Necessary Accessories for Newborn Twins

The amount of baby accessories available on the market is endless, and more often than not they are all branded ‘must-have items’ for moms. But how do you determine whether this is a fact or fabrication? 

Twins are double the work for new moms and therefore need different accessories than moms with only one baby need. Some products are necessary for twins that are not for single babies. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you have two babies you have to pay twice as much for accessories. 

Some products on the market are helpful, sure, but they are not always necessary. Below we’ve listed some accessories that have proven extremely helpful for new twin moms, as well as a couple that are only optional. 

Must-Have Accessories

Car Seat Frame

If you find yourself tight on time and don’t want to purchase a double stroller and two car seats, a car seat frame could be an ideal solution. Double strollers often don’t accept two car seats at once, which may not be as beneficial to you as a car seat frame.

These are good for parents on a budget as the seats work for two purposes. They’re also handy for parents who drive a lot who don’t want to waste time moving your babies from their car seats to the stroller, then back to their car seats. 

Double Nursing Pillow

If you’re not familiar with having twins, feeding time can be quite overwhelming and tricky to conduct. A double nursing pillow will allow you to hold both of your babies at one time and feed them simultaneously. 

These pillows can also be used for other things as well, such as a comfortable mat for tummy time or back support for babies practicing sitting up on their own.

Double Stroller

The need for a double stroller is pretty much a given for twin moms, as it makes trips out much easier than to use a single stroller while carrying the other baby. Leaving the house as a new mom keeps you sane, so anything that will help you do so is considered a necessity. 

Having said that, what double stroller should you buy? There are so many options to choose from, it can be pretty overwhelming. Tandem, side-by-side, car seat frames, Sit’n’Stand, how do you choose? 

The main things to consider when choosing a double stroller is the terrain you’ll be taking it over, how heavy you can bear it being, and how it folds down. Of course, there are many other factors that you need to consider, so research is a must. 

Do you need a stroller that you can take jogging? Do you want one that is going to last from newborn status to later toddlerhood? Make sure you know what you want from your stroller before choosing one. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference and what features you want most. 

One thing we’d advise you to not do is listen to other people too much. Unsolicited advice may cause you to choose a stroller that isn’t going to aid you and your twins the most. The market is always evolving, and a stroller that your mom used decades ago may not be the best pick now.  

Single Stroller

A single stroller is also very beneficial for twin moms, and one of the most forgotten about accessories. What happens when you need to take one of your babies to the doctors, or only want to take one out on a walk because the other is sleeping? Double strollers are very bulky and less maneuverable than singles, so you don’t really want to be taking your double out when you don’t need to. 

We understand that you might not want to purchase both a double and single stroller, so an expandable model may be the best fit for you. These can be used as a single stroller or you can add an additional seat onto them to turn them into a double.  

Two Baby Swings 

Baby swings allow you a few moments peace away from having to soothe your baby. Fussy babies, who are perhaps suffering from colic or teething pains, often want to be rocked continuously. This is not viable for all parents who have other chores or work to attend to, which is why baby swings are so popular. 

The reason you’ll want two models is so that both of your babies can be in one at the same time. This gives you more free time to crack on and work through your to-do list without upsetting the babies.

Baby swings can also be used as a place to rest your babies while they’re napping or playing, as they’re often much more comfortable than a playmat or on the floor. 

True, this will take up double the space of your home, but we think the pay off is much greater than this inconvenience. However, if you’re really pressed for space, you can opt for two baby rockers that can be folded away when you’re not using them. 

Optional Accessories

Double Electric Breast Pump 

A double electric breast pump will allow you to express twice as much milk as a single alternative would. With two mouths to feed instead of one, this can be very helpful to speed up feeding times. 

Double pumps are also used by moms with one baby due to the convenience and reduced time taken to pump. Although this isn’t a must-have accessory, we’d call it very useful if you had the extra budget.

Double Carrier

Carrying your babies is a great way to bond with them, but it’s not every parent’s favorite method of transportation. There are some excellent double baby carriers on the market if you want to try it, but these are not essential to twin moms. 

You can also use wraps to carry your twins, and there are many different YouTube videos online that will teach you how to tie the knot properly and safely. 

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