Bumbleride Era Review

Bumbleride has been creating their Era stroller for quite some years now, and it has finally graced the market. It dominated throughout 2019 and doesn’t show any signs of stopping throughout 2020. 

This stroller is an excellent model that handles all-terrain well, as well as being able to be maneuvered around small spaces such as shopping malls without giving the parent any hassle. The large canopy, reversible and reclinable seat, and option to convert it into infant mode are among the many attractive features of the Era stroller. 

Bumbleride pushed the release of their Era stroller back many times before finally making it available to the public. While many parents at the time found this rather frustrating as they were desperate to get their hands on it, we now realize that Bumbleride was just trying to make it as perfect as possible. 

With such high expectations to live up to, the Bumbleride Era stroller has a big task on its hands with convincing us that it’s the best stroller on the market. In this article, we’re going to look at every aspect and try to give you a well-rounded view of Era so that you can determine whether it’s the best option for you and your family. 


Stroller Type

All-terrain convertible stroller


27 pounds


55 pounds

Dimensions when Upright

32.5 x 24.5 x 40.5 inches

Dimensions when Folded

29.5 x 24.5 x 13 inches

Handlebar Height

26 - 44.5 inches

Wheel Size

8.5 and 11.5 inches

Bumbleride Era Features

Bumbleride showcased the long-awaited Era at the Kind + Jugend tradeshow at the end of 2018 in Cologne. This means that you’ve been able to purchase this stroller for just over a year now, however, it continues to be one of the most sought after strollers on the market. 

Below we’ve collated all the most important information about the Era stroller to help you see whether it is the best choice for you and your baby. 


The Era stroller can be used on multiple types of terrain, including grass, gravel, and sidewalks. The smaller footprint allows you to use it while running errands in the city without taking up lots of space. Thankfully, the slim design will allow you to turn quickly and easily while remaining stable. 

While you can take it on bumpy terrain, Bumbleride suggests locking the Era’s wheels beforehand. This will ensure you have a sturdier ride that is more comfortable for your child. 

Included Seat

The seat that comes with the Bumbleride Era looks almost identical to the Indie 4 seat. It is covered in inviting padding and the calf rest can be adjusted to make napping a dream for your baby. The seat can be reclined with only one hand, however, you’ll need to use two hands to get it back up. 

The reclining mechanism is not the most high tech feature you’ve ever seen, but it works well and gets the job done without too much hassle. You can lower the seat into an almost completely flat position, which is great for on the go naps. Moreover, if you lift the calf rest all the way up as well, you can make somewhat of a good alternative to a bassinet.  

Adding an insert into this bassinet position would let you use the Era stroller for newborns, but we would only recommend this for short journeys. As the seat does not recline completely flat, it will not be optimized for the newborn’s fragile spine. When the seat is at it’s lowest reclining position, a small window covered in mesh allows a stream of air to enter and keep your baby nice and cool during their naps. 

The seat is also reversible so that you can either have your toddler facing you or away from you. This allows them to observe their surroundings and makes their walk much more enjoyable and interesting. Moreover, this is very easy to detach and reattach the opposite way. The seat also comes with a bumper bar which lets your child reposition themselves to be more comfortable. 

One thing we don’t like that much about the Era seat is that the highest reclined position is not completely upright, which may affect your toddler’s ability to see everything around them. Some children may not like this and use the bumper bar to hold themselves up, which may not be as comfortable for them. 

The seat is 12.5-13 inches wide, with a height of 19.5 inches and a 25-inch space from the bottom of the seat to the top of the canopy. The capacity is up to 55 pounds, overall making this seat excellent for growing toddlers. They won’t run out of space anytime soon with this chair!

Lastly, the fabric is environmentally friendly and can be easily removed and washed. Gone are the days of unsightly stains and funky smells. Keep this seat looking as good as the day you bought the stroller!


If you did not want to convert the included seat into a makeshift bassinet, you can remove it and replace it with a real bassinet from Bumbleride. The same model that works with Indie and Speed strollers will work with the Era, two of Bumbleride’s bestselling strollers. 

Thanks to this versatility, you can use the Era from birth to late toddlerhood, offering great value for money. A great benefit of this bassinet is that it is actually approved for letting your newborn sleep in it overnight, giving it more than one use. 

Infant Car Seat

You can also attach an infant car seat onto the Era frame, and you’re not only confined to Bumbleride models. You can also get adapters so that you can use car seats from brands like Clek, Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, and Cybex. Adapters that work with these brands can be found here

There are also some compatible car seats from the likes of Chicco, Peg Perego, and Gaco that will fit with the Era, and the adapters will also work with Bumbleride Speed and Indie strollers. 

Simply purchase the correct adapters that work with your car seat, attach them, and then the car seat, and you’ve got yourself a travel system. An interesting aspect is that you do not need to detach the main seat to add the infant car seat onto the frame, however, we’d still suggest doing so. Leaving the first seat attached will only add weight onto the stroller and make it bulkier. 


The UPF45+ canopy is made up of two panels with an additional sun visor that can be pulled out on super sunny days. With the canopy fully extended, the edge almost reaches the bumper bar, giving excellent protection from the elements. 

Moreover, the canopy features a peek-a-boo window so that you can check in on your baby without disturbing them. This generous canopy will allow your child to rest undisturbed for the duration of your walk, and give you peace of mind that they’re protected from UV rays. 

Weight and Folding Mechanism

A 27-pound stroller is not considered lightweight, but it definitely isn’t among the heaviest strollers on the market. Bumbleride Era is considered an average weight for a convertible stroller like this one. 

The folding mechanism is where this stroller really shines, as once folded you’re left with a very compact stroller that can easily be stored away or packed into a trunk. It’s also very easy to fold, with two buttons on either side of the seat allowing the seat to fold in half. Then simply lift some levers and you’re done!

The Era is self-standing to take up as little floor space as possible, and it also automatically locks to prevent little fingers getting trapped due to an unstable folded stroller. Once folded there is also a handle that gives you an easier time lifting the stroller into your trunk or up the stairs, which is a nice touch. 

Options for Expanding

While this is not an expanding stroller, you can purchase a small board to attach to the back of the stroller. This gives older children a space to stand while you push their younger siblings in case they feel left out or get tired easily. 

Storage Basket

The storage basket is nice and large that can be accessed from behind the seat. If you lift the leg rest, you’ll also be able to access it from the front as well. 

Wheels and Suspension

All four wheels on the Era stroller are air-filled, with the front two measuring in at 8.5 inches and the rear two being 11.5 inches. They can be used on all types of terrain, such as cracked sidewalks, gravel, snow, grass, and even sand. 

All wheels also offer suspension to keep the ride as comfortable as possible for your child. The tires are shock-absorbing and prevent any unexpected jolts and bumps to your baby. While this stroller offers versatile wheels, it is not designed for jogging. 

The parking brake is large and easy to reach with your foot. You have to lift it back up to deactivate the brake, so we’d suggest open-toed shoes are perhaps not the best choice of footwear when using the Bumbleride Era.   


Bumberide Era is equipped with an adjustable handlebar that can be rotated both up and down. From the floor, the height of the handlebar ranges from 26 to 44.5 inches. This makes it ideal for parents with different heights so that everyone remains comfortable and no one has to suffer from a too high or too low handlebar. 

What’s more is that there is also a wrist strap attached which you can wear for that extra bit of security. While it’s unlikely that your stroller will go rolling off without you, a wrist strap prevents you from worrying about the parking brake faltering. 


  • All-wheel suspension gives you and your child a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • You can adapt the seat into infant mode

  • Generous canopy offers lots of protection

  • Very easy to fold

  • Self-standing frame once folded away

  • You receive a tire pump to keep the wheels on top form

  • The wheels are large and suitable for all terrains

  • The stroller can be maneuvered with only one hand

  • You can change the direction of the seat easily

  • Eco-friendly fabric used to create the Era stroller

  • Large storage basket


  • Not considered lightweight
  • Rather pricey

Color Options

The Bumbleride used to come in four colors, which are Dawn Grey, Matte Black, Silver Black, and Maritime Blue. If you order off Bumbleride’s official website, you can also choose between the colors Clay and Sea Glass, but the stroller may be more expensive here.

Release Date 

After a long wait and multiple different occasions where the release date was pushed back, the Bumbleride Era is finally available for purchase and has dominated the market for just over a year now. 

There were rumors circulating about the Bumbleride Era all the way back in 2013, giving you an insight of how much time and effort went into creating this stroller. 

Bear in Mind… 

Bumbleride Era weighs in at 27 pounds, making it not that lightweight compared to other similar models. Another thing is that the tires are air-filled so you’ll need to keep up with maintaining these and be prepared for the possibility of punctures. 

For most users, these factors are overpowered by all of the great features that come with this stroller, but just make sure these are not going to bother you too much if you were to purchase this stroller. 

Three Reasons Why You’ll Love the Bumbleride Era

  1. The fabrics are environmentally friendly and gentle enough for babies sensitive skin. 

  2. You can use the stroller on all terrains so there’s no need to purchase another for beach trips or snow days. 

  3. The seat can be removed and replaced with either a bassinet or an infant car seat. The latter is lighter and easier to use, which may suit your lifestyle better. 

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