Cybex Balios S – The Chic and Versatile Stroller

Out of all on the strollers that came out onto the market, the Cybex Balios S is hands down one of the best!  

Thanks to a great fashion lineup, this stylish stroller sports a brand new fancy look - and it’s super multifunctional to boot!  Here’s why we love it so much.

Cybex Balios S Review

This stroller is great for everyday use.  Although it’s a full-sized stroller, it’s really quite compact and not too heavy, which makes it easy to maneuver around.  It’s a really well-equipped stroller that features a number of different seating options, including an almost flat recline position.  And with such a range of seating options, it can serve parents right from birth and all the way into toddlerhood.  And you’ve gotta love the canopy - it’s absolutely huge!

Key Features

  • Almost flat recline for comfortable sleeping

  • Can be used from birth by adding the carrycot Cocoon S or Cot S, infant car seat (GB or Cybex)

  • Large expandable canopy for superior protection wind and sun

  • Wheels and suspension suited for all terrains

  • Large storage basket

  • Convenient telescoping handlebar

  • Easy to fold away

  • Chic appearance and high-quality fabrics

  • Affordable price

Cybex Balios S Review – Stroller Features

Cybex introduced a great new stroller to the market back in Spring 2018, with a nice modern and minimalist design and constructed of top-notch materials.  Then they produced a new, updated, and improved model for 2019, the Cybex Balios S.  Whilst much of the functionality of the new model stayed the same, a brand new range of colors and fashions was brought in.

The Cybex Balios S is an all-in-one stroller that provides a number of different seating options, and its versatility in this makes it suitable for newborns and toddlers alike.  In fact, you can use it from day one right up until the child reaches about 4 years of age.

Now we’ll go through each feature in turn.


One thing you’ve got to love about the seat is that it’s reversible.  It’s easy to reverse the seat around, because of the memory button, everything simply clicks into the frame.

There are 3 recline positions altogether, including the almost flat one we mentioned earlier, which is great for younger, smaller infants.  All you need to do to recline the seat is to use the lever on the back, so it’s quick and easy to do and even one-handed to boot.

There’s even an independently adjustable leg rest which allows for up to 3 different positions.  And to make things even more comfortable when the child is older and taller, there’s a set that they can use as a footrest.  With this footrest, however, it can only be used when the seat is facing forward and it’s not adjustable.

We also love the bumper bar that comes included at no extra cost.  Not only does it rotate, but it also opens from both sides, which makes it so much easier for getting the baby in and out of the stroller.

As for the fabric and craftsmanship, you can tell at first glance just how high-quality it is.  It’s a nice and roomy seat with lovely soft padding.

It features that all-important 5-point harness, with a smooth buckle in the middle and easy to adjust straps.  The straps are padded and soft to the touch.

And better yet, the seat is positioned quite high up, which means you can use it as an alternative to a highchair, and have your little one eat from the stroller right at the table - so convenient.

Seating options for newborns

As the manufacturer states, it’s possible to use the regular seat right from birth, provided that it’s both fully reclined and the leg rest is fully raised.  And, lying almost completely flat, we think it’s the deepest recline on a standard stroller that we’ve ever come across.

To seat your newborn, however, we would strongly recommend that you attach the special additional newborn cocoon.  It provides an enclosed area to provide proper support for the baby’s back, neck, and head.

Infant car seat compatibility – Cybex Balios S Travel System

Did you know you could turn this stroller into a travel system?  It’s compatible with both Cybex and GB infant car seats.  If you have or wanted to get one of these car seats, all that you have to do is buy the special car seat adapters to swap the regular seat with the car seat.  

Cot S – Cybex Balios S Pram

Alternatively, you can add a bassinet, specifically the Cot S, to convert the stroller into a pram.  The Cot S is nice and big, with a 2-panel canopy, complete with a sun visor, to protect the baby from sun, wind, and rain.

It also sports a memory foam mattress, to provide the ultimate in support and comfort for the baby’s back.  All in all, it’s a spacious, comfy, and well-sheltered spot for your little newborn.

Newborn cocoon

If you wanted to use stroller from birth but didn’t want to get the Bassinet Cot S, then we would strongly recommend that you get the newborn cocoon.  Although it’s smaller than the Cot S, it provides just as much of that all-important support that newborns require.  

And it comes with 2 covers, one to keep the baby warm in the winter and one to keep the baby cool in the summer.

The cocoon also features openings in the back for the stroller’s 5-point harness, which we would recommend using since it doesn’t have those rigid sides you get in a carrycot.


Now, this is what we love about the Cybex Balios S - it’s huge, truly XXL sun canopy!  You can extend it out really far when you unzip the third panel - and there’s even a flip-out sun visor to boot.  When set up, the baby is covered from head to toe.

And when fully extended, there’s mesh peek-a-boo, which is great for checking in on the little one.  It helps to keep the baby ventilated too.  And the canopy fabric features UV 50+ protection.


The Cylex Balios S has and adjustable handle push bar that can extend out or telescope back in.  There are 4 different handlebar settings altogether, making it comfortable to push for parents of different heights.


Thanks to the stroller’s rubberized wheels you can take this stroller out for use on all kinds of terrain.  You’ll never have to worry about getting a flat, and you don’t need to ever inflate them.

And to better help the stroller on rough terrain, the rear wheels are than the front ones, which can pivot and lock in place to provide better stability.

Furthermore, there are also visible springs on each wheel to provide a good suspension system to keep the baby comfortable however bumpy the terrain.  Even on cobbled lanes, grass verges, or over gravel, the baby will get a sturdy and relatively smooth ride.


In addition to thinking about the baby’s comfort, you should also consider the baby’s safety.  And to that end, the stroller has a single-action sandal-friendly brake that’s located in the middle of the rear axle and is easy to press and release.

Just remember to be careful when you press your foot on it because it’s very close to the storage basket.

Storage basket

The stroller’s storage basket is very big, it will easily fit your diaper bag and shopping bags besides.  It’s positioned under the seat, but as the seat is quite high, you can fit large items into the basket underneath, and get easy access to them.  It can take up to about 11 pounds in weight.

Size and Weight

The Cybex Balios is compact and lightweight.  Specifically, it’s dimensions are 31.10” x 23.62” x 39-43.31” (L x W x H), so it’s not at all bulky and can fit through narrow sidewalks and doorways with ease.

In fact, the only place where you may not be able to fit it is on the overhead compartment on airplanes.

It weighs about 24 pounds which isn’t too bad for such a multifunctional stroller, and you won’t have any problems carrying it up and down stairs if needs be.


We just love that you can fold the stroller down one-handed, it’s a breeze, and it literally just takes a few seconds.  First, you bring the backrest to the front and then you push the handlebar down.  That’s it.  And you can do it whichever way the seat is facing.

The stroller remains standing once folded, and with its convenient handle, you can easily carry it between home and the car.

It’s folded dimensions are just 16.14” x 23.62” x 29.53”, so it doesn’t take up too much space and will fit in most car trunks.

Ease of use & overall performance

Overall the Balios S is a breeze to push around and maneuver.  It moves soo smoothly on flat surfaces, but with its rubberized wheels and suspension system, it can handle any terrain, however rough it may be. 


  • Compatible with infant car seats, carrycot, and newborn cocoon
  • Can recline seat almost completely flat

  • Huge canopy to cover the baby from head to toe

  • Mesh peek-a-boo window provides extra ventilation

  • Quick one-hand folding

  • Suitable for use on any terrain including grass and gravel

  • Large, easy-access storage basket

  • Adjustable handlebar for parents of different heights

  • Beautiful and comfortable fabrics


  • Weighs about 24 pounds which may feel heavy to some parents
  • Many of the accessories available are not included in the price and will have to be purchased separately

Color Versions

The Cybex Balsios S is available in a wide range of colors.  Carrying on from the previous model’s designs, you can get denim blue, manhattan grey, and lavastone black.  You can get these either with a black frame and black handles or with a silver frame and brown handles.

The newer colors include fancy pink and tropical blue.  And in addition to those, there’s a new fashion collection available in 4 models: Respect, Love, Trust, and Strength.  There’s also a Cybex for SCUDERIA FERRARI collection which includes Victory Black and Racing Red models.

It’s worth noting at this point that the different color options can have different prices, so please ensure that you’re happy with the price for your desired color option before you buy it.  

Additional accessories available

There are a number of really good accessories available for the Cybex Balios S, some of which we’ve mentioned already.  Here’s a full list for you:

  • Cot S
  • Cybex Cocoon S
  • Footmuff
  • Kid board
  • Rain cover
  • Organizer
  • Snack tray
  • Cupholder
  • adapters for infant car seats
  • parents gloves
  • changing bag

Cybex Balios S – Pricing

We think that this stroller, although it isn’t cheap, is really good value for money.  It’s not too expensive and is roughly mid-priced, with its price lying between that of Priam and Mios on one end and UPPAbaby CRUZ and VISTA on the other. 


Overall we think this is a great stroller.  You can convert it to an entire travel system, and you can use it right from birth up until the child reaches about 3 or 4.  And it’s suitable for all terrains.  If you’re only having the one child, you may never need to buy another stroller (or pram).  It provides great convenience for parents with it’s large, easy-access storage basket and one-hand folding.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love Cybex Balios S

  1. This stroller has the biggest canopy out of all the strollers on the market today, and while it provides such good coverage, it’s not without adequate ventilation, thanks to the peek-a-boo mesh window, which allows you to check on the baby, whilst providing complete protection from the sun’s UV rays.

  2. It has all the features you could need, including all-terrain wheels, and an adjustable telescoping handlebar.

  3. Several seating options suitable for babies and toddlers of all ages.

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