The Best Strollers for Special Needs and Disabled Children

Special needs strollers (otherwise known as adaptive strollers or pushchairs) are able to provide children with special needs  the opportunity to explore the world around them while keeping them both safe, secured and comfortably supported.

Quite often, children who are disabled or experience mobility issues use wheelchairs as their primary mode of transportation. Unfortunately, most wheelchairs have a number of logistical limitations that make it difficult, if not impossible, for children to fully participate in outdoor events and exciting adventurous excursions with their family

Children, toddlers, and young adults all deserve the ability to be active and participate in outdoor exploration and activities, as well as normal, everyday activties. Special needs strollers provide a safe way for them to participate, free of the restrictions of heavy, bulky wheelchairs.

Fortunately, there are plenty of stroller manufacturers that design strollers specifically for children that are disabled or special needs - so you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to be going through the top 3 available on the market today that will safely support your child for many years to come and let you make some fantastic memories!

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The Best Strollers for Special Needs and Disabled Children - Comparison Table

The Best Strollers for Special Needs and Disabled Children - Reviews

First up we’re going to be discussing the Special Tomato EIO. Weighing in at only 22 pounds, this is certainly one of the lightest strollers out there, making it a great choice as many moms and dads find this pushchair easy to push around, especially on long day trips!! It’s size is a little bigger than what you would expect an everyday stroller to be, however many parents don’t find this to be a problem because of how lightweight it is. 

If you’re searching for a stroller that you can use for days in the park, strolls in the city,or even for occasional walks on nature trails, this is a great option to consider. Moreso, EIO is popular with parents of autistic children or children with cerebral palsy because of how supportive and high quality this stroller is. As well as this, this stroller will also be able to accommodate your child as they grow! It can carry taller toddlers and children more than regular strollers can offer ( up to 50″). 

A quick overview of the Special Tomato EIO

  • It’s a great investment because it offers longevity and can be used for toddlers and young children.
  • If your baby is too heavy for a regular stroller, this is a great option because it is able to hold children over 60/75 pounds.
  • It is the best special needs child stroller for everyday use because it’s not super bulky and heavy (although it is not the best for jogging!)
  • Many parents find disability pushchairs to be very expensive. However, this pushchair is very affordable

Special Tomato EIO Push Chair - In-depth Review

One of the first features we’re going to be talking about is the seat on this Special Tomato Stroller, we love how comfy and cushy it is! It’s super padded which truly sets it apart from other strollers in its class. One thing’s for sure, if you go for this stroller, not only will your child feel totally safe and supported, they will also feel really comfortable.

Designed with you in mind too, the seat fabric padding can be removed and is also able to be cleaned in a washing machine.This is great because if you accidentally spill something on it or it gets stained, you can quite easily remove it and wash it (not all strollers offer this feature to remove the padding of the chair) we think this is a great advantage that will keep the stroller clean and hygenic.

Made to support your child and keep them as comfortable as possible, EIO has carefully added additional lateral pillows and a head cushion which help to keep the your little one’s shoulders and neck supported and in the correct position, while also supporting their body and lowering the chances of them being pushed from side to side. You can also remove these additional pillows if your child does not like them.

Unlike a wheelchair, it is important to be aware that the seat of the stroller is not completely upright so your child will be at an angle. The seat of this angle is at precisely 20 degrees and with the backrest angle being adjustable in case your child wants to take a nap. For reference, you will be able to recline it from 25 to 75 degrees (from vertical) so though it may not be suitable for long durations of sleep, your child will certainly be able to take a nap on the go.

Another standout feature of this stroller is that the leg rest allows you to adjust it to best suit your chil and can be adjusted up to a length of  15 degrees from horizontal. For this reason, this stroller is able to accomodate children that have difficulty bending their knees.

Tying in nicely with the adjustable leg rest feature is the additional foot block. It is super easy to move up and down in order to provide your child with support for their feet, as well as making sure that shorter children can have a place to place their feet.

There is also an innovative integrated 8-point harness system. The 5-point upper harness consists of a really great padded chest and shoulders straps that will keep your child safe, as well as a 3-point harness which is designed to go around the pelvic and hip area. This harness system is great because it does not restrict your child from being able to move their body and head around to see their surroundings while preventing them from sliding or falling out of the stroller.

The next standout feature is the canopy! It consists of one panel and a flip out sun visor that will ensure that your child’s head is kept shaded, with the sun out of their eyes. To make your life easier, there’s also a peek-a-boo window on the canopy that will allow you to easily check on your little one without disturbing them or exposing them to the sun’s rays.

Special Tomato EIO – Why it’s great for parents

This stroller isn’t just great for your child, you’ll love it, too! Offering complete functionality and ease-of-use, this pushchair has some really great features for parents which we’ll be going through below.

First off, the EIO stroller has a really decently sized storage basket placed just underneath the seat that can hold up to 10lbs. We love this feature because it means that you have a safe and discreet area to keep baby essentials such as diapers, drinks and snacks. As well as this, there is also a pocket on the back of the stroller which is a great place to store valuables (like your phone) as well as two mesh pouches on either side of the stroller for storing stuff that you would like to easily grab.

Plus, stopping this stroller is easy thanks to its one-touch parking brake. To brake, all you need to do is press the rear brake with your foot and then simply lift it to start making the pushchair roll again.

Offering complete convenience of use, this stroller even has an adjustable handlebar! Depending on your height and preferences, you can quickly and easily rotate it from 30″ to 42″ from the ground, making it an ideal choice if more than one person is going to be using it.

If you’re wondering where you can use it, this stroller is suitable to be used for everyday activities, strolling in the park and going shopping. It’s the perfect way to spend quality time with your little one.

The wheels are also really high quality (the rear wheels are 11″, while the front ones are 9″) making them large enough to handle bumpy roads or even a stroll in the woods with the family. Alongside this, there is also a spring suspension that will be able to absorb the impact of any bumps which means that your child won’t be wiggling around.


  • Fits larger and taller kids than regular stroller
  • Adjustable leg rest is useful for kids with legs/knees problems

  • Generously padded seat with additional pillows that support child's body and prevent them from sliding from side to side

  • 8-point harness for exceptional protection

  • Weighs only 22 lbs - less than other strollers for special needs


  • Long wheelbase - in tight places you need to be careful not to hit anything
  •  Large fold - it will probably take the whole space in a medium size car trunk

Special Tomato EIO Push Chair – Specification

Now for the technical part! All in all, it’s safe to say that the EIO Push Chair is more spacious for a child (particularly thanks to the seat) than other types of strollers, so it is a great investment if you want a stroller that is going to grow with your toddler or if you have a taller child. Plus, after checking out some different reviews online, we’ve discovered that this is a popular choice for parents with special needs toddlers and children due to how easy it is to use and how it allows their children to remain safe and secure while out and about.

Fancy checking some reviews out for yourself? Just click here.

It should also be noted that if you have an older child (up to 6 years old) or a taller toddler that does not need the aid of a headrest, you have the option to remove the headrest and the canopy in order to accomodate to them.

Here are all dimensions – make sure you refer back to these before making a purchase to make sure it will fit your child:

  • Stroller Capacity - 90 pounds
  • Recommended Height - 30" - 50" (approx.)
  • Setback Height - 24"
  • Seat Size -  14" x 12" (W x D)
  • Handlebar Height - 30" - 43"
  • Seat to footwell - 13"
  • Wheels Size - 11" in the back & 9" in the front
  • Open Stroller Dimensions - 46" x 24" x 45" (L x W x H)
  • Folded Stroller Dimensions - 43" x 24" x 20" (L x W x 
  • Stroller Weight - 22 lbs

Next up we’re going to be discussing the Special Tomato Jogger. It’s made by the same manufacturer as the EIO we talked about above, however this stroller is slightly different. For starters, it is ideal for all types of terrains and can be used for both walking and jogging, particularly across rough trails thanks to its pneumatic tires, suspension and well-padded seat provide comfortable and smooth ride for the child. Thanks to this stroller parents can stay active and do their favorite exercises without compromising their child’s comfort or safety, as well as letting your little one enjoy the outdoors, too!

The best part? This stroller weighs at just  27 pounds which makes it lighter than other regular jogging strollers on the market today, as well as not being bulky. 

Quick Overview – Standout Features of The Special Tomato Jogger

If you’re in a rush, here is a quick overview of the Special Tomato Jogger:

  • It is a pushchair designed for children with a mild to moderate disability
  • It’s perfect for moms and dads who like jogging and long walks in the outdoors
  • It is a really light jogging stroller specifically designed to cater to the needs of a child with a disability
  • The seat of this stroller is angled in an upright position, making it great for children with inquisitive minds that love to look around!

Special Tomato Jogger as a stroller for child with disability – Full Review

Just like the EIO, the Special Tomato Jogger comes complete with great padding (so you know your little one is going to be supported, especially if you plan on jogging) and also features a removable, reversible upholstery.Thanks to it being reversible, you can use the cosy fleece side during the colder months and then swap it out for the canvas insert during those hot, sunny days. Pretty cool, right? Alongisde this, we also think this feature is great because as  the seat fabric and the insert are both removable, you are able to easily wash them both if any spills or stains occur (they are both machine washable). 

Similar to the EIO, the Special Tomato Jogger also features an 8-point harness that is able to comfortably yet effectively hold your child’s chest and hips in a safe and ergonomic postion. It is worth noting that this type of harness system is different to regular strollers (which usually only tend to have a 5-point harness). We think that 8-point harness is most suited for children with a disability as it is able to secure the child from falling out and sliding from side to side with maximum efficacy, while also giving the child the freedom to look around, move their arms and legs and most importantly - enjoy themselves.

However, unlike the EIO,  the Special Tomato Jogger doesn’t feature lateral back pillows. If this is an issue or something that you would like to offer your child,  you are still able to add the Special Tomato Sitter or Liner to provide more support for your child.

Next we’re going to talk about the seat! It is comfortable and roomy with an adjustable backrest (the highest position possible is 10 degrees from the default position, while the backrest is able to be taken down to 50 degrees from its default sitting position) which is more than enough recline to allow your child to rest if they get sleepy.

It’s non-adjustable leg rest is complee with side guards that will keep your child’s legs from moving around or falling out, so you can have confidence that your child won’t get their legs or feet stuck in the wheels or dragged across the floor. 

Though the canopy isn’t as big as others, you can rest assured that it will sufficiently cover your child’s head, while its peek-a-boo window means that you can easily check in on your little mini-me without disturbing them or having to lift the canopy up and away from them, which would defeat the point of using one!

Special Tomato Jogger – Why it’s great for parents

Made with you in mind as well as your little adventurer, the Special Tomato Jogger features an adjustable, rotating handlebar that you can be sure will make pushing and steering more comfortable and enjoyable (especially if you plan on going for jogs). 

Other features that will make strolling a breeze include a strong but lightweight frame, strong air-filled tire, rear suspension, 3-wheel design and a lockable front wheel. As well as this, the height settings range from 35 to 43 inches from the ground - so regardless of how short or tall you are, this stroller will accommodate you.

Its overall size is quite large (larger than regular strollers) so though it might not be ideal fro grocery shopping, it’s a great choice for outdoor walks, as well as spending the day at Disney World or other theme parks.

Another feature we’re sure will come in handy is the storage basket positioned just below the seat. It’s a moderate size that will be able to hold a medium-sized diaper bag or some essentials with ease. The Special Tomato jogger is equipped with a wrist strap to prevent the stroller from getting away from you and when you’re done using it, you can easily fold it down in just one simple step!

Where can you use Special Tomato Jogger?

Though this is a stroller designed primarily for jogging, you can also use it for long distance walks, off-road trails and busy day trips thanks to it’s 12″ wheels with pumped tires. Thanks to these, this pushchair is able to handle more types of terrain than the EIO Push Chair wheels can. Plus, thanks to its rear suspension, if you do find yourself travelling over gravel trails or bumpy sidewalks, this pushchair will be able to glide over these types of terrains without causing your child to wiggle or be bumped around.


  • Very smooth ride on multiple types of terrain (including uneven surfaces)
  • Reversible seat padding for different weather conditions

  • This stroller fits even a 7 year old child

  • Footwell has sidewalls to prevent child's legs from dragging on the ground

  • 8-point harness with padded straps for child's security and comfort

  • Easy folding


  • Small canopy

Special Tomato Jogger – Specification

Alongside all these great features that we’ve talked about above, the Special Tomato Jogger also contains a slightly longer seat and higher weight limit than the EIO Push Chair due to its size and capacity for jogging, which in turn makes this stroller able to have a bigger height and weight capacity. So, if you are looking for a stroller that is going to last you a long time or you have an older child with special needs or a disability, this is one of the very best choices for you. It is also worth noting that the height limit is 7 years and/or 50″-52″..

Here are all dimensions – make sure to refer to these before making a purchase in order to be sure that it is suitable for both you and your child.

  • Seat Size - 14" x 12" (W x D)
  • Maximum Head Height - 27" 
  • Stroller Capacity - 110 lbs
  • Seatback Height - 25"
  • Seat to Footwell - 15"
  • Handlebar Height - 35" - 43"
  • Wheels Size - 12"
  • Stroller Dimensions - 42" x 26" x 43" (L x W x H)
  • Folder Stroller Dimensions - 42" x 26" x 43" (L x W x H)
  • Stroller Weight - 27lbs

Last up in our review is the Joovy Ultralight Jogging Stroller. We’ve selected this stroller for  a number of reasons. For starters, with the Zoom 360 jogging stroller, you can quite easily get out, get some exercise, and ensure your little one is never left out of the fun thanks to its supportive and secure design. 

The Joovy Zoom - Quick Overview

The Joovy Zoom 360’s extra large tires have been built to specifically handle a variety of terrains, while its slim design and budget-friendly price tag means it’s not going to consume your trunk or your wallet.

As well as this, thanks to it being made of  aircraft aluminum 6061, the Joovy Zoom 360 features a design that is 10% lighter than other Joovy products and other regular strollers. We also love that the baby foot area has a lightweight, strong net and better ventilation, as well as the window of this stroller containing a larger stroller canopy, which is great for sun protection.

  • Suitable to be used for walking or jogging, making it a great choice for active parents
  • Can be used from 3 months and can hold up to 75 lbs
  • Lightweight with off-road suspension
  • Swivel front wheel to make pushing easier

Joovy Jogger Stroller - In depth review

The Joovy Zoom is another clear winner if you’re searching for a stroller that can accommodate the needs of a special needs or diabled child. It contains a variety of  features as well as an aesthetically pleasing style that isn’t going to break the bank.

 Its  unit is extra wide (wider than other strollers) with a raised seating level, which makes it great for your growing child because it has a big height and weight capacity. Plus, thanks to its raised seated level,  your little adventurer will be able to enjoy fantastic views all around them! If they get tired or want to rest, the seat will also recline backwards with ease when needed. 

Despite being on the wider side, this stroller still folds up neatly (so storage is a breeze). It is quick to fold and can be done with just one hand. The front wheel is lockable, so this stroller glides over almost any surface with little resistance, meaning that your child’s head, shoulders and neck will remain supported. 

Another feature we like is the extended canopy tha is able to be pulled out and adjusted into any position in order to keep your child protected from the sun or other external factors. As well as this, there’s a peek-a-boo window inside the canopy that will allow you to easily view your child without removing the canopy. If it rains, there’s also an added rain cover to make sure your child stays dry and protected.

One of the main reasons this stroller made our list is because you don’t have to focus its use around jogging to make proper use of it. While it has been made for this,  it is also entirely suitable to be used as an every day strolling device. As well as this, the unit will stay cool and ventilated when preferred and toasty and cosy in the warmer months. It can carry drinks and snacks on top of its already impressive storage capacity. 

Joovy Zoom 360 - Why it’s great for parents 

Made with you and your child in mind, the Joovy Zoom 360 Stroller has a bunch of great features that will aid you just as much as your little one.

Designed to make pushing your child as easy as possible (especially if you’re going to be jogging) the front wheel of this trolley offers maximum maneuverability. It can lock in a straight position for stability when traveling on long and straight roads. You and your kid will have a smooth ride because they can lock and turn the front tire, the air in the huge tire can help you easier on the road. 

There is also a roomy storage shelf positioned just underneath the seat area. This is a discreet area to keep your child’s essentials such as their diapers, medicine or anything else that they may need.

Where can you use the Joovy Zoom 460 Ultralight Stroller?

The Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Stroller can be used just about anywhere! Its extra large air-filled tires can handle all different types of terrains, including the beach, so you can go on plenty of adventures with your little one with confidence that your child is going to have a comfortable and secure riding experience.

It is also worth noting that the Joovy Zoom 360 meets Disney World’s stroller size requirements (the front wheel needs to be in un-locked mode).


  • Very affordable
  • Multiple chair adjustment features to accommodate your child

  • Wheel pump included

  • Lightweight and foldable


  • Car seat adapter is sold separately

Joovy Joggger Stroller Specifications 

Suitable to be used from 3 months all the way up to a weight limit of 75 lbs, the Joovy Jogger is a great stroller that has been built to last and grow with your child. 

Here are some of it’s technical specifications - make sure you refer back to these before making a purchase to make it’s suitable:

  • Material: 6061 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Open Size: 54 x 25 x 46 in (L W H - front wheel locked)
  • Open Size: 49 x 25 x 46 in (L W H - front wheel un-locked)
  • Folded Size: 34 x 25 x 19 in (L W H)
  • Stroller Weight: 25.7 lbs
  • Minimum Child Age: 3 months or Birth+ with Car Seat Adapter
  • Maximum Child Weight: 75 lbs
  • Seat Back Height: 18 in
  • Headroom: 22 in
  • Height to handlebar: 41 in


After reading this article, we’re hoping that you have been able to have gained a better understanding of the different types of strollers suited to children with a disability. There’s plenty of choice out there on the market (so we’re hoping that our expert top three selection has made the process easier for you!). However, if you plan on taking to the internet yourself to compare and contrast options, we recommend that you always make sure to read customer reviews, as well as always reading the descriptions and double-checking the specifications to make sure that you are purchasing the correct stroller for you and your little one.

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