Bugaboo Fox Review

Bugaboo is a well-known brand from the Netherlands that offers a whole range of high-quality strollers that can be used for newborns and toddlers alike. They have recently released a new stroller that can be used on all types of terrain, making it very versatile and popular among busy parents.

The stroller we’re talking about is, of course, the Bugaboo Fox, which replaced the Buffalo stroller in being Bugaboo’s top-selling stroller. The Bugaboo Fox was created with all the drawbacks of the Buffalo in mind, and therefore offers all the great features that the latter offered, only being more lightweight, easier to use, and offering better steering capabilities.  

Bugaboo Fox is a convertible stroller that can be used for one child, and you’ll receive both a bassinet and a toddler seat along with the frame. It can not be expanded for more than one child like the Bugaboo Donkey, however, you can purchase a wheeled board to attach to it that a toddler can stand on while you push a baby around. 

You can also attach an infant car seat to the Bugaboo Fox to convert it into a travel system. This doesn’t have to be made by Bugaboo, either, as there are many compatible brands that you can choose to buy a car seat from to use with this stroller. 

Below we’ll have an in-depth look into the Bugaboo Fox stroller, starting off with the specification and seemingly endless list of impressive features it comes with. We’ll also include a few benefits and drawbacks of the stroller, as well as additional add-ons that you can purchase. We’ll finish the review off with some comparisons to other highly rated strollers. 

Bugaboo Fox Specification

Stroller Type



21.8 pounds

Maximum Capacity

48.5 pounds

Dimensions (Set-Up)

33 - 42 x 24 x 35 - 43 inches

Dimensions (Folded with Seat)

15.7 x 23.6 x 34.6 inches

Dimensions (Folded without Seat and Wheels)

26 x 21.3 x 7.5 inches

Handlebar Height

34.6 - 42.5 inches

Bugaboo Fox Features

Bugaboo built its Fox stroller with most of the same features as Buffalo, but they have all be improved greatly. There are also similarities to Cameleon3, Donkey, and Bee, because these past strollers have been so well received in the past. 


One of the most beneficial features of the Bugaboo Fox is that it comes with a bassinet that can be attached to allow you to use this stroller right from birth. Attaching it to the frame is very easy, all you need to do is remove the current seat attached and clip it in securely - voila! You’re all done, 

The bassinet itself is very spacious and deep, and the bottom is completely flat. This gives ample support to your newborns back and prevents it from being held in an unnatural position. 

The canopy is very big and offers great coverage to your newborn. You have the option to unzip another panel which will allow the canopy to cover the whole bassinet completely, giving your baby as much protection as possible from the elements. 

The apron can be removed easily as it is only attached with a zip. There is also a small handle in the middle of the bassinet so you can carry it easily without the stroller frame. This handle is covered in a leather fabric, just like the stroller handle and the toddler seat bumper bar. 

Something you may find surprising about the Bugaboo Fox is that you can fold the whole stroller up with the bassinet attached. All you need to do is recline it before folding, and then it’s as simple as can be. This will take up a considerable amount of space, however, it won’t take up as much as it would if you left it open. 

Toddler Seat

Bugaboo Fox also comes with a toddler seat as well as the bassinet, which you can switch between whenever you want. Toddler seats should only be used when your baby has full control of their head and neck, so don’t rush to upgrade them from the bassinet. 

This toddler seat has a maximum capacity of 48.5 pounds, and is approximately 14 inches wide and 10.2 inches in height. This makes the seat very comfortable and surrounds your child nicely. You can even use this seat until your child is three years old, so you’ll get a lot of use out of this stroller. 

Of course, the seat is removable so that you can switch between the bassinet or an infant car seat. What’s more is that you can also change the direction of the seat, depending on whether you want your baby to face you or face the outside world. 

All children are different, and some prefer to look at their parents while others would rather learn about nature and marvel at all of the colors around them. More often than not, children will change their minds every day, so you can change the seat direction depending on the day to day mood. 

The toddler seat can be reclined to three different positions, and the bucket style of seat means that the whole thing leans back, not just the backrest. You can even adjust the angle of the seat with only one hand, making it very easy and quick to change. 

The largest recline setting does not lay entirely flat, and your child’s legs will be sticking up in the air, making is not particularly comfortable for prolonged periods of time. However, this will suffice for emergency naps while you’re out and about to prevent them from becoming overtired. 

On the other hand, the upright position is almost completely straight up at a 90-degree angle, which allows your child to get a good look at their surroundings. This is particularly helpful for young babies who are just beginning to take notice of nature and the environment, as it allows them to see everything around them without having to strain themselves too much. 

The seat itself is placed rather high on the frame, allowing to put your baby in and to take them out of the seat much more easily than lower alternatives. Hopefully, with this hassle-free high toddler seat, you won’t have to strain your back as much while getting them in and out of the stroller.

Bugaboo Fox toddler seat comes with a bumper bar that allows your child to hold onto and reposition themselves to keep themselves comfortable. This bar also folds down to allow you to remove them from the seat easily and without a large handlebar in the way. Much like the bassinet handle, the bumper bar also has a pleather accent to make your stroller all the more stylish. 

Finally, the harness is 5-point and has adjustable straps so that you can get a perfect fit even as your baby grows. Each of the five straps needs to be clicked into the middle piece, which can sometimes take a while and can be a little fiddly, however, you’ll get used to it and it is a small price to pay for your child’s safety.  

Travel System Capability

The Bugaboo Fox can certainly be made into a travel system if you need an all in one solution. Instead of attaching the bassinet or toddler seat, opt for an infant car seat instead. 

You’re not only confined to Bugaboo infant car seats, either, as this frame is compatible with numerous other brands, such as Nuna, Britax, Peg Perego, Chicco, Maxi-Cosi, and Cybex. 

The fact that you can use the Bugaboo Fox with a bassinet, toddler seat, and infant car seat means that you can use this stroller from birth until your child grows out of it. This offers excellent value for money as you won’t need to keep buying larger strollers as your baby grows.                                         

How It’s Folded

Like we’ve mentioned before, the Bugaboo Fox can be folded with both the toddler seat and bassinet still attached to the frame, so you don’t need to take the seat off before storing it away. This sounds like a small feature, but it will save you valuable time and allow you to put your stroller away with one simple move. 

The folding mechanism is pretty simple, but you may need to practice the motion a few times before getting the hang of it. The handlebar should be in its lowest position so that you can press two buttons on it simultaneously so that the seat can collapse into itself. All you need to do is manipulate the handle a few different ways and your Bugaboo Fox will be completely folded. 

Once you have completely folded the frame down, it will automatically lock itself in place so that it doesn’t reopen and cause a hazard to little fingers. Moreover, it is self-standing to prevent it from taking up too much floor space in your home. 

Having said this, if you choose to keep the seat attached while storing, it will take up much more space than if the seat was detached. This is because neither the toddler seat or bassinet fold up, so they’ll take up much more space than foldable alternatives. With the seat attached, the Bugaboo Fox measures in at 15.7 x 23.6 x 34.6 inches. 

If you chose to remove the seat before folding, you will find that the frame is much more compact and easier to store in smaller spaces. You can even opt to remove the wheels to make it as small as possible. Doing this will allow the frame to measure in at only 26 x 21.3 x 7.5 inches. If you weren’t going to use the stroller for a while, perhaps your baby has outgrown it, this is the most popular way to store it as you can place it almost anywhere. 


The canopy that comes with the Bugaboo Fox, or any Bugaboo stroller for that matter, is very generous and offers excellent protection for your baby from the elements. The canopy features three panels in total, one of which is zippered away so that the material isn’t always bunching when you don’t need to use it. 

You can choose to use one panel, two, or all three together. One panel will offer the minimum amount of shade and will allow your baby to see their surroundings without their vision being compromised. Two panels will offer sufficient protection while you’ll still be able to see their legs and check in on them. 

Using all three panels, however, will act as a roof and will allow them to be completely covered. This is an excellent feature for babies with sensitive skin or who are enjoying an on the go nap. The full coverage will be applicable when using both the bassinet and toddler seat, and your baby will be fully protected no matter what recline position the seat is in. 

Unfortunately, the canopy does not have a peek-a-boo window. This means that you’ll have to risk disturbing your sleeping baby to check up on them, which may wake them up and leave you with an agitated toddler. 

You do have the option to purchase a different canopy from Bugaboo, however. The Bugaboo Fox Breezy Sun Canopy features mesh peek-a-boo windows that also act as vents to keep inside the canopy cool. This is beneficial actually, as, in the middle of summer, the default grey canopy may attract sunlight and make the inside of the stroller very hot and uncomfortable for your baby. 

While you have to pay extra for this alternative canopy, so bear in mind the extra cost. It is a very helpful additional item that will potentially make your child more comfortable in those warmer months, making it a worthwhile purchase if you think you’re going to be using the third panel of the canopy often.   

Size and Weight

Bugaboo Fox is 23.6 inches wide, allowing it to easily fit through doorways and tight spaces. It also doesn’t weigh much and can be lifted easily, should you need to lift it into storage or your trunk. 

Bugaboo Fox weighs 21.8 pounds when using the toddler seat, which is not much for a convertible stroller. We wouldn’t go as far as to say that carrying it is an effortless task, but it is much easier than if you were to use Bugaboo Buffalo or UPPAbaby VISTA. 


Bugaboo Fox is equipped with an adjustable handlebar to cater for shorter and taller parents. It telescopes up and down and offers endless adjustments in between the heights of 34.6 to 42.5 inches from the ground. This is very helpful for two parents who differ greatly in height so that neither of you has to suffer from a poorly placed handlebar. 

It is very easy to adjust and takes mere seconds to complete. Taller parents won’t find themselves having to hunch over to reach the handle, and shorter parents won’t have to hold their arms in unnatural positions to reach the handle. Moreover, tall parents won’t kick the back of the stroller as much, which will give your baby a more enjoyable ride. 

Storage Basket

The storage basket that comes with the Bugaboo Fox has a capacity of 22 pounds which is more than enough space for a large diaper bag, as well as your personal bag. You can easily reach the basket from behind the stroller when the bassinet is attached or the toddler seat is upright. If you’re using the toddler seat reclined, you can still get to the basket from the front of the stroller. 

Wheels and Suspension

The tires are forever-air models, meaning that they do not need to be inflated and won’t get punctures from rough terrain. They are able to mold to the surface that they’re going over which gives you a smoother ride. The 8.5-inch front wheels swivel to allow easy steering through tight spaces, but they can be locked for more stability over bumpy terrain. The rear wheels are 12-inch.  

All of the four wheels have suspension to allow for less bumpy rides, no matter what terrain you’re traveling over. Although it isn’t as smooth-sailing as jogging strollers, Bugaboo Fox is very comfortable and cushioned for your child. Thanks to these effective wheels and suspension, you can use this stroller for trips to the park, shopping mall, and around the block.

You can also choose to use Bugaboo Fox in a two-wheel position, which makes it much easier to push the stroller through tough materials such as sand and snow. Moreover, you can also pull the stroller behind you using this position. We’d recommend only doing this when your child is not in the seat as it is not as safe as pushing them in front of you.  

Parking Brake

The parking brake is applied with a simple press with your foot. It is in a very easy to reach position, making sure that you can apply it in case there is an emergency situation. Opposed to other popular strollers on the market, you do not need to keep your foot on the brake to keep it on. Instead, you press it once to engage the brake and twice to disengage. 

You’ll also be able to check that the brake is on thanks to the color indicators - red means that the brake is on, and green means that the brake is off. This will prevent accidents from occurring and allow you to check that the brake is properly applied before letting go of the stroller. 

The only downside of this is that the pedal is rather close to the storage basket, which means you may need to be careful when pressing it that you don’t snag the fabric. Overall, this advanced braking system allows you to trust the brakes thoroughly and be able to wear any kind of shoe without braking proving uncomfortable for your feet. 


  • Bugaboo Fox comes with a bassinet as well as a toddler seat, meaning it can be used right away from birth. 
  • The canopy is extremely large and will offer excellent protection from the sun and wind. 
  • The stroller is easily maneuverable with only one hand, even on bumpy surfaces. It is also very easy to turn in tight spaces.
  • Offers a lot of storage space thanks to the wide and deep basket. 
  • The toddler seat is easily reclinable and can be faced both forward and backward. 
  • Adjustable handlebar allows parents of all heights to use the Bugaboo Fox. 
  • Non-inflatable tires to prevent punctures and offer a better suspension. 
  • Lavish and sophisticated design with leather-ish accents. 


  • There is no peek-a-boo window for you to see your baby through.
  • The price point is quite high. 
  • You may have to practice the folding techniques a few times. 
  • Additional accessories are sold separately and are all rather pricey.
  • This stroller takes up quite a bit of space, even when it’s folded.

Color Options

Bugaboo offers all its strollers in various different colors, and Fox is no different. You can choose different colors for different components of this stroller, including the bassinet, canopy, chassis, seat, wheel caps, and grips. This allows you to have a little more customization ability when it comes to your individual stroller, and you can customize your own Fox. 

The frame comes in two different colors, black, and aluminum. The fabric aspects of the Fox stroller, such as the apron, toddler seat and bassinet, come in three different color options - blue mélange, black, or grey mélange. 

You can actually choose from six colored canopies for your Bugaboo Fox stroller, and this unlocks a whole new world of color options for your baby. You can choose from olive green, waves (blue pattern), stellar reflective (grey), birds (pink and blue pattern), red mélange, and sky blue. 

Next, you can opt to purchase faux leather grips to wrap around the bumper bar, handlebar, and the bassinet handle. These come in cognac, brown, and black colors. Finally, the wheel caps can come in dark red, wood, glossy black, and brilliant white.

This gives you the ability to customize your own unique Bugaboo Fox stroller. However, this can cause additional costs. If you’re not that bothered about customizing your own stroller, Amazon has six different ready-made options to choose from -  All Black, Black/Fresh White, Black/Grey Mélange, Aluminum/Grey Mélange, Black/Neon Red, and Aluminum/Blue Mélange - so that you can choose your personal favorite.

Additional Accessories

Bugaboo Fox does not come with any additional accessories despite the high price point. However, the brand does offer a range of accessories that can be purchased separately if you want to attach them to your stroller. These are all listed below. 

A stroller organizer is great for parents who need to carry a lot of small possessions with them, such as their keys and phone. This organizer fits perfectly over the handle and sits flush to the back of the toddler chair. 

There is a zippered pouch in which you can keep some diapers and essentials for your baby, and there are two smaller pockets that you can fit your belongings in. This is essentially a handbag, but Bugaboo has optimized it to fit perfectly onto the stroller, so that it is not too long or too short that it affects pushing the stroller. 

You can also remove it very easily so that you can take it into shops without having to set the whole stroller up, acting as a handbag so you don’t have to take too many bags out with you. Sure, you could simply use your own bag over the handlebars, however, this may inconvenience you due to the size or height not being optimized to the Bugaboo Fox.  

This cup holder can be used with any Bugaboo stroller and allows you to always have a drink to hand for your little one. It is wide enough to house a sippy cup, or you can simply place a bottle of water in it. 

This is specially designed for the Fox and offers one drink holder and a closed pot that can be used to store snacks or small toys for your child. 

Instead of using the standard canopy, you can purchase the Breezy Sun Canopy which features mesh peek-a-boo windows so you can check on your baby without disturbing them. This also allows your child to look out into the world while still being protected by the full coverage canopy. 

The mesh windows also act as vents and allow sufficient airflow into the canopy to keep your child cool and comfortable. This is especially helpful in summer because the standard canopy does not come with ventilation and therefore may create a very hot environment for your baby if all three panels are used.  

This wheeled board allows an older child to stand on it and be pushed to your end location rather than having to walk the whole way. This is helpful for toddlers who like to walk but get tired easily. As Bugaboo Fox is not expandable, this is the closest thing you’ll get to being able to push two children together. 

Bugaboo Fox vs Bugaboo Cameleon3 vs Bugaboo Buffalo

The Bugaboo Fox stroller was modeled after the Buffalo and therefore features many of the same aspects while improving on a few other factors. Similarly, the Cameleon3 features are also rather similar to the Fox stroller. They are all similar strollers with minor modifications between them all, so you’ll have to look closely to determine which will be the best for you. 

Beginning with the weight, Fox weighs 21.8 pounds. Compare this to Cameleon3 which weighs 21 pounds, and Buffalo with 26.2 pounds, it is clear to see that the former two models are the preferred options if you’re looking for a lightweight stroller. 

Moving onto capacity, Buffalo actually excels as it can hold up to 50 pounds, whereas Fox and Cameleon3 can hold 48.5 pounds and 37.5 pounds respectively. It stands to reason that the slightly heavier stroller can withstand more weight and can be used for longer. 

Both Fox and Buffalo offer seat reclining capabilities that only require one hand to work. Cameleon3, however, needs two hands to recline the seat. Moreover, both Fox and Buffalo offer large storage baskets that can hold up to 22 pounds. Cameleon3 only offers a fabric basket that can has a capacity of 9 pounds. 

Fox offers a plastic footrest for your child, while Buffalo and Cameleon3 come with fabric footrests. Both Fox and Buffalo can be folded into one piece, whereas Cameleon3 folds into two pieces. 

The wheels are all different on each of these models, with Fox’s wheels being 8.5 and 12 inches. Alternatively, Buffalo’s are 10 and 12 inches, and Cameleon3’s are 6 and 12 inches. Fox offers all-wheel suspension, Cameleon3 offers front-wheel suspension that can be adjusted, and Buffalo offers no suspension at all. 

Each model also offers different braking solutions. Cameleon3 only features a handbrake, Buffalo has a footbrake that you need to keep your foot on to keep it working, and Fox offers a footbrake that you press once to brake, and press again to ease the brake, working as a parking brake as well.

Onto the maneuverability of the three strollers, Fox is easy to turn quickly and safely, but it takes more effort to push is over bumpy terrain. Buffalo is heavier and therefore takes more effort to steer and push, and the no suspension makes it hard to control over uneven terrain. Finally, Cameleon3 is very easy to push, steer, and maneuver over rough surfaces.  

Looking at this comparison, you can see that all of the strollers are similar to one another, however, it is clear to see that Bugaboo Fox has undergone some great improvements to make it better for parents and babies alike. It is definitely easier to maneuver than Buffalo, and it features a better suspension than the Cameleon3. Moreover, it has a much larger storage basket, which is very helpful for many parents. 

Overall, each of these strollers has its benefits and drawbacks, however, we would suggest that Bugaboo Fox is the best overall. It is clear that the manufacturer has taken previous complaints that the other two models received from users and improved on them impressively. The Bugaboo Fox stroller is much more versatile and easier to use than the Buffalo and Cameleon3. 

Bugaboo Fox vs UPPAbaby VISTA 2018

Product Image

Product Name

Buy on Amazon


Bugaboo Fox Complete Full-Size Stroller, Black - Fully-Loaded Foldable Stroller with Advanced Suspension and All-Terrain Wheels


2018 UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller, Jordan (Charcoal Melange/Silver/Black Leather)

Bugaboo Fox and UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 both have very similar looks to one another. Both of these strollers are high-quality and considered luxury strollers, thanks to the professional-grade materials used to make them and their stylish designs. A quick glance will indicate that there is no real difference between the two models. 

However, we’ve found a few important differences that could make one stroller much more beneficial for you than the other one. Below we’ll be looking at both the similarities and differences to help you determine which is the best model for you and your baby. 

Fox is much lighter than VISTA, as the former weighs 21.8 pounds whereas the latter weighs 26.6 pounds. However, this heavier weight allows the maximum capacity to be slightly larger at 50 pounds (or 35 pounds if you’re using the Rumble Seat), whereas Fox can hold up to 48.5 pounds. 

VISTA is expandable and therefore can be used if you have two children close in age, whereas Fox is not. Having said that, you can purchase a wheeled board that toddlers can stand on, which can maybe allow it to be called an expandable stroller. 

The size of the wheel is quite similar between the two strollers, with the fox adopting wheels sized 8.5 and 12 inches, and VISTA having 8 and 11.5-inch wheels. Both Fox and VISTA has all-wheel suspension to make the ride smooth on all terrains. 

VISTA seems to be more adjustable than Fox, with an adjustable footrest and six reclining positions for the toddler seat. Fox’s footrest is non-adjustable and only features three reclining positions to choose from. However, Fox can be used in a two-wheel mode, but VISTA cannot. 

As we mentioned before, Fox offers a three-panel canopy. VISTA’s canopy is only two panels, however, it is also equipped with a long pull out sun visor and a peek-a-boo window with magnetic closures. 

VISTA excels compared to Fox in both storage basket and folding capability. The former has a basket with a 30-pound capacity, whereas the latter offers 22 pounds of capacity. Both strollers fold into one piece and automatically lock themselves into place, however, VISTA is easier and quicker to fold down and takes up less space. 

Fox is much more customizable than VISTA and comes in more colors when you choose your own design. You cannot customize the VISTA other than the premade swatches that are offered on Amazon. Fox is also more expensive than VISTA, however, they are both equipped with high-end price tags. 

Overall, VISTA is more versatile than Fox thanks to the expandable feature. You can attach another bassinet, toddler seat, or infant car seat to UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 to make room for another baby. Moreover, you can attach a PiggyBack Board for an older child to stand on. This is similar to Fox’s wheeled board. 

VISTA is heavier, but this can be expected from an expandable stroller. It needs to be able to hold the extra weight of more children. Both Fox and VISTA are all-terrain strollers, but Fox seems to be smoother on harsh terrain. The more you expand the VISTA, the harder it will be to push over bumpy surfaces. Overall, the suspension seems to be better on Bugaboo Fox. 

As you can see, there are pros and cons for both the Bugaboo Fox and UPPAbaby VISTA 2018. Your individual situation and preferences will determine which stroller is best for you and your family. 

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