Buying your first stroller – TOP 8 Points to Consider

Choosing your perfect stroller can be tricky.  It’s an expensive piece of kit, and it’s something you may end up using just about every day, maybe for even as long as 3 years, so you want to get it right.

And there are loads of different types and different models of strollers out on the market today, all with different features and functions - the options are almost endless!  The trick is to find the one which best suits your lifestyle and your needs.

Of course, the safety and comfort of your little one should be at the forefront of your mind, but your lifestyle can also be a very important consideration.  Those who love their off-road jogging and outdoor workouts can really benefit from an all-terrain stroller designed to go running with.  Whereas parents who frequent cities or the mall may prefer a stroller that can fit in your trunk and is narrow and easy to maneuver.

We’d like to share with you our Top 8 points to consider when choosing your first stroller.

What you should consider before choosing your first stroller

1. Do you intend to have more children?

Have you ever tried to push 2 strollers at the same time?  So much easier to just have the one!

If you’re seriously considering having another child shortly after your first, you should think about getting a stroller with additional seating, such as a tandem or double stroller.  These may have children sat side by side, or back to back.  You can find convertible strollers that can adapt to carrying to children or just the one.

If this sounds like a good idea to you, we can recommend the UPPAbaby Vista or the Bugaboo Donkey Twin.

2: How do you intend to use the stroller?

This question goes back to what we said earlier about the stroller being suited to your particular lifestyle.

If you plan to take the stroller on long treks, for example, then the child’s comfort becomes more important.  They may also want to change position partway through the trek.

Or if you wanted to take the stroller on your morning jog, then a jogger stroller might best suit your needs.

3: What material is the stroller made of?

Strollers generally have metal or plastic frames.  Plastic ones are lightweight, making them far easier to push, whereas metal ones are a tad heavier, but are far more durable.  Whatever combination of these materials is used, you will need a good solid frame to the stroller to ensure baby’s comfort.

4: Does the stroller fit into the trunk of your car?

If you intend to drive anywhere before getting your child into their stroller, then you will need a stroller that’s sufficiently small and compact or folds up sufficiently small, that you can it into the back of your car.

To that end, if you’re thinking of buying your stroller online, then we would strongly suggest that you measure or determine the inner dimensions of your trunk, so you can ascertain whether the stroller will fit.

You may also want to consider whether the stroller is sufficiently easy to fold and unfold.  This becomes particularly important if you ever wanted to hold the baby in one arm, and fold the stroller down with the other (it can be done).

5: How heavy is the stroller?

The weight of the stroller itself doesn’t usually become an issue when you’re pushing it around on flat surfaces, or when you’re putting it away for storage for that matter.

However, if you were to ever need to lift the stroller with the baby inside, say if a particular elevator was out of order and you had to use the stairs, then the more lightweight the stroller is the better.  Bear in mind that you may also have nappy bags etcetera also weighing things down.

This is particularly important for moms who’ve had a C-section, as they have to avoid any strain in this area.

6: Where you will be strolling?

If you plan on using the stroller predominantly on flat surfaces, say the mall or the city center, then the majority of strollers could pose a good option for you.

If however, you were thinking of taking the stroller on uneven sidewalks, bumpy grass, gravel, or out jogging on rough terrain, then you may be best using an off-road or all-terrain stroller, which will have the appropriate wheels for the job and will also feature a good 5 point harness and suspension system.

7. Basket for your bags and other accessories

Wherever you go with your baby, you’re likely to need your purse and a nappy bag at the very least.  If you’re on a shopping trip, or a trip where you needed to bring extra gear, then the more storage space there is available to you, the better.

To that end, many strollers on the market today feature a large storage basket underneath the seat to stash your belongings.  You may also want to consider features such as a child tray, for their toys or snacks, and a cup holder.

8. Removable and easy to wash fabric

There’s no getting around it, a stroller will always get messy.  It’s soo common to get things like chocolate and fruit juice onto the fabric of the child’s seat.  And it’s for that reason that we strongly recommend that you invest in a stroller with removable seat fabric.  That way you can easily take it off to clean.  

(Unfortunately, not all stroller fabric can be washed in a washer or be put to dry in a dryer, because it may shrink, but that’s not the end of the world.)

If the baby is going to be in the stroller for long periods of time, the fabric also needs to be breathable, with some kind of mesh ventilation.  You also fave to remember that infant skin tends to be more sensitive than ours, and that will have to come into consideration too.

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