Ergobaby Embrace – New Awesome Baby Carrier For Newborns

Baby carriers are an extremely helpful accessory for parents as they allow moms and dads to keep their infants close while keeping both hands free for other tasks. However, holding a baby, even a newborn, for a prolonged period of time can cause aches and pains which are definitely not desirable for new parents. 

That’s where Ergobaby Embrace comes in. This baby carrier is an excellent choice to use straight out of the hospital until your infant reaches ages up to 12-18 months of age. What’s more is that it’s actually one of the most affordable ergonomic baby carriers on the market, showing that high price doesn’t always mean higher quality. 

We’ll be looking at the Ergobaby Embrace baby carrier and reviewing its key features to give you a better understanding of the model so you’re able to see if it’s a good fit for you and your growing family.

Ergobaby is a well known brand in the world of baby carriers thanks to their expert designs and forward thinking. All of their products are both ergonomic and completely safe, and their newest addition is no different. The Erobaby Embrace is designed to carry up to 25 pounds, allowing it to be used for newborns and small infants. 

It’s an excellent choice for expectant mothers for their first carrier as it can be used from newborn age, it’s very lightweight and portable, and easy to use so you won’t have to waste time trying to figure out overcomplicated straps.

Carrying Positions

The Ergobaby Embrace carrier is designed to carry your baby on your front, however you can choose to have them facing towards you or away from you. This means that while this model is less versatile than the Baby Tula Explore and another of Ergobaby’s designs, the Omni 360, there still is more than just one position you can carry your newborn in. 

Having said that, the reason that it is so limited is that the Ergobaby Embrace carrier is only suitable for infants up to 25 pounds. Carrying infants around on your back is much more beneficial for older toddlers rather than newborns and young infants. 

Due to the fact that there is less versatility with this baby carrier, the price is lowered considerably which is a plus for parents who don’t want to carry their babies around on their backs. 

How do you carry a baby in the Ergobaby Embrace carrier?

You can use this baby carrier as soon as your baby reaches seven pounds and 20 inches high. Newborn Mode is where you carry your baby facing towards you and you’ll need to make the seat narrower and fold the waist belt up more to make the back shorter. This will accommodate the natural curve of your newborn baby’s spine and will make sure their head is still poking out of the carrier rather than being covered fully. 

A great fact about this is that you won’t need to buy any other attachments to make the Ergobaby Embrace carrier ready for newborns. Attachments usually make the carrier thicker and therefore hotter for your baby, so this is a big benefit. 

Once your baby reaches 23 inches in height you can adapt the carrier into Baby Mode which is another facing towards the parent position, however it allows longer back support and a wider seat. 

Your baby’s knees always need to be supported along with their hips and legs, so make sure you check which position will suit their development best, as not all babies are the same! 

The final option is the Facing Out Mode which is suitable for babies taller than 26 inches. They’ll need full head and neck control and be able to hold their chin above the panel so that they’re not uncomfortable. While this is an exciting position for babies to see the outside world, Ergobaby recommends only using this mode for short periods of time to prevent overstimulation. You can work your way up from five minutes to about 20 minutes. 

No matter how tall your baby is, they should be facing towards you when they’re sleeping so they can rest comfortably on you. More information about these positions is on the Ergobaby website

Easy to Use and Comfortability

Ergobaby designed their Embrace carrier to be super easy to use so you can put in on and take it off easily without help from another person. This is much more beneficial than one that needs another person to adjust it as chances are you’re not going to be around other people 24/7, and you need to be able to carry your baby without any assistance. 

The straps and buckles are very easy to connect using only one hand, so your other can be tending to your baby. Once it’s on and your newborn is secured, you can adjust the straps easily without having to think about it. These straps are long so they’ll fit around anyone, mom or dad. 

In terms of comfort, there are three noticeable features that stand out. The first is the wide waist strap which is padded so that it doesn’t dig into your back and cause pain after wearing for a prolonged time. 

The second is the thick fabric used for the shoulder straps. These are also wide to prevent straps digging into your shoulders. The thick fabric is strong to keep your baby positioned properly and takes some of the weight off your upper body. 

And lastly, the shoulder straps are crossed over your back to evenly distribute the weight of your newborn and prevent you getting shoulder ache. These look like a wrap and therefore work just like one. 

Overall the design of Ergobaby Embrace ensures that your newborn’s weight is evenly distributed to prevent the carrier from becoming tired, sweaty and achy. Many parents that have used this carrier claim that their babies felt weightless. 

The design mimics the straps of highly used wraps rather than a backpack, making it much more comfortable for the parents as there are no thin straps being pulled into the skin. However, this limits the weight allowance for the Embrace to up to 25 pounds as these straps aren’t as heavy duty. 

Ergonomic and Safe

Your number one concern as a new parent is most likely going to be the health and well-being of your newborn, which is why Ergobaby has designed this carrier to keep your baby’s in a healthy position at all times without increasing the risk of hip dysplasia. The legs and hips remain solidly in the frog position and while this may seem uncomfortable to us, it is the natural way for babies' bodies to sit and gives the hips the opportunity to develop healthily. 

Ergobaby Embrace, along with many others of the brands carriers, has been recognized on the website of The International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a healthy carrier for babies hips. 

Moreover, this carrier won’t force your baby to keep their spine straight, which is both unnatural and uncomfortable for them. Instead, it allows the natural curve to remain in the spine. This allows the spine to strengthen and develop at its own pace and doesn’t force it to do so before its time. 

There is also ample neck support for your baby so they can rest their neck back easily and safely. This is great for babies who have not developed neck control yet, or babies who simply like to lean their heads back to nap. 


The Ergobaby Embrace is currently available in four different colors - Pure Black, Burgundy, Heather Grey and Oxford Blue. These four swatches are all lovely colors which can be worn with anything without worrying the colors are going to clash. What's more the colors are all quite dark meaning stains won’t show up as much as lighter colors, which all parents will agree is a nice touch!

Light and soft fabric 

The Ergobaby Embrace carrier is completely made of a lightweight knitted fabric which is both breathable, to keep both baby and carrier cool, and soft, to prevent irritations to your baby’s sensitive skin. It’s even thinner and less bulky than any other buckle carrier on the market. 

Many parents complain about the feeling of being weighed down by buckle carriers, but with the Ergobaby Embrace, this simply isn’t the case. We would compare this baby carrier to wearing a light sweatshirt rather than three extra layers.

Don’t be fooled though, as just because the fabric is soft and light doesn’t mean that it’s not super strong and durable. Plus it’s been extensively tested before being released onto the market to ensure it can hold weights up to 25 pounds. 

The fabric is stretchable so it is easy to reposition your baby if they’ve wriggled out of their frog position.You’ll also be able to pull and adjust the carrier to your body without worrying about it ripping or disturbing your sleeping newborn. Having said this, the fabric is durable and is not going to be stretched out of shape after prolonged use.

The last great feature of the fabric used is that it is completely machine washable and dries very fast thanks to the lightweight material. This is great for anything considering newborns and infants because they can be notoriously messy and parent’s need equipment that can be washed and dried in record time.

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