The Eight Best Convertible Strollers

A standard multi-functional stroller is perfect for parents that don’t want to spend lots of money on different strollers for different occasions - a good convertible stroller does it all. 

Modern strollers are often designed for everyday use in the city and finding strollers for other types of terrain is sometimes a difficult task. All-in-one strollers are perfect for people who want to be able to do it all with one model.

Almost all modern strollers are compatible with different models of car seats and can be converted into travel systems. If you wanted to push the boat out, some models can even be expanded to a double stroller if you’re thinking about growing your little family. 

This article will consist of us looking at the top eight convertible strollers being offered on the market in 2020.

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  • Simple and quick folding for easy transportation.

  • Made of high quality and durable materials.

  • Improved canopy design to give more protection from the sun.

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The Eight Best Convertible Strollers - Comparison Table

The Eight Best Convertible Strollers - Reviews

First on our list is the Britax B-Lively stroller, which is a new and improved model of its predecessor the B-Agile stroller. The latter is famously known in the world of baby strollers, and it’s likely the Britax B-Lively model will be the same. We suggest you get this stroller in your basket before its popularity skyrockets, taking the currently low price point with it. 

Designed for parents to use it from birth to toddler age, the Britax B-Lively stroller can hold weight of up to 55 pounds. Your child may even reach the ripe age of four before they grow out of this stroller! Getting years of use out of this model is only the beginning of a long list of features that this stroller has to offer. 

Although not a fully reclining seat to a flat position, the Britax B-Lively offers an impressive amount of reclining options. This is perfect for on the go naps and toddlers who simply prefer to lay back a little bit. 

The standard seat is padded nicely to keep your baby snug and comfortable during your trip. The 5 point system is another nice touch as it offers you and your child a brilliantly high level of safety while keeping it comfy cozy.

Britax B-Lively adopts a Click and Go system which allows the stroller structure to be compatible with all Britax car seats thanks to the built in connectors. Have you seen those movies or adverts where the parents just pull their sleeping baby off of their stroller frame without waking up the peaceful infant, without any fiddly clips or straps? It’s revolutionary, and Britax B-Lively can help turn this into your reality. 

Two of the most notable features are the weight and the foldable design. This stroller is one of the most lightweight models on the market in 2020 with an impressive weight of 20 pounds. This is a big benefit as it’s super easy to travel with. Young children can get tired quickly as their little legs have to move twice as fast as yours, so this is a perfect stroller to carry along waiting for the inevitable naptime. 

If this is a situation that you often find yourself in, then the fact that this stroller can be folded swiftly with one hand will also appeal greatly to you. The size when folded is also very appealing because it can fit into almost all car trunks with plenty of room for other essentials. 

Britax is known most for their incredibly protective canopies, which are rated at UV 5+ and therefore prevents up to 98% of the sun's harmful rays reaching your child. This is made of a breathable mesh material so even on the hottest days your baby will still be cool thanks to a constant airflow. This also features a large window so you can still see your child whilst on the move. 

The storage basket is a respectable size and can fit a large diaper bag easily. Having said this, the basket is not as deep as some other models so there’s a slight chance that loose items could fall out. However, there’s a built-in parent pouch that can fit your personal belongings safely.

The Britax B-Lively stroller comes with a three wheel configuration which is very convenient for on the go parents as it  makes it much easier to steer. You can even push it with one hand, if you’re feeling crazy and are on flat terrain. 

Sadly this stroller has not been designed specifically for all terrains and works best on city sidewalks and squares. The wheels being non-inflatable does not mean they’re indestructible and will wear down quickly if not used on the appropriate ground surfaces, so bear this in mind. 

Having said this, all of the wheels feature a decent suspension so some of the shock will be removed when going over bumpy ground. So, technically you can use this stroller on rough terrains, but the wheels will last a lot less time than they’re meant to. 

Parental Testimonies

The most notable feature that parents raved about in regards to the Britax B-Lively stroller is how easy it is to swap and change the seats. However there are a number of other positive features that are brought up continuously within the reviews, including: the ease of steering through busy crowds or cluttered shops; the recline with a number of positions to choose from; the one handed folding mechanism takes a load of busy parents; how lightweight it is considering it’s a full sized stroller. 

Right at the other end of the spectrum, some parents took offence to the handlebar not being adjustable, as well as there being no cup holder included in the price. Another potential downside that parents pointed out is that Britax haven’t made adapters to fit other car seats onto the frame and the stroller isn’t suitable for all terrain types. 

Why You’ll Love This Stroller…

  • This stroller is foldable using only one hand which is great for parents when their child is being clingy but they still need to close their stroller. 

  • If you already possess a Britax car seat you can fit it straight onto the frame and there's no need for additional adapters, meaning no extra costs.

  • With such a low weight, there should be no problem carrying this stroller around or lifting it into the trunk.


Unlike the other models on this list, the Britax B-Lively doesn’t come with an adjustable handlebar, however this should only be a problem for very tall parents. 

Another thing to consider is that there are no adapters available yet to use car seats by other brands, which would be a problem if you’ve already bought another car seat.

Topping the charts for best convertible strollers in 2020 is the Thule Spring stroller, and we expect it to be highly ranked for years to come. This stroller is made with care and high quality materials, making it perfect for strolls and running errands in the city as well as holding up on tougher terrains. 

At first the Thule Spring looks to be on the smaller size and perhaps too compact, however the padded seat is extremely spacious and allows plenty of breathing space for your baby. This seat has been designed for babies six months old and above, however the noticeably wide seat is great for accommodating growing infants. 

The seat also boasts a steep recline which the parent can set at any angle to suit both your and your child’s preference. This is good for napping on the go, especially considering the large mesh window in the backrest which increases air circulation and prevents sweaty wake up calls.

What’s more is the Thule Spring stroller can hold passengers up to 65 pounds, qualifying this model for use with heavier toddlers and older children. The ease of use that comes with this feature is excellent as the wheels glide effortlessly as if you were pushing a feather around.

The buckle on the straps is specially designed to be safe from little fingers, giving even the best escape artist toddlers a hard time getting out of this one. 

You can convert this stroller into a travel system in seconds by adding a compatible car seat. Some of the notable car seats that fit with it are the Maxi Cosi and Chicco Infant Car Seat, however there are many more models compatible.

The canopy is UPF50+ with an additional zippered panel to further extend the shade for your baby. 

Thule Spring adopts an adjustable handlebar and three wheel configuration for impressive maneuverability. Parents can even push this stroller around with one hand so the other is free to open the juice pouches and diaper bags. 

The 8.5 inch wheels are filled with durable foam which makes it highly unlikely you’ll ever have to experience a flat tyre - on your stroller at least. The front wheel suspension is particularly useful on uneven terrains. 

All of the features above make the Thule Spring an excellent convertible stroller on the market in 2020.

Parent Testimonies

This model is so new that there aren’t many reviews for the Thule Spring stroller yet. 

Why You’ll Love This Stroller… 

  • This model can be folded with just one hand, making it super stress free for parents and can be stored very easily. It also self stands which is very beneficial for parents who don’t even have one hand free.

  • It is compact enough to fit easily in most car trunks. 

  • The basket below is large enough to hold more than 21 litres worth of shopping and essentials for you and your baby. 

  • The design is sturdy and durable whilst maintaining a light weight of 21 pounds. 


  • The Thule Spring is not suitable for jogging or intense running. Other strollers on this list will suit you more if you’re looking for an active stroller.

We didn’t keep you waiting long for this one, as the Bumbleride Indie stroller is a great model for active parents. This model takes all types of terrains in its stride and is the only stroller you’ll ever need to purchase. Whether it be running errands or running around a bumpy park, this stroller is an excellent companion to have. 

A noteworthy feature is that this stroller can convert swiftly from a baby to a toddler stroller. The reclining seat can lie flat for newborns as well as toddlers who love a nap, and the cushioned padding will really improve their sleep quality.

Going the extra mile for infants, the stroller's calf rest also flips up to create a padded, cosy inclosed place for babies to rest. Moreover, this adjustable leg rest isn’t just handy for babies - it’s also very beneficial for toddlers as well, and surprisingly this is a hard to find feature for strollers. 

The main seat is front facing and unfortunately cannot be reversed so your child is facing you. This can be a problem for newborns and fussy infants, so if you’re looking for a reversible model at a similar price range, look to the Cybex Balios S lower on this list.

However, having said this you can buy an additional attachment for your stroller - either a bassinet or an infant car seat. These are two options for parents who are looking to use this stroller for newborn babies and want to amp up the comfort. Depending on what’s more convenient for you, you can either remove the current seat before attaching one of these add ons or you can install it straight onto the seat.

The Bumbleride Indie is compatible with a number of other brands, so you don’t have to worry about finding one made by the same company. These brands include, but are not limited to, Graco, Cybex, Nuna and Chicco.  

Another excellent feature is the vented seat which will give your baby a lovely stream of cooling air on hot summer days. Along with this, the extendable canopy with an additional sun visor will keep your infant shaded during their naps and keep the sunburn to a zero. Through the handy vented seat, you can check on your infant at any point without disturbing their playtime or sleep. 

If all this wasn’t enough, this stroller will come with a bumper bar and a super spacious storage basket under the seat. There are also two small pouches for your keys and wallet and one larger zipped pocket inside the seat for personal belongings. 

The handlebars can be adjusted for your personal preference in both height and rotations. The 12 inch wheels can be pumped up whenever you’re running low on air and all of the three wheels have a suspension which makes this model excellent for tough terrains. Don’t let this put you off, as you’ll receive the pump free of charge. 

You can use this stroller everywhere - in grassy parks with snapped twigs and branches littered around, on the sidewalk on the way to daycare or the shops, and even for adventures in the forest or woods. The front wheel locks for extra stability on ultra tough surfaces.

Alongside the impressively smooth ride your infant will take, you can even navigate the Bumbleride Indie stroller with only one hand. This is an excellent convertible stroller that matches up to jogging strollers effortlessly. 

Folding up a stroller has never been so much fun! The seat folds inwards in an excellent bid to prevent any dirt from getting trapped within, and the frame automatically locks and stands independently. Whilst this isn’t the most compactable folded stroller, it’s also not too big and should fit in most medium sized car trunks.

Lastly, let's talk about the design and aesthetic of the stroller. You can choose one of size color choices which are all stylish without being too over the top. 

Parent Testimonies

Many reviews on both Amazon and the brand’s official website state that parents love that the soft padding is easy to clean and wipe down, and the reasonably compact and lightweight design is suitable for daily use. It comes in beautiful colors and is made from environmentally friendly materials, as well as has lots of pockets for useful essentials. This model’s versatility is also highly looked upon and the strong build and smooth ride is perfect for all sorts of activities. 

Having said this, some parents didn’t like the fact that it had to be folded with two hands and some thought it was quite expensive for what it is. They also didn’t appreciate that the seat wasn’t reversible and the add ons such as the infant car seat were difficult to attach and required practice.

Why You’ll Love This Stroller… 

  • The versatility of this stroller is excellent as you can switch it from baby mode to toddler mode. 

  • The Bumbleride Indie is excellent for using in the summer thanks to the extendable canopy which is vented. 

  • This model can be used anywhere and everywhere so you won’t have to invest in more than one stroller for different reasons. 


Whilst this is an excellent stroller to compare to jogging models, it’s not actually classed as one and won’t be able to keep up with prolonged runs on super harsh ground. The Bumbleride Indie is better suited for daily use and short periods of light jogging.

If you look up the term ‘luxury stroller’ in the dictionary, you’ll see an image of the UPPAbaby VISTA stroller. Not only is this convertible stroller able to grow as your baby grows, it can also expand to cater for your expanding family. 

This model’s versatility is off the charts with both a bassinet that can be used by newborns and a seat that is suitable for children from three months up to 50 pounds.  Moreover it can be converted into a travel system by attaching a MESA infant car seat. What’s impressive about this is that you don’t even need to use annoying adapters to do so. 

However, don’t fret if you already have another infant car seat that you’d be wanting to attach to this one, as with the use of proper adapters you can use a few other popular brands, such as Chicco, Cybex, Nuna and Maxi-Cosi. 

The UPPAbaby VISTA has a reversible seat so you can turn it around to whichever way you want your infant to be facing. You can also use this model as a double stroller, meaning it has plenty of seating options to choose from. There’s even a PiggyBack board where an older child can ride on. 

This is a perfect stroller for parents who are looking to grow their family soon who don’t want to shell out a load of money on two separate strollers. The combinations are endless: you can attach two bassinets, two regular seats, two infant car seats, or you can just go crazy and mix and match. 

Look, we know this stroller is on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to price, but with this stroller being able to account for up to three children, it’s a quality investment for your young family’s future.

The standard seat boasts a long canopy which can be extended even further thanks to the collapsible sun visor. This will protect your infant from the harmful sun and keep risks at a minimum. When fully extended the canopy will provide shade all the way to your baby’s waist. Another benefit is that the canopy can be lifted up to allow more room for your growing toddler.

Along with the adjustable canopy comes an adjustable handlebar that extends in and out and a massive storage basket that can hold up to 30 pounds. You can fold this stroller up with one step and it will stand on its own for easy storage.

Another impressive feature is the four rubber wheels with foam cores, which will work well on all types of terrain. You also won’t have to worry about getting a flat tyre or puncture, which is a nice plus. Both the front and back wheels have suspension which absorbs a lot of shock that comes with uneven terrain, ensuring your children have a comfortable, smooth ride. 

If you’re using the UPPAbaby VISTA as a single stroller you can expect it to weigh around 26.6 pounds. While this is not as compact and light as some of the other strollers on this list, it is also not a heavy model either. 

You’ll also receive a few accessories with this stroller, including a bumper bag and rain shields for the bassinet and infant seat. As with any expandable stroller, this model has to be extremely strong and durable, and you can expect nothing less than perfect with the UPPAbaby VISTA. 

Parental Testimonies

Parents love how quick and easy this stroller is to assemble, as well as how many seating options there are to support a growing family. The reversible seats are a big plus for many parents, and that it’s made of good quality materials. They also like that the bassinet is certified to be used for overnight sleeping as well as during trips out, and that it is spacious and easily accessible from behind the handlebars. 

However, some parents aren’t too satisfied with the weight of the stroller and the extra price that comes with turning this stroller into a double. 

Why You’ll Love This Stroller…

  • You’ll be able to use this stroller for years to come, making it a smart investment for your family. 

  • The UPPAbaby VISTA is very easy to use and convenient for parents as you can reach your children effortlessly with reversible seats and spacious bassinets. 

  • Whilst the price point is slightly higher, the versatility is well worth the extra money.


If you’re interested in turning this stroller into a double, you’ll need to invest in a RumbleSeat which can hold 35 pounds, which is less weight than a regular infant seat. Another thing to consider is that turning it into a double stroller will make it bulkier and heavier.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT stroller has been around for years and is still one of the most popular convertible strollers on the market. However, there’s a new kid on the block - Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 - and parent’s can’t get enough of this new model. Along with loads of user-friendly features, this stroller comes with a pretty attractive price point. 

Unlike many brands out there in the world, Baby Jogger has actually listened to parent suggestions and delivered with this new and improved model, perhaps the biggest change being that it’s even more lightweight than before. 

The standard seat is suitable for babies who have enough stability in their neck and heads, however you can also use it from birth if you attach an infant car seat. This Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller can even be converted into a travel system with compatible adapters for both Graco and Baby Jogger City GO car seats.

This stroller frame is also compatible with many other popular brands, including Cybex, Chicco, Britax, Nuna and Maxi-Cosi, however these seats each use different adapters which will add to the cost. 

The standard seat that this stroller comes with can hold up to 65 pounds and features a reclining backrest. This goes super low, making it perfect for children who love outdoor naps. When the seat is fully reclined you can open the vents which will give a nice breeze to keep the air moving and reduce stuffiness. These vents can be shut however on colder or wetter days. 

Another rare but excellent feature is equipped with an adjustable calf rest, amping up your child’s comfort to maximum. 

The canopy is so long that it’ll cover your child’s face and chest, providing optimum protection from the relentless sun. In addition to this, there are two transparent windows on either side of the canopy so you can see through to your child without having to go fully around the stroller. These windows also have covers that are closed with magnets instead of thunderous Velcro. Any parent will know how beneficial this is!

Another excellent feature is the adjustable handlebar which can be rotated up and down depending on the height of the parent. If there’s a substantial difference in height of both the parents, this will be much more useful than it sounds. The grips are also made from rubberized rings which make them much more durable and comfortable than foam or plastic grips. 

Alongside the handlebar is a hand-operated parking brake that looks like a simple toggle. This is beneficial as you don’t have to worry about having to find a difficult to reach foot brake. 

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2’s wheels are 8.5 inches of non-inflatable rubber with an upgraded suspension on every wheel, making this stroller great for almost all terrain types. The three wheel design makes this model super maneuverable, even through the most crowded of places. Despite this, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is not suitable for jogging as this will seriously affect the durability and lifetime of this stroller. 

One handed folding has never been so easy thanks to the patented technology City Mini GT2. In fact, this model basically folds itself and the auto-lock keeps it all in place which makes storage and transportation super easy. One noticeable feature is how flat this model folds down, making it excellent for fitting in even the snuggest of spaces.

This stroller weighs only 21.4 pounds and has a respectable size of storage basket underneath the seat. You’ll be able to fit a medium sized diaper bag in the basket, but there won’t be any room for much else.  

Parental Testimonies

Features that parents love about the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 include: it can be used on every type of terrain imaginable; the spacious seat is suitable for both tiny and big children; simple folding technology; the improved suspension absorbs an impressive amount of shock from rough ground. They also rave about how compact it is and therefore can be used for both indoor and outdoor errands, and how easy it is to maneuver with one hand. 

Having said this, some popular complaints about this stroller are the fact that it doesn’t have a snack tray included, the upright seating position is still slightly reclined, and that the storage basket could be bigger.

Why You’ll Love This Stroller…

  • This model is a great investment and will last for a long time as it accommodates children from newborn status to older toddlers. Many parents keep using this stroller for up to four years. 

  • Many parents agree that the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is perfect for both on and off road excursions. 

  • This stroller is particularly good for saving space as it folds down super flat and can be stored in small spaces and small trunks. 


This stroller is available in a few different colors and designs. These can be chosen on Amazon and sometimes have different price points, so make sure you compare the prices of each color and decide if your desired color is worth the potential extra price.

Cybex is a widely known brand that specializes in baby strollers, car seats and other attachments. Whilst all are highly praised, one model that stands out from the rest is the Cybex Balios S thanks to its versatility, fashionable design, attractive price point and the fact that it works well on all types of terrain.

Most expecting or new parents will have done extensive research on the different types of strollers, and therefore know about the brand Cybex. They are known for their high quality strollers which are particularly stylish and expensive. 

The Cybex Balios S is no different, other than the surprising but welcomed lower price point. With this stroller you get it all - the quiet smugness of pushing around a stroller with the Cybex logo on it, the high quality stroller, and the affordable price - making this an excellent contender for the best convertible stroller on the 2020 market. 

The stroller comes with a standard seat which can be used from birth to four years old, making this extremely good value as you won’t need to buy multiple strollers for each year. With only one hand you can recline the seat to completely flat, ready for your newborn. You can still add a cocoon of newborn padding for extra peace of mind, however the manufacturer insists this is all you need to accommodate for a newborn. 

You can also attach an infant car seat onto the skeleton of the stroller, however unfortunately you can only use GB and Cybex car seats and you’ll still need to pay extra for the adapters and seat itself. 

This means you’ll need to remove the standard seat before attaching anything else and you can’t simply fit the add on over the top of the seat like other models. This can be considered slightly inconvenient, however some would argue that it’s not as inconvenient as having to buy multiple different strollers.

You can also attach a bassinet to the frame which is better for if you’re going on longer strolls with your baby. This bassinet is sold separately but is more comfortable and supportive than the standard seat. 

The multiple seating options make the Cybex Balios S an excellent convertible stroller which can be used for multiple years. Once you’ve had a little practice of changing the seats around, you’ll be able to convert this stroller from a newborn one to a toddler seat in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, and this is a big plus, the seat can be swapped around to either face the parent or the outside world. This is important for many parents as they have the control of whether their child is facing them or not.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, the massive canopy gives you complete coverage from the sun. What’s more is that you can open a zippered mesh panel which gives excellent air circulation. 

Another feature of the Cybex Balios S that grabs parents attention is the wheels and suspension. Although not a jogger, this stroller compares up to one well and takes on any kind of terrain like a champ. Whether you want to go hiking up a steel mountain or just want to go shopping in the city, this stroller won’t disappoint.

The front wheels can be locked to ensure high stability and makes it easier to go over bumpy ground. This is great for going over cracked pavements, grassy parks or twig-littered woodlands, or countryside roads. 

The adjustable handlebar is another nice touch for parents who differ in height. Not only does it rotate side to side, it also slides up and down so that taller people aren’t bent over or constantly kicking the back of the stroller. 

The storage basket underneath your child’s seat is reasonably spacious. Although not the biggest on this list, it will still fit a large diaper bag nicely. Sadly this is where extra storage ends, as there are no additional pockets for storing your phone or keys. Having said this, you can buy a parent organizer as well as a snack tray for an extra cost. 

Last but not least, this 24.8 pound stroller adopts a two-step folding mechanism. This has very mixed opinions, with some parents loving it and some hating it. One thing is for sure with folding this model - practice makes perfect. 

A notable factor of the Cybex Balios S is that the compact fold is actually smaller than the Baby Jogger City, UPPAbaby VISTA and Britax B-Free. 

Parental Testimonies

Thanks to such a well known brand, the Cybex Balios S has accumulated many reviews from either loving or disgruntled parents. Many parents liked the fact that the elevated chair means it can be used as a highchair when out and about. The model is extremely sturdy without being hard to maneuver, and the long canopy fully protects your child. Along with all of this, the reversible seat and adjustable calf rest are both very important features that are sometimes hard to find, making this beneficial to a lot of parents. Of course, who can forget the attractive mid-range price?

On the other hand, a few parents are not best pleased with the two step folding process as it can be a little difficult when trying to balance the busy life of a parent. Some also didn’t appreciate the weight of this stroller, and they thought that the accessories should be included in the price. 

Why You’ll Love This Stroller…

  • You won’t have to remortgage your house to buy this stylish stroller thanks to its affordability. 

  • There are multiple different options for how you attach the seat so you can adapt the stroller as your baby grows into a toddler.

  • You choose how flat or upright you want the seat to be, as well as reverse it to see your child. This, along with the extendable canopy means this stroller is incredibly beneficial to parents.


Other brands are compatible with the Cybex Balios S, however it’s very limited with only GB and Cybex car seats. If you want to use one of these, you’ll also have to buy additional adapters for them as well.

The Chicco Bravo LE Stroller is another high quality model that can be adapted into a travel system in a breeze, and to make this even more attractive - there’s no need to buy any adapters! This super affordable stroller comes with no extra costs and a couple of accessories, making this such great value for money.

When you buy this stroller you’ll receive it with a standard seat which is perfect for babies who can hold their head and neck up. The cushioned padding is super snug and there's a smaller insert that can be removed as your toddler grows. This gives them even more comfort and support, and it can even be reversed if one side gets dirty. You’ll also be able to recline the seat to your preference to allow your child to nap or eat comfortably. 

This standard seat is very easy to remove so you can make quick work of converting this stroller into a car seat holder, if that’s preferred. As you’re removing the seat and replacing it with a new one, not much weight is added onto this model so there should be limited inconvenience for the parents. 

Another helpful feature is that the Chicco Bravo LE Stroller can be converted into a travel system by attaching the car seat with the standard seat underneath, however this will come with an extra heaviness. Having said this, the benefit of using it as a travel system means that you won’t have to find a place to store an awkwardly shaped stroller seat. 

The canopy is designed with three panels and a further sun visor which will provide a respectable amount of shade for your infant, protecting them from sunburn and sore eyes. There is also a window covered in mesh so you can keep  eyes on your toddler without having to disturb them by reaching around. 

The wheels on the Chicco Bravo LE stroller are made from tough plastic which, while very durable and wear-resistant, will not work for all types of terrain. However, all four of the wheels have decent suspension which will prevent travel sickness when going over slightly bumpy ground. 

With the rear wheels being 9 inches and the front being seven, the latter are perfect for maneuvering and steering whilst the former work well at faultlessly carrying your baby’s weight, along with your diaper bag and essentials. 

Another model that adopts a one handed folding mechanism means you can simply pull the hidden handle and the stroller will basically snap in half. Don’t worry though, it’s not really broken. It folds down thicker than the Graco Verb and City Mini, but it can still be stored in a respectably small space.  

This model weighs only 23 pounds, making it a great stroller for portability. You know those strollers that you can just pull out of the trunk with one hand and it’ll open on its own? The Chicco Bravo LE stroller compares well to these models without the high price point. 

The under seat storage basket is fairly large and will hold all your essentials that you need on your day out. Unlike some models, this basket is also accessible from the back so you can reach what you need quickly and effortlessly. Another benefit is the adjustable handlebar, a rare find in strollers at such a low price point. 

You’ll also receive a few accessories included within the low price, including a parent tray which attaches around the handlebar and gives you access to two small drinks and a zippered pocket for your essentials. You’ll also get a tray to attach in front of your child for their toys or food. 

Parental Testimonies

Parents really liked how easy it is to switch seats with the Chicco Bravo LE stroller as well as the fact they can add another seat on top of the standard one. They also appreciate the included accessories and the affordable price. They were happily surprised with how easy this stroller is to move and steer for such a low cost, not to mention the one step folding capability. Another plus that a lot of parents brought up is the removable inner cushion which adds even more support to their young child. 

However, it’s not all bows and rainbows with this stroller as a few parents had an issue with the cup holders being too small for their drinks, and the child tray is a little difficult to attach and remove. Another disadvantage that put parents off was the fact that the Chicco Bravo LE can’t be used for all terrain types. 

Why You’ll Love This Stroller…

  • Many parents testify that this stroller is well worth the money, especially due to the great price point and even greater quality materials used. 

  • The Chicco Bravo LE comes with a couple of vital accessories so you won’t have to splash any more cash than you already are.

  • One hand folding makes this a vital piece of gear for any parent who often finds themselves without two spare hands. 


The wheels are slightly smaller than other models and they’re made from plastic which, whilst durable, won’t last forever and cant be used on all ground types. You may find yourself spending more money on wheel replacements. Furthermore the front wheels aren’t lockable to give you more stability.

Much like many other strollers on our list, the Baby Jogger City Mini 2 stroller is designed specifically for everyday excursions through busy city centers. With ample features making this model more convenient and user-friendly, there’s much more to play with and look at than the model prior to this one. The whole stroller has been redesigned with new high quality fabrics, new colors and a new structure for the frame. 

The included standard seat is excellent for babies who have enough strength in their necks to control their heads, or around six months old. It can hold up to 50 pounds, which is 15 pounds lighter than the City Mini GT2 that we looked at earlier in this list, however it’s still a respectable weight capacity that will work with many parents.

This seat has multiple different angles of reclination so you can find your favorite position for your child, whether it be flat for napping or upright for observing the big world. This can be adjusted using a buckle contraption which is a little trickier for big fingers than a lever is. However, to make up for this the leg rest can also be adjusted - which is a super beneficial feature for most parents. Have we mentioned that this is a rare find on a lot of strollers?

The seat also boasts a closable vent at the top so you can open it for hot, stuffy days and close it for those chilly winter walks. The canopy is another extendable design which pulls out to almost a 90 degree angle, ensuring optimal coverage from the bright summer sun. 

The canopy has not one but two windows that you can watch your child from, so even if you don’t have the cover fully open, you can still see them through one of the windows. What’s more is that these windows are closable with magnets instead of Velcro. Have you ever tried to open Velcro whilst someone is sleeping nearby? It’s thunderous. This is why magnetic closures are highly beneficial to parents.

Many other branded car seats are also compatible with the Baby Jogger City Mini 2, letting you turn this stroller into a travel system in minutes. You can add a bassinet or an infant car seat, whichever suits you. Having said this, you will have to buy separate adapters to do so. 

Sadly you cannot adjust the handlebar, so tall people are stuck kicking the storage basket as they walk. However, for average height people this isn’t a problem, and the handlebar is covered in a rubber instead of typically used foam, making it more durable and less susceptible to picking.

Let's talk about the structure of the Baby Jogger City Mini 2. It adopts a three wheel construction with a two-in-one wheel at the front, making this excellent for maneuvering easily through busy places. 

However, if you’re thinking about taking this stroller over bumpy ground or for long walks, you can lock this front wheel for extra stability. Imagine going over a crack in the sidewalk and your front wheel jerks to the left. Your child’s safety would be compromised, making this an extremely good feature to look out for.  

Bear in mind that the wheels are only eight inches wide so they’re not suitable for every kind of terrain and your baby is more likely to feel the bumps and lumps of the road. 

This stroller is incredibly simple to fold using only one hand as all you have to do is pull a strap. Once it’s closed itself, the auto-lock feature keeps the stroller in position so you can carry it without it falling back open. 

Baby Jogger City Mini 2 only weighs 18.8 pounds making it extremely portable and lightweight. It also folds down impressively flat and can fit into tight trunks and spaces, making this a great quality convertible stroller. 

Parental Testimonies

The Baby Jogger City Mini 2 is quite a mixed bag - some parents have nothing bad today about it whilst some others have found quite a few flaws in it. Some of the features that parents like are the big canopy to protect your child from the sun nicely, the dual wheel gives more steering capabilities but it can still be locked for long journeys, and the big seat allows room for the baby to grow into a toddler. This stroller is also praised for its lightweight and the high quality materials used. 

Now onto the not so loved features, the biggest flaw appears to be that the seat folds outwards when being stored, meaning the parents have to take care to ensure it doesn’t get covered in dirt or dust. The storage basket is also too small for most parents who like to be well prepared and this model doesn’t come with any accessories to make the parents' lives easier. This means you’ll have to spend a bit more money if you want a child tray or extra storage space. 

Why You’ll Love This Stroller…

  • The stroller is made from only high quality materials that will last for years, yet the price isn’t higher because of this. 

  • This is an upgrade from the previous model without a higher price, meaning you can get a better stroller with the same budget. 

  • The Baby Jogger City Mini 2 does exactly what it says on the tin - it’s excellent for walking around the city completing errands. The compact size and easy steering means it can squeeze through tight spaces and not cause too much hassle for parents. 


This stroller is not built for all ground surfaces and you may find you have trouble getting over bumps in the road. On top of this, the Baby Jogger City Mini 2 is definitely not suitable for jogging or active parents. 

Moreover, whilst the pulling strap to fold this stroller is a good idea, it can take quite some force to get it to do its job. Once you get the hang of it you’ll be fine, but it can take some new parents by surprise.

The Eight Best Convertible Strollers - Buyers Guide

It’s important to note that almost all modern strollers are convertible, but the levels of convertibility differ between each model. This all depends on the additional features that come with the stroller, including adapters and add-ons. 

Add an infant car seat to convert your modern stroller into a travel system. A travel system is simply a stroller that is both a standard seat and a detachable car seat to give parents the versatility and extra storage space. 

Some strollers can only be used with car seats from the same manufacturers, however some can be used with other named brands if you use the appropriate adapter. 

If this seems like a beneficial feature for you, you can always buy strollers that come with a compatible car seat so you don’t need to buy multiple things at different times and struggle trying to make sure they’ll fit together. 

Modern strollers will usually come with a regular seat that can be used for babies who have full neck and head control. But what about the newborns? Most models on the market in 2020 allow you to remove this toddler seat and replace it with a compatible bassinet. 

The benefit of being able to change the seat on your stroller is that you can save the toddler seat until your child has grown into it. This means you’ll get an all in one kind of stroller with it being usable until they’re four or five years old without having to spend lots of money on different models for different ages. 

You can also find modern strollers on the market that can be expanded if you’re thinking about growing your family. You can use these models as single strollers until the time comes where you need to add an additional seat. 

The great thing about these models is that you can often add a bassinet to a frame already holding an infant standard seat, or two bassinets or two infant seats. You can even add a standing board for older children to stand on whilst you push the younger ones about. With plenty of possibilities, an expandable stroller is sure to come in handy for parents who want a big, close knit family.

Convertible strollers are excellent contraptions as you never know what life is going to throw at you, and you may need a stroller that can accommodate more than one child at once, or one that can fit your baby from newborn status all the way to their preschool years.

The Functionality of Convertible Standard Strollers

The term ‘standard stroller’ doesn’t mean that these types are just the basic, cheap models that are bulkier and harder to maneuver than more complex strollers. On the contrary, in fact, as some standard strollers are some of the most lightweight and agile strollers on the market!

Standard strollers are manufactured to be used on different occasions, for parents who don’t feel the need to spend endless money on different strollers designed for different purposes. They are often easy to use whilst running errands, going over cracked sidewalks and small-stone paths. 

The majority of standard strollers on the market will range from around 16 to 37 pounds in weight, meaning that they’re slightly heavier than umbrella strollers. Having said this, umbrella strollers are very basic models and don’t allow for many additional features, so the extra weight may be worth the ability to have a storage basket underneath the seat. 

Having said this, standard strollers still aren't as bulky and heavy as jogger strollers, which can weigh up to 40 pounds. Remember that you cannot jog or run with standard strollers however, as it’s vital they follow safety precautions. If you’re looking for a stroller to take with you on your evening jogs, look for jogger strollers instead of a standard. 

The Wheels

The wheels your standard stroller uses will depend on the weight limit, the size of the stroller and whether it’s expandable or not. Whether you’re looking for a stroller to take on all types of terrain will also be an important factor in choosing the best wheels. 

Wheels that are full of air are best for all types of terrain as there is some give in the rubber and your baby won’t feel every single bump during their ride. Make sure if you’re going for this type of wheel that you check whether they can be pumped up or not in case you get a puncture or flat tyre. 

Having said this, rubber wheels and foam filled wheels are also decent for different ground surfaces as long as they adopt a decent suspension. However, these are designed for smooth surfaces and will most likely wear a lot quicker if used on uneven terrain, meaning you may find yourself buying replacements faster than normal. 

The Brakes

Standard strollers usually adopt the usual footbrake and it’s very unusual to find a model equipped with a handbrake. Parking brakes are often only single action which is very easy to operate by parents, however not as effective as a double action brake. Double action parking brakes need a more advanced system which can hike the price and bulkiness up, but are more trustworthy for parents. 

Some strollers also have indicators so you can see whether or not the brake is actually on, which can be very beneficial for your own peace of mind. 

The Basket

Going out for a walk with your child should be a nice and relaxed experience, however any parent can testify that being unprepared can make or break a trip. Even the shortest of walks need plenty of preparation, and if you find yourself without diapers or snacks, you may be in for a nightmare ride. 

Don’t forget about your own belongings as well, like your keys and phone, which you’ll also have to lug around with you. This is why a decently sized storage basket is a must for your stroller. 

Ensure you purchase a stroller that will accommodate your needs - if you use a large diaper bag and like to be super prepared, look for the largest basket. If you like taking chances and only take a few bits out with you, then maybe you don’t need as much storage. 

There are also strollers that have parent pockets built in so you don’t have to take out your own bag as well, giving you more space for baby supplies. 

The Handle

If you’re lucky enough to be of an average height, say 5’3 - 5’9, then this feature may not apply to you and you don’t have to worry about looking out for it. However, if you’re shorter or taller than these heights you may want to think about getting a stroller with an adjustable handlebar. 

If the handlebar is too high for you, you’re going to have less stability and control over the stroller which causes a problem of safety for both you and your child. On the other hand, if the handlebar is too low then you may find yourself kicking the back of the stroller with every step. If you’ve ever sat in front of a chair-kicker on an airplane or at the movies, you’ll know that this isn’t ideal for your toddler.

Another instance where this is beneficial is when two parents are of differing heights. An adjustable handlebar means that neither of you have to compromise and everyone is happy. 

The Seat

It’s important to note that while most standard strollers feature a reclining seat, the majority of these don’t fully recline to a completely flat position. This might make it more difficult to get your baby to go to sleep, meaning you may be left with a grumpy infant on your hands. 

If the seat doesn’t lie flat it is not cut out to take on a newborn, which is why many convertible stroller seats are able to be changed to a bassinet. Most infant seats can be put back on when your baby can hold their head up independently, so around the six month mark. 

Another notable feature that you may want to look out for is a reversible seat. Many parents want to be able to see their children when out walking, and why wouldn’t you want to look at their little cute faces? Toddlers can also go through clingy moments which means they may prefer facing you. 

However, sometimes it’s nice for your little one to be able to see the outside world from their stroller, not to mention it’ll stimulate their growing brains. This is why it’s great to have a reversible seat so you can change their direction depending on the day. 

Make sure the seat of your convertible stroller has a five point harness or something similar to ensure safety and keep your mind at ease. A padded seat also wouldn’t go amiss, and we’re sure your child would thank you for it.

The Canopy

The canopy of a stroller is very important as it protects your child’s delicate skin from the harsh UV rays from the sun, as well as their eyes in case they look directly at the bright light. As convertible strollers are designed to be used for multiple years as your child grows, the canopy should be large enough to give them room to grow and cover their whole bodies as they get taller. 

An extendable canopy is beneficial as you can pull it out only as far as you need it without compromising your child’s vision constantly. 

Some canopies also provide little windows that you can see your child through from behind the stroller so you don’t have to stop and walk all the way around the front of them. These can be closed to prevent cold breezes from making your baby uncomfortable. Consider choosing a model that uses magnetic closures instead of zippers or Velcro to prevent disturbing your baby whilst they’re napping. 

Choose a canopy that is made of breathable material or that has mesh windows that can keep nice and cool air circulating on the hottest days. There’s nothing worse than waking up from a nap all hot and sticky, and toddlers are no different.

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