Best Strollers For Rollerblading – Buying Guide + Safety Tips

Rollerblading is a popular sport which is a much more fun way of getting around than simply walking. It can help you get some special bonding time with your little one and even give you the chance to get back into your fitness routine after giving birth!

You may be wondering whether it’s safe to rollerblade with a stroller, and we’re here to tell you the happy news that it is! Just because you become a parent doesn’t mean you have to stop rolling around, it just means you’ll have to adapt your sport by using specialized equipment such as a stroller. 

No matter what your skill level at rollerblading, there are a few things you have to remember while looking for your new stroller.

Below we’ll be looking at all the considerations you’re going to have to look at when buying a stroller for rollerblading, including four of our favorites and specific features that are most helpful to keep you and your baby safe and happy. 

Jogging Strollers

Unfortunately there isn’t a niche for rollerblading strollers, so the best strollers for this kind of exercise is actually jogging strollers! Some parents swear by standard or lightweight strollers and claim that they work just as well for a fraction of the price, but we suggest that safety is the top priority when shopping for strollers and it’s not advised to skimp on such an important piece of equipment. 

Rollerblading is a fast sport which compromises the parents stability and balance, so you’ll want contingencies in place for if something were to go wrong. Buying a jogging stroller is the safest option and will allow you to have a more enjoyable experience as there won’t be any worry at the back of your mind. 

Jogging strollers offer a lot more features than standard strollers to benefit rollerblading parents. We’ll be looking at the must have features as well as some helpful additions, which aren’t necessary but are a nice touch. 

Moreover, below we will be detailing four different strollers that we recommend for rollerblading. These have been picked thanks to their features and safety precautions in place. You’ll find them dotted around in the features which they excel in.

Must Have Features


When walking or jogging with your baby, you may find that you don’t even need a handbrake. While running or hiking over hilly terrain you may find you have more need for a handbrake, but again it’s not vital. However, when rollerblading with a stroller, you need to have a handbrake.

You’ll be reaching higher speeds than normal and you’ll need the handbrake to be able to control the stroller when going at high speeds or downhill, and you won’t be able to press a footbrake while having wheels attached to your feet. It’s beneficial and helpful to know that you have an easily accessible brake. 

The Thule Urban Glide 2 stroller has a new twistable handbrake as well as a foot brake for parking, both of which are very simple to use and easily accessible. The handbrake is most beneficial for controlling the speed and quickly stopping the stroller, whereas the parking brake is secure and keeps the stroller firmly in place. 

Parents who use the Baby Jogger Summit X3 stroller find that the handbrake may be difficult to squeeze properly to begin with, but the stroller still feels safer than if it didn’t have one. The parking brake is easy to press and equally as secure as the handbrake. 

Alternatively, parents in the review section on Amazon have been praising the BOB Revolution PRO strollers brakes, claiming that they’re both very easy to use even while going downhill. 

If you’re looking for an even more advanced braking system, consider the Chicco TRE stroller as it uses a handbrake that both lets you slow the stroller down as well as serving as the secure parking brake. This dual system is hard to find in jogging strollers and we think the Chicco TRE one is definitely the best model that uses it. 

Don’t just take our word for it though - many reviewers also think that this is a very beneficial feature. Some say that it is an adjustment and takes a little while to get used to, but overall everyone agrees that it’s definitely a good alternative to a foot brake. 


Jogging strollers usually come with three wheels with the front one being able to swivel. This gives the parent more maneuverability when travelling at higher speeds. Moreover, most models also allow the parent to lock this wheel to keep the stability high while going super fast or over uneven terrains such as grass and stones. This is particularly helpful for rollerbladers as you’ll be consistently traveling at higher speeds.  

All of our top four strollers that we’ve recommended have a lockable front wheel for extra stability. However, both the Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller and the Baby Jogger Summit X3 have front wheels that can be locked by pressing a lever on the handlebar. This prevents you having to bend down to lock the front wheel and potentially lose your balance while rollerblading. 

Five-point harness

With a higher risk activity such as professional running or rollerblading you should always make sure your baby is secured in a five-point harness. All the top four strollers we’ve picked use a five-point harness, but we perused the reviews to see whether parents found them easy to use or not.

From what we’ve found, the BOB Revolution PRO stroller wins when it comes to its harness. It is padded well to keep your baby comfortable while being made of high quality and durable materials. There is also no need to rethread the harness which makes adjusting it very simple and quick. 

There are also no negative reviews about the Baby Jogger Summit X3’s harness either. 

The other two have a lot of positive reviews when it comes to this feature, but some parents think they have slight drawbacks. For the Chicco TRE it is the potential stiffness at the first use, although it gets looser and easier to adjust as time goes on.

For Thule Urban Glide 2, parents agreed that the straps are sturdy and keep their babies secure while being easy to adjust. However, one parent thought the strap material was too rough to use on bare skinned babies. 

Suspension system

As we’ve mentioned before, you can reach greater speeds while rollerblading than if you were walking or jogging, which is why a good suspension system is needed. The faster you go, the harsher the shock will be when you go over bumps and cracks in the road. A high quality suspension system will prevent your baby from feeling too many of these jolts. 

A suspension system will give both your and your little one a smoother and more enjoyable ride. Standard strollers often don’t include a decent suspension, which is why we don’t recommend them for rollerblading. Babies would be able to feel every pothole, crack and stone that the stroller passes over, which is not only uncomfortable but could also put pressure on their necks and spines. 

The four jogging strollers we name as our favorites have great suspension systems and are able to be pushed over uneven surfaces easily without you having to put more effort into pushing them. 

Both BOB Revolution PRO and Chicco TRE have adjustable suspension systems which allow you to either adjust it to suit your child’s weight, or adjust it to whichever terrain you’re riding over. This makes the adventure even more comfortable for the baby and convenient for the parent. 

The Amazon reviews on all of the four strollers claim that they each glide over uneven terrain like a dream. These surfaces include grass, unbeaten roads and gravel. It stands to reason that they should then be able to handle a rollerblading excursion easily, without your baby even noticing a difference between that and walking. 

Adjustable Handlebar

This is another feature that you could perhaps get away with not having if you were only using the stroller while on jogs and walks, but is vital when rollerblading. Rollerblades are boots with reasonably thick wheels, so you’re going to be quite a bit taller when wearing them than when you’re not. If you keep the handlebar at the same height when rollerblading as when you’re strolling, you may find yourself suffering from wrist cramp and fatigue and poor posture.

Rollerblading is supposed to be a fun activity, but this is hard to achieve with a painful back, neck and wrists. An adjustable handlebar will prevent this and keep you enjoying your sport. 

Three out of four of our favorite jogging strollers - Thule Urban Glide 2, Chicco TRE and BOB Revolution PRO - all offer an adjustable handlebar to prevent these pains from happening. Thule Urban Glide 2 offers five height adjustment settings, while Chicco TRE offers three and BOB Revolution PRO has an amazing nine positions to choose from. 

These will all help you choose the optimal height for your individual outings, whether you’re simply strolling, jogging or rollerblading. This is also helpful for parents who have drastic height differences as you can both adjust it depending on who’s turn it is to push. 

However, Baby Jogger Summit X3 does not include this feature which is a big drawback for this model. Lots of taller parents agree that this stroller isn’t very comfortable for them to push, so shorter people won’t have as much of a problem. 

While this is a big disadvantage for the Baby Jogger Summit X3, we’ve still included it in our favorites thanks to the other must have features it offers. 


If you’re wanting a stroller to use while rollerblading, and if you’re on this article we think you do, you’re going to want a strong and stable stroller. This is yet another reason why we don’t suggest using standard or lightweight strollers, as they’re not built with enough sturdiness in mind. 

Each of the four top models we’ve listed above are very sturdy and have been built to withstand higher speeds and less stable rides. All of these strollers weigh around 25 to 30 pounds, making them much less likely to tip over while you're skating at high speeds. 

Having said this, this doesn’t mean that they’re harder to steer or maneuver. Unfortunately they’re heavier to transport and lift up a set of stairs or into the car trunk, but we think the added safety makes up for this slight drawback. 


What’s better than a nice trip rollerblading in the sun? We say nothing! Having said this, babies' skin is much more delicate than ours and therefore it’s important to keep them safe and protected from the harsh rays. A large canopy will prevent your baby suffering from sunburn and sweating. 

All four jogging strollers we picked have nicely sized canopies which provide ample amounts of shade that keeps the sun out of babies eyes and off their skin. These canopies also all have at least one small window which allows the parent to see their child without having to travel around the stroller and look in from the front. 

Both Thule Urban Glide 2 and Chicco TRE have windows with magnetic closures instead of Velcro, which is very beneficial for when you don’t want to wake a sleeping baby. Baby Jogger Summit X3 and BOB Revolution PRO use Velcro closures. 

While all these strollers have generous canopies, Chicco TRE’s canopy is so long that it almost touches the bumper bar once fully extended, offering the most sun protection out of all of these options. 

Wrist strap

Jogging strollers are often equipped with wrist straps, should your hands slip from the handlebars while you’re on the move. Believe us, this happens much more than you may think. Just us? Anyway! Particularly when rollerblading, this is a very beneficial feature as catching a runaway stroller while on wheels is much harder than if you were simply walking or jogging.   

The Baby Summit X3 has a long leash while the BOB Revolution PRO has a much shorter wrist strap. Longer wrist straps offer more give but there is a higher chance of it getting caught in the wheel, whereas there is more chance of you pulling the stroller over if you slip and fall while rollerblading. 

Useful Additional Features

Bumper bar

Bumper bars are another useful safety feature, but aren’t necessary to keep your baby safe while you’re rollerblading. It simply provides a sturdy bar for your baby to hold onto while out and about, and it could also prevent them from falling out if they weren’t strapped into the harness. 

Only one of our top four strollers include a bumper bar, which is the Chicco TRE. This model has a bumper bar included which you don’t need to pay any additional money for. We’ve found that while this is the most affordable model, it’s actually the one with the most included accessories which is a nice touch. 

There is a bumper bar available for the Thule Glide 2 stroller, however this is an additional purchase. The same situation is true for the Jogger Summit X3 as well, so if you’re set on one of these strollers and want a bumper bar as an additional safety feature, be prepared to pay a little extra. 

Unfortunately there is no option to attach a bumper bar to the BOB Revolution PRO, however you can purchase a snack tray which is kind of the same thing, and it’s better than nothing. 

Parent organizer

While not a must have feature, a parent organizer is very helpful for rollerblading lovers. Once you begin learning this sport, you’ll soon learn that a water bottle close by is an absolute must. All strollers have a storage basket underneath the baby’s seat, but this is hardly helpful if you need your phone while riding. 

A parent organizer allows you to keep all your necessities close by and exactly where you need them. Again, the Chicco TRE is the only jogging stroller on this list that comes with a parent organizer, which is a great addition. This organizer has room for two drink bottles and a small compartment for keys or your phone. 

Other strollers on the market have small pockets on the back of the seat which is also handy, but not as safe and useful as a parent organizer. The rest of our top four models offer an organizer for an extra price, so you’ll have to add a few extra dollars into the budget. 

And there we have it! We hope you’ve found our guide to finding the best strollers for rollerblading useful and been able to pick up some tips and tricks for what to look out for when purchasing a jogging stroller. Get out there and enjoy your rolling bonding session!

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