Nuna Demi Grow Review

The Nuna Demi Grow was Nuna’s only expandable stroller when it joined the market in 2018. Since it was expandable, it makes a great option for those who need a cost-efficient stroller that’ll grow alongside their baby and accommodate them as they get bigger and heavier.

In this review of the Nuna Demi Grow, we’ll break this stroller down into its important parts and describe how they work and why we think it’s a great choice available to you. The review categories, and the contents of this article, are listed below so that you can jump ahead to any specific parts of this stroller that you were wondering about.

Convertible strollers aren’t a new addition to the market by any metric, but this only inspires manufacturers and designers to add even more versatility to the products they put out. It’s that kind of market environment that forms a product like the Nuna Demi Grow, a simple and functional stroller that’s able to convert its seating options in 23 different ways.

Find out about those seating options, as well as more information about every facet of this product, below.

Seating Options

The Nuna Demi Grow really is the quintessential all-in-one stroller, making outdoor travel with your young child or children as stress-free as it can possibly be. Buying the Demi Grow will net you with a stroller frame that can attack two toddler seats, two bassinets, and even two infant car seats thanks to the relevant adapters that are included in the purchase. All of the above seats can be mixed and matched too, which is perfect if there’s an age gap between your young children.

In the order of child development, you’ll start with the bassinet first. It’s made with a high-quality mattress that keeps your child comfortable and in the proper position so that their back and head are fully supported.

The toddler seats are designed for babies after six months, after they’ve gained head and neck control. It features a three-position recline that takes them from upright to flat. An adjustable leg and footrest make reclining in these small seats very comfortable for your children. The whole seat system is also reversible, so you have a choice as to whether your baby faces you or outwards so they can see the world around them and satisfy their curiosity.

The baby is secured by a five-point no-rethread harness that’s easy to use and, like everything with this model, adjusts with them as they grow up. There’s also detachable padding and breathable mesh netting which, between them both, have you covered during wet and warm days. When you need to add another child to your stroller, you can do so without the use of any fiddly adapters, eliminating a purchase you may have had to make.

The inclusion of infant car seat adapters allows you to use it for them, too. The infant car seats will need buying separately, but you’ll likely have some lying around if you’ve taken your child out in the car. The adapters seamlessly fit into the Nuna Demi Grow frame, so much so that you’ll forget they’re not part of the original stroller itself.


When you receive this stroller, the first thing you’ll notice about it is its big canopy with a very generous flip-out sun visor. There’s no such thing as too much protection from the sun, especially for babies, but this comes close. Don’t think that it’ll cut you off from your child, however, since there’s a peek-a-boo mesh that not only allows you to see and communicate with your child, but it also airs out the stroller on warm days.

If you want your baby to be undisturbed, however, you’ll find Nuna’s own Dream Drape included with this product. The Dream Drape is a child privacy and protection hood that will allow your child to sleep peacefully, and once you’re done it slots into a hidden, zippered compartment of the standard canopy.

This allows you to give your child some much-needed privacy when out on the go, leaving them undisturbed without totally separating them from the outside world and the sun and wind that comes with it.

Wheels & Suspension

There are a total of four wheels on the Nuna Demi Grow, each being made with high-quality durable foam that cushions your stroller ride so well, you’d think that you were coasting by on air-filled tires. But they’re not air-filled tires, and that’s great because it means you won’t have to worry about re-inflating them or flattening them by running over sharp objects on the ground. Instead, these wheels keep turning no matter what gets in their way, all whilst providing a smooth ride for your child.

The front two wheels pivot, meaning you can navigate tight spaces easier with them, but if you’re on a casual stroll then you can also lock them in place for the best of both worlds. This also adds to their stability when faced with harsher terrain since it eliminates the possibility that they’ll unintentionally pivot one way or the other.

They’re quite large, which just adds to the confidence this stroller will give you since most terrain will get rolled over without incident. The rear wheels also have fenders that protect both you and the stroller itself from any debris or dirt that could be cast up by wet or harsh terrain, like puddles or gravel. This also makes sure that the stroller doesn’t get too dirty, making cleanup quicker and easier.

Custom dual suspension will cushion your ride over harsh terrain, adding to the comfort and ease with which this stroller tackles any obstacles in its path. It means that small bumps and knocks that occur during the normal motion of the stroller won’t be carried up to the seating area, where they could startle or wake up your baby.

All of the above still works as intended when you add another toddler seat into the mix, making it one of the nimblest double strollers we’ve seen.


There’s not too much to say about the brake because it’s so easy to operate and works so well. It’s a single-action foot-operated brake by the right wheel which, with the press of your foot on the pedal, will bring your stroller to a smooth but decisive stop.


With the handlebars of the Nuna Demi Grow, your height doesn’t matter. This is because they’re fully adjustable, allowing you to push the stroller along comfortably no matter your height. It adjusts by extension, not rotation, meaning taller parents who have longer legs won’t find themselves kicking the back of the buggy by accident. This makes it perfect for use by both parents as well as any grandparents or nannies that may want to push this stroller along.

Storage Basket

Any busy parent’s stroller needs some extra storage space. As a parent, you can never have enough space to keep all of the baby care items you need to take with you whenever you and your baby go out. You’ll be glad to know that the Nuna Demi Grow has an extended storage basket design that juts out from the bottom, allowing for ease of access without disturbing the baby carriage above it.

If and when you expand this stroller to have a second seat, whether that’s another toddler seat or a bassinet, it’ll cover the basket. That doesn’t mean you will lose out on the storage space, however, since that basket can be removed and used as a carry basket that’s perfect for shopping for casual hand carrying.

Size, Weight, and Folding

You may have been wondering whilst reading the extensive features that this stroller has, how heavy is it? The Nuna Demi Grow isn’t a light or small stroller, by any means. It needs to have a solid construction to accommodate up to two growing children, after all. With one seat, the stroller will weigh approximately 27.4 lbs. and that number will go up if a second seat is added.  That said, the final weight isn’t the heaviest out there where double strollers are concerned.

The frame remains the same size no matter how you expand or tinker with the many adjustment opportunities the Nuna Demi Grow supports. The frame mainly has a solid construction, hence the weight, but is compact for a tandem stroller in terms of width, even when converted into a double stroller.

Folding the chair down takes, with no exaggeration on our part, mere seconds. After lifting two toggles on either side of the handlebars, the stroller will collapse under its own weight into a neat, free-standing frame that automatically locks in place so that it doesn’t accidentally open back up. Since the stroller is compact even when unfolded, folding it doesn’t reduce its size that much. That said, it should still fit in most trunks, especially the trunks of family cars.

Detaching the seats makes the folding and storing process easier, and there is a handle built into the stroller frame that you can use to hold it by, which is very useful if navigating stairs.

Quality & Materials

The Nuna Demi Grow is made with stylish but functional materials. See the handlebar, which is made with a luxury leatherette that makes usually the drabbest parts of a stroller look nice and of high quality. There’s ample padding in the seating areas, too, because those sections are made with comfort built into them. We’ve already mentioned how the frame is solidly constructed to reliably hold any burden you’d put on it.


When you have a product as adjustable as the Nuna Demi Grow, there’s little surprise that there’s a whole host of accessories that can be used. We’ve mentioned some before, like the infant car seat adapters, the wheel fenders, and the privacy cover. There’s also a transparent rain cover that allows you to maintain contact with your child whilst shielding them from rainy weather.

As for some accessories that you’ll have to buy separately, any bassinet you use will need to be supplied by yourself, as will a second toddler seat if you plan on using one. There’s also an accompanying travel bag that you can buy.

Color Versions

The Nuna Demi Grow is available in three neutral but distinct color schemes, those being the silvery-white Frost, the muted blue Aspen, or the darker Caviar. They’re distinct enough to appeal to different tastes whilst remaining subtle, elegant, and unisex, perfect for use by every child and their parents or guardians.

Nuna Demi Grow - Buyers Guide

Release Date & Pricing

The Nuna Demi Grow was scheduled to be released at the beginning of 2018, so not only is this stroller out right now, but it’s probably been long enough that you can get it for slightly less than it originally retailed for.

It’s a top-quality stroller and with quality comes a higher asking price and given all its features it’s no surprise that this is very much considered a high-end stroller. The basic retail set includes one toddler seat, so you’ll have to buy an additional toddler seat if you have double use planned, or bassinet if you’re planning on wheeling your child around during the first six months of their life. 

These additional purchases add to the initial cost of the stroller, which is exactly why we’d recommend keeping an eye out for deals and discounts if you’re on a budget but want to improve the functionality of this piece of kit.


We think that this stroller is a brilliant option for those who have one child but, whether soon or in the future, are planning to have another or anticipate needing to wheel multiple children around. If you already have two children in need of that, then all the better. It’s a great one-time purchase that’ll grow with the family and accommodate multiple children at differing sizes, all without sacrificing its agility and adjustability.

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