has very pocket-friendly price. If you’re watching your budget, it might be worth dealing with the size and the weight of the Navigator to save some of your jogging stroller budget.

Stroller Wagons For Big Kids

Not everything has to be about traditional strollers. Wagons are an effective alternative for transporting bigger or heavier kids. Usually, they come as standard with two seats, and each of those seats has a high weight limit. There’s also the chance that your kids will be more engaged with each other when wagon-strolling, because they can face each other, rather than sitting side by side in relative isolation.

That said, it’s worth choosing carefully, because the wagon market has some poorer quality options that are more toys than genuine stroller-alternatives suitable for everyday use.

All the wagons on this list give your kids safe rides, in comfort and can be used every day.

One of the important things to understand about this wagon is that you’re going to get more use out of it than you would from a standard stroller. You can use it to carry everything from infants to preschoolers and beyond!

It’s also more multi-functional than you probably imagined when hearing it was a wagon – you can use it with an infant car seat as part of your initial transportation system, or the wagon itself can be used as a bassinet. Also, if you have both a baby and a toddler, it’s a neat solution to their transportation needs, because the older child can use the built-in seat, while the baby rides in a car seat. In fact, it has the potential to be the best of both worlds

The handlebar on the wagon is adjustable for parental comfort, and there’s a foot-operated brake for control. Obviously, unlike most strollers, which are only able to be safely pushed, the wagon can be pushed, pulled, or even pulled alongside. It comes with front suspension and all-terrain wheels with knobby tires.

Cunningly, the rear wheels have fenders, to protect from mud and dirt. The wagon has a large storage facility, and you could even argue that the feeling of traveling by wagon is different for the passengers than it is in a standard stroller.

Each seat comes with a 3-point harness, and the wagon also comes with a removable canopy, to make sure it gives the expected protection from sun and weather. Each seat has a tolerance of 55 pounds, which equates to your average 7 or 8-year-old, or an equivalent younger child that’s taller or heavier than their peers.

If you’re a parent to one or two kids and you’re not sold on any particular stroller for them, the Veer Cruiser could be the alternative you’re looking for. It’s also good if you have a child with special needs who might struggle with most standard strollers, and of course if you only have the one passenger, you can use it for years, because the overall weight capacity is 110 pounds.

Ask The Parents

The Veer stroller wagon combo is highly favored by Amazon customers – of over 130 reviews, 92% rated it at 4 or 5-stars. Their comments include the following.



  • Fantastic solution for kids who have outgrown their strollers

  • A durable wagon from which you can get years of use

  • Maneuvers surprisingly easily for a wagon

  • Great for shorter trips like shopping, running errands etc

  • High-quality materials suggest it’s built to last

  • The wagon grows with your children in a way which strollers don’t

  • Delivers a smooth ride whatever the terrain

  • More fun for kids than most strollers

  • A great alternative for parents who want to stay active with their kids long-term

  • More versatile and sturdier than most strollers

  • Folds easily


  • Can be a heavy, bulky alternative to strollers

  • Expensive

Be Aware

To some extent, buying a wagon is a whole different proposition to buying a stroller – it’s necessarily heavier than many at 32.5 pounds, and it costs more than many too. But you will get much more use out of it as your child or children grow up than you would out of a stroller, and if you have two or more children, there’ll be a point when the eldest can use it to pull the younger one/s around – a game element missing from full-on strollers.

Reasons To Love The Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon Hybrid

  1. More than many strollers, it works as an investment, as you’ll get years of use out of it beyond the typical active lifespan of strollers.
  2. It comes fully equipped with a couple of cup holders and a child’s tray, so there’s no need to buy these elements as extras.
  3. Its weight limit is impressively high and has plenty of space, so it can be used in cases where no stroller would be cost effective – with kids who grow fast or kids with special needs, etc

If you’re persuaded of the wonders of wagons over strollers, but don’t have the budget for something like the Veer wagon stroller combo, the Keenz 7S might well be your best choice. It’s significantly cheaper than the Veer, but is packed with some extremely useful features and brings together many of the best elements of the strollers we’ve seen so far.

First of all, it has two handles, so you can push it like a stroller or pull it like a wagon. What’s more, both handles are adjustable (with 43” being the highest setting). And despite a rugged design it weighs in at just 32 pounds – which might on its own sound like a lot, but in terms of a wagon for two older, heavier kids, is relatively light.

Inside, the wagon is padded and comes with cushions for the back. Each seat has a 5-point harness for safety on the move, and the wagon has a total weight maximum for passengers, shopping etc, of 110 pounds, meaning it’ll serve you with one or two children for a good long while. The roof is retractable, with both mesh and curtain for protection from the sun and weather.

While not quite up to size for a jogging stroller, the wheels on the wagon are impressively sized - 7.28″ at the front, 11″ behind. Added to which, the wagon has spring suspension and built-in cushioning – bringing it perhaps closest to the family car in terms of shock absorption. You expect a wagon to be able to tackle rough terrain, and the Keenz absolutely can – its front wheels can be locked to give more sturdiness in such terrain. Storage is provided by a large removable bin with a compartment for shoes.

The important difference between most strollers and most wagons is that wagons add in a fun element of imaginative play for the passengers, rather than being solely focused on getting from A-B. The Keenz wagon certainly delivers the fun factor, even as kids get older, so the difficulty won’t be getting them to use it, but getting them to come out when you’re done.

If your kids have particular medical conditions, the Keenz wagon can be especially helpful because to all intents and purposes, it’s a fun way to travel – but because of its weight tolerance of 110 pounds, it can be an option which is relatively fuss-free and fun-forward for them, minimizing the focus on their condition, and you’re likely to get many years of wear out of it before you hit the weight tolerance limit.

Ask The Parents

Parents love the Keenz wagon – 90% of almost 300 reviews on Amazon are 4 or 5-star ratings. Here’s what they say.


  • A durable wagon, which feels like it’ll give years of service

  • No bigger to store or use than a double stroller

  • And no more difficult to transport either

  • With its double handles, it pushes easily and you can navigate it simply

  • Long life – some use it for children over 5 years of age

  • Fantastic for grocery runs, beach trips etc

  • Shade and privacy – the combination of the canopy and curtains gives you a private diaper

  • Change station should you need one, while the sun and weather protection is impressive

  • If ever you need it, the company’s customer service is responsive


  • It’s a wagon, so it has a pretty chunky fold

  • Maneuvering takes practice and some core strength, especially round corners, as it has more of a shopping cart feel than a stroller with a lower center of gravity

Be Aware

It’s a big, spacious wagon, but that means when it’s folded, it still takes up a chunk of space. That space is not really much more than a double stroller though, and you can still get it in and out of most car trunks.

Reasons To Love The Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon

  1. If your kids are too big for other strollers, the Keenz has you covered.
  2. It’s a great choice for both parents and kids who have active lifestyles.
  3. It brings the fun factor to journeys, turning the A-B into an adventure, for parents as well as kids.

Standard strollers are build to hold babies up to 40 pounds. That’s based on the logic that most kids ride in a stroller till around age 3, when they’re likely to weigh about 30 pounds. But children are individuals, not carbon copies, so they develop at their own rate – some get bigger faster, others want to keep riding in strollers beyond the assumed length of time. Some have medical issues that make prolonged stroller-use a good idea or a medical recommendation. Manufacturers have responded to those needs and circumstances by producing strollers for bigger and taller kids.

The range is broad – there are different big kid strollers to meet different needs. Choose the one that most answers the needs of your family, whether that means getting a stroller for older kids, bigger toddlers, or a fun-filled wagon as an alternative to a modified stroller.

Always remember that weight limits are there for a reason – don’t exceed the weight limits on whichever stroller you choose, because then you risk tipping or breaking the stroller. Also, be aware of reality – if your kid’s feet are dragging on the floor or their heads are banging on the canopy, it’s time to change stroller or maybe even wean them out of the stroller altogether.

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