Best Strollers For Tall And Short Parents

How irritating is it when you go to check out the stroller selection and they’re all for average height people without adjustable handlebars? Although there are more strollers coming onto the market designed for shorter or taller parents, there definitely is an unbalanced ratio in comparison to strollers for average heights. 

We say, this simply isn’t good enough. Just because we don’t fit into the average 5ft 5-11” box, doesn’t mean we should suffer through the wrist aches and the slouchy backs. 

This is why we’ve created a list of the best strollers for tall and short parents, as well as average height moms and dads, considering different types of strollers depending on what the parents need it for most. 

Moreover, parents who have a considerable height difference need a stroller to accommodate both of them so neither has to suffer through the pain of pushing an unsuitable stroller. This is the most common need for an adjustable handlebar. Strollers with these are often more expensive, sometimes heavier and older models. 

Strollers with adjustable handlebars can either come with a rotating handle or one that slides out to extend. Extendable handlebars are best for taller parents because they extend away from the stroller, meaning there’s less chance of them kicking the stroller with every step. 

Below you’ll find the top rated strollers with adjustable handlebars so different height parents have to struggle no more. Along with this, we’ve also found the best strollers without adjustable handlebars for only short and tall parents.

Best Strollers For Tall And Short Parents - Comparison Table

What is the best stroller for short parents?

Parents shorter than 5ft 4” should consider getting a stroller which either offers a short handlebar, which is no taller than 40 inches off the ground, or one that includes an adjustable handlebar with a generous range of heights to choose from.

Below we’ll look at the best strollers for shorter parents - some with adjustable handlebars and some without. 

Double strollers

Double strollers are notorious for having rather tall handlebars, meaning shorter parents would have a hard time finding a double stroller without an adjustable handlebar that would suit them. Both the Mountain Buggy Duet and the Baby Jogger City Mini GT offer great rotating handlebars, with the first having a range of 31 to 42 inches and the second being able to be adjusted from 30 to 43.5 inches. 

An added plus to these two strollers is that the lowest handlebar level allows younger siblings to also push the stroller, giving them more bonding time with their younger siblings.

This double stroller is great at tackling all sorts of terrain such as sidewalks, grass and hard gravel. The seat reclines into multiple different positions to cater to your baby’s mood and needs. As the two seats are next to each other there is room for the large canopies, each of which have two parent windows. 

The medium storage basket is decent enough to carry a diaper bag, but you won’t be able to get much more in there which isn’t the best when you need twice as many supplies. The weight is also 32.6 pounds, which is on the heavier side.

Expandable strollers 

For shorter parents who are looking for an expandable stroller, we’d suggest looking at the Bugaboo Donkey or Baby Jogger City Select LUX models as they both feature handy expandable handlebars. Bugaboo’s stroller handlebars can become as low as 32 inches while Baby Jogger’s extend from a reasonable 38.5 inches.

Baby Jogger’s expandable stroller is an impressive model and one which is perfect for shorter parents. It can be used on urban terrain with some uneven added in. The seat is a bucket style and can be reclined into multiple different positions. 

The canopy is a generous size with three extendable canopy panels and a mesh window for the parents to look through. The storage basket is also a large size, which may be why the weight is slightly higher than normal at 30.4 pounds.

Convertible strollers

The Evenflo Pivot Modular and Chicco Viaro are among the best convertible strollers for short parents thanks to their handlebars which only reach a height of 40 inches off the ground. These two models are excellent for parents over 5ft 2”, shorter parents may experience wrist fatigue. 

Shorter parents who are looking for a convertible stroller are advised to choose one with an adjustable handlebar to ensure it’s the optimal height for your individual body. This is going to give you the most accurate handlebar length and prevent pain. 

From our research, the Cybex Balios S and the Baby Jogger City Mini GT are the best models which can handle more than the average flat terrain. Cybex has used a handlebar which can extend from 39 to 43.5 inches, while Baby Jogger has used a rotating handlebar which can adjust from 30 to 43.5 inches. 

However, if these two aren’t suited for you, other great convertible models for short parents are the Nuna Mixx2 and the Chicco Bravo stroller.

The Cybex Balios S convertible stroller is perfect for multiple terrain types such as pavements and uneven ground. The storage basket is large while the canopy is extra large. The canopy offers three panels, a sun visor - both of which can be pulled out or folded in depending on the level of sun - and a mesh window.

The seat is reclinable to multiple positions, one of which is almost flat and perfect for on the go naps. This stroller weighs a reasonable 24 pounds, which isn’t too heavy but it’s not too light either. 

Jogging strollers

This is an easy one - the best jogging stroller for short parents (without an adjustable handlebar) has to be the BOB Rambler, which handlebars only reach 39 inches off the ground. 

However, it would be beneficial to choose a stroller with an adjustable handlebar if you’re going to be jogging regularly as this will prevent back and wrist fatigue. 

All of BOB Revolution strollers that feature an adjustable handlebar, such as the FLEX, IRONMAN or PRO, would be excellent for shorter parents as the handlebars can reach as low as 33.5 inches and have nine different settings so you can choose the best one for you. 

Bumbleride Speed and Thule Urban Glide are also perfect for short jogging parents, with low handlebars at 35 inches. 

This stroller is suitable for all terrain imaginable and offers a large canopy and storage basket. The seat reclines to multiple positions to suit your baby the most. The weight is on the heavy side at 30.5 pounds, but this just gives you an extra arm workout!

Lightweight strollers

The most beneficial stroller for short parents has to be the GB Pockit Plus, which can be maneuvered by its two non-adjustable handles. These handlebars begin at the stroller, 37 inches away from the ground, and end only 39 inches away from the ground - perfect for shorter moms and dads. 

Other great options are the Buggy Nano and the Baby Jogger City Tour.

This stroller is a great option for petite parents as it’s convenient and comfortable. The best height range for parents wanting to use this stroller is from 4ft 10” to 5ft 4”. Any taller than 5ft 4” and you’ll find yourself slouching over the stroller while pushing, potentially damaging your neck, shoulders and back in the process. 

It’s designed to be used for flat surfaces while running errands in the city, so uneven terrain will be a struggle for this lightweight stroller. The seat reclines into multiple different positions so you can switch it up to suit your toddlers mood each day. 

With a weight of only 13 pounds, this stroller has had to sacrifice a few features to achieve its small weight. These include the canopy, which is small on this stroller, and the storage basket, which is considered very small. 

What is the best stroller for average height parents?

Average height parents have the pick of the bunch when it comes to strollers, as most will suit their height without causing too many issues. Below we’ll look at the best strollers for parents who range from 5ft 5” to 5ft 11”.

Double strollers

Without considering strollers with adjustable handlebars, the best double stroller for parents of average heights is either the Graco DuoGlider or the Baby Jogger City Mini Double. 

Double strollers with an adjustable rotating handlebar - such as the Mountain Buggy Duet, Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double or the Chicco Cortina Together - will also be very comfortable for average height parents. 

The Chicco Cortina Together is a double stroller which handles flat surfaces brilliantly, making this a great stroller for everyday walks. The two seats are stacked one in front of the other, and the rear seat reclines much more than the front seat.

Each seat has its own short canopy which isn’t the best at keeping the sun out, but it’s better than not having one at all. The front seat provides the back seat with more shade, so bear this in mind when choosing the seating positions. 

It also comes with a large storage basket to account for twice as many necessities and diaper bags, and it weighs around 34 pounds.

Expandable strollers 

All expandable strollers are likely to be comfortable for average height parents to push, so really it’s whichever stroller you find the most beneficial to your little family! In our opinion, the best would most likely be the UPPAbaby VISTA stroller. It has an expandable handlebar which ranges from 39.5 to 42.5 inches.

This expandable stroller is great for multiple types of surfaces such as pavements and gravel, and boasts an extra large storage basket. This is reflected in the weight of 26.6 pounds, along with the large two panel canopy. This includes a sun visor that can be pulled out when needed, as well as a mesh parent window. 

The bucket seat reclines to multiple positions to suit you and your baby best.

Convertible strollers

Our favorite convertible stroller for average height parents has to be the Britax B-Agile. Its non adjustable handlebar reaches 40.5 inches off the ground. Other notable mentions are the Graco FastAction Fold Travel System and the Graco Aire3 Click Connect.

If you’re looking for one with an adjustable handlebar, however, you’re going to find that all of them are comfortable to push if you’re of an average height. Examples are the Baby Jogger City Mini GT,  Britax B-Free, Peg Perego Booklet, Cybex Balios S, Chicco Bravo or UPPAbaby CRUZ

Jogging strollers

Jogging strollers that don’t include an adjustable handlebar are a great choice for moms and dads who are average heights. Examples of this kind of stroller are: the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight, Baby Jogger Summit X3 and Baby Trend Expedition. 

Any other jogging stroller with an adjustable handlebar, such as BOB Revolution or Thule strollers, would suit average height parents just fine.

This stroller is designed to take on multiple surfaces such as gravel, dirt roads and grass. The seat recline is generous, allowing you to almost lay it completely flat, and the large canopy made up of three panels offers two windows for you to check up on your baby. 

The storage basket is medium sized and the whole stroller weighs 28.4 pounds, which is on the heavier side. Having said this, it adds more of an arm workout on your jog!

Lightweight strollers

Parents who are looking for a lightweight stroller and are closer to 5ft 5” will love the Baby Jogger City Tour LUX while parents closer to 5ft 8” will prefer the UPPAbaby MINU, as well as the Chicco Mini Bravo and the Mini Bravo Plus. All of these strollers have one, non-adjustable handlebar. 

Another good choice for parents of average heights is the BABYZEN YOYO+, although parents on the higher end of the measuring tape will get on better with this one as the handlebar is 42 inches away tall.

There are many reviews for the BABYZEN YOYO+ which state that shorter parents get on great with this stroller, however it’d definitely be most comfortable for parents with a height of 5ft 8-11”. There are also reviews that say this stroller is only comfortable for tall parents, although we wouldn’t agree with that. 

The handlebar is 42 inches from the ground and is positioned straight up rather than horizontal, meaning you’ll have to be quite close to the stroller to push it properly. This would cause issues for taller parents as they’d be more likely to keep stepping on the strollers basket or wheels. 

For this reason, we’ve decided that it’s best suited for average to tall parents, however not predominantly tall parents.

What is the best stroller for tall parents?

If you’re a parent and over 6 foot tall, you’re going to want to choose a stroller with adjustable handlebars. The most beneficial would be handlebars which telescope out and add additional height to the handles, as this would pull you away from the stroller and prevent you from accidentally stepping on or kicking the stroller with every step. 

If you’re 6ft 2” or shorter, a non-adjustable handlebar stroller would suit you just fine, however make sure that the handles are 41 inches away from the ground. If you’re taller however, an adjustable handlebar is the only way you’re going to prevent back, neck and shoulder aches after pushing the stroller for a long period of time. 

Double strollers

The Joovy Caboose Ultralight is an excellent double stroller for taller parents thanks to its 42 inch tall handlebar. However, if you’re looking for a model with an adjustable handlebar then the Chicco Cortina Together, Baby Jogger City Mini GT, UPPAbaby VISTA or Baby Jogger CIty Select LUX are great options. The two former strollers have rotating handlebars while the latter two have telescoping handles.

This double stroller takes on flat and urban terrains easily, with three-position reclining seats. The canopy is reasonably sized with two panels, but there’s no parent window to check on your infant through. 

The storage basket is medium sized and the whole stroller only weighs 22 pounds.

Expandable strollers 

The expandable stroller considered the best for taller parents is the Baby Jogger City Select, thanks to its expandable handlebar which can reach up to 43 inches tall. The Baby Jogger City Select LUX is another beneficial option as it caters to parents up to 6ft 8” tall, but let's focus on the former.

This stroller is perfect for almost all types of terrain found in everyday living, such as pavements, grass and gravel. The bucket-style seat can be reclined to multiple positions depending on your baby’s height and preference. 

This is quite a lightweight stroller with a slight weight of 29.5 pounds, despite the large storage basket underneath the seat. Moreover, it includes a large canopy made up of three panels. This means you can adjust it to whichever length you prefer, and it also includes a silent window so you can check on your toddler without disturbing them.

Convertible strollers

If you’re wanting a stroller without an adjustable handlebar, you can’t go wrong with the Baby Jogger City Mini. If you’re taller than 6ft 2” however, you should consider an adjustable handlebar option such as the UPPAbaby CRUZ and Cybex Balios S. These both have extendable handles which are much more comfortable for taller parents.

The Bumbleride Indie has a rotating handle that reaches up to 45.5 inches so it’s perfect for taller parents. It can be pushed over multiple types of terrain and the seat can lie almost flat. The canopy is two panels long and features one window. Moreover, the storage basket is also large and the whole stroller only weighs 24 pounds.

Jogging strollers

More affordable jogging strollers have non adjustable handlebars, and models suited for taller parents are the Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect and Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Double. These both have handles that are 42 inches off the floor. 

However, if you have the extra budget, we think that adjustable handlebars are very beneficial for jogging strollers. The Graco RoadMaster is an excellent jogging stroller with an adjustable handlebar. 

Other options are the Bumbleride Speed, Thule Urban Glide and BOB Revolution Flex and PRO, all of which have maximum handlebar heights ranging from 44 to 48.5 inches. The BOB IRONMAN Duallie is the tallest jogging stroller you’ll find on the market with a maximum height of 51 inches.

Lightweight strollers

A great lightweight stroller for taller parents is the UPPAbaby G-LUXE which has two separate handles which reach 42 inches off the ground. Many taller parents rave about this stroller. Another good option is the Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller, and another benefit of this model is that it’s very affordable. 

Unfortunately there aren’t many lightweight strollers with adjustable handles, so finding this type of model is a rare find. Some examples are Maclaren Techno XT. This stroller is more expensive but very convenient for tall parents. 

Another option is the Peg Perego Pliko Mini which has an impressive weight of 13 pounds despite the adjustable handlebars. 

The Best Strollers for Short or Tall Parents - Buyer's Guide

Double strollers

If you’re looking to expand your little family soon you may want a double stroller, so here are the most popular models and their handle heights.

  • Chicco Echo Twin: 41.5”.
  • Chicco Cortina Together: 39” to 44”.
  • Baby Jogger City Mini Double: 41.5”.
  • Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double: 30” to 43.5”. 
  • Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller: 41”.
  • Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect LX: 42”. 
  • Mountain Buggy Duet: 31” to 42”. 
  • Joovy Caboose Ultralight: 42”.
  • Joovy Scooter: 41.75”.

Expandable strollers 

The most popular strollers which can turn from single to double models all have adjustable handlebars which can be rotated. We’ve listed them below, along with their handlebar heights.

  • Baby Jogger City Select: 40.7” and 43.1”. 
  • Bugaboo Donkey: 32” to 42”.
  • Baby Jogger City Select LUX: 38.5″ to 42.5″.
  • UPPAbaby VISTA: 39.5″ to 42.5”.

Convertible strollers

Below is a list of the most popular convertible strollers. These can be converted into travel systems or have the option to attach a bassinet for newborns. 

  • Britax B-Agile: 40.5”.
  • Britax B-Free: 38” to 44”.
  • Chicco Cortina: 36” to 43”. 
  • Chicco Viaro: 40”.
  • Chicco Urban: 38” to 40.5”. 
  • Chicco Bravo / Bravo LE: 36.5” to 42”. 
  • Graco FastAction Fold Travel System: 41”. 
  • Graco Aire3 Click Connect: 40.7”. 
  • Baby Jogger City Mini: 41.5”. 
  • Baby Jogger City Mini GT: 30” to 43.5”.

Jogging strollers

Below is information of the leading jogging strollers in regards to their handle heights: 

  • Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect: 42”.
  • Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Double: 42”.
  • Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Single: 41”. 
  • Thule Urban Glide Single: 35.5” to 44”. 
  • Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight: 41”.
  • Chicco TRE: 39” to 44”. 
  • Bumbleride Speed: 35” to 46”. 
  • Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double: 40.5”. 
  • Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single: 40”.

Lightweight strollers

Here is a list of handlebar heights for strollers which weigh less than 20 pounds. 

  • Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller: 42”.
  • ZOE XL1 BEST (v2): 40.25”.
  • ZOE XLT DELUXE: 39”.
  • Mountain Buggy Nano: 38.5”.
  • GB Pockit / Pockit Plus: 37”. 
  • Chicco Keyfit Caddy: 35.5” to 41.5”.
  • Chicco Liteway: 39”. 
  • Chicco Mini Bravo / Mini Bravo Plus: 41.5”.

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