Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller Full Review

Though starting a family is different for everyone, there’s definitely one thing that we all share in common: wanting to make the experience as smooth and stress-free as possible! 

Picking the right stroller for you and your tribe is one of the most important steps to get right and, if you’re a mom or dad who wants a stroller that can grow with your little one and offer great value for money, the Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller definitely fits the bill.

Not only does it offer the nimble feel of a jogger, but it also offers the benefits of a more regular ‘everyday’ stroller, making the Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller a comfortable and convenient choice because it offers you the best of both worlds.

If you like the sound of this stroller or it’s on your shortlist and you’d like some more information, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’re going to be providing an in-depth review of the Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller, as well as including both pros and cons, to help you make the most informed decision possible. Ready? Let’s start.

Fast Fire Facts:

  • Spacious storage basket that can easily hold a changing bag

  • A large canopy and a mesh seat top to keep your little one cool when it’s warmer

  • Can be converted into a car seat

  • The handlebar is adjustable to accommodate both short and tall parents

  • It is lightweight

  • You can unlock all four wheels for easy steering

The Ergoobaby 180 Reversible Stroller is a single stroller that is designed to hold your little one all the way from infancy up to 50lbs. It’s one of the most affordable choices for young families, converts easily into a travel system, and features a reversible handlebar so that you can face your baby either towards you or outwards to the world in just one click - hence the name.

The Stroller Seat:

The first aspect of this stroller that we’re going to focus on is the stroller seat!

Designed in order to be used from young infancy (around 3 months) and upwards, the seat of this stroller features a deeper recline than average. It is compatible with the Ergobaby Comfort Cushion which you may be interested in if you have a young infant and want to make sure they are as comfortable and secure as possible. 

As well as this, the Ergobaby Reversible Stroller is also compatible with many different infant car seats, so you have the option of transporting your baby using this method if you’d prefer an alternative.

Made with your convenience in mind just as much as your little one’s, you’ll be able to easily lower the backrest without any hassle as the seat features a buckle on the back that will allow you to quickly adjust without missing a beat, making it a useful feature for moms and dads always on the go.

Our Top Tip: If your baby happens to fall asleep, we suggest using both of your hands instead of just the one to gently recline the seat backward. With this method, you will be able to adjust the strap using one hand and provide support to the backrest with the other (which will make sure you don’t disturb your mini-me!).

Not only that, but the main seat is also made of durable material (that can be easily washed and won’t scratch or get damaged easily) that is cozy and padded for extra protection and comfort. It also comes with an innovative 5-point harness with a release button in the center that is extremely user-friendly and easily adjustable to allow you to tailor it to your baby.

The stroller seat also features a footrest and calf rest, so you can have faith while purchasing that this stroller is going to be able to accommodate your child as they grow into toddlers. However, it is worth being aware that these are non-adjustable, which may be an issue for some children. For instance, if you have a toddler who doesn’t feel comfortable sleeping with their legs and feet down, you don’t have the option of lifting the leg and calf rest to suit them.

Our Top Tip: If you find that the harness is a little bit too big for a younger infant, don’t worry! The shoulder pads on the harness are wide enough so that you can easily add a strap adjuster to allow for a more snug and secure fit.

Additionally, Ergobaby has also created a snack tray that can be attached to the seat so that your little one can enjoy some food without getting out of their seat. Though this is sold separately and not a necessity by any means, we think that it’s super useful and worthy of a mention for your consideration.

The Canopy:

The next feature that makes the Ergobaby so great is its canopy. 

So, what makes this canopy so awesome? First off, it automatically makes this stroller more suitable for use in the summertime as it will offer some protection from the sun, as well as keeping it out of your baby’s eyes. 

Unlike other canopy’s on the market, this one is extra wide and features a large, three-panel design that no matter how sunny it might be, your little one will always be safely tucked away in the shade.

 This will especially come in handy when your child wants to take a nap because the canopy will keep your little one comfortable, as well as offering protection from getting sunburn. It also means that you don’t have to go to the trouble of draping a blanket over the canopy to get the additional shade.

Plus, this canopy even features a clever peak-a-boo window with magnetic closure that will allow you to easily check-in on your child whenever you want without disturbing them or exposing them to the sun. Clever or what?

The Handlebar:

Next up is the star of the show: the handlebar! 

The handlebar is one of the best aspects of this stroller and is a feature that stands this stroller apart from the rest. For complete ease-of-use, the Ergobaby 180 features a reversible handlebar that can be easily flipped from parent-facing mode to front-facing mode.

All you have to do is pull the levers which are positioned on either side of the handlebar, switch it around and click it into place. It’s as easy as that and takes no time at all!

There are lots of reasons why this feature would appeal to parents, but one of the most common advantages is that it will allow you to switch a newborn baby to face you or let your older child face the world to be able to see what is going on around them. 

A big plus here is that you don’t have to worry about going through the fuss and faff of detaching the seat, all you need to do is pull the levers, twist, and secure and you’ll be good to go! 

The handlebar is also height adjustable and can be extended to suit parents of all different heights (anywhere from around 5’, all the way up to 6’3 or so). Additionally, there is also generous legroom at the back of the stroller, which we’re sure all parents with long legs will appreciate.

The Brakes and Wheels:

Before we get into reviewing the brakes and wheels system, it’s important to note that this stroller has been primarily designed to withstand smooth and flat, city type terrains. Though the wheels aren’t huge, they are most definitely suitable for everyday use.

As for their durability? The tires can certainly withstand a few bumps here and there. They are made of EVA foam to offer a level of shock protection. However, there is no suspension system so this stroller will not fare so well on a bumpy terrain.

One of our favorite parts about the wheel system is that there is an option for 4-wheel steering! This feature will make the stroller feel as though you are pushing a suitcase and will allow you to swivel the wheels a complete 360 degrees. You are even able to push the stroller from side to side, which will come in handy if you are trying to navigate down a busy sidewalk or path.

Our Top Tip: If you encounter an uneven or cracked sidewalk, we recommend locking the rear wheels. To make sure you’ve done it correctly, we suggest making them spin with your foot to ensure that the lock has engaged before you continue pushing the stroller forward. Moreover, you can even lock all for wheels if you find yourself having to navigate over more challenging, bumpy terrain.

The Storage Capacity:

In our opinion, the storage of a stroller is one of the most important factors to consider before parting ways with your hard-earned dollars. You want to make sure that your stroller is going to be able to easily carry your baby bag, a blanket and an extra pair of clothes - the list goes on! It’s important to have roomy storage so that you have room to bring along all of the necessities and then some.

When it comes to the storage capacity of this stroller, you won’t be disappointed. The Ergobaby 180 Stroller features a storage basket that can easily carry a large changing bag, as well as room for other items. Plus, you can easily access it from the back of the stroller. However, it is worth being aware that if your little one falls asleep and you recline the seat all the way back, you might have to retrieve items from the sides.

Something to keep in mind: The footrest is rigid and doesn’t flip up, so this means that you don’t have access to the storage basket from the front. For this reason, when you have the seat positioned in parent-facing mode, you won’t have access to the basket and will have to physically go behind the stroller to have access to your items.

It doesn’t stop there, either! Alongside the roomy storage basket, there is also a storage pocket placed on the back of the seat. Thanks to the discreet positioning, we think that this is a great place to store valuables such as a wallet or your mobile phone.

Additionally, you’ll find that this pocket will especially come in handy when you have the seat positioned towards you because you can still easily reach it without any obstruction. If that wasn’t enough, there’s even a cup holder to keep a drink for baby or yourself! Ergobaby has truly thought of everything.

The Foladability:

Believe it or not, the Ergobaby 180 is able to fold up into quite a compact shape! All you need to do is simply pull the handle (that is in the middle of the seat) and it will instantly do the work and close in half, locking upon impact. To make it even easier, Ergobaby have designed it in such a way that you can do it all with one hand, meaning you can hold your baby with the other safely.

One clicked and locked into place, the handle can then be used to carry the stroller and slotted into the trunk. 

Something to keep in mind: The stroller has been designed to fold outwards, which means that the foam handlebar and interior fabric is exposed as a result. For this reason, it’s just worth being extra careful not to get it dirty or damage the foam coating.

On the other hand, opening the stroller is a little different! Though it can be opened with one hand, you might find it a little tricky getting the hang of at first, especially if you have a toddler on your hip. All you need to do is unlock and then unfold the stroller outwards, using your knee if you need a little extra strength and support.

Our favorite feature is the clever indicator positioned on the side of the seat. As soon as you’ve set the stroller up and you’re ready to go, the indicator will go green if the stroller is set up correctly and safe to push. How fantastic is that?

The Size and Weight:

Just like we were saying earlier, this stroller is pretty nimble! In fact, it weighs in at just 20lbs (which is very lightweight for a stroller of this size).

Additionally, it is only 23.5 inches wide so, don’t worry about getting it stuck in an elevator or busy aisle - it’s streamlined design will allow you to easily navigate your way through without getting stuck.

The Pros and Cons:

For your convenience, we have weighed up some pros and cons to further help you make a choice on whether this stroller is a good fit for you and your family: 


  • This stroller is pretty lightweight at just 20lbs, so it won’t feel bulky or cumbersome to push around.
  • The reversible handlebar design allows you to quickly and easily reverse the seat without having to detach it so save on time and reduce the hassle

  • The generous 3-panel canopy is great for keeping your little one shaded from the sun, while the peek-a-boo window allows you to silently check on your baby without disturbing them or exposing them to the sun.

  • The handlebar telescopes rather than rotates to allow for a considerable amount of legroom behind the stroller

  • There is a big storage spacious basket and a pocket at the back of the main seat to keep valuables, snacks and your baby bag safe

  • You can fold it down using just one hand

  • It is compatible with many different infant travel seat manufacturers


  • The leg and calf rest are both non-adjustable which may pose to be an issue for some children.
  • There is no suspension system, so be careful not to take this stroller on a bumpy terrain as the stroller won’t be able to take the brunt of any shocks.

  • There is no bassinet option. However, Ergobaby states that the main seat of this stroller is suitable for use from birth.

The Specifications:

  • Seat Depth: 11’

  • Maximum Head Height: 24’

  • Handlebar Height - 39’ - 42’

  • Stroller Dimensions - 35.5’ x 23.5’ x 40’ (Length x width x height)

  • Stroller Weight: 20 pounds

  • Maximum Weight Limit: 55 pounds

  • Fold Dimensions: 30’ x 23.5’ x 14’ (Length x width x height)

  • Type of Stroller: A standard, convertible stroller

Additional Accessories

The Ergobaby 180 Stroller is compatible with a bunch of accessories that are sold separately. Here are some of our favorites:

The Reversible Stroller Cushion is certainly worthy of a mention. This adjustable cushion will cocoon a newborn in ergonomic comfort, encouraging the baby to adopt an M-shape leg position for newborns 0-6 months. It will also provide excellent head support and securely attach itself to the stroller seat and harness for complete peace of mind. 

If you live in a particularly rainy climate or just want to prepared for all types of weather conditions, you might be interested in purchasing the 180 Reversible Stroller Weather Shield. It has been made to fit the 180 Reversible Stroller in both seating positions and will keep your little one safe, warm, and dry from snow, wind, and rain.

  1. Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller Snack Tray

This is a really clever accessory that is super easy to attach - all you have to do is click into place and then push a button to release it once your child is done eating. It is also able to swivel out of the way if your little one wants to get up and stretch their legs in-between snacks and is also dishwasher friendly.


After checking out some reviews online, the general consensus of moms and dads is that this is a great stroller! It is durable, longlasting and pretty affordable - especially when you consider all of its handy and useful features. Many agree that the folding is a breeze, the large canopy is really handy for the summer and that the stroller is lightweight and easy to transport.

Many other reviews applaud the mesh back for establishing a consistent air-flow, while others love the wheel system that allows them to easily maneuver the stroller in all types of situations.

If you do need a little more convincing, here are our top four reasons as to why we think this stroller will make a great addition to your life:

  1. The four-wheel steering system is absolutely perfect for everyday life. With the addition of the Ergobaby 180 Stroller, you won’t find yourself stuck in a busy shopping aisle or mall because the 360-degree rotation will allow you to navigate your way through effortlessly. You can even push the stroller sideways!
  2. The reversible handlebar is super stress-free and makes traveling with your little one a lot easier. Rather than having to detach the seat in order to switch the position from front to back or vice versa, all you have to do is twist the handlebar around and then click into place. It takes seconds.
  3. The little green indicator is a really useful feature that will make sure everything is set up correctly and secure before you start to push the stroller.
  4. The 3-panel canopy is larger than the average canopy and is big enough to protect your mini-me (all the way from being a newborn to a young child) from UVA/UVB rays and keep the sunshine out of their eyes. It is also able to help protect against any overheating or sunburn. 

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